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    Thank your lucky stars

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    But surely NZTR knows everything. ... we’ve been trying to help them for years on multiple fronts, even things like handicapping ( at the micro level ) but we’ve always been rebuffed with “trust us, we know what’s best for you” I say Bernard, MIA Jackson and Victoria Carter must now front you and sort this matter out with urgency BTW Bernard, what’s happening to the industry, and your jobs, is exactly what you and the RIU have been doing to licensees for the last 17 years...now you know what it feels like
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    TAB to go tits up

    Time to remodel the industry based on those that can survive of their own accord and take it from there. I fear (in fact it's almost guaranteed the way nzracing is run) this will be yet another excuse to kick the small guys fair in the gonads but this time with haste and certainty given the dire situation the industry is in. When in reality it should be an opportunity to see which clubs ,stables, etc have the ability to rebuild without industry subsidy,let the freeloaders fall to the way side they'll find something else to do.
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    Ouch, for a Yank, that hurts. At least, some jurisdictions are still running. I've been to the track in Nebraska that you are referring to, Fonner Park. It's a fun little 5/8ths mile track with its own little idiosyncrasies, much like Aussie country/bush racing. As for no form, you are misinformed. All you need to do is go to https://www.drf.com/ and purchase the form. Attached is the form from last Wednesday. As for the pools being small, again, you are incorrect. Here is a comparison of Fonner Park last year versus this year: Mar 24, 2019 - $279,577; Mar 25, 2020 - $1,643,825. This was all-source handle, each day ran 8 races. So minus the Pick 5 pool, each race had around $180,000 in WPS, Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, Pick 3, Pick 4 pools. Hardly small pools. People are definately betting Fonner Park. Have a look at the pools for Gulfstream Park for yesterday (attached). I didn't feel like doing the math, but for the 14 races, I'm sure it is well over $20 million. You used Remington Park, which is currently running a quarter horse meeting. There is very little interest in quarter horse racing in general, so using them as an example was a poor one. So the problem is that you bet US racing into TAB pools in NZ. I run into the same problem when I bet NZ racing here, very little in the pools. One of these days, NZ and US racecourses will work out how to effectively co-mingle the pools like we do with Hong Kong. Until then neither product will be worth betting in to. FWIW - I still greatly enjoy tuning into and watching Kiwi racing. To all down under, stay safe and healthy. Cheers. FONNER, 03-25-20.pdf GP, 03-28-20.pdf
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    Read this earlier but didn't click to the date. I certainly got fooled.
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    If BS (nice initials!) is asking for advice then why is he in the job? Imagine the new CEO of Air NZ coming in and after 2 years asking the pilots what he should do! Hopeless! He should lead or FO.
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    Robert Best

    Is this happening in Petone

    Throughout the world and here we are constantly hearing about companies large and small that are either laying off employees or working reduced hours and being paid less. Sporting organisations that are cutting costs so the sport will survive and be there for the fans etc when this is over. Why have we heard nothing from our Racing codes on their measures to cut costs. Staff wages are any business biggest costs. Go through the NZTR staff list and ask yourself what are these people doing when there is no racing? The communication team, have heard nothing from them as they have nothing to communicate. This must be the same in the Greyhounds and Harness. Surely 1 person could cover the 3 codes communication and still have time to look at Pornhub. The RIU no racing no need for this organisation to have a full complement of staff. There must be a lot of people who have lost their incomes with no racing but do the 3 codes heirachy care? Obviously not. Remember Bernard etc without those at the bottom working their arse off for minimum wages there is no gravy train for you in the future. There are still plenty of fruit picking jobs for the underworked employees of NZ Racing.
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    God, lets wait and see if there is any racing first. As things stand only a lunatic would want to breed a racehorse
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    NZTR update

