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    Yes. It will be interesting to see Haussmann (sp) this weekend in the H B guineas
  2. Dopey


    Pour moi was one
  3. Dopey

    Burgundy vs. Darci Brahma

    So another question, you think breeding to Darci is more commercial going forward compared to burgundy?
  4. Dopey

    Cape Blanco

    CB's broodmare sire is Pure rust - noting CB himself was great racehorse
  5. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Well considered - thanks
  6. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Can you describe him for those that were not there
  7. And now you know the result
  8. Dopey

    Hidden Action

    Two words: mendels peas - look it up. Inheritance only partly explains the issues, probability (genetic lottery) is the another part of the equation...or in other words one horse won the lottery and other didn't. In sires therefore, were those good bits not there OR RECESSIVE in that horse?? this is only one answer.....
  9. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Yes thanks gube, ferlax not in the list above due to being ..well... dead. I think he's a chance too.
  10. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Can you expand
  11. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    What about say Precedence?
  12. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Yes, just arrived from a northern hemisphere service effort? still looking very much the race horse.
  13. Dopey


    So where did we get to with....if you own an iffraaj mare - what are the suggested sire mating thoughts. Obviously commands is dead (melody belle) and wasn't in nz. Danehill line / Street cry! Or
  14. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Totally agree, sham looks to have a lot of Grosvenor about him and jakk is classic class from a top family.
  15. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Both Shamexpress and Jakkalberry sold well at the sales in their first year.
  16. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Yes here is this years new season sires
  17. Dopey

    A bit of leg

    Jakkalberry Is one. Rip van winkle might suit
  18. Dopey


    From my experience breeding to him I agree with your premise that he does not suit big mares
  19. Dopey


    Only stakewinner (early days) is by commands.
  20. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Berri, we know you views, which are well respected, now let's hear from HH88. Move in to another thread if it's annoying you.
  21. Dopey

    4kg claimers

    Check out Jane Avril (cwj) being chopped out of the race near the turn.
  22. Dopey

    Showcasing is a smart sire

    I'd be interested in his ave sales results vs his peer group - Per Incanto may look much better in that regard. SCing has two hemispheres helping his stakes performers numbers but has done particularly well in that regard
  23. Dopey

    Poor old Roger

  24. Dopey

    Sir Tristram - et al

    Sir Ivor is also inbred 5x5 to the great influential broodmare Plucky Liege