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    Blood on the floor at Trackside

    If this is the best Dean McKenzie can come up with then he clearly is the wrong man for the job. The Trackside coalface people at Radio and TV are knowledgeable with a genuine passion for the industry doing their best to promote and attract people to racing and create turnover. Barry Lichter makes mention of Mark Claydon losing his job. There would be very few with more knowledge and passion for than industry than Mark. It is people such as Mark that are asset to racing yet now surplus to requirements according to Rita. The elephant in the room is the wasteful extravagance and f*#kups at the top over the last decade from those on huge salaries and with very little knowledge of racing and wagering. Multi millions of racing funds sent down the toilet on the Typhoon Betting System that never got off the ground including the other useless overpriced betting system put in place under John Allen which continues at an annual cost of $17 million per year are just a couple of examples of very poor management decisions. There are plenty of others. These are the people that are causing good people on the front line to lose their jobs at Trackside. People without any knowledge and departing leaving a ton of horse manure behind, they should be hanging their heads in shame. They won't be though as they will be at another trough without a single thought of their previous incompetent actions. If you want to prune Dean, start with the rotten fruit close in instead of stretching the shears at arms length and leaning out to lop the best fruit at the edges of the tree.
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    Hard Luck Stories

    My mate (mafia lad) in Melbourne lost a betting voucher worth $4700 at Crown one night, at one one of those self serve machines. He stormed after this fella that he reckons took his ticket from the machine. Beat him to a pulp, but couldn't find the ticket on him. He got 3 years in the big house for his efforts. To this day, big Mario is still hell bent on finding the missing ticket and the guy that took it.
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    Merry Christmas To All

    To all our loyal members and guests wishing you and your loved ones a safe and Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year for 2020... Thanks for everyones support this past year as we have continued to grow and be recognised as the voice of the industry... we will continue to strive to keep updating the site and the features of it for everyones enjoyment and participation... be safe and be happy...Leigh
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    Tim Carter

    Weigh In - Shaune Ritchie

    I never caught the Weigh In programme and I probably should not comment as no doubt I am going to piss a few people off. However I think there are a few things that are never mentioned regarding the state of the industry. All I hear is that the stakes are too low and it is driving owners out of the game. That is true but not the entire story . Owners are getting stuffed up the chutney left right and centre ( to quote my good mate Leo!) Not all of it from the powers that be. Some of these so called" top trainers" are charging anywhere from 85/day to 100/day, clipping their tickets on chiropractor charges, jump out fees, administration charges, vitamin charges, gear charges, and whatever they can think of. They cry poverty but still manage to take a holiday to Hawaii, Fiji , world cruise or whatever once a year. They drive an Audi or other luxury car a, have a big TAB punting account etc. As they read this they know who they are. They get away with it by forming syndicates . Some of the Cambridge Trainers have between 55 and and 140 horses in their stables so don't let me hear them crying poverty at the rates they are charging! Throw in some of the vets, and farriers that charge like wounded bulls and you have an industry that is in shit street not all of it at the feet our administrators. In saying that NZTR still have a lot to answer for. Like them or loathe them, Race Course Inspectors, J McKenzie, B McKenzie and the the like seemed to police the industry without all the cost that is now happening. NZTR have around 30 personal policing the industry (and a policy of dob your mates in) . NZTR programme trials at Ruakaka or Avondale so an owner with a horse in Cambridge is up for between 350 and 500 in transport costs alone. The big stables don't care as they have a syndicate horse or big money owner. It appears that people are employed at NZTR in vital positions but have no real empathy at what it is really like out here. They have no idea of the costs involved when they do the programmes. Meanwhile there are a lot of trainers trying to keep owners in the game by charging affordable training fees and no hidden charges so big ups to them!
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    The news is all good with the legend It’s with great pleasure, and the approval of Donna and Richard himself, that I can post this picture of him taken today. He’s got a way to go, the speech is not quite there yet, but no different to how he used to talk after 27 beers, but his progress is nothing short of miraculous. From last week when he could squeeze your hand but little more, he’s now making bad jokes, and laughing at himself. It’s such great news because as you’re all aware there’s been some depressing disinformation circulating. I’ll endeavour to keep you posted if and when there’s something to say.
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    We are now using the exact same script with the A/W tracks , too few making the decisions with very little input from industry participants . The main point for me is that NZ racing isn't big enough for 3 A/W's , circa $39mil for 3 tracks is money that could be spent in a much more sustainable way , that is before factoring maintenance costs . These will become bigger white elephants for NZ racing than the FOB debacle . In 10 years i believe they will either be sitting redundant because of a lack funds to repair or upgrade , or because of a lack of use due to participants having lost faith in them . Either way they along with the FOB will become massive millstones around our necks , so much so racing might not be able to recover . They need to go out to their wider base of racing participants and ask for feed back and find out if there is genuine support from all sectors in regards the necessity for these tracks , and i don't mean just big name trainers/owners/administrators based around where these facilities will be .
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    Pam Robson

