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    • Another roundup of rosy roughies to rescue my failing financial fortunes.started with $100 went to $650 and steady decline to $150 , still in profit ,but could do better.IRUKANDJI R4 GREYSFUL GLAMOUR R6 and IRITHEA are all taking on weaker fields than normal, are suited by the track and draws and paying relatively great money.
    • Racing at Lingfield will be "a lot closer to a normal raceday than we've had for a long time" when spectators return on a non-trial basis for the first time in nearly nine months next week. View the full article
    • The Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA) today reported a Net Profit before distributions of $162.5 million (which included a government relief grant of $41 million) for the year ending 31 July 2020 in its final report prior to its transition to TAB New Zealand on 1 August. TAB New Zealand (formerly RITA) Executive Chair, Dean McKenzie said the result reflected an extraordinary year for the business. “The year is best described as a game of two halves, with the first six months showing an improvement on the same period the year. However the industry then faced one of the toughest financial times in its history, with racing and global sport almost coming to a complete standstill with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. “Despite the impact of COVID-19, RITA still was able to distribute $152.3 million to Racing and Sport, including $137.6 million to the racing codes, clubs, and racing integrity bodies. More than $14.7 million was returned to the sporting community over the course of the year. “The impact of very limited racing and sport during the peak of the crisis can’t be understated and RITA was faced with some difficult decisions to keep the business sustainable, including the removal of 230 roles, which was around 30 percent of staff. A number of other changes were also made, including not resuming Trackside Radio or Phonebet, and changes to Trackside production and presentation with a reduced number of cameras on course and presenters continuing to mainly operate from the studio,” said McKenzie. Total Turnover (Betting & Gaming) for the year of $2.6 billion was $141 million (-5 percent) below last year and $566 million below budget (-18 percent), while Gaming turnover was also impacted by COVID-19 with a decline of -10 percent to $461 million (-$52 million). Total Revenue, excluding the Government relief grant of $329 million was $19 million (-6 percent) below last year. Operating expenses declined year on year (saving $5 million or 4 percent against budget) which included a reduction of $7 million in staff expenses. “Away from the operational performance of the TAB, the year was historic with new legislation to reform the industry passed into law securing complete support across Parliament. Having such a broad consensus on legislation is rare, and will almost certainly mean the underlying framework of the industry is sustainable and enduring.  “As we look towards the future, TAB NZ is positive the foundations are now firmly in place for the industry to build on. We look forward to working with the new Minister to complete the reform programme, new regulations, the appointment of a new Board, new Chief Executive and the establishment of the Racing Integrity Board.”  RITA was established by the Racing Reform Act 2019 to support the reform of the New Zealand racing industry before transitioning to TAB New Zealand on 1 August 2020 following the passing of the Racing Industry Act 2020. 
    • The $300,000 Hollywood Derby (G1T) Nov. 28 at Del Mar drew 12 turf sophomores that include five graded stakes winners from both the East and West Coasts, topped by trainer Christophe Clement's grade 1 winners Decorated Invader and Gufo.  View the full article
    • Chad Brown ships in Kentucky Downs stakes winner Flavius and Belmont Park allowance winner Spirit Animal to contest the $200,000 Seabiscuit Handicap (G2T) Nov. 28 at Del Mar. View the full article
    • Jockey Nathan Evans was banned for six months at a disciplinary panel hearing Nov. 27 after testing positive for metabolites of cocaine in the summer. View the full article
    • dkc, I agree. Personally, I prefer Sundays over Friday nights, especially when there's 2 Friday night meetings.
    • They got Orari todayAddington last night,why so much racing?
    • Why are we wasting Sundays on Addington. Surely it is a day to take racing to the country. I'm afraid we are missing opportunities to promote our sport. The dates committee has gotten it horribly wrong here and we continue to head down the wrong track. 
    • "Harness Racing New Zealand (HRNZ) confirmed Mitchell Kerr had relinquished his licence and said it was not aware of any investigation by the RIU". This statement alone should have all licence holders concerned. The RIU have confirmed they've passed information on to police, yet the people in charge of our game are in the dark. HRNZ, have you never heard of damage control? Something/anything positive would help now, but all we get is.... ummm, we know nothing. DUMB F.....
    • How the hell can NZHR not know if the RIU is investigating. Surely that is BS. 
