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    The further onsale after leaving yards is the problem , after year or two they end up places like Echuca Sale yards with the doggers filing orders , Deposer a Royal Ascot placed horse , ex HK ended up there and so did a horse called Sahara Sun Chiliean Derby runner up. Both in poor condition after going through number of hands , the racing owners may have thought been re homed to good place but how do you track them over many years .They were saved I understand from reports many others are not . How many old broodmares , foals deemed not racing quality etc end up in slaughterhouses or knackeries , it's not just out of racing yards . Korea have sent thousands of ex NZ OZ and other racehorses to dinner plate over years , it's marked in their register as such . The old chestnut of Singapore retirement plans , Macau etc . If people sell there they know the likely outcome unless they have a return clause and enact it , if they don't know they are willfully blind to protect their own feelings not the horse or accept it as part of the business . US banned horse slaughter for human consumption, Texas closed one big plant that exports to Europe , now the poor horses are trucked across border miles to Mexico and Canada over many days travel from feedlots and meet same fate in unsuitable cattle lorries . It's a tough one , agree with earlier posts , it must be humane and dignified , the reality is there are not enough homes for all of them from all the outlets racing yards , stud farms surplas etc. The person in charge of hounds generally disposes of the old or injured horses a lot ex jumps horses from the hunt to feed the hounds , the difference is its quick , no travel and in their home area.
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    As I said, typical ABC Leftie reporting. Take one Killing house and use it how they want. That’s why Auntie is becoming more irrelevant by the day. Here’s Peter V’Landy’s response. View this email in your browser MEDIA RELEASE Friday, 18 October 2019 Racing NSW Response to ABC 7.30 Report Following the program that aired on the ABC’s 7.30 Report last night, Racing NSW Chief Executive, Peter V’landys AM, unequivocally condemned the alleged abhorrent actions of the Meramist Queensland Abattoir. The vision was sickening, and horrendous and Racing NSW calls upon the Queensland Government and its Department of Primary Industries to take the strongest possible action against the alleged perpetrators of such cruelty. Such conduct and any mistreatment of horses is not tolerated in the NSW Thoroughbred Racing Industry. In responding to the 7.30 Report, Mr V’landys AM said “I will let the facts below speak for themselves: • Racing NSW is the only State in Australia that has a Rule of Racing that prohibits horses from being sent to a knackery or abattoir if they have been predominantly domiciled in the NSW Thoroughbred Racing Industry. Further, in NSW it is illegal for an abattoir to process a horse for human consumption, unlike other States. • That Rule is targeted at eradicating treatment such as that of the Meramist Queensland Abattoir detailed in the 7.30 Report. The effectiveness of that Rule is highlighted by the fact that the 7.30 Report did not identify any horses from NSW that had been sent to that facility, which is where this appalling mistreatment took place. • As to the 14 horses identified by the ABC, Racing NSW responded to the ABC in respect to those horses and advised that at least 12 of those horses had either predominately raced or been domiciled in other States (where Racing NSW does not have jurisdiction) or had been officially retired to be re-homed as a pleasure horse. Accordingly, these horses were outside of Racing NSW’s jurisdiction and this illustrates why Racing NSW is supportive of a National Horse Traceability Register. • There have been in excess of 10,000 horses retired in NSW over the past three years and even based on the ABC’s unsubstantiated claim that 14 horses were found at a NSW knackery this shows that the Rule has been effective. No Rule is foolproof and in the racing industry, as in any other element of the community, there is unfortunately 1% of participants who will break the rules despite 99% doing the completely right thing. • To show Racing NSW’s determination to enforce the Rule, it has over a period of time purchased 10 NSW domiciled horses from a Victorian sale located at Echuca which were at risk of being purchased by a knackery and also made bids on many other horses to make it unviable for the knackery to purchase them. • Racing NSW has also seized over 120 retired thoroughbred horses on welfare grounds and, over a long period of time, brought these horses back to health and then proceeded to re-home them. Racing NSW has also seized retired thoroughbred horses that were to be exported to Asia to race due to concerns about their ongoing welfare. • Racing NSW has purchased property throughout NSW including 2,500 acres at Capertee to have sufficient areas to enable its rehoming program. • Racing NSW has a specific equine welfare fund which requires 1% of all prizemoney to be assigned to horse welfare, which was over $2.5 million last year. Racing NSW was the first jurisdiction in Australia to introduce this initiative, doing so in 2016. • Unfortunately, there will always be people that break the Rules. Racing NSW immediately commenced investigations into the allegations made by the ABC and will prosecute any person that Racing NSW has jurisdiction over that has breached the Rules of Racing and sent a horse to a knackery. • Racing NSW has not been provided with specific evidence from the ABC in respect to the identity of horses alleged to have been sent to knackeries and will be seeking those details to continue its investigations. • Despite repeated requests from Racing NSW, the ABC has not returned Racing NSW calls so that Racing NSW could correct some of the incorrect facts that were subsequently aired and to provide any evidence so that Racing NSW can successfully investigate and prosecute breaches of the Rules of Racing. This information included evidence that one horse the ABC claimed was destroyed in a knackery was alive and well and that the ABC was aware of such. • Racing NSW calls upon any person who has evidence in respect to the mistreatment of a thoroughbred to immediately make contact with the Racing NSW Integrity department for investigation. For more information please contact Mr Peter V’landys AM, Racing NSW Chief Executive, by phone on (02) 9551 7555. Copyright © 2019 Racing NSW, All rights reserved. You are receiving this email because you are/were an industry participant. Our mailing address is: Racing NSW Level 7, 51 Druitt Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails? You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list.
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    Caulfield Cup Field?

