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    Horses slaughtered in NZ

    Need to run the bitch out of town. There is a concerted effort to stuff us up. Remember I posted this link in a previous post... https://i.stuff.co.nz/life-style/life/116504178/why-melbourne-cup-parties-make-me-sick Well I was asked to respond so I did a bit of research. So this is what I wrote to Stuff as a response.... " Melbourne Cup season is once again upon us and I’m in awe with how quickly this time of the year has come around again. As a part owner of the 2000 Cup winner Brew, and another favourite of mine, Precedence, who ran in 4 Melbourne Cups and won $2m, I was stunned with Teresa Ramsey’s naïve account of the Melbourne Cup and her view that the horse racing industry had an uncompassionate view of ex-race horses. Obviously Ms Ramsey knows very little of the industry, how horses are treated and cherished, and how human beings’ compassion and awareness improves after spending time with horses. Over history, they are arguably man’s best friend. Speaking from experience, having worked with horses all my life, it is my opinion that the quality of care and attention a horse is afforded, in order to become a contender for the Melbourne Cup, is solely due to the pain staking preparation and love for the horse that owners and trainers provide them with. Getting back to my two Melbourne Cup runners, Brew is now 25 years old. That’s about 82 in human years. Since his Melbourne Cup win, he has been a cadet with the Victorian mounted police and more recently one of the most popular horses at the Living Legends horse retirement property in Melbourne. He is often seen in a pose promoting charities that even he hasn’t heard of. Precedence is a star as a competitor in the Australian Grand National Saddle Horse Championships. Fancy getting such a wonderful horse like him after 6 years with legendary trainer Bart Cummings, - well trained, fed, groomed and loved… it would be like getting Cristiano Ronaldo on retirement and teaching him how to dance. So back to Ms Ramsey’s ramblings, she talks of a a million dollar black yearling bought at Karaka. There was only one yearling bought at Karaka for $1m and his name became St Reims. He became New Zealand’s champion 3 year old winning the NZ Derby in 2002. He eventually stood as a stallion at the famous Haunui Farms Stud in Karaka. Ms Ramsey then starts to talk about a coffin bone (normally known as the pedal bone) protruding through the soles of the front feet as a four year old. She goes on to say that “Protruding coffin bones is one of the more serious consequences of the racing industry and is usually a death sentence. But sadly, it's not unusual.” This is rubbish. As a major in equine exercise physiology, over the past 25 years I have only seen 2 horses with protruding pedal bones and both horses were ponies and not race horses. As most race horses have professional farriers attend them, most racehorses have adequate feet care. After reading this statement, I am now suspect that Ms Ramsey has other motives and is not being fully honest. I agree that we need a complete program to look after our retired race horses but an Australian racehorse culling industry as depicted by ABC has disgusted every horse lover, with the Victorian Racing Industry recently announcing that $29m will be spent on a program designated to look after our retired race horses. Sensationalism and mis information by the likes of Ms Ramsey will only unite the industry further to ensure that the love of our horses will include a well-managed program to look after our old timers. I should also talk about two other horses of mine called Snap Shot and Cuzzy Bro. Snap Shot is owned by a few of us including Ritchie McCaw and Ali Williams. He won 6 of his first 8 races and then hurt himself. He is now enjoying Waikato pastures in a paddock in front of the house after completing a horse re-training program. And Cuzzy Bro was a 3 day eventer, born in Australia, raced unsuccessfully as a two year old in NZ, re-trained to become an eventer, travelled to England to finish 7th in the 3 day eventing championship at Badminton and then flown back to New Zealand for retirement. He loves us and we love him. He’s now 75 in human years." So this was the response that I received.... Hello Berri, Your email to our opinion inbox has been sent on to me for consideration. As you can no doubt imagine, we have had feedback from our audience on Teresa's opinion piece. We do welcome other viewpoints and, while I appreciate the effort taken to write your piece, we currently have another submission from NZ Thoroughbred Racing under consideration for publication so will not on this occasion be publishing yours. Thanks for your email though - we do value hearing from our audience. Colleen O'Hanlon Chief Channel Director - Life & Style * My normal hours of work are 6am to 2.30pm * E [email protected] | M (021) 568 766 | 158 Gloucester St, Christchurch 8011 So I contacted the NZTR....guess what....NZTR hadn't submitted a response. Now you tell me what's going on..... Piss off Cassy L. You've been called out.
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    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Let's keep the TAS performance in perspective. Yes, it was a top run in an international field - and OP got a dream passage on/near the rail to save many lengths - but he didn't win, in fact was well beaten by a horse that also drew wide, hadnt had a lead-up run in Oz, had some traffic to negotiate from a midfield position and showed brilliant acceleration on that tight turning track to win easily. All the honours are with the winner imo.