    At last some indication of forward thinking. The reductions in salaries and payments to the board are also welcome. I hope this is also happening at the TAB and Rita levels as well
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    I actually texted my trainer and said it should suit our boy Racing authorities to trial riderless horse races amid coronavirus crisis Concerns around the coronavirus pandemic have prompted racing authorities to trial riderless horse races in a bid to minimise exposure among participants. With COVID-19 forcing the suspension of a number of racing jurisdictions around the world, Australian racing officials are exploring contingency plans to keep the industry afloat in the event that further restrictions are enforced by either the federal or state governments. Key among these is to trial races without jockeys in an attempt to work around tighter restrictions and minimise interaction among the riding fraternity. "Should we get to a point where jockey interactions become too problematic, senior figures are considering implementing a jockey-free race scenario", an industry insider told Punters.com.au. "Time and time again we've seen riderless horses continue on in a race after their jockey has been dislodged, so if all horses are in the same boat there would be no unfair advantage to any competitors. "We've seen it work in the greyhound code and are confident that it would hold up with thorougbreds. "It paves the way for a very fair playing field from both a wagering and integrity standpoint." Horses would still be saddled up and weighted according to the entry conditions of the given race. Competitors would then be led up and loaded into the barriers by a handler prior to the starter letting the field go. A section of the track will then be cordoned off 400m past the winning post, to corral competitors at the completion of the event. There has reportedly been some concern among the jockey ranks that this could lead to riders being made redundant once the pandemic is resolved, however authorities insist this is not seen as a permanent resolution. "It is acknowledged that jockeys are integral to a quality racing product and this measure is only being considered in the unique circumstances we face as a result of the global pandemic," said the insider. "In no way, shape or form are we looking to make this change permanent - we are simply exploring ways to keep the industry going in anticipation of tighter restrictions down the track." The first trials are set to be held behind closed doors as early as next Monday. If successful, it is expected that the green light will be given for the idea to be implemented nation-wide in the event that a participant returns a positive test to COVID-19.
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    Tauhei Notts

    TAB to go tits up

    RITA, or whatever they are called this week, have invested heavily in an intangible asset called information technology. That is accounting jargon for; "They are broke". As another poster here noted; they have invested heavily in boosting the number of TAB betting accounts. Whoopty do!! The huge investment in boosting the number of new TAB accounts comes with inadequate accounting systems to monitor the efficacy of those new accounts. When I was about 8 years old our stud groom chopped off a chook's head. I was astonished to see that headless chook run about. It seemed cruel to me, at that age. The RITA management brought that childhood memory to mind.
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    Possibly be doing this at the behest of MIA. BS a serial under performer, sound familiar with Ozzie CEOs arriving here. Greg
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    Is this happening in Petone

    The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) will stand down the majority of its 260 staff during the coronavirus pandemic. More than 200 people will benefit from the government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme at British horse racing's governing body, In addition, all remaining staff - including board members - are taking pay cuts. The BHA says the move will save the industry about £1m per month - a third of its usual operating costs. And still nothing from Bernard
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    Racing Revamp .

    Hey triple i wonder how many have died in NZ during the last week, youd expect that figure to be the only positive, but it sounded like that poor woman was doomed anyway. Carry on as per usual except for those over retirement age and /or immunicompromised was the right move. The antibodies from Sars are still detectable in those recovered 17 years ago according to Science , if we do this everytime a new bug comes along were f%#ked anyway. Relying on Big Pharma IS NOT the way forward involving viruses,they have killed and harmed untold people with their experiments and its only a matter of time before their ‘bungling ‘ creates another Disaster. Most if not all drugs today have a plant based origin, and two of the big four surrounding Heart function were discovered by ordinary people hundreds of years ago. Follow the money trail, they want you sick, theres no money in it for them otherwise
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    New bet types for Egames I hear. And then there's American racing which is just as bad. Nebraska or some such place racing the other day - just numbers and horse names. No form, no jockeys, no trainers. Nothing. They expect people to bet on this rubbish? But bettors clearly aren't the mugs they think we are. The pools were so small they paid out two quinellas at Remington Park today paying 70 cents each! Why would anyone bother betting on this rubbish? I didn't think it could get any worse with the TAB offerings but even they continue to surprise me with their contempt for their customers. Stay safe people.
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    My wife took $10 out of my wallet - without permission!
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    tasman man 11