    Werribee whispers...worth a read.... https://www.racing.com/news/2019-10-18/news-whispers-from-werribee-caulfield-cup-day
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Our immigration policy is to blame...cheap labour and refugees count the 15000
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    slam dunk


    Their overnight coverage of racing is stupid. When it comes to English classic racing there is some interest unlike South Africa, Japan etc. Now anyone having a bet is going to have the dividends on their phone, computer, tablet or whatever. The TAB's are closed overnight. So why cover up a view of the horses with the dividends. Its not just for a few seconds but the whole time. You would think people in NZ who are not versed in the form see a neat looking horse then that would encourage a bet.
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    Message for Scooby

    Hi Scooby, we may have forgotten to action this? <This is a very kind offer from Trump with his winnings from a couple of weeks ago....Very much appreciated and a very kind and generous offer...... “ I’d like to give the $260 back for a Comp on Caul Cup day. You can can choose what format the Comp is ok? The only catch is, the winner of the Comp and the $260, will have the opportunity to put the $260 for a quinella on the Cox Plate. The winner can place either one or two Quinella’s. “If “ the quinella gets up, the winnings get donated to a “Racing Charity”. You can choose the Charity Scooby. It may be the National Jockey Trust, or whatever. But I’d suggest the Charity is named prior to the Cox Plate being run. Ok? Let me know what your thoughts are. Cheers, Trump> Any thoughts? Might be a bit late for tomorrow?
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    Just second hand...

    Alisdair Robertson says - <“But we orientate the stage away from the horses. I would guess about 80 percent of the people in that area won't go see a horse, and that's great. I can assure you that there's 100,000 people at Melbourne Cup day, and if 10,000 see a horse that's a miracle." > He doesn’t Know what he’s talking about and I doubt he’s even been to MC day if he’s making stupid statements like that! Having been on track for “17” Melbourne Cups, I can sure Alisdair that it’s standing room only at Flemington when the horses jump and the crowd roars! When they come down the straight the first time, the majority of the 100,000 on course don’t see one horse - they see 24 !! So please, don’t make such silly statements.
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    In my view

    I'm liking this. Yes a new bottom of 35, only 1 win horses below 40, and winners of < $10k maiden go to 42, $10k to $15k maiden to 44, >$15k maiden 46. And the age group stuff.
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    Red Rum

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    The Hong Kong Cup is a good one to you tube , loads spring carnival horses including Cox Plate fav were in it . Red Verdon was making a move on bend and got pole axed by Pakistan Star and Waldgeist. Iam having ew dabble Red Verdon . I'd love to see Hartnell win, I think it's a good move by Cummings . He shown to have lost a bit of form at WFA level now . But physically he carried more than 58 many times including at 2 and 3 yo in UK and relative to others the spread not big , he's giving a stone to Qafila at bottom , Wolfe hijacked the original field on 50 but it's still not massive spread for horse with real class . When you consider race like Cesarewitch which comes up sometimes when discussing Melb Cup the weight spread in that on Saturday was 23lbs , a horse like say Mustijeer if not here would likely be running in it giving away that kind weight to bottom weight .
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    Red Rum

    ~the Everest..