    Brian is trying to stay relevant ....

    The interesting point for me in the link provided is the support given by NSW racing to country racing. Also supported by Destination NSW, country racing is seen as an integral part of the social fabric of the regions, and vital in the overall attraction for tourism. Here, our leaders are intent upon closing regional tracks down - with no figures to show how much will be 'saved' by so doing, nor any analysis to indicate how much overall turnover will increase as a result.
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    Barry Lichter

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

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    Nobody wants the AW tracks its another dinosaur...you wait till horses start breaking down left right and centre...and they will I have seen first hand what happens on these BS tracks....They should have gone with Strathayr and had world class tracks that punters love...but no they went the dumb way as normal.
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    It makes me bloody wild. It’s all back to front. They are destroying what’s good about the TAB, Trackside, Radio Trackside and the little people and keeping the Fat Cats, who made the mistakes, their ridiculous salaries, the crap platform, rebates, bonus bets etc. If ever there was a time to get back to basics, this is it. Wall to wall racing! Get lost to that idea, is my opinion Sorry Dean and the Board, Vella etc you have failed me let alone all the good hard working staff, who created none of this.
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    No Radio Trackside, ridiculous, they have made a right royal job this mob of fucking NZ Racing.....
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    John Clydesdale

    Racing Industry Bill

    I will add my 2 Pennith worth to this thread. The RIB took away the incentives for clubs to make money for themselves by the re rating of the betting levies they supplied to clubs. All clubs were provided with a descriptive grade, as a course, and they were then provided with a set % revenue on course betting return dependant on the rating of the meeting they staged. Exampled by Auckland, Wgtn and Chch effectively having their premier meeting betting revenue grades assured and received a BENEFICIAL level of betting commission as opposed to the smaller clubs, West Coast or elsewhere, who provided the backbone of free labour input willingly to help their community racing effort. So you would end up having venue rated industry clubs, stage industry days where they are effectively ghost race meetings, just there to implement betting turnover. Stiassny wanted Monday racing to fit a market that’s didn’t even exist, by using the industry grade model. A proven failure, at a great cost to internal resources. The promising ACA student that created this rating model had a frontal lobotomy when he left college. The outcome was always predictable. No incentive for the Committee members of clubs to seek and provide race sponsors and continue the input for anything other than premier days because you are always going to get a set fee to cover your staging expenses. Such a platform is no incentive to get new sponsors and new attendees as their is absolutely no benefit to the club to put in that effort. Clubs need incentives to stage their events. Always have done, always will do, that is the nature of free enterprise. Be it for local community spirit and inputs that generate the appropriate attendances they should be rewarded for their efforts and a better betting percentage of the oncourse betting dollar. If that incentive was provided again, then greater returns on the investment of time and effort would also lead to an upgrade in facilities and attendances and also betting turnover. The Racing Ministers plan to capitalise industry assets that it does not own is sheer communist theft and needs to be pushed back to the utmost level. If the industry needs that level of funding from asset sales, let the new regimes being planned, go and talk to the major financial lending resource suppliers and they will soon learn how to run a business well. Rather than idiots we have had for the last decade or any government plonkers at the DIA that could not run a fundraising raffle for a chicken in the public bar of a pub. Trying to create a Government statute to take away venues that do not belong to them, is complete lunacy and treacherous behaviour and thinking. It is truly appalling to even be thinking that way. IMO
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    High Sparrow

