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  1. Dopey

    A bit of leg

    Jakkalberry Is one. Rip van winkle might suit
  2. Dopey


    From my experience breeding to him I agree with your premise that he does not suit big mares
  3. Dopey


    Only stakewinner (early days) is by commands.
  4. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Berri, we know you views, which are well respected, now let's hear from HH88. Move in to another thread if it's annoying you.
  5. Dopey

    4kg claimers

    Check out Jane Avril (cwj) being chopped out of the race near the turn.
  6. Dopey

    Showcasing is a smart sire

    I'd be interested in his ave sales results vs his peer group - Per Incanto may look much better in that regard. SCing has two hemispheres helping his stakes performers numbers but has done particularly well in that regard
  7. Dopey

    Poor old Roger

  8. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Sir Ivor is also inbred 5x5 to the great influential broodmare Plucky Liege
  9. Dopey

    Cheap Stallion

    His weanlings were passed at the Melbourne sale and were not wanted.
  10. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Personally I like the royal charger / Mahmoud no 9 family and Blenheim influence. I'd say it the 1 and 9 families - Selene gaining influence from from canterbury pilgrim (no 1 family thru her sire Chaucer) tieing in nicely with the prolific no 1 family lines in turn to
  11. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Selene and princequillo
  12. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Selene and princequillo
  13. Dopey

    Cheap Stallion

    Dump dee Doo
  14. Dopey

    Cheap Stallion

    I think you will find It's a nomination
  15. Dopey

    New Stallion at Highview

    Try an iffraaj mare out of a zabeel mare
  16. Dopey

    All Weather Tracks

    Puha thinks winning and good stakes are a yawn.
  17. Dopey

    All Weather Tracks

    Enjoyed winning my $20000+ maiden at pakenham week before last and as you say the divi was excellent. Keep going Nz. Keep going.
  18. Dopey

    Vadamos to stand at Rich Hill

    I think what breeder is saying is that some mares repeatably leave top horses so it's a way to buy a future for your stallion in those early years.
  19. Dopey

    Goldmine1 breeding programme

    After sheep are eaten the wolf gets shot - actually.
  20. Dopey


    Good those O'Reilly mares.
  21. Dopey


    Interestedly the top six podgeny above all performed at 2 years of age. Puts a light on thinking they are late maturing distance horses, nO?
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  23. Dopey


    Go to and to standing stallions section select a horse and it's one of the tabs