    Used to love Aesops Fables as a kid , one about dog with bone looking in river seeing reflection of dog with bigger bone jumping in to steal it and losing bone ending up with nothing was a good one . Think it was old Aesops who wrote it , was while ago my mum tucked me in, made me hot coco and read me a bedtime story so memory hazy .
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    ~the Everest..

    Santa Ana Lane is the best sprinter RR.....nice couple up with a few.... Santa Ana Lane, Arcadia Queen, Yes Yes Yes, Alizee, Pierata.....In her time..... Mates from school have Foxwedge filly Aesop's Fable in R4...up in class but has won three so a throw at the stumps before a break. Three quarter brother by Smart Missile The Drake also running in R3.
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    I've read a bit over years about this and iam sure the captive bolt is classed as unsuitable for use on horses in some places by some organisations , I stand to be corrected though as never worked in abatoir .I have gambled , had interest etc on the horses for many many years but this and injuries nag away at my consious at times , however I try focus on the many that get long and active well cared for lives by good people .
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    In my view

    Tim. Most logical answer was create the new bottom of 35 ......or just leave it as is
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    Red Rum, this is the key sentence in your response, - all animals destined for slaughter should be treated with respect and killed quickly and painlessly.
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    ~the Everest..

    Will the result be posted on the Opera House?
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    tim vince

    In my view

    Why not give a maiden that wins the rating they win off.say 48 and they stay at 48 in the non maiden class.stops them getting too high too quick.
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    Red  from naki


    On course reported up %100 Helped by strong punter club having a good day and young people enjoying them selves some betting as well. This along with large quality fields on a good track surface ,yes it was an enjoyable day at the races. . Hawera race course is sheltered to the northerly rains by MT Egmont, so does not get the rain that other parts of Taranaki get, this together with the free draining soil makes this course well suited to spring racing ! next race meeting is at the end of January 2020. Not so clever. New Zealand racing is operated on two islands, there are courses where racing should be conducted to suit the weather. eg spring racing Hastings, Hawera etc. Now all we need is independent on course only bookies and racing will be booming. regards Red from naki.
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    ~the Everest..

    amazing how this race has pushed the caulfield cup way, way into the background. Time now for Vlandys to take melbourne head on and run the Everest on the first Tuesday in November. just do it Pete.
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    Can you Imagine

    Seemingly racing in Keeneland is held in much higher regard than our industry here is. More and more it seems to me that the image of racing in NZ is on the decline & I'm not sure that there is enough impetus, or even willingness to halt the slide. At one end of the bell curve, it is perceived as being 'elitist while at the other the perception is that it is full of rogues and vagabonds. The area in the middle is populated by those who either see it as a sunset industry or feel it is an industry that they themselves wouldn't want to work in (hard work, long hours, low pay, limited future prospects) so consequently, don't want their kids to go there either. Twenty years ago if I told people I met aged 20-60 that I lived, breathed and made a living from racing a reasonable percentage of those people would react quite positively and seem interested. Today, most new people I meet (outside of those inside the industry) don't react positively. They usually know nothing about any facet of the industry, wouldn't dream of having a bet (sports or racing) even when told it is easy to do online & they certainly don't see a day at the races as being a great day out. It is almost as if the industry is so out-of-the reach of the ordinary person, tainted by a poor image, and/or so meaningless that it is off the radar of most. Its not in-vogue or 'sexy' and career-wise it isn't encouraged through ignorance of what might be possible. Despite the efforts of many industry players (fragmented efforts for the most part), we are still in a slide that isn't going to be revived by merely injecting more money into stakes. It fills me with sadness that I am devoid of ideas for change & can't see a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Perhaps, there is a revival just around the corner, I certainly hope so, but have no idea where it might be coming from.
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    Uriah - it's not the players who are soft - it's their mothers who don't want them to get wet and catch the achoos!
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    Uriah Heap


    Problem with rugby players is they're all soft these days. I can remember playing in a typhoon up at Kimbolton, back in the day. Couple of the boys got hypothermia, but they came right.
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    Australia ABC CHANNEL 7/30 The Final Race

    ..my guts is churning
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    Vlandy may have found himself another Everest. Left wing right wing whatever, the perception of the average person after watching that will be that racing treat their horses like shit.