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    Boss Hogg

    The good old days

    Remember the good old days about six months ago when on a Saturday morning you sprung out of bed and skipped down the hall to the kitchen giving the missus a cuddle and a kiss .Sitting down at the table opening your laptop and spending a couple of hours going thru all the fields . You get your bacon and eggs while you put your bets together ew bets done multis done doubles done pick6 done ahh life was easy.Outside the kitchen window the birds are cherping in your favorite bottle brush tree boy they sound great .Giving the missus a little kiss goodbye you wonder down to the pub to compare and discuss your bets with your mates .Happy hour is on so a nice jug of Speights and a few bets life it doesnt get much better for an old digger. Fast forward six months Saturday morning you wake up knowing you have a mission you look down the hall it seems longer and narrower you finally reach the kitchen giving the missus a knowing nod. You circle the table and open laptop to tab,yeap click on buffering click buffering scratching click scroll,scroll on to feilds ,network down please click to restart.Click buffering scroll on and on . Breakfast arrives, it is muesli, seems that recently my blood pressure has risen sharply and wife says its good for me I can hear those f##*en birds squawking in the bottle brush tree must get the chainsaw out and chop that tree down.Not sure what bets I"ve on decide to watch an episode of Chernobyl to put me into a happier frame of mind to go to pub. Walking into pub which has changed hands two nice young chaps who have turned it into a craft beer bar,the tab is gone as takings were down and a Kiosk was put in which doesnt work because of technical problems, Im no technician but I think the axe sticking out of the screen after Bluey couldnt get his money out might be the problem.I walk over to the boys table with my handle that looks like horse piss and whiskey chaser.No one is saying much just mumbling about dont think their bets are on ,network down click on and try again .Its not good seeing grown men crying so decide to go home to watch big races from Wellington..Wife is watching boxset of Married and the First one in the sack on the big tv so watch on small tv in kitchen the big race was so close but no photo finish what were the numbers ?Waiting for judges call ,noooo Sweeeeenys burbling on no call Ahhhhh were did it all go wrong I sit with my head in my hands. Thats all I've got to say about that.
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    Merry Christmas To All

    To all our loyal members and guests wishing you and your loved ones a safe and Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year for 2020... Thanks for everyones support this past year as we have continued to grow and be recognised as the voice of the industry... we will continue to strive to keep updating the site and the features of it for everyones enjoyment and participation... be safe and be happy...Leigh
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    Tim Carter

    Weigh In - Shaune Ritchie

    I never caught the Weigh In programme and I probably should not comment as no doubt I am going to piss a few people off. However I think there are a few things that are never mentioned regarding the state of the industry. All I hear is that the stakes are too low and it is driving owners out of the game. That is true but not the entire story . Owners are getting stuffed up the chutney left right and centre ( to quote my good mate Leo!) Not all of it from the powers that be. Some of these so called" top trainers" are charging anywhere from 85/day to 100/day, clipping their tickets on chiropractor charges, jump out fees, administration charges, vitamin charges, gear charges, and whatever they can think of. They cry poverty but still manage to take a holiday to Hawaii, Fiji , world cruise or whatever once a year. They drive an Audi or other luxury car a, have a big TAB punting account etc. As they read this they know who they are. They get away with it by forming syndicates . Some of the Cambridge Trainers have between 55 and and 140 horses in their stables so don't let me hear them crying poverty at the rates they are charging! Throw in some of the vets, and farriers that charge like wounded bulls and you have an industry that is in shit street not all of it at the feet our administrators. In saying that NZTR still have a lot to answer for. Like them or loathe them, Race Course Inspectors, J McKenzie, B McKenzie and the the like seemed to police the industry without all the cost that is now happening. NZTR have around 30 personal policing the industry (and a policy of dob your mates in) . NZTR programme trials at Ruakaka or Avondale so an owner with a horse in Cambridge is up for between 350 and 500 in transport costs alone. The big stables don't care as they have a syndicate horse or big money owner. It appears that people are employed at NZTR in vital positions but have no real empathy at what it is really like out here. They have no idea of the costs involved when they do the programmes. Meanwhile there are a lot of trainers trying to keep owners in the game by charging affordable training fees and no hidden charges so big ups to them!
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    The news is all good with the legend It’s with great pleasure, and the approval of Donna and Richard himself, that I can post this picture of him taken today. He’s got a way to go, the speech is not quite there yet, but no different to how he used to talk after 27 beers, but his progress is nothing short of miraculous. From last week when he could squeeze your hand but little more, he’s now making bad jokes, and laughing at himself. It’s such great news because as you’re all aware there’s been some depressing disinformation circulating. I’ll endeavour to keep you posted if and when there’s something to say.
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    Pam Robson