    John Allen

    I can't say I will be losing any sleep over that resignation. He's overseen the most disruptive and generally inept time of management (and I use the word "management" very loosely here you understand) in NZ's long racing history and all he does is repeat the same old platitudes about how well things are going when anyone in the industry knows that's just corporate jargon and PR spin of the highest order. The website is just a symptom of the greater disease now infecting racing. With today's resignation it just puts me in mind of that Italian cruise liner captain who ran the ship aground and then was one of the first in the life boats.
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    John Allen

    I'll just reiterate this one more time...and that is that for thelast 20yrs...we've been run by Globalists through the corporate channels..the last 10 yrs has been rampant management by Crisis..and Allen is working To those ends.,...posing as a leader with all his buffoonery and bluster on a series of promises that he still chooses to enact. NZ Racing has been given a death sentence all the while we are expected to 'stomach' what we're told is best for us..including the smashing of the T.A.B. interfces for betting..and the withdrawl of free to air TRACKSIDE. RITA will be the final hurrah as they impliment there closure agenda
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    Dear Chestnut , You're a superstar ! scooby3051 must be feeling over the Moon at the amazing new Tipping Competition's you have recently brought to Race Cafe and produced for all of us to enjoy . The hard work you must put in is truly appreciated by all of us player's. My favourite Race Cafe Tipping Competition was the old Group (1) One Tipping Competition . You are a true Tipping Legend and inspiration to us all. Chestnut , you are the best ! Young lady , keep up your good work .
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    I don't quite follow your logic. How is closing down three or four country tracks that are maintained by the locals with a lot of voluntary work and local sponsorship and moving their meetings to a central track, which then has to conduct say ten extra meetings, going to save the industry money in maintenance costs? I don't imagine Riccarton has the committee get out and paint the seats and mow the grass. They can't even get rid of their eyesore old stand. If a country track had an old stand like that a local farmer would turn up one day with his bulldozer. Compare Riccarton with Waimate. If I understand correctly the locals found $500,000 to replace their stand that got destroyed in a storm. Even rita and NZTR don't go so far as to claim the industry will save money in maintenance costs under the new regime. All they claim is that they will save owners money by not having to travel to country meetings, and the TAB will save money not having to service them. People also conveniently forget that probably $500,000 of local sponsorship will be lost to the industry per annum. Also remember that the only way some of the extra meeting sent to the big centres can be accomodated is by spending $30m or more on all weather tracks - bloody expensive way to save money.
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    With racing about to resume NZTR have put protocols in place in case there are to many nominations at time of acceptance. The excess horses will be Balloted or eliminated and would hopefully get a start the following week. I think that Owners that don't owe any Nomination, Acceptance, scratching fees etc should be the first horses in. With this huge outstanding debt of 1.7 million for nomination and acceptance fees of which 750K belongs to Trainers why should the owners who have been paying all along have their horses eliminated before these non payers. I know that the CD Branch of the Owners Federation has asked NZTR to ask for collateral security from these bigger debtors before racing starts. You are in some cases talking tens of thousands of dollars and possibly six figures in some cases. Bernard Saundry and James Dunne have been brutal in their attacks on some smaller participants that have owed money and in some cases been in the process of paying money back. The NZTR Board Members have been aware of the way that Saundry and Dunne have operated against these minnows. Where are the Board members now. Is it because the culprits are either friends/ or colleagues of Board Members that they are staying silent. If Saundry, Dunne and the NZTR Board Members are not prepared to act and retrieve the bulk of this money owed then they should resign. In the past huge amounts have been written off. Will this be the pattern again and history repeat itself. Are owners happy to have the horses they have worked hard to pay for in training be eliminated from races while the recipients of this preferential treatment get first options on starting. The time has come for owners to say NO
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    And here was me thinking my car radio had thrown a tizzy - because it could get all the other stations and not 711 a.m. any more. Just shot on straight past it no matter how hard I tried. Then a few days later I discovered the truth. Has no one in management got the faintest clue how to offer the customer some service any more? Let's not have any betting operators at tracks, form guides for the punters (the lifeblood of racing then) and now we won't let you listen to the races you are supposedly being "enticed" to bet on either. I didn't think it could get worse but somehow they've managed it...
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    Came across this on their website . Often in the news for the wrong reasons have certainly turned the corner with the following decision. LOVE FOR OWNERS AND TRAINERS AT STRATFORD RACING CLUB Stratford Racing Club President Graeme Aldridge and Vice President Vaughan Keegan announced Wednesday morning that all track fees ,stable rental and jumpouts for locally trained horses will be free from April through until the beginning of the new season. It's primarily due to what has happened around COVID19 and the realisation that the industry is really struggling, so we really want to get behind the trainers and owners who support our club and assist them in getting their horses back to the races said Aldridge. We as a club can really feel the struggle out there and we just want to be a part of trying to assist those in the industry in getting back on their feet. We know there are only 60-80 horses trained at Stratford but they are all important participants in this industry, in getting it up and running again and we hope perhaps a lot of other clubs might follow suit in assisting their owners and trainers during this difficult time said Keegan. We've heard a few horror stories out there recently but we as a club just think its a time for compassion and recognition in showing that we really value the contribution that owners and trainers make to our club. Who knows it might be something we look at again in the future should it be required . We are all just battlers here but we are battling for the same thing and that's the future of this great industry said an animated Keegan.
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    Northern Racing inc.

