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  1. <p>Looks time for the Kidd to bounce a few heads. The club should definately have a High Def camera scanning the grounds, relatively easy to set up a system, come on team. <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="http://www.racecafe.co.nz/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/angry.png"title=":angry:" /></p>
  2. Looking at forming an extra punters club for those who missed out on the other. Kick-off would be Feburary 21st and will run for ten weeks $ 200 a person or 20 dollars a week. Payment would have to be in by WEDNEDAY the 18th. Looking for ten people and two a week would investing $100 each. Drop a note if interested, if we don't get 10 we can always adjust the betting accordingly. Cheers ... the Kidd.
  3. Best punting system ? Wait for tip, when its received, place 200 on the nose, say nothing to anyone else, then wait for the next tip ! Any system where you keep doubling up is bs, in fact most of the systems that have been outlaid are bs, reminds me of those stupid calculators and tables they used to try and sell in the old days ... You aren't getting the word ??, then study is the answer, like Red Ted, select a few that you think will go well and punt however you like, following consistent good horses will put you on the right track. Trials, trackwork and race replays and
  4. can some sks, please direct me, in how to sign out ?
  5. He is at every meeting he can make it to. He is the only MP that's gives a hoot about racing.
  6. Auckland: General admission $20 -- Boxing Day Free -- 28th Dec ! $10 -- New Years Day ~~~~~ $10 -- Derby Day -- *** Special offer of 4 tickets for $20, till Feb 25 !! $30 -- Auckland Cup
  7. Wishing all the café customers the very best for the party season.
  8. 2014: Senior Jockey: NOEL HARRIS Best App: ULRIKA HOLMQUIST Least fav Jock: Cameron, 2+3, Innes, Coleman and Fatboy ... (just shocking rides all over the place) Charming Person: VINNIE COLGAN NI track: AVONDALE SI track: GORE NI trainer: PETER & DAWN WILLIAMS SI trainer: JOANNE HILLIS favourite racecaller: GEORGE SIMON, the rest suck, and George is slipping ... favourite TV presenter: no one in NZ, ... RETRO are the best guys on TV. favourite horse (nz) : WILD BILL, (you don't have be a champion, just be consistent.) favourite horse (oz) : WHO SHOT THE B
  9. Well, Molly folds because of the costs, sad, but reflective of this out of control 'don't blame us' management/government style of the 2000s. Using everyones elses money to cover their butts, and high arse lawyers using multi layered bs. Heads up Shorty,
  10. Southland race 6 ... Wild Bill again ... Absolutely appalling, 60 kg !!! feel for the owners and trainers, he could be a nice little earner, but is being crucified ...
  11. Exactly, how can a one win horse be top of the handicap ? Unless it was a stakes grade superstar, not a 18,000 dollar placer ... And he run a gallant second again which of course will lead the handicapper and his handicap friends to consider themselves right ..
  12. or ALPINE EXPRESS, no effort at all ..........
  13. At Otago, race 2, the horse Wild Bill seems to be seriously overladen with tire irons ! 59.5 for a ONE win horse !!!! Below him, there are the Hand -- 5 wins 3 sec 10 thirds .. 58.5 Can Boy -- 4 w 3 s 4 thirds ...... 57.5 Squash -- 26 starts 4 wins ....... 57 No Roses -- 30 st, 3 w, 6 sec, 7 thirds ... 55 and another two multi win horses on 54 !!!! What goes on in the mind of the handicapper ? Very similar to the problems G Sanders faces with a couple of his horses. The real bummer is, this horse BILL, is a gutsy consistent horse (like
  14. And it has the longest straight in the country, go figure ...
  15. My mountain will see me thru ........ toku ngakau Ko taku maunga
  16. The day has dawned for the Counties Racing club Cup meeting. The clouds are a light grey, but high. The track is perfect as always. Looks like the team has given the place a spruce up for their big day, well done ! The fields are fantastic ... R1: Time for Owen to SHOW if he's still got it, but I got a p e f for a place. R2: With the Graph scratched, the betting says the ADMIRAL is going to sail in, but even tho I love the Williams team, its been around a while. So looking at something a little south. R3: Wide open with many chances, field in the last leg of the
  17. ahhh, think the laughing was about, fit and proper persons ... and as I told shorty and a lot of others a long while back, I have ridden a lot, probably more than you, never as I said before, in a professional race, but we have a 50 acre farm with 2 horses.
  18. My gawd, ain't the Thoroughbred Breeders Stakes a cracking field !
  19. Community rules, especially out West ... I am sure if you sat down with the right people, not racing admins or advisors or bean counters, you could easily plan a years community activities for Avondale. The other bastards to ignore or avoid are the council, those blind monkeys just see dollar signs, and not good earning dollars but evil one-way gone deals ...
  20. Still making more money off the markets and rentals, than the races. I think we need to rid ourselves of that parasitic bank, and start making a profit for ourselves instead of still servicing a bleeding 20 year sore from those parasites. If Auckland can get all their debts wiped by the board, then why can't we ? The foundations of the main stand are solid as and its only peripheral things ( roof, windows ?, ... ) that need work, the top bar is still fit and the main public bar is still very usable (ie Housie) , I guess the other bar is still solid, just lacking fittings. If you a
  21. Think we need a few more Saturdays and OUR Cup and Guineas back.
  22. A great days racing at Melbourne's 4th track. A fantastic clash in the second race with POMICHET, SPEEDINESS, VIBRANT ROUGE, the RED and my longshot REFER. the Sandown Classic, with GREEN MOON, SEA MOON, SPILL and the PRINCE. and the Eclipse, PHEIDON, SONNTAG, ZABISCO and EXTRA for a place. the Guineas, 3yos to the fore, ZULU, STRATUM, LORD ASPEN and REKINDLED ... Also racing today with WINE TALES, oldie UNCHAIN, FLAMBERGE, REP and SHES CLEAN ...
  23. Well the middle day of the carnival, weather looks good, track should be superb. Hopefully the Trackside crew will lay on another great day of racing coverage. r1: The Myers team has a big team in today and should grab a fair whack of the money, but I like the VIEW. r2: Riccarton is a horses for courses, so ISI is MINE, and ISIPAL & COUP to get in behind. r3: a nightmare, so going for some names, VIV and ASH. r4: all the S's, SETON from SIGN and the STEEL. r5: Weight can stop a train, so BRITT is in the eye, with COSTA running on ? r6: following the course st