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    The essence of the problem is Winstons credibility......he’s suing because he claims the exposure of his acts in taking excessive benefits illegally somehow impugns him.....but my problem is that he’s a known liar and has been censured for lying to parliament previously.....so what credibility does he have to diminish ? If you fuck only one goat, just one, you’re still a goat fucker for the rest of your life .... that’s how I see it He also has history with donations and the use of sponsors assets......and wasn’t there an issue with the use of limos at one stage or am I getting confused there ? I simply cannot see how any reasonable person can see him for anything other than what he actually is.......
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    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Keeping Politicians honest is most certainly an oxymoron. But let’s go back to the title of the thread. ‘Is Winston a worthy Minister for racing?’ It’s really a hypothetical question and can only be answered restrospectively and according to his performance which will, of course, be judged differently by different people according to their standing within the industry. Never is everyone able to benefit fully or equally. I’ve watched his performances in Northland for a considerable time in a number of spheres. He ‘knows’ about education because he was a secondary school teacher. He ‘knows’ the law because he was a lawyer, however neither of these pursuits has he practised for over forty years. Things have changed considerably in that time to the extent that if you’re not up with the play, you’re simply ‘not up with the play’ regardless of the bullshit. Promises made over the years have never come to fruition. Re racing, Winston has spent considerable time at the races, he knows how to bet and all the combinations. He has been to the yearling sales and rubbed shoulders and clinked whiskey glasses with the principals of the industry who persuaded him to inject big money into fillies races to further their own ends which he did, while the Chris Wood’s, Leo Molloys, myself in a very small way and many of you who collectively prop the industry up are simply left lamenting. After a break Winston regains the portfolio probably being a fairly obvious choice but with good timing as the industry is making waves about being in the doldrums and the Messara Report has looked like the saviour of our Aussie counterpart so why would he not link arms and go with it? However New Zealand is very different from the Aussie racing scene and there is no ‘one size fits all’ so the report will not work here without considerable tweaking. This tweaking means Winston must step up and do some research and make some decisions himself – something, in forty-odd years in politics, he has been thus far unable to do. A master of rhetoric announcing a year ago and convincing principals of the industry that stakes were going to double is now smoke in the wind. On the other hand the majority of stakeholders realise something must change but no body, club, committee is prepared to meet the problem head on and make any change. “Why should we? Why don’t they?” A bit selfish if I may say so and not in the best interests of the industry but human nature and ulterior motives generally lies at the basis of these things. Everyone wants a bigger share of the pie but how do we make a bigger pie and what if someone gets a bigger share than them, hence lots of talk but no action certainly in the past year or so. Winston’s current court case means his attention is deflected from his ‘real’ job. It will take up valuable time pre-Christmas, then there will be a couple of months break until the 2020 Parliamentary year kicks in so no sign of Winston except probably at Ellerslie, New Year. Then MP’s start planning their campaign towards the next elections, saying nice things to everyone to cement their platform of voters without actually doing anything and that’s Winston’s whole career in a nutshell. To a great extent racing is it’s own worst enemy, seeing that things have been deteriorating for twenty or more years but failing, as a body, to do anything about it while believing reports from the hierarchy that all was well when it clearly wasn’t. To answer the thread I’d have to say a resounding ‘no’ but what are our options? Given that a minister of housing might be shifted to the education portfolio when he knows sweet FA about either pretty well sums up the situation. In my seventy-odd years I’ve seen the heady days of racing gradually deteriorate without really realising it. Probably the case for many. How can we possibly get a racing minister firstly with a ‘feel’ for the industry then take it to heart not necessarily to make us all wealthy horse owners but to stop the downhill slide of a time-honoured sport? And what, then, will be needed to get the graph trending uphill again? No easy answers, are there?
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    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    The real fraud here is the number of “dumb Kiwi voters” who still vote for NZ First !
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    This is grim reading