    Along similar lines....Talking about tracks/Merging etc........Here in the Mighty Manawatu, has anyone thought about selling off both Awapuni and the Trotting/Greyhound course as both surrounded by housing and on the fringe of the city - Then start with a clean sheet at Foxton? Plenty of room to strech out at Foxton - Think Mega training centre with top notch facilities - Gallops/Trots?/Greyhounds. Awapuni function centre could still be kept as offices/Function centre. Foxton only 20 odd minutes away from Palmerston North. Could even lobby to get the train line re-instated from Palmy to Foxton? - Could double up as a rail link for frieght from State highway 1 (Foxton into Palmy) and there used to be a rail line in place back in the day and plenty of room on the wide road shoulders. Is that too much common sense for a Sunday? Should I go back to Sleep? P.S - I'm not a member of either racing club and don't reside in Palmerston North or Foxton.
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    Good time for a competition to add a bit more interest to the day… With a major contribution from Scooby and a smaller contribution from myself, we’re putting up a total of $700 for a competition at Randwick this Saturday. Simple rules: Pick 3 horses in each race at Randwick this Saturday. You will get an imaginary $1 each way on each horse, plus a $1 boxed Quinella and a $1 boxed trifecta on each of the races… to state the obvious, the aim is to get the biggest total by the end of the day. Please post in this format: Race Horse Numbers Picks close at 1.30pm Saturday. (5 mins before the 1st race) If you have a late scratching, you can post a new selection up until the specific race time, but if you don’t you’ll only have the remaining horses running for you. 1st prize – a single bet of $200 each way 2nd prize – a single bet of $100 each way 3rd prize – a single bet of $50 each way In the event of a tie, then the winner who be decided on the person who strikes the biggest trifecta, then biggest quinella, then biggest winner in that order. I’ll post updates during the day.. Good Luck.
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    Thank your lucky stars

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    Hi All, I've been in touch with Kingshill. He said he is going to donate his winnings to the Catwalk Trust, so just another example of how great and generous the people of Racing and RaceCafe are. Thank You Kingshill….
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    tim vince

    Chris Dell is

    A star.rode in the Monte at Auckland late last night goes to rotorua and wins a race.great bloke who deserves more goid rides.goes to new Caledonia, fought terrible injuries and always a smile on his face.
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    TAB costs

    Website = Fail Fixed odds Platform = Fail Betting restrictions and losing elite punters = Fail Free to air racing gone = Fail ---------------------------------------------------------------------- AND RECENTLY Losing financially stable tracks = Fail Losing form guides and Radio = Fail Have this lot ever done anything right? Not sacking managers responsible for the above failures = Biggest Fail of all
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    Symptoms & causes

    I can’t help thinking this bailout is focused on the problematic symptoms ....shouldn’t we be trying to fix the cause of our problems ? Otherwise, in a few years time, we’ll just end up back in the same situation again. I fear we’re wasting this crisis ...it should’ve been a time for significant change shouldn’t it ?
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    An Important Topic

