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  1. Unreal, I didn't spend a cent, just went along for the ride and enjoyed the whole afternoon.


    You guys turned over money at nearly turn, yet some how only got 200 up ... :o


    Very entertaining day and interesting way to spread the picks, you got some great divvys that were only axed by the % and had quite a few chances to increase your pool, only for the fav to get up.


    Great day and good luck for Friday.  :)

  2. Well home early, thanks to Pico and Molly,  :) 


    bit weird not having a beer, even when you have a handful of winners ....  :o 


    But all good, excellent crowd, weather is fantastic and still five races to go  ................... :) 


    Got the trifecta on Pico and had a nice win on Asprey, lucky I punted him, as the trifecta paid sweet fanny.


    off to the beach for the rest of the arvo ........ B) 

  3. Well no fireworks today for Avondale, but hopefully lots of sparks.  :)


    Early rain has cleaned up the carpark and stand and its full steam ahead for a 12 race card in the West.


    The form from the trials held on Sept 23 at Avondale has been superb and the horses seem to following it up ...


    Didn't have a chance to walk the track this morning, but my guess is it will a good (as to walk on) surface even after the rain.


    ANNA kicks off the first, but Owen tends to need a run, so I'm going for PICO.


    ARCHIE in the second.


    RED STRIKER to start a blaze on GF day.


    The PALACE looks the bet, but SILVER is the roughie tip.


    Race 5 is wide open and the field is likely the bet.


    Mollys horse in the next, ASPREY, hopefully the jockey will keep riding him RIGHT out, I believe the problem has been the jockeys are misreading him, when he still has a good kick left in him.


    Watching THUNDERBIRDS, but 1 & 2 look the go.


    ITS GOT to be, but also a couple smart ones down the bottom.


    ACHOO is the go, with a THORN on the side.


    A staying race next, and its wide as well, He IS definitely deserving of one.


    Staying again and its wide, especially with the softening of the track, ZELDARA won well last time here.


    and one of the hardest races to finish the day, field in quaddies and trebles  ...


    Owen could have a good day if his heads in it, but I will be pumping his missus ...  B)


    So, after the highs and lows of yesterday, get down dirty out west, with a big card, free entry, friendly people and warm comfortable bars.


    Wish all the owners, trainers (including Shorty) and some punters well and get out and enjoy a relaxing day in the West of Auckland.   :)

  4. It was never included in the comp... which part of N O do you not understand????

    You looked at the rules of the comp from the start it was never included... why did you not say it was a joke way back then?????

    because I could not believe or see that you would NOT have the biggest race of spring included ?

  5. Hasn't RK just come back from a stint in the sin bin maybe he needs an early shower again? He is just a shit stirrer. What is emailing everyone going to ??? Not change the decision thats for sure.!!!!


    Hmmm, two minutes personal messaging everybody will actually have got a true reflection of how people feel  ...


    and I am fairly sure we would have a MC comp running  ...

  6. eh ?


    Most rallied against the quinella b/s , not a 3 race continuation


    and I have only seen a few bleat at all !


    Hesi was in full support of a MC day, 3 race continuation, of the competition !


    To not have the biggest race of spring in a SPRING Competition is an absolute joke ... :rolleyes:


    maybe I will send a pm to every one (take all of two minutes) to find out what they really want,  ...  B)

  7. Come on man, everyone is only a pm away, most know the Cup is on Tuesday.   


    and it won't cost you any extra having a 3 race continuation of the competition.  


    Granted some of the other races at Flemington are rubbish, but you should able to pick a couple races from there/Auckland or dare we say Otagooooooo.


    Thought this was the whole idea of a Spring racing carnival competition, Big 3 early, various others, then CC, Cox and Melbourne Cup, finishing with the NZ Cup carnival .......... :)

  8. I was gonna post before the race, but hectic day ...


    Not quite the same as the CC or the Cox, but the same principles ...


    FARRAAJ , best stayer in the race, just couldn't hold the late sprints of Happy and the Man.  


    But this time they couldn't resist the money (17 - 5 on tote) and whacked it with minutes to go and it dropped to 13s and 4s !!!!   The fixed was at 13 and 3.80 for last hour, didn't move.


    The thing to note is with these three horses, ADMIRE, ADIE and FARRA, was I punted the tote (unheard of in the last few years) because of the higher odds, even allowing for the variable.  


    So come Tuesday, I will be looking at the foreign horse (most likely tho not exclusively), with distance stats, paying around 9-16 dollars on the fixed, who stays solid with those odds ...


    I will post this pick before the race, but only minutes before ... :)


    Sure there will be plenty of chat on the day .......... 



    Can't believe I didn't get the treble and quaddie at Melbourne, I had Bonaria (track-dist stats) in a number of bets, but failed the connect.  Should have bundled all the bets in to one mix ... :(