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  1. Dopey

    This is why NZ racing is stuffed

    Nz, best lowest cost pre training area....
  2. I'd be listening to swynford
  3. Swynford will sort you out with a recommendation
  4. Dopey

    Per Incanto

    Dream on. $30k is not justifiable in today's climate. And I like the horse, and have bred a nice colt. In time yes, and if he stacks up in Australia - then more.
  5. Dopey

    Val De Loir

    Also I think dandino has VdL in his bottom quarter !?
  6. Dopey


    Good answer
  7. Dopey


    Send your mares to him then before the big price rise. Actually I doubt that mark and the team would move his fee much given their 'policy' to not hike up fees quickly.
  8. Dopey


    I note the breeding of yesterday's two feature is out of an exceed and excell (champion) mare and the other from a volksraad (champion) mare, and bother horses look like they have thrown to the type of their dame sires to my eye, HOWEVER.... Good on the sire, as he's obviously allowing genetics / performance to 'out'.... He's growing on me. Too impress I'd like to see a modest pedigree horse come good. IMHO
  9. So my answer is that racetrack performance may not come through for many reasons be it injury temperament, man made behaviour, lacks of funds, I'm not sure eight carat raced? But genetics can still be good. Many good breeders use mares that are unraced. Lessor performed stallions have a harder road.
  10. Either the stallion got the right genetics passed on in the genetic lottery or he didn't. There is no point trying to breed to lines in horses if they didn't inherit the bits your after. Ask Mendel. Or in other words swynford just because the names are there doesn't mean their influence made it through as it's all about probability of genetic inheritance. I think from memory Mendel implied mating 4 times is required to see your required trait once (statistically). Others may correct me.
  11. Dopey

    Per Incanto

    My maiden mare had a good sized per Incanto colt first up. One factor that will help his prodgeny is the great temperament they all have. Now We have all heard stud masters talk about good temperaments but they are outstanding to handle, and I've had a few on the farm now. ( I have no interest in the horse or any to sell)
  12. Dopey

    Per Incanto

    Pleased for the LA team on their first start first win outcome for Per Incanto. As a three year old he beat the older sprinters in their version of the railway.
  13. Dopey

    Who actually has Raced Ninety?

    Actually it's quite funny
  14. Dopey

    What's My 2YO Worth?

    Even better a video, a photo (signed), a swab, DNA sample, muscle biopsy (fast twitch slow twitch), psychology assessment, pathology assessment, x-Ray, ultrasound, ct scan, scope, gait analysis, 12 generation pedigree, and most importantly a selfie of you with the horse.....:-)
  15. Dopey

    Pedigree Patterns

    Have people looked at the I Do pedigree, and the success of the no excuse needed O'Reilly cross. It's in this weeks informant.
  16. Dopey

    Right of Purchase.

    Some owners in Australia just want a horse to race without the overhead or commitment to breed after.
  17. Dopey

    Pedigree Patterns

    Good discussion. Pedigree is one thing but you either have an athletic horse standing in front of you....or you don't . I'm a breeder but would prefer to be a buyer....down to one mare now!
  18. Dopey

    Pedigree Patterns

    Your observation can be duplicated using per incanto with oreilly mares also. I have done so. Doubles up on try my best in the same pattern .
  19. Dopey

    RIP Commands

    Very much so. Class.
  20. Dopey

    History of Horse Racing in NZ

    Some might enjoy the link to the hall of fame history of NZ racing
  21. Dopey

    South Island Bred and Trained Horses

    As a slight aside ... Who was the last si trained horse to win a group one in Australia ?
  22. Probably More likelihood of getting lots of very good genetics...
  23. Dopey

    Small mares

    A good breeder once told me that a small mare will likely return to average size foals. After three foals you will know.