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    Chef-de-race stallions

    my understanding of Mendel's worki s from peas? i think...where you need to breed on average 4 times to get the genetic bit you are seeking - on average? is this correct...
  2. Its not the %NZ in the horse... Would you say that Zabeel is recognised as an NZ horse (hint: YES). By Sir Tristram (imported) by Sir Ivor his dam is Lady Giselle (a twin I think?) by Nureyev from Valderna by Val de Loir from Derna. Not very colonial is it - and quite frankly who cares...we'd take as many as we can get that will intice interest and genetically mix well with our incumbent genetics (or more and more in my case - type) here. I think we rely on the history of performance of horses that come from NZ anywhere in the world.... isn't THAT what matters?
  3. Dopey

    The Informant.

    "With the way the world is going with iphone's, Blackberrys etc this may be the way forward?" I hope that this time the people investing in time and $$ into the informant are planning the technology so that soon when we subscribe we just download it to our phones - either by way of internet connection or by way of application download. This is the way we need this to go - especially with iPADs and iPhones and other platforms... I hope someone is watching this...
  4. Dopey


    Double've got to be joking. I'm not intending to pick on Iffraaj... When a horse races here...if say you run 4th you get $250.
  5. Dopey

    Stallion Service Fees..Value

    Clearly, anyone who asks a trainer or agent to purchase a horse in excess of $100k at the sales, with racing in $5k maidens in mind ($3000 to the winner, on the basis of an average 1.x starts per month with $2k+ training fees per month + expenses) is doing it for the love of the sport. Come on. Most people I know are racing overseas now or looking to transfer. Lets not beat around the bush. New Zealand racing is NOT currently "the best place in the world to race a horse" however it is perhaps: "the best place in the world to rear and develop your horse for racing"...surely we can build on that premise.
  6. Dopey

    Stallion Service Fees..Value

    I notice a fair amount of banter about Waikato Stud Stallions here... What would you do if you owned a stud. Lets face it - its not easy to put yourself in the position to have a name stud. Have a go and see. I think that stud owners have been caught out by the market collapse as much as many people - so of course when you look back some stallions look a bit heavy in the $$ department given todays general studs want to stay ahead of the market on that count - thats their business. However, i think that the pendulum has swung a long way back this time and a RESET (promising stallion) is here for a while. So suck it up breeders, pay your money or don't , come up with a new approach or don't, but don't wynge about it (paying too much for services afterwards)... Be the buyer if you don't like it.... NB. I have no assoication with any stud although have one nom of a one share in one stallion - more fool me.
  7. Dopey

    Magno-Pulse Machine

    I'll pick it up sometime....hope you have the manual
  8. I was wondering if anyone had a magno-pulse machine, used many moons ago to treat horses for injuries and condition them. I would like to get one. Are peeople still using them on horses ? if so who is the agent ? I prefer the ones with velcro pads. In your opinion is this a black art of mombo jumbo? I would appreciate comments from experience - not from theory. Disclaimer: I think they work.
  9. Dopey

    Magno-Pulse Machine

    thanks...useful thread fro me.
  10. Uncle Graham as I know him, Denis to others, is living in Christchurch, playing bowls now as his main sport of competition - which he is very useful. Spends his time between ChCh and gold Coast in winter - with some trips to China for arts and crafts and culture. Used to ride for the Wilsons in Timaru, and has written a book about his exploits and the racing scene in the south at the time called "only Winners please".
  11. Dopey

    My Halo

    One sold of over 200k today at the ready to run sale....a good job in this environment.
  12. Dopey

    Its happening everywhere !

    not too sure of the exact order of the list but would be made up of: zabeel danehill sir tristram senic
  13. Was impressed by the Windsor pair: no vested interest..nor bookings: TheWayYouAre, solid and from a good family. Guillotine, a grey Montjeu look-a-like
  14. Dopey

    Can I be a bit Controversial

    I can assure you nod has horses...but only more than most people.
  15. is there anything you don't know m8. How are you going to transfer all your knoweldge and experience to guys like me to make sure it carries on...
  16. hmm not a world I want to invest in...just seems a bit...well...artificial. i know that your words are ment to be thought prevoking, and I do think that a filly is very valuable if you prove one. its just that "wastage" with horses now starts if you have a non-K1 filly at half of most of the crop! rather than if it get injured or doesnt make it in training for some reason... apart from reduce the risk and exposure by breeding less... 1. filly's series, easy 2. WFA scale changes, easy 3. breeders incentives (works in France) 4. VOBIS, FAMIS, stud/region based incentive series...its a new world now.. is it harder than this?
  17. Jess, You comment is quite right, that a refund on a small service fee is not that much of a kick back in the event you have a filly. The real issue is: noting that we should always question shold we be breeding this mare.... 1. there is little market appeal for a filly compared to a colt 2. the on-going costs of a horse you can't place or sell is the issue. 3. this issue stops people breeding mares Purhaps you would be more interested in a stud led fillies series that helps underpin the economics of racing a filly, and enhances value when encorages them to breed on. But we need to acknowledge that currently there is no answer. Nod has the best idea (handicaping changes) so far...and thats just because he's an old head. Second best idea is more recognised stakes / series for fillies, third best ?? up to you.
  18. "7 The value of filly foals has not been comprehensively addressed by studmasters. Perhaps a free or significantly discounted service for the following season could be offered as some compensation for the unfortunate mare owners. Some of our lesser stallions do have such an initiative but it should be more widely spread." Woodbine...this is a key issue for me. 1/2 the time you get a filly. The market takes a good correct colt but you have to find an outlet for good but undervalued fillies. This is a no go area in the industry at the moment and is the primary reson why I am breeding less this year. The risk of the filly is stoppoing me breeding horses - and I have stallion shares - so its pretty bad. A filly is near impossible to place with trainers at the moment given the lack of owners/money. Until this is addressed the stallion stading studs will see the small/boutique breeder's exit or downsize. FACT
  19. Purhaps your comments would be better directed at NZB themselves. Apart from the top lot which pulled up the average it looked like a very very very tough sale
  20. Dopey


    I have a Centaine mare, out of a 1/2 sister to G1 winner Jonny alone...if any one is interested. Currently in the South Island, she is empty after having her first foal late last season.
  21. Dopey

    SB Waikato

    nod, any word on where St Reims will stand?
  22. Dopey

    Domesday - son of Red Ransom

    you must be pleased now Woodbine...
  23. Dopey

    Domesday - son of Red Ransom

    looks like youve pull the right reign this time...looks to have potential
  24. Listed races arent easy to win...But yes it would be interesting to see him step out again against good company o/s
  25. Dopey

    Who's off to the mixed sale?

    Nod, I agree. Either that or a filly price as senn from some enlightned market meeters. AI would certainly make it easier for the mare and foal. Often young foals are sent off to stud when they are weak (legs can suffer as a consequence during this early developmenttal time) therefore there would be a wastage saving as well.