    Brian is trying to stay relevant ....

    The interesting point for me in the link provided is the support given by NSW racing to country racing. Also supported by Destination NSW, country racing is seen as an integral part of the social fabric of the regions, and vital in the overall attraction for tourism. Here, our leaders are intent upon closing regional tracks down - with no figures to show how much will be 'saved' by so doing, nor any analysis to indicate how much overall turnover will increase as a result.
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    John Clydesdale

    Racing Industry Bill

    I will add my 2 Pennith worth to this thread. The RIB took away the incentives for clubs to make money for themselves by the re rating of the betting levies they supplied to clubs. All clubs were provided with a descriptive grade, as a course, and they were then provided with a set % revenue on course betting return dependant on the rating of the meeting they staged. Exampled by Auckland, Wgtn and Chch effectively having their premier meeting betting revenue grades assured and received a BENEFICIAL level of betting commission as opposed to the smaller clubs, West Coast or elsewhere, who provided the backbone of free labour input willingly to help their community racing effort. So you would end up having venue rated industry clubs, stage industry days where they are effectively ghost race meetings, just there to implement betting turnover. Stiassny wanted Monday racing to fit a market that’s didn’t even exist, by using the industry grade model. A proven failure, at a great cost to internal resources. The promising ACA student that created this rating model had a frontal lobotomy when he left college. The outcome was always predictable. No incentive for the Committee members of clubs to seek and provide race sponsors and continue the input for anything other than premier days because you are always going to get a set fee to cover your staging expenses. Such a platform is no incentive to get new sponsors and new attendees as their is absolutely no benefit to the club to put in that effort. Clubs need incentives to stage their events. Always have done, always will do, that is the nature of free enterprise. Be it for local community spirit and inputs that generate the appropriate attendances they should be rewarded for their efforts and a better betting percentage of the oncourse betting dollar. If that incentive was provided again, then greater returns on the investment of time and effort would also lead to an upgrade in facilities and attendances and also betting turnover. The Racing Ministers plan to capitalise industry assets that it does not own is sheer communist theft and needs to be pushed back to the utmost level. If the industry needs that level of funding from asset sales, let the new regimes being planned, go and talk to the major financial lending resource suppliers and they will soon learn how to run a business well. Rather than idiots we have had for the last decade or any government plonkers at the DIA that could not run a fundraising raffle for a chicken in the public bar of a pub. Trying to create a Government statute to take away venues that do not belong to them, is complete lunacy and treacherous behaviour and thinking. It is truly appalling to even be thinking that way. IMO
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    High Sparrow

    John Allen

    I can't say I will be losing any sleep over that resignation. He's overseen the most disruptive and generally inept time of management (and I use the word "management" very loosely here you understand) in NZ's long racing history and all he does is repeat the same old platitudes about how well things are going when anyone in the industry knows that's just corporate jargon and PR spin of the highest order. The website is just a symptom of the greater disease now infecting racing. With today's resignation it just puts me in mind of that Italian cruise liner captain who ran the ship aground and then was one of the first in the life boats.
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    John Allen

