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  1. Dopey

    Reliable Man

    Has gone very quiet and has had no classic winners to date
  2. Group one winners x 2 3 x million dollar horses (one might be in hk$) by three different stallions Desert Sun woodborough al Akbar i think it was mare power.
  3. Two words... Egyptian Queen
  4. I’d happily take 1 every three
  5. Dopey

    Power To Queensland

    Breeders, Why does power go so well with golan?
  6. Dopey

    Loss of Two Stallions (Aust)

    Sad but neither setting the world on fire
  7. Dopey

    Canterbury Belle

    So did we establish that Dave Kerr is the last South Island based trainer to win a group one in Australia??? Or ????
  8. Dopey

    Canterbury Belle

    gaffa - sold to US after his 2000 Guineas win - from Dave’s own breeding family, Radback, Clansman, Canterbury Belle, straight line, player (cocky golfer), pastime and Slice (both by Icelandic), pasithia, gloss (by Pompeii Court), group winner Domingo (mistral Dancer) he also won the Gosford Guineas and ran 5th in Rosehill Guineas. Won his next 5 in a row on return to NZ! Very temperamental horse but the best I handled. Beechwood Bold - good open class John grigg winner (or place getter), Kap the bid, Vicky buck (daughter of Canterbury Belle), Joan, and I would have missed many many. Great years lots of memories.
  9. Dopey

    Canterbury Belle

    Yes sorry correct
  10. Dopey

    Canterbury Belle

    Trained by the great Dave Kerr (and Jan of course). For Nick Wigley out of calico queen (? Sp I think ) who was imported and by the stud thoroughbred teaser - go figure) Does bode the question that I think (subject to your feedback) that Dave Kerr is the last South Island based trainer to train a group one winner in Australia (elders Handicap then Doncaster now) - is that right? michael pitman has a chance to break that now and I hope for his sake he does. It’s overdue.
  11. Dopey

    NZB scope for improvement

    “A few New Zealanders ive spoken to also buy on behalf of Asian clients. A 3 is a fail in some Asian racing jurisdictions. So what happens when the NZB scope says its a pass but the Hong Kong vet says its a fail and the NZ middle man is stuck with a horse they don't want?” This does happen. What’s happens is you’re stuck with a horse that’s a pass in other jurisdictions
  12. I was at Windsor Park Stud a year or more ago and took the photo on the left of Pour Moi - and hence make a observation and comparison to his breed shaping grand parent Northern Dancer. Quite striking markings.
  13. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    And Northern State - an average to poor full brother to storm cat - I raced a mare by him called Lydessa from Condessa.
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    Right on
  15. Dopey


    What are you implying ?
  16. Dopey

    Tough going

    Probability of genetics
  17. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    So wrote or roc de cambes on swynfords advice
  18. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    Thru high chap - yes, might prefer another special son top line
  19. Dopey

    Pour Moi - an observation

    Pour moi has responded well to multiple lines of Northam Dancer and in particular stallions like Rock of Gibraltar. If the mare has thrown to pour moi I would also suggest perhaps a high Chaparral line Somewhat controversially and yes special and the number 5 family duplIcations and yes zabeel lines but I like high chap with pour moi