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  1. R:  The Tidy Express x Sonic Rocket       ---  3.40 x 8.5  - return  =  578


    RC:  Shuka in to Bingo   ---   11 x 6  -- return =  1320 


    S:  Close Up x Nigelissima (place)  ---  3.40 x 3.60  -- return = 612

  2. Ok, last week for invitees, been a tough struggle but hope you all had fun. 


    Got S's (you can still change up to 12 pm, not going to races, going to the Sth Africa - Paki game)


    and Gruffs been paid up.  So R and RC let me know.

  3. Marciano x Duquesa      --  3.4 x 18   ...   return --  1224


    Gun Eagle x Consensus  --  7.5 x 2.2 !!!  (way too short)  ... return --  330


    Abidewithme  --  10 w / 5 p   ---  8 / 2.60   straight bet !  ...   the rest in your account  ...  :)



    good luck u all ............... B)

  4. Yeah, but all week, I have had bad vibes about the Derby,


    when normally I would be thinking about the Avondale Guineas placers, 


    ie  .. MONGOL from VOLK with the field for third, but it never gelled with me .... :unsure:


    and no more betting on the Friday, that's for sure, I want the divvy I bet on. 



    Anyhow what is your TAB acc number and I will send your winnings.  :)

  5. alright a day wrecked by deductions, very close to some nice divvys.



    Durham Town x Mongolian Khan  ---  winner  --- return $ 90   -   reduced by scratching of WHO.


    Platinum Witness x Whosyourmaster   -- winner  --  return  $64 -

                                          -  reduced by scr of WHO, two late scratchings in the Lowland and a deadheat !


    Duquesa x Peak P  --- loser

    Storm  x  Midnite   ---  loser

  6. WHO is a scratching, so divvy will be about 150.


    Everything else is live.


    last pick.


    R:  Storming the Tower  (win) at 21 in to Midnitemagicman (place) at 5s approx. divvy $ 100 +  


    I will put this on in about 30 mins (12.30 pm) on my way to the track.  :)


    have a good day u all .........

  7. ok //


    Durham Town (win) into Mongolian Khan (place)  - -  $20 -- fixed odds -- 4 in to 1.40 return =  $ 112


    I was going to go for the win, but something is nagging me about the Derby.


    Durquesa (win) in to Peak Performer (place) -- $20 -- fixed odds -- 4.40 in to 4.50 - return = $ 396



    two more to come ...

  8. Jason wrote "negative publicity, do tell. You don't think it has anything to do with you being kicked off this site in the past and people not having confidence it won't happen again ? "



    Never been kicked off this site and had many a disagreement with Shorty and never even got penalised, current management have taken a line, which is sad considering my contributions in the past, but so be it.


    I find your tone a little odd , when after all the Punters Club is simply the Cafes PC, not your baby at all and all I did was offer a secondary PC for the people who missed out on the first club.

  9. Ok, due to some negative publicity and a certain malaise, this isn't going to kick off.


    But for the people who expressed an interest, we are going to take some 20 dollar multis on the next 5 major days.


    Free of charge, 50/50 spilt.


    So get your caps on and we can have some fun anyway. 



  10. It was an interesting call, George clearly called Farm Boy home,

    but when I watched the replay it was very obvious that it was close, in fact bloody close !


    I missed the Guineas visually because I was chasing motorcycles up North, I just made it to Huapai Tavern (no TAB at Helensville) for a quaddie, (thank you very very much, $ 2,000 plus) and left the Huapai for Ellerslie straight away, catching the call (Guineas) on Radio Pacific and getting to Ellerslie in time for race 7.


    So a great day all round even though I only caught the last 3 races live on track. 


    Oh yeah and thanks to Our PINK Diamond ...................................... yeeeeeeeeee hah.

  11. The Guineas is a cracker and the race should be a good one.


    VOLK looks the one, but I have great respect for the KING.


    There are a few more in this field, who wouldn't be that big a surprise to win but look great place bets, either today or the Derby.



    The Cup is another interesting field,  Blizzard, Show the World, Rock Diva, Pondarosa and Candle, all have to be good chances.   


    And again some good place bets with the others ...

  12. Avondale is the best track surface in the country. 


    If the RA had a clue, then they would know if the races come home, then it can only be beneficial for the club !


    Smells of upstairs politics.


    But even so, the race day should still be, AVONDALE racing at Auckland, not AK-AK.


    The Concorde has already disappeared into an earlier Auckland program.


    I just think its a raw deal all round and if it is because of the RA, then they need a real good kick up the jacksy.