    I'll just reiterate this one more time...and that is that for thelast 20yrs...we've been run by Globalists through the corporate channels..the last 10 yrs has been rampant management by Crisis..and Allen is working To those ends.,...posing as a leader with all his buffoonery and bluster on a series of promises that he still chooses to enact. NZ Racing has been given a death sentence all the while we are expected to 'stomach' what we're told is best for us..including the smashing of the T.A.B. interfces for betting..and the withdrawl of free to air TRACKSIDE. RITA will be the final hurrah as they impliment there closure agenda
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    Dear Chestnut , You're a superstar ! scooby3051 must be feeling over the Moon at the amazing new Tipping Competition's you have recently brought to Race Cafe and produced for all of us to enjoy . The hard work you must put in is truly appreciated by all of us player's. My favourite Race Cafe Tipping Competition was the old Group (1) One Tipping Competition . You are a true Tipping Legend and inspiration to us all. Chestnut , you are the best ! Young lady , keep up your good work .
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    For fooks sake Leo, just became the “Nikki’s of this world hang around the Viaduct, it doesn’t mean that the real people of the rest of NZ don’t know what they are talking about. Again for fooks sake, your mob had 9 years to fook everything up, and what a bloody good job they did. Lets see who gets more likes, your post above or mine!
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    Thank your lucky stars

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    Hi All, I've been in touch with Kingshill. He said he is going to donate his winnings to the Catwalk Trust, so just another example of how great and generous the people of Racing and RaceCafe are. Thank You Kingshill….
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    tim vince

    Chris Dell is

    A star.rode in the Monte at Auckland late last night goes to rotorua and wins a race.great bloke who deserves more goid rides.goes to new Caledonia, fought terrible injuries and always a smile on his face.
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    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    The Industry has and is paying a high price for Nationals naivety for their appointments of Glenda Hughes and John Allen, two individuals lacking any racing or wagering experience and knowledge when it was most needed. Both of these appointments challenged and downplayed the report by Deloittes on why the Industry couldn't sustain a new betting platform budgeted to be $30 million which subsequently blew out to be millions more. Not one of the promised areas of extra generated income from the new betting platform has come to fruition. Many customers have stopped betting locally due to poor service and a betting platform which is not performing. Political naivety has helped to escalate the problems the Industry faces today. When your $30 million in overdraft, have sold your assets and your major organisation providing revenue is run by management with poor skills wouldn't you want to see a Bill rushing through for changes to try and stop the leaking? On paper the NZRB is in liquidation. The $#@% will hit the fan when Australia turn around and start charging a fee to NZRB for taking betting on their sports. How will the Industry be able to pay to Australia and NZ a code like Rugby League when about 90% of betting is done on the NRL.
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    Absolutely utterly appalling

    I don't get it and I'm fuming. How the hell can the Sir Tristram Classic be renamed the David and Karen Ellis Fillies Stakes? NZTR....work out your policies in respect of naming these important and historic group races, especially the 3 yo group races. We have catalogues where we try and work out the merits of the black type races. If you change the names how the hell are we going to follow what race is what. And fancy changing the name from an iconic stallion that is immortal to a race after two people's name where one of them is the chair person of the racing club. if you get a sponsor, then call it the David and Karen Ellis Sir Tristram Classic. Come on you people....this is crazy
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    Leo Molloy - Not Guilty!

    The maestro is forbidden from commenting on a sub judice matter....but you can be sure he’s absolutely magnificently at ease at the moment , and that there’s a lot of juice left in this orange, with what the media are describing as an “explosive twist” at the end, that involves an entity very close to home. Sorry I can’t say more team, and thanks for your support
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    Have a look at Gavelhouse, over 100 horses last two catalogues. Ireland have said that only trainer, one groom and one owner can attend races due to Coronavirus. If this happens in NZ we could see a jump in crowd numbers.......
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    Michelle Pickles