    • HIV & AIDS - Interview Stefan Lanka
    • Slightly off topic but if you use Viagara Lankas theory is concerning Dr. Lanka: That's it. It was already known by 1965, definitely, that PCP is a fungus. And this was and is the most important AIDS-defining disease. If you look at who comes down with this disease, you see people who are using poppers. What are poppers? Nitrites. And check every dictionary in the bookstore, or the People's Medical Dictionary: what do nitrites do in the body? They oxidize the blood. That means the blood itself is not able to transport oxygen. So, of course, the first cells to suffer are cells in the lung. Nitrites are transformed immediately into nitric oxide in the smallest capillars [capillaries?, F.C.] of the body. Nitric oxide is produced by the body in very low concentrations in order to control blood pressure, in order to control development. It has to be detoxified by the body immediately, because in higher concentrations it acts very aggressively, destroying everything. This is why the "eating cells" of the immune system, the macrophages, are releasing nitric oxide in high quantities in inflammation reactions: to destroy and digest the bacterial cells. So if you take up nitrites regularly, or from time to time -- which means huge, excessive amounts of nitric oxide are produced -- it means you start the self-destroying process in your own body, especially in the lungs. You are destroying your lung tissue, and fungal infections are growing on this dead organic matter. Even so, immune functions are perfect, because these patients do suppress bacterial infections. All those 60 different kinds of lung disease we know by now, all caused by bacterial infections, do not appear because the immune functions are still well. So we have a direct toxic effect, which may happen even when your detoxification system is not working on a cellular level, because you will suffer malnutrition. PCP can also happen in people who suffer extreme malnutrition, like we've had in Africa. This is the reason why PCP is not part of the AIDS definition in Africa, because we have it in the children who suffer starvation because the detoxification system of the cells is very weak in children. This is why, in the Middle Ages, when the wells had been poisoned by feces or meat from the civil wars or wars, it was the children who suffered, turning blue -- this was called "the disease of the blues" -- when they drank water, because there were a lot of nitrites and nitrates inside, produced by nitrifying bacteria when the wells had been poisoned, because the detoxification systems of children are very low. This is why the children starving heavily in Africa come down with PCP ever since. I can foresee, here and now, that people regularly using Viagra will be coming down with KS in two to three years because Viagra acts by blocking the neutralization of nitric oxide. When you take Viagra, nitric oxide accumulates, relaxing the smooth muscles, that blood is flowing in, the penis is being erected, and our muscles are relaxed. Poppers act by the same mode, because the nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide in the smallest vessels, and so the smallest vessels become relaxed. But whereas poppers directly produce nitric oxide, Viagra works by preventing the neutralization of nitric oxide which comes into existence normally in the process of blood pressure regulation. It constantly persists at a very low level, but if it accumulates, you are in a very big danger. So, if the blood has oxidized itself and the lining of the smallest vessels, the capillars (i.e. capillaries, F.C.] , is destroyed by nitric oxide, what's going to happen? Those cells will turn into cancer cells. There's a lack of oxygen, and the first cells to suffer this oxygen deficiency are the lining of the epithelium, the smallest vessels, where the nitrites are transformed into nitric oxide. And this is, as a matter of fact, the definition of Kaposi' Sarcoma: when the lining -- the interior of the smallest vessels -- develops into cancerous form, growing bigger and multiplying. This is hyperplasia, no a form of sarcoma, but a real form of cancer, and this is defined as KS. It can also come into existence even if you are not swallowing poppers, but when your cellular detoxification system is not working anymore.
    • The matter is slowly working itself into the public domain:
    • Looks like two bad eggs in the industry.
    • When a maiden is the leading money earner in a graded stakes race, it is often indicative of the second-rate renewal. Keepmeinmind's presence in the $200,000 Kentucky Jockey Club Stakes (G2) at Churchill Downs Nov. 28 seems a clear exception. View the full article
    • Chad Brown ships in Kentucky Downs stakes winner Flavius and Belmont Park allowance winner Spirit Animal to contest the $200,000 Seabiscuit Handicap (G2T) Nov. 28 at Del Mar. View the full article
    • The Under 20's Claiming Challenge will return for the upcoming winter and spring meets at Aqueduct Racetrack. The program, launched in 2018 and open to local trainers with 20 or fewer horses nationwide, will begin Dec. 10. View the full article
    • Three Triple Crown winners—one on her way to retirement and two undefeated 3-year-olds on course for stardom— meet at Tokyo Racecourse Nov. 29 in the 40th running of the Japan Cup (G1). View the full article
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