    Absolutely P4P, but most at the coalface and in RITA, NZTR and government just do NOT get this. Both Racefields and the PoC tax in essence are taking punter money, just faster and in a different way, leading to pretty much unbettable markets as the article points out. As Pam also says, the NZTAB situation is worse since they are already commonly setting markets at 120% plus which leaves the Ozzie providers some leeway to cope with the additional fees and still compete, however punters who walked from the NZTAB to there, will only now walk elsewhere. They won't be willing to lose more in total and will be less inclined to bet where they are losing it faster. I agree with Nerula. The basic principle of raising taxes on the same available money will soon lead people to go elsewhere and stifle economies. Won't take long for the negative effects to be evident for racing here and the repercussions for stakeholders are now imminent and massive. The writing is on the wall.
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    We need to be very adult about this. There is nothing wrong with human horse meat consumption as long as the horse meat can be certified as not having had any drugs, steroids, antibiotics or disease detected in the meat. It is tasty and healthy. The problem that we have relates to emotional response, as horses and dogs have been regarded as members of man's best friends. We handle them from birth, pay for their education, feed them, pamper them, and control them. We have dreams of them that in the majority of cases don't come true. Then we wish to discard them unless they hold an emotional response great enough for us to care to look after them post racing. Sometimes they are born with such deformities that there is no hope, sometimes they are injured where there is no hope, and sometimes their ability (broodmare or racehorse) indicates that there is no commercial or emotional hope. So we arrive at the point of decision....being do we kill them. Many make that decision by putting them in a sale where it is known that the purchaser will kill them. Many are sold privately to the person who will kill them, or the brave owners make the decision to kill them by sending them to the works or killing them directly in a private environment. The question for all of us to consider is where do we want to position ourselves and what message do we want to purvey to the outside world who are ambivalent to the enjoyment we get out of horses and the reality that most of them don't make it? It is unrealistic to suggest that all horses can be re-trained and homed. Some are simply not suitable for anything apart from being a horse. So when I saw the ABC program I was disgusted with the methodology, appearance and handling management of the current Australian process. It also started me thinking about how this could be managed humanely without compromising the position of all parties that may be involved in this cycle of life for our horses. So I suppose that everything starts with a database that has various capabilities for the tracking and traceability of our different types of horses. NZTR should know where all the horses in NZ are and what their status is. So if we looked at the back end, we should have a NAIT style database (but one that works) which has a repository that can be interrogated to that every horse can be identified on every specific property. If they are moved, then using an APP, the party that instructs the transportation implements the removal data and by whom. The transportation service provider also inputs the transportation data, being when, where from and where to the horse was transported. Similarly, the receiver of the horse inputs where from, by whom transported, and the location where the horse was received. This process can be done seamlessly and any omission of data will send an automatic alert to the NZTR as these alerts will be activated automatically. At the same time an APP needs to be made available to stud masters, trainers, vets and owners so that they input data relating to their activities on a regular basis. The sales and transportation companies should also have API's to the database so that the NZTR data is updated accurately. The NZTR should also have an alerts server so that when there are issues on any matter, these should be recorded and alerted. The APP will also have various options for the disposal of horses so in real time these are recorded. If I had the ultimate choice, I'd put ear tags on all horses which record the weight and well-being of each horse remotely. So the next question would be how should the cycle evolve. So the APP will take care of all matters on the studs. The vets and trainers will record their activities, so it is finally the owner's time. At any stage they make the decision....whether to race, retire, retrain, sell or kill. This is where a certain amount of funding is required from which ever party. If I had my choice there would be some sort of assessment program created for horses that were unwanted by their owners. This would assess their suitability for what ever they were capable of. Blunt but practical. These could be the super stars of different horse related activities. My horse Precedence, who raced in 4 Melbourne Cups is now Sydney's champion show horse. We're very proud of him. Og the methods for killing, the most human way is killing them at a property without transporting them anywhere. Injection makes the meat un-usable. So if they are to be killed for meat, then why would they be transported in any other mode other than a proper horse box? Why would they be herded like cattle and chased, electrocuted. prodded by sticks or beaten like common slaves when they have been used to being led by people? This is the part of the game on the ABC program that made me puke. This is not a difficult process to create but if we don't, we will lose our rights to the animal rights activists.
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    What a beautiful trotter so well gaited and 1.5386 WOW !! Clearly one of the best we have ever seen. The spectacle was somewhat demininished by the Trackside TWATS crossing over to cover a dog race worth $2,300 at Palm Nth ALL because of their bloodyminded insistance not to let viewers hear the judges call which always includes THE TIME. GIVE YOURSELVES AN UPPPER CUT............ cost viewers hearing HISTORY in the making .....a new NZ record.
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    What a ride. As good as.Winning ride.Speaking from hip pocket. And a good bloke too. Good to see a local win again.
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    JJ Flash