    It is a slow day in the small Oklahoma town of Pumphandle, and streets are deserted. Times are tough, everybody is in debt, and everybody is living on credit. A tourist visiting the area drives through town, stops at the motel, and lays a $100 bill on the desk, saying he wants to inspect the rooms upstairs to pick one for the night. As soon as he walks upstairs, the motel owner grabs the bill and runs next door to pay his debt to the butcher. The butcher takes the $100 and runs down the street to retire his debt to the pig farmer. The pig farmer takes the $100 and heads off to pay his bill to his supplier, the - Co-op. The guy at the Co-op takes the $100 and runs to pay his debt to the local prostitute, who has also been facing hard times and has had to offer her "services" on credit. The hooker rushes to the hotel and pays off her room bill with the hotel owner. The hotel proprietor then places the $100 back on the counter so the traveller will not suspect anything. At that moment the traveller comes down the stairs, states that the rooms are not satisfactory, picks up the $100 bill and leaves. No one produced anything. No one earned anything... However, the whole town is now out of debt and now looks to the future with a lot more optimism. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a Stimulus package works.
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    von Smallhaussen

    Racing Revamp .

    now we are getting circulars in the letterbox inviting us to get out and walk - got one yesterday that said "enjoy sex at 65" - well I live at 78 so that is not too far to walk!
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    Absolutely utterly appalling

    I don't get it and I'm fuming. How the hell can the Sir Tristram Classic be renamed the David and Karen Ellis Fillies Stakes? NZTR....work out your policies in respect of naming these important and historic group races, especially the 3 yo group races. We have catalogues where we try and work out the merits of the black type races. If you change the names how the hell are we going to follow what race is what. And fancy changing the name from an iconic stallion that is immortal to a race after two people's name where one of them is the chair person of the racing club. if you get a sponsor, then call it the David and Karen Ellis Sir Tristram Classic. Come on you people....this is crazy
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    Leo Molloy - Not Guilty!

    The maestro is forbidden from commenting on a sub judice matter....but you can be sure he’s absolutely magnificently at ease at the moment , and that there’s a lot of juice left in this orange, with what the media are describing as an “explosive twist” at the end, that involves an entity very close to home. Sorry I can’t say more team, and thanks for your support
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    Excellent article. People in the industry need to take note of this and do something about it before it is all too late. I would also like to respond to members who were asking about my background as New Conservative's spokesperson for racing. My background includes working as a stableman for 18 months for Henry Skinner in Southland. Obtaining my own private trainer's and open horseman's licence and training a couple of horses before or after work. Serving on the committee of the Roxburgh Trotting Club as well as being an active member of the Central Otago Owners, Trainers and Breeders Assn. I have also owned two thoroughbred broodmares. I know nothing about greyhound racing but am willing to listen and learn.
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    No one is listening

