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  1. Nah, he couldn't fit his big head thru the gap ...
  2. Bad decision, the head on looked awful, but it was way to close to the line at that stage, no way was OPTIMISTIC going to win. but that's life .....
  3. best track in country ..... Pity about NOT allowing the few public, to park in front of the cold wet windy stand and instead barricaded them off way down the straight by the 300 m, forcing people to walk to the tote or the stand, in the rain and wind ... and as for the goons, well I'm sure they cost more than the on course turnover .....
  4. Thanks ... guess they have to put you over the fence before there is a relegation, Verdant was head or less from third.
  5. Interested in what was said about VERDANT getting smashed by LIDARI in Race 5 at Flemington.
  6. wicked trifecta, I took a anchor quinella, Overeach with 1, 4, 13 ... about three minutes before the jump ! imagine, spinning out on a $ 248 trifecta !!!
  7. Can anyone tell me why only the BMW and Slipper have FFP ... Surely the whole meeting should be FFP ? Are they trying to control what you can bet on ? or will the options appear just before the meeting kicks off, similar to another day. addenda, 12.54 ahhhh, they sleep late down in welly .... or are they actually reading this site ? :0
  8. Looks like its another 'what might have been' season for the Blues, but sets up a great one for Auckland later on. Kirwan can't coach his way outta a paper bag, best to let GH take over ...
  9. R2: 3 R3: 6 R4: 5 R5: 7 R6: 10 R7: 14 R8: 1 R9: 4
  10. and what about the forward pass to Folau for his try ...