    Australian stewards are dodgy

    Dettori may have been suspended for going way too early.Dont think Motor mouth Nick or Dad would be too impressed Very dodgy only in terms of O'Briens refusal to appear and jockey's saying nothing. The latter know where their bread is buttered, Well done to Vic stewards IMHO Greg
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    Walkers ride was superb too the two top rides first and third
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    Good on them! You sound like a “David Ellis band wagonner”. All winners can only come from the Karaka sales and meeting will be programmed to suit them too. Give me strength
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    And therein lies the problem. The whole industry would be guilty by association sucking up to him out of self interest and ignoring all the baggage that comes with him. Whether he is a liar on this issue or not - the way he conducts himself and the trainwreck his Party is inflicting on us all should make us all think about supporting him
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    They have to get past Vow & Declare in the MC!
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    NZTR , Animal welfare .

    Great to see the high performance team got themselves a trip to Paris and The Arc .... thinly disguised as something productive ..... meantime the hard working licensees got SFA again
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    This is grim reading

    Socialism rules in Victoria. Another lot strangling the life with tax. Not possible to tax your way to success. Other thoughts - Caulfied is a prick of a track - people dont know the foreign horses so dont bet - NSW racing is better but leave out Rosehill in winter. The worrying thing is the low engagement of the young. It will be the same or worse in NZ as our clubs cant be bothered.
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    This is New Zealand's opportunity

