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  1. Was she? By what metric do you make that claim? She’s been doing some painfully tredious and irrelevant interviews for Addington’s Facebook page lately.
  2. Inaccurate, Shane. Unless you are Hugh Robinson in disguise and this is something you haven’t yet relayed to Raceform’s owners?
  3. I don’t see any grounds for appeal, but would you put it past plod as a cynical ploy?
  4. The potential stick in the mud would be a Crown appeal to the High Court.
  5. Kotare Hunter your broad attitude is deeply concerning. Neave was always throwing most charges out. Notwithstanding the fact he’s an idiot, a lot of them had no criminal basis. And the ones that did were minor at best. But from a rules of racing stand point the breaches are many and the industry should rightfully expect they are dealt with appropriately. How anyone can think differently to that is beyond me.
  6. Excuse the above Mikie.... left my phone on the page at the pub when I went to the loo and a “mate” thought it would be funny to post something. Apologies
  7. Well I’m not going to breach name supression but one I read involved a driver flying from Christchurch to Auckland on race day to deliver plasma to a trainer for a horse racing in a G1 that night.
  8. Mikie. shut up you niller. cheers baz
  9. At least three will have a clear cut losing case from the RIU for breaching the same day administration rules.
  10. A week later he’s involved in a fatal hit and run when a passenger during a police pursuit
  11. Last year, Neave lets man out of jail, predicting a backlash...
  12. Rare legal move on hit-run
  13. Well they have one thing in their favour (with no judgement placed on them by me at all) - Raoul Neave has a reputation as a warped defendant apologist. There are websites, social media pages and petitions named in his honour. The story around the merchant banker who ran over the asian green grocer and Neave’s subsequent treatment of the banker was quite horrendous.
  14. Seriously, it’s so galling and insulting that McKenzie would keep publically chalking all this up to Covid. Like we are numbskulls. Give us a spell Dean.
  15. 300 horses nominated for Addington trials..
  16. Don’t forget Wahid relegated from 1st in the Horse of the Year voting too. What a controversy that was.
  17. The Informant sourced its fields in its well-liked form guides from Pagemasters in Australia. That was because the TAB refused to provide them. Makes good sense right? Refuse to provide something that would only aid your business?
  18. The TAB don’t contribute any money to Race Form and plans were already underway to streamline form guide access. I’ll back Insider on this.
  19. Well you can’t force people to be tested. They have to come forward...
  20. Michelle Pickles Neil Grimstone Mike Godber Victoria Carter Winston Peters Greg Purcell Glenda Hughes Nigel McIntyre Chris Thompson Daryl Curnow