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    Another nasty Starting Gates incident at Waterlea

    apparantly they just found the ark...
  2. Dopey

    New stallion

    why take a risk on performance at the highest level when you can access Shinko king at value for the Fairy king line......seems a no brainer given the price and performance....especially given the horse is relocating...what size books did he have and with what opporunity.... (no interest in S.King)
  3. Dopey

    iPhones and betting...

    had a look but could not see it...I presume that its not available for NZ therefore I cant download??
  4. Due to lack of (posting) interest... Australian breeding is to cease in Austraila and all horses are to be bred in New Zealand from now on.... on the basis of ... well its just better. Kind regards New Zealand Breeding Industry.
  5. I have some interest in Karaka this year and have been thinking about how this years sale will go c.f. last year, and the Magic Millions results....I would be intereted in some opinion. some statistics: Average and median for 2009 premier - filly's only
  6. Dopey


    Stud says good chance.