    Is this happening in Petone

    Looking back....as recent as the 'talk' John Allen gave at Ellerslie May 2019 I believe then he must have known they were close to 'broke' or 'trading while insolvent'. He gave a few hopeful COULDS ,SHOULDs and MAYBES about more revenue from Racefields ,International fees and Abolition of Gambling Duty etc. But revenue was down plus they had lost a few elite punters and costs only down a slice of cheese. All his hopes seemed on RITA and Messara report.....looking back he was very hopeful about new REFORMS. But the numbers were bad. Revenue down and dropping ,equity gone from $70mil to $23 mil in past 2 years and distributions paid to Codes were more than the profit. In addition in past year the credit line from bank had been drawn down an extra $25mil taking it to $35 mil. So he must have known that even if he hit every jackpot , realistically possible , that Bank loan had to be paid back by 2021. He must have known he was 'Trading while Insolvent' or very close to it. Funny that several of these guys are now associated or have been associated with both NZ Racing Board AND ATC financial disaster......and they continue to be ! I don't feel sorry for them....as Sandry said "NZ racing people very resilient ".....he meant to say mugs !
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    Championships prizemoney slashed....

    Well the first thing NZTR could do, is announce right now that they cannot afford to sponsor the two Karaka races to the tune of 250k each. 500k will be a lot of money going forward.
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    An article said that the NRL players are in for an 87% pay cut, in the Warriors case, that would be based on performance as they only look of any use for 13% of a game
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    dueWatched the announcement today of only 58 new cases today. Surprised to hear the Doctor say that the low numbers was possibly due to the lower number of tests carried out on the week end. Thank god the virus takes the weekends off.
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    What next

    If they couldn't manage NZ racing before Covid what chance are they during and after Covid . I thought we couldn't get worse governance than the last bloke but this guy Saundry is feckin clueless . Has shown no real leadership and has not promoted 1 idea to benefit NZ racing , sitting waiting for the Messara report to be the saviour . There should be daily updates on the NZTR site to update the participants and let them know what things they are looking to do to mitigate the present situation and give some information on how they are looking to manage racing going forward once racing resumes but NADA , 4 days since the last update . When we need really strong leadership we've got feckin BAMBI . Best decision i ever made deciding to retire from racing horses in NZ this time last year , and i'm still struggling not having a horse in my paddocks , but watching this clueless lot keep directing the ship at the rocks just reinforces it . My hat comes off and my heart goes out to those people still invested in racing .
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    Capital Value Disappearing

    ..unless of course you are bored at home on a Monday night and fancy a gavelhouse flutter.
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    In all the doom and gloom, all the moaning and whingeing, how about a bright spot, Saturday afternoon's racing was great for Kiwi's! Although I missed that Trackside 2 had better coverage of Rosehill. I'm a Verry Ellegant fan all the way, so just loved that win, and people raving about the leaders bias..... really!! She was no where near the lead till she changed gear in the straight! Quick Thinker, Night's Watch (no where near the lead either!) , Probabeel, Chris Waller, JMac, it was a great day for kiwi connection's!
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    slam dunk

    Is this happening in Petone

    I can't see what you are getting at other than some point score. My message is straight forward. Any exec or whatever that was creaming massive undeserved salaries should not now be adding to the burden. Had they performed in line with their salary TAB would actually have SOME money.
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    Statistically 'thousands of deaths in NZ' is impossible if we look at what is happening around the world. 80000 deaths really!!! We have 1 at this stage. A load of bollocks by a bunch of modellers/scientists!! Not every mechanic is a good mechanic! We had the Tsunami drama, then we had the earthquake drama and if it wasn't for the fact that the Maoris were running the Whakaari stuff we would be having some drama there as well. We will end up having 'Wash your hands a day' every week until we get bored with that and move on to another calamity!! Don't get me wrong, I don't want any loss of life anywhere but it seems human nature is looking for anything to get us to the next point!! My thoughts are with any lives lost through any disease!!