    Greg....you might be right but don't put the boot in quite yet. You may be part of RITA and I won't hold that against you unless you think that Saville, Hendry or Kydd have done a good job. All of them should fall on their swords and go... Yes I have made sure that the bureaucrats know what I am proposing because to not do so would seem to be inappropriate.... Yes I have talked with Dean, Sir Peter and Bernard because that is the appropriate thing to do... Not sure who the bigwigs are, but if you mean the main protagonists in charge of racing, then yes I know and have talked to them as that is also appropriate... As for my intentions in respect of the racing industry, I plan to make this public once the formal documentation has been completed. It is currently in the hands of far more experienced people on the matter than I am. This part of the process should take 2-3 weeks. Everyone will get an opportunity to be involved if they wish to... What I don't understand is unprofessional behavior at a time when unity should prevail. We are facing a catastrophe of the highest proportions and to not do the small things right at this stage is unforgivable. I will give you an example of an impending catastrophe. Set aside that the three aforementioned protagonists (Saville, Hendry or Kydd) have dropped the ball for years. The effect of the finances of racing have deteriorated to such an extent that three of the better trainers in NZ are probably relocating to Australia. With them go the better horses. Simultaneously the two biggest racing stables are going to relocate their good horses to Australia. These are their best horses. In 12 months time, the remaining group and listed races in New Zealand will have horses race in them that are not as talented as those that have been exported and at the end of next season the international pattern committee will put those races on notice for downgrades in status. Those that were put on notice this year will be notified and reviewed for down grades. Two years from now we will have a status change on 25% of the black type races currently held in NZ. This will be the start of a consistent and niggling deterioration of NZ racing standards which will flatten the breeding industry's status. A group 2 race in Germany yesterday was worth 17,500 euros. Many of their races are 3200 euros. Italy doesn't have any group 1 races anymore. Statistically both those countries had the current profile of today's NZ racing and breeding industry. So Greg and whoever else want to be named, the ball has been dropped, we are in a catatonic state, the horse has bolted and everyone has to get used to the frame of mind that no one at the top table understands the process anymore. It would be very polite though, to simply say thanks for the email. We're quite busy at the moment and will get back to you when we can.
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    Des was always the ultimate company man , never asked the hard questions . As disappointed as he is still not really stepping on his old bosses toes . It's because of people in the industry such as Des who have a voice and a profile but never stood up and questioned what was going on that racing has continued it's downward spiral . I am not singling Des out and no agenda against Des , just trying to point out that if more people who have a voice within racing had spoke out more and often maybe the situation might not be so dire .
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    It also never tested the system thoroughly with those who had to use it to actually deliver the product before it went live. Instead a small selection of people were hand picked for a minimal number of "test runs". Unsurprisingly those who were chosen were known to not rock the boat. Anyone, even with vast experience, who expressed doubts or concerns and options for solutions was ignored or removed entirely from the mainstream team. As a result the huge team that was brought in to develop the product had extremely minimal knowledge of how the existing system functioned for a start. Additional "Workarounds" had to be put in place even prior to the systems introduction, adding substantial time to numerous tasks. Even at the huge expense it was, it was always a bandaid fix, a new platform which still has to link to the outdated(1970s?) original system to operate. Therefore it was always going to be both an additional cost and impossible to create a fluidly functioning product. Any upgrade should have addressed the ancient system and terminals 1st to be effective. Experienced IT experts left in droves as they saw the writing on the wall, as it seems have most with a true passion for racing. An exit from the sinking ship, the inebitible. Intolerable to see when you understand at all the reality on the ground for the heart of the industry, whose exponentially harder work delivers the product. Little chance to make any profit in NZ anymore, but those who have a true passion for the sport and these amazing animals, a way of life. Doomed to fail, poorly informed, and even as a bandaid fix at unreasonable cost, a complete and utter failure. Unacceptable, and it will not change until those that at the top who seem entirely untouchable , blind and deaf are gone. Outsource. The industry cannot afford to do what needs to be done to fix this failed administrative mess. RITA doesn't even possess the common sense to know that cutting exposure, coverage, service and access to your core product and revenue streams FIRST is the WORST thing you could do.
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    Anyone else think we lost a rare gem when the industry let Barry Lichter go ? This series of articles he’s producing make great reading RITA should maybe bring him “inside the tent” and get him to help him articulate the vision, the strategy for our future, presuming we actually have a future
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    In my opinion these AWT’s will be the same noose around the neck of the clubs down the track, that the ‘new’ betting platform is to the TAB (RITA).
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    Blood on the floor at Trackside

    Madness. The clean out should start at the top and work out from there not the other way around. A further retrenching of racing away from the public. Instead of promoting racing and trying to attract people this action will only lead to further alienation of the customers that are left and further erosion of turnover (the opposite of what is needed).
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    Baz (NZ)

