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    Interestedly the top six podgeny above all performed at 2 years of age. Puts a light on thinking they are late maturing distance horses, nO?
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  3. Dopey


    Go to and to standing stallions section select a horse and it's one of the tabs
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    I can see how you think riu control a third party in terms of gelding??? A tough outcome sure but not sure you can blame a governing body for a third party action. Good luck
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    Contract law civil matter not sure how you implicate RIU as a party to a private lease agreement???
  7. Dopey

    Goldmine1 breeding programme

    That's why monsun was slow to come out here. I remember asking darley uk why they had not bought manduro out and their reply was German sires not understood in Southern Hemisphere. Someone has to be the lead (and show success) then you get the fast followers.... eg high chap stallions eg street cry eg soon deep impact eg who's next as a major sire of sires - Sebring? Snitzel?
  8. Dopey

    Goldmine1 breeding programme

    What does the market want ?
  9. Dopey

    Goldmine1 breeding programme

    Others will have better feedback - that 20:20 indication focuses mainly on sire crosses and similar duplications to your proposed mating. Use it as a info guide. It obviously doesn't give you any detailed family info or influence.
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    Japanese Industry

    Get one (Deep Impact)
  11. Dopey

    Iffraaj - a quality stallion

    7th in July cup 2014 - looked good before the race but was well beaten
  12. Dopey

    Cape Blanco

    Pure RUST
  13. Dopey

    Japanese Industry

    Someone needs to bring a deep impact stallion to Nz eventually
  14. Dopey

    Where are the CAMBRIDGE TRIALS Replays?

    So funny, I too am waiting .... 1 day is so so long to wait when you have been looking every hour ....
  15. Dopey

    Stipes Report

    Do you think $100k a year is a lot in general??
  16. Dopey

    Jimmy Choux

    Very strong mare - won 6 by Karioi Lad, is buried in my back paddock - should have been nominated for NZ broodmare of the year for her owners. Outstanding types left by her. Best mare power I've seen in 20 years.
  17. Dopey

    Jimmy Choux

    Cards on the table, I've sold my Colt, I'm not breeding to him this year, not two years olds, back off them they will be better.
  18. Dopey

    Jimmy Choux

    A quinella in the two year old this weekend
  19. Dopey

    Breeding Fees

    "..even though he has already proven that he can leave a horse with good ability..." I hope he gets at least one winner next season too
  20. Dopey

    Future Stallion For Waikato Stud

    Agree. $15k tops him out. $20k reflects either price paid for final shares Or WS premium. What do people think $20k values him at?
  21. Dopey

    Future Stallion For Waikato Stud

    Given my Oreilly mare I'm backing Tivaci but as always not at any price
  22. Dopey

    Big announcement pending

    As I do too
  23. Dopey

    Big announcement pending

    Good start - but remember that my maiden runner is racing at pakenham on SUNDAY for $23000