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  1. I like your posts on interesting lots and potential sire Breeder - insightful out of the box thinking - keep on it as I feel you will land on something. Remember Sir T was not that well performed on first look but obviously was more than ok as a sire
  2. Dopey

    All the best Barbara......

    All the best Barbara it’s been ages since I shared stalls next to her. 100 wow
  3. Dopey

    check this out

  4. Time Test service nomination for 2019/20 season available. Text or call +61478364739.
  5. Dopey

    check this out

    HMMM Look up ONLY MINE by pour moi - also swamped with ND from Rock of Gibraltar
  6. Dopey

    Cape blanco.

    Dam sire was absolute rust
  7. Dopey

    Karaka Sales thread

    Prices look lower?
  8. Does that mean if you turn your device off it resets to the local country. In particular I’d like to accesss on iPad and iPhone - so very interested in this
  9. Dopey

    Karaka Sales thread

    New season sites are for the Fashionistas
  10. Not sure we have ever been a source of speed, in fact my training mentor said in general don’t go to Australia under 1600m
  11. 1. First 3 1-5-11 2. Last 3 20-12-8
  12. A very good sire woodbine
  13. Dopey

    Foals - 2018

    Yes very - mum and foal doing well, off to Time Test
  14. Dopey

    Foals - 2018

    Per Incanto ex Turf Fire (O’Reilly) filly - full sister to Don Carlo. 5 days old.
  15. Dopey

    York this week

    Always one of the highest rated races of the calendar the international
  16. Dopey

    New Stallions 2018

    Good Galileo type to the eye good family (any stallions?) 6 wins between 2000 and 2400m not sure about times and turn of foot. ok at a price I think for stayers but you will do your time making him
  17. Dopey

    New Stallions 2018

    Looks good - what’s his type and racing style .
  18. Dopey

    Saundry on AW tracks

    You should be a writer - great post
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    First Season Sire Predictions

    Cheers picture is Egyptian ra Chris
  20. I have cut and paste the Arion contenders for first season sire honours - being number of winners based. I'll stick my neck out to start and say: 1. Shamexpress (many went to auzzie and lower numbers - (lots of Grosvenor in him imo but he did sprint! 2. Jakkalberry (I think will have speed early enough) and they have class there may be others not on the list ?
  21. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    The coming 2year olds for next season is the next list above atlante
  22. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Thanks Huey who do you like.
  23. Dopey

    First Season Sire Predictions

    Ok so there may be more but here is this upcoming 1st seasons sire list for 2018/19. So away we go...should be a good bunch .... 1st sacred falls - largely on opportunity. 2nd ghibellines - love his sire (could win it) 3rd charm spirit - enough on the board in UK
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    Jamaican Rain pedigree

    See other post “The Next Generation”
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    The next generation

    VG Derby winner, given a proper stamina test, this horse improved a good deal. The time was outstanding for races run over the longer trips in the ground to, and he has won by staying. He looks like his sire New Approach who won this in 2008 and he is an extravagant galloper but although a big horse had no problems with the course.