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  1. sixgoalhero

    1700m Races

    Missed tonight's racing and just watched the replays. Snipers run was huge but Purdon handing up the breeze to the stablemate inside the last 500 was interesting. If he kicks up and keeps his only danger 3 wide then i dont think sniper could have won the race. Is this kind of driving always allowed in NZ? Think stewards would be all over it in Aus.
  2. sixgoalhero

    Interdom Heats

    Why would they be drawn in the NSW heat? The NZ heat was scrapped due to a lack of noms. Also if a horse cant run top 3 in that field they surely wouldn't be competitive in the final anyway. Christian Me and Terror should be miles better than the opposition if they recover in time from last week, Bit Of A Legend will need to improve.
  3. sixgoalhero

    Oh !@#%^& it all..........

    Christian Me's run in the cup was huge, all the other horses to do work dropped out sharply, surely something wrong with TTL beaten 72 meters. Franco Ledger was trapped wide early and had to be eased to last, was still last at the top of the straight, amazing run.
  4. sixgoalhero

    Oh !@#%^& it all..........

    They interviewed Mark before the race and he said he will drive him like hes the best horse in the race tonight, then instead he just sat off the leader and pretty much gave him the race like he was happy to run second. Having said that im not sure the horse is going all that well at the moment.
  5. sixgoalhero

    Mm Race Next Saturday Night

    Great win by Beautide, Christian Me went super, Smokin Up is almost at the end, TTL put in an absolute shocker.
  6. sixgoalhero

    Smoken Up

    If SU draws outside Mach Beauty next week i think he wins, Mach Beauty will get to the front and take the sit again, hard to see anything winning from off the peg line when they run those times, and Mach Beauty will probably be the only horse close enough with a chance. I guess the horse sitting 3 back the inside may have a shot late.
  7. sixgoalhero

    Smoken Up

    Certainly the best over the sprint trip, often found one better over the longer journey with his racing style. If he finds the front next week he is a huge chance to win again, tonights times were 26, 29.3, 28, 26.6. Not sure anyone will sacrifice their race to take on SU in the second quarter.
  8. sixgoalhero

    menangle passing lane

    Why are horses that do no work in the run and driven for luck entitled to a clear run in the home straight? At Menangle all horses start off the front row, from there any horse that finds itself in a pocket is the fault of the driver. Having said that i dont care what they do as I absolutely hate Menangle and the size of the track, the races are terrible to watch, if people want to bet on a product like that, they have the gallops.
  9. This is Jodi Quinlan winning onboard Amazing Kano at Melton a few weeks ago, would love to see more of these.
  10. sixgoalhero

    2012 Inter Dominion

    Everyone saying it was an amazing drive by jnr, but does anyone else think it was a tad lucky driving the best horse in the race like that. Smokin up was always going to capitulate, but if he went for 2-300 meters more before dropping out then itmq was done, he was giving the leading four a massive start anyway. If raglan or lombo navigator got out earlier they could have won, if feelgood or ar go anygood they would have had too bigger start on him. Was disappointing su galloped, the way all the other horses went i think if he crossed they couldnt have beaten him. Anyway thought it was the best result for harness racing, massive crowd with the hometown fav and best performed horse all series winning, sad its really the last interdominion.
  11. sixgoalhero

    2012 Inter Dominion

    Awesome win to come that wide by itmq, dominated the series and fully desereved it, not sure what happened to SU, never seen him gallop before, mr feelgood and auckland reactor both went disgusting
  12. sixgoalhero

    Grand Final Barrier Draw

    Who do you see posting su for that long? He is a fast beginner and everyone seems to have conceded mr feelgood will lead, if su runs the gate he can get there very quickly, he cant win from the death so surely just declares mr feelgood on early, if they do go hard i would expect itmq to just launch down the back straight and win by a space.
  13. sixgoalhero

    Grand Final Barrier Draw

    Does the draw really hurt ARs chances? There is going to be speed on, just needs to get ITMQ going earlier than he wants to to and track him in. Will be interesting what mr feelgood does, when interviewed on friday night john mccarthy seemed to suggest he would take a trail on SU. I dont think SU is handling the track anywhere near well enough to win, ITMQ should just win with AR being the blowout chance.
  14. sixgoalhero

    2012 Inter Dominion

    ITMQ looked amazing last night and a class above everything else on his home track, he cant settle too far back in the small field, speed will be on with smokin up in the race, how can they beat him???
  15. sixgoalhero

    I'll go out on a limb...

    Last time they just sent him out for practice in an Inter heat the driver got 3 months didnt he? Very comfortable win last night, just not sure i can see him winning the final. Smokin Up can only win the final by leading, He will just go flatout for the top until he gets it. If AR doesnt lead ITMQ will be too good for him from back in the field.