    Blood on the floor at Trackside

    What a bunch of FUCKIN MORONS! Run by suits on hundreds of thousands of dollars who keep their jobs the useless greedy C##TS! Wall To Wall Racing is the last thing the Industry needs! LESS IS MORE YOU MUPPET'S ! They obviously don't regard us as a sport but believe we all have gambling addictions instead. Two flies up a wall anyone??? I am pissed off at this approach to say the least! NZ RACING run by Non racing Suits with no idea! F###WITS!
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    Free to air racing on TV , you could ring up and put a $1 bet on , you would speak to a person when you rang to put a bet on . Then it changed to pay to view thru Sky TV , You then had to have a minimum spend when you rang up and talked to an operator , then they got rid of operators and you had to use touch tone . All these killed off a huge percentage of older and lower socio ecomomic spenders .It didn't matter they couldn't afford sky they could at least listen on the radio , but raising minimum spend and then forcing people onto touch tone was all to much . Killed the $1/$2 bettor and then the ones that couldn't get to a TAB couldn't get to grips with touch tone . All these decisions were made apparently to help build their market . How do you think their market reacted ? . I know many elderly people who have stopped betting over the last 10 or so years as these strategies were implimented .
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    HI All, We're going again this weekend but with a few changes.. Mrs Cubes is the major sponsor for this weekends comp plus donations from Scooby and myself. 1st prize - $150 eachway 2nd prize - $100 eachway 3rd prize - $50 eachway Mrs Cubes is putting the money up, but Mr Cubes wanted to change it up a bit from the previous 2 weekends comps so the changes are: - Pick only 2 horses in each race. You'll still have the imaginary $1ew on both horses as well as them in a $1 Quinella. - Races are split between Rosehill and Flemington, the last 5 races from both meetings (so Races 4-8 from both places) Just submit as: Rosehill R4: R5: R6: R7: R8: Flemington R4: R5: R6: R7: R8: Entries close 4.30pm (so if you want, you'll have the opportunity to watch the first 3 races from each place and see how the track is playing etc before submitting your bets ). With the races running a lot closer to each other, putting the results out might be a bit staggered but I'll get them out asap. Good Luck....
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    I don't agree. I don't think a good job has been done. I can only react to the first job, which was the execution of the proposed Racing Bill. Prior to this happening, the backbone of the industry was reviewed and assessed by John Messara. He created a blue print to follow. The Minister for Racing promised us that he would follow Messara's recommendations and his agents, RITA, were mandated to deliver the legal documentation framework to do this. The proposed Bill was an absolute disaster. I could put up with Dean saying that he could not get what he wanted from those green twats who want to eliminate gambling and abuse to animals. I could understand if Dean went to the industry as explained that he fought like hell but he couldn't get what we wanted across the line. But that didn't happen. I went to two of Dean's industry presentations and unfortunately (and I like Dean) the content of what he said was lamentable. He tried to sell the proposed Bill!. The Titanic would have sunk faster if it had more obvious holes as the Bill did. I don't see any changes after over a year of patience by us all and I think everything is done as an after thought and not a well timed, well executed process. This RITA crew have done everything behind closed doors. That's not what is currently needed. It needs an open sourced style so that the industry feels as though its being listened to. Through collaboration we can achieve good, big things....but that isn't being done. Everything seems to be extracted like hens teeth and under duress. This is not a good leaders style and we need a good leader. Small things like telling us that they have taken pay cuts, even as a gesture to all those who are broke and have been socially smashed, is leadership. Consultation on a daily basis within a Zoom cast would help built confidence. It doesn't cost anything. If I was in the role, I would have published a pin point plan in an attempt to track performance. You may not hit the marks but everyone would know how. and why we failed or succeeded. How could you currently not know the availability of stakes unless you had NO MONEY at all. If this is the case, RITA has to come clean. If it needs to raise $80m, it must publish this instantly so that we can all prepare. If I found out that we needed to borrow $80m, then I would entertain the idea of placing the game into statutory management. As this is going to be a noose for all of us in the years to come, we should be afforded the honesty and respect to understand the problems, and be asked what we all think. This is NOT RITA's industry. It is NOT the government's industry. It is OUR industry. So think very carefully. This has been and still is a very shoddy job. I seem to have been saying this since 1994 and everything stated at that time by a collective group of experienced racing and horse people seems to have come to pass. It almost seems as though a revolution must take place to get this right. And make no bones about it, the Greens are our public enemy number one. They must go. Their ideals will destroy us all and a bigger group called farmers.
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    Have a look at Gavelhouse, over 100 horses last two catalogues. Ireland have said that only trainer, one groom and one owner can attend races due to Coronavirus. If this happens in NZ we could see a jump in crowd numbers.......
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    Michelle Pickles

    She’s on the AM Show this morning... about a 15 minute spot...the subject being significant sporting achievements by NZ sports persons / teams this year Now given that the racing industry pays her salary ( for no obvious reason as she was a marginalised journalist with no future at TV 3 when Trackside inexplicably offered her a highly paid position for which she had no real qualifications ) anyway I digress, why could she not slip in a comment about Melody Belle, TA Shark or even TA / Jamie Richards She mentioned the women’s rowing eights for example, and no one has heard of them She’s a joke and has no loyalty to, or passion for, the industry that feeds her
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    I think David Bain and Mark Lundy enjoyed trials too....is there something you want to tell us ?
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    John Allen

