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  1. johndoe

    ashburton workouts

    Surely has to be an error possibly could be Orlando Magic the 2yo trotter of mark jones
  2. johndoe

    Southland !

    Track was fine in my opinion
  3. johndoe

    Time for a holiday?

    Wheres the lure? not in picture so cant clearly judge off those pictures
  4. johndoe

    Another Interesting Rumour

    Deceased dogs? What day was this? and who where the dogs
  5. johndoe

    Place 6 paid $2.20 today

    why haven't you commented on the ones that pay 500 plus? cmon mate ur sour cuz u only got 5% !!!! Money to be made in dogs you just gotta know ur stuff.
  6. johndoe


    Yeap im one of the owners and didn't see the race only heard it and turned the radio off after the race . Later to find out that she got beaten. Clearly not good enough
  7. johndoe

    How short is too short?

    Wont be that short next start ! Missed away and couldn't win from there. Interesting to see when he lines up next.
  8. johndoe

    Thrilling Butcha

    Stewards say they SUSPECTED the dog turned its head. So its pretty much a guessing game when it comes to putting a dog out where there is no cameras available to prove it. Very Interesting Indeed
  9. johndoe

    Thrilling Butcha

    Unbelievable ! Makes a mockery of the stipes decision. Should have won from there even though they went 30.06 it still should have been good enough
  10. johndoe

    NZ derby comp

    Ill go Wicked Spell
  11. johndoe

    Auckland cup/ railway

    Will be interesting to see what the injury is with Need to Chill !
  12. johndoe

    Can someone explain.

    I know this has nothing to do with it but the dog is now c4. Did any c4 or c5 dogs that got nominated miss out on a start? Please list them! Also they aren't full fields so whats the big problem.
  13. johndoe


    two finals I meant
  14. johndoe


    Demanded is a strong word. You must have the inside knowledge of this Hound Fan. Explain to me why there was two heats at Wanganui then?
  15. johndoe


    For example say the weather changes in the 9th heat of the day and the dog is clearly the best dog in the race and leads all the way but yet only runs 31s and misses the final because there heat was the slowest? How is that fair??? All the heats broke 31s which is a good effort and you cant say that a dog deserves to miss out because it wins its heat. Simply should have two finals as they did at Wanganui. You only get 8+ heats for the c0/1s racing series never the c2/3 or c4/5. GRNZ need to sort it immediately!!!!1