    She’s on the AM Show this morning... about a 15 minute spot...the subject being significant sporting achievements by NZ sports persons / teams this year Now given that the racing industry pays her salary ( for no obvious reason as she was a marginalised journalist with no future at TV 3 when Trackside inexplicably offered her a highly paid position for which she had no real qualifications ) anyway I digress, why could she not slip in a comment about Melody Belle, TA Shark or even TA / Jamie Richards She mentioned the women’s rowing eights for example, and no one has heard of them She’s a joke and has no loyalty to, or passion for, the industry that feeds her
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    I think David Bain and Mark Lundy enjoyed trials too....is there something you want to tell us ?
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    John Allen

    The problem that we have had is that successive boards and the CEO's have each contributed to the degradation of the industry. One mob turned down the lotteries contract. Chittick's mob changed the Act taking away the rights for clubs to operate their own tote's and eliminating the racing industry's claim to the tote ownership. One tried to build a new tote (Typhoon) when they were told it wouldn't work. One spent a whole lot of cash (Fair Tax) on a non sustainable model promoted by the breeders. This latest mob developed a platform without understanding either betting, technology or the correct value of a commercial betting contract. Successive governments have been slowly strangling the industry through inept governmental legislation. Successive boards have appointed CEO's with no/ very little experience in horses, betting, technology and gaming. This has led to indecisive and ill informed decision making. The problem that you have is that the formal/ governance/ certification/ due diligence process required by government (DIA in particular) decrease the gain of the appointment filter where the right people/ person to help can't be appointed due to governmental process. The same could be said for the NZTR but this is less a government issue and more of an internal appointment structure. The continued staggering of appointmental process promotes a legacy model where successive board membership needs to meet the approval of incumbent appointees, which promotes nepotism. To break that cycle is difficult. The only way to do that is to change the process.
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    Dear Chestnut and scooby3051. What fun it was to enter your Race Cafe Winter Racing Ultimate Trio Teams Challenge Tipping Competition today. It is a wonderful time of the year with the commencement of the 2019 / 2020 Thoroughbred Racing Season which i hope and trust will see 2019 / 2020 produce so many Thoroughbred Racing and Tipping Competition highlight's for you all . Congratulation's to my fellow Team Member's , Right first time and Jack on your superb Tipping Skill's at Pukekohe Park , Riccarton Park , Flemington , Rosehill , Doomben and Belmont today. You both are worthy Winner's of your Prize's. I have played with you both in many Tipping Competition's. I sincerely hope and trust that i get to play with you both again real soon. It mean's a lot to me to be in a Tipping Team with you both . To the runner's up Team of Memphis2 , Chestnut and Lynzim. A truly magnificent effort by you. Folk's well played. Once again , Chestnut and scooby3051 thank you for your fantastic management skill's in presenting and producing these new Tipping Competition 's / and , a special thanks to Chestnut for your race by race summaries for us all to enjoy. Happy 2019 / 2020 Thoroughbred Racing Season everyone . God Bless.
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    History will paint a different picture. This woman has played a bigger role than anyone else in destroying the industry she was brought in to save. Had no clue when she was hired, and seemingly even less clue five years later as she is going out. Fuck off and good riddance.
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    I believe history will prove that New Zealand made far better decisions during this crisis than Australia
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    Baz (NZ)


    Almost brought a tear to my eye! A great result.... sold to Brendon & Jo Lindsay of Cambridge Stud for $200,000. All money donated to The Catwalk Trust. What a wonderful couple Brendon & Jo Lindsay are! Absolute champions who deserve every success they get in the racing industry! Not forgetting the Hickmans from Valachi Downs who donated this filly! Gee there are some beaut people in this game! All the best to all involved!
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    eastern whipbird

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    I have never belonged to a political party and never will. I prepared and presented submissions to the select committee on the Racing Bill in 2003. The only person on the Committee who had any idea as to what was going on was Sue Bradford who told me afterwards that she had a couple of broodmares. The National Party have had an abysmal record of non-support for Racing typified by their most recent Ministers but even worse by the political hacks they they have foisted on the Racing Board like the current Chairperson. The current spokesperson, if that is what she is, probably doesn't know where her closest TAB is..