    The problem that we have had is that successive boards and the CEO's have each contributed to the degradation of the industry. One mob turned down the lotteries contract. Chittick's mob changed the Act taking away the rights for clubs to operate their own tote's and eliminating the racing industry's claim to the tote ownership. One tried to build a new tote (Typhoon) when they were told it wouldn't work. One spent a whole lot of cash (Fair Tax) on a non sustainable model promoted by the breeders. This latest mob developed a platform without understanding either betting, technology or the correct value of a commercial betting contract. Successive governments have been slowly strangling the industry through inept governmental legislation. Successive boards have appointed CEO's with no/ very little experience in horses, betting, technology and gaming. This has led to indecisive and ill informed decision making. The problem that you have is that the formal/ governance/ certification/ due diligence process required by government (DIA in particular) decrease the gain of the appointment filter where the right people/ person to help can't be appointed due to governmental process. The same could be said for the NZTR but this is less a government issue and more of an internal appointment structure. The continued staggering of appointmental process promotes a legacy model where successive board membership needs to meet the approval of incumbent appointees, which promotes nepotism. To break that cycle is difficult. The only way to do that is to change the process.
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    Dear Chestnut and scooby3051. What fun it was to enter your Race Cafe Winter Racing Ultimate Trio Teams Challenge Tipping Competition today. It is a wonderful time of the year with the commencement of the 2019 / 2020 Thoroughbred Racing Season which i hope and trust will see 2019 / 2020 produce so many Thoroughbred Racing and Tipping Competition highlight's for you all . Congratulation's to my fellow Team Member's , Right first time and Jack on your superb Tipping Skill's at Pukekohe Park , Riccarton Park , Flemington , Rosehill , Doomben and Belmont today. You both are worthy Winner's of your Prize's. I have played with you both in many Tipping Competition's. I sincerely hope and trust that i get to play with you both again real soon. It mean's a lot to me to be in a Tipping Team with you both . To the runner's up Team of Memphis2 , Chestnut and Lynzim. A truly magnificent effort by you. Folk's well played. Once again , Chestnut and scooby3051 thank you for your fantastic management skill's in presenting and producing these new Tipping Competition 's / and , a special thanks to Chestnut for your race by race summaries for us all to enjoy. Happy 2019 / 2020 Thoroughbred Racing Season everyone . God Bless.
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    Why not Racing ?

    The reason you should all be angry is because this government had the capability to enforce isolation by installing a cell phone app at immigration......the technology is there and available, it’s being used widely across the globe.....but these fucking liberal civil libertarian airheads didn’t use it......and now hundreds of thousands of people are gong to lose their jobs, the economy will collapse, thousands will die including the vulnerable little kids on chemotherapy ...... this is a national disgrace and a withering indictment of this snowflake idealistic government and you should take that into consideration when you vote Note the sycophantic media won’t tell you this truth....that’s why the silly cow exempted them from lockdown, so they owe her a favour and they won’t expose this crowd for what it is ...hopeless
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    We're Doomed

    Riccarton fields

    The lack of facilities has nothing to do with the lack of horses. I do agree, the facilities are a disgrace. I think it is time the CJC stepped up and said "right everything is a mess, we have to take charge and show some leadership, we are the senior club in the South". Ironically, I think the SI is incredibly well placed considering the state of the industry as a whole. There are heaps of horses, just usually in the wrong place at the wrong time; there are some amazing trainers in the Parsons, Pimans and Tylers, and some up and comers; a superstar jockey in CWJ, a rising star in Kozzi Asano, some great horses including Enzo's Lad and Kiwi Ida: Cup Week, popular circuits like the West Coast and the Christmas circuit; icons like the Dennis Brothers and Andertons, a great history and tradition; regular success in the NI, some very good race tracks, the best winter tracks in the country, some dedicated owners, and breeders. What is lacking? Perhaps a superstar stallion, and most definitely leadership. Someone needs to step up. I think it should be the CJC. They should be calling a meeting of all SI clubs and participants and saying "forget all this mesara and winston rubbish, we know how to run our own show, let's make this work.