    From the Racing Post For a country that enjoys nothing more than a bout of Pommie baiting, Australia has taken the annual British invasion on the Melbourne Cup with good grace. Perhaps that’s because British-trained horses do not have a great record in the country's most prestigious race. There have been several near-misses but Cross Counter’s triumph last year was the first by a British trainer. Since Dermot Weld spirited the prize away from Australasia with Vintage Crop in 1993 there have been three wins for Ireland, two for France and one each for Japan and Germany. At this stage it looks as though the most potent overseas challenge this year will come from Japan, which struck an early blow in the preamble when Mer De Glace landed the Caulfield Cup four days ago. Another Japanese-trained runner Lys Gracieux is favourite for Saturday’s Cox Plate, which is Australia’s premier weight-for-age race. Both horses are owned by the U Carrot Racing syndicate, an offshoot of Northern Farm, which is an even more dominant breeding enterprise in Japan than Coolmore in Europe. For horses trained outside Australia, the Caulfield Cup represents the starting gun in a frantic scramble for starting berths in the Melbourne Cup itself. There are numerous other springboards but it seems likely the Australian stayer, long since an endangered species, is about to plumb new depths. A nadir was reached last year, when just three horses in the 22-strong field were bred in Australia. Of the top 20 horses in ante-post lists for this year’s race, all but three started their racing lives outside Australia – and of those three, two were bred in New Zealand. This would have been unthinkable 50 years ago, when staying horses were still highly prized in Australia. And it would have been just as unthinkable 50 years ago to envisage an Australian horse winning a Group 1 sprint at Royal Ascot. But those axioms have been turned on their heads. Australia’s stayers are a pale shadow of their European counterparts, while Australian sprinters have no peer on turf anywhere in the world. Ten Sovereigns; the July Cup winner proved no match for Australian sprinters in the Everest Edward Whitaker (racingpost.com/photos) We saw as much on Saturday, when Ballydoyle’s Ten Sovereigns finished stone cold last in the 12-runner The Everest, a Group 1 sprint over six furlongs. The colt who made most of the running to win the July Cup over the same distance was simply no match for Australia’s speed merchants, who are trained to sprint in a far more professional way than their European brethren. Granted, Ten Sovereigns was racing around a bend for the first time, but Ascot’s stiff six furlongs down the straight track makes unusual demands of Australia’s sprinters and that does not stop them winning. Ironically, this professional approach to training sprinters in Australia is in large part responsible for the dearth of stayers. Two-year-olds are prepped to hit the gates running, whatever their bloodlines. They cannot otherwise be competitive. An acute shortage of races for 'distance' horses is another contributing factor, and the collective sum of these parts is that breeding horses for long-distance races in Australia has become a futile pursuit. Even so, imagine how it would feel if a 22-runner King George at Ascot featured ten runners who were trained on different continents – and of the remaining 12, seven or eight had started their careers outside Britain and had only recently been imported? Actually, you don’t have to leave it to your imagination. Simply tune in to Saturday’s Vertem Futurity, for which 11 of the 12 entries are trained by Aidan O’Brien. But that’s the reality of this year’s Melbourne Cup. Prominent among the home-trained contingent are Constantinople, Finche, Mirage Dancer and Mustajeer. They are all middle-distance/staying horses who featured prominently in Europe of late. It’s not just the Futurity that has collapsed under O’Brien’s weight of numbers. The trainer’s fingerprints are all over the Melbourne Cup, too. Further to Constantinople, former Ballydoyle inmates with designs on the Cup include Houseman, Rostropovich and Yucatan. O’Brien himself has Hunting Horn, Il Paradiso, Magic Wand and Southern France engaged, while his son Joseph is responsible for Downdraft, Latrobe, Master Of Reality and Twilight Payment. They won’t all run, of course, but it says everything about the contemporary influence of the father-and-son axis that a dozen credible contenders for a race 10,000 miles from Ireland have passed through O’Brien hands. It also demonstrates how successful the Victoria Racing Club has been in promoting the Cup to an international audience. Any Aussie reticence at the massed ranks of invaders pays no heed to how dire the quality of the race would be were it a purely domestic affair. But perhaps the most striking message from the Melbourne Cup in the 21st century is how quickly the canvas can change. Those redoubtable Aussie gallopers of yesteryear are no longer. They have been replaced by sprinters whose exploits 50 years ago would barely have resonated in a country with a once-proud history of staying horses. The BHA was right to incentivise the production of middle-distance and staying horses in Britain even though they still dominate abroad. The slope gets more slippery the longer it goes untended; in just half a century Australia has regressed from championing their cause to presiding over their extinction. Where would the Melbourne Cup be in the visitors’ absence?
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    GP 3 today Ellerslie

    Easy solution - ban the whip. And it will come - you can ban(k) on that.
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    Tavistock injured.

    From ANZ Bloodstock News this morning. "Second surgery for Tavistock Cambridge Stud stallion Tavistock (Montjeu) has undergone a second round of surgery after suffering a serious injury to his near fore foot last week. The injury saw his immediate withdrawal from service. Cambridge Stud yesterday said that Tavistock had been operated on by Dr Ric Redden from Kentucky in the US on Friday with assistance from staff at the Cambridge Equine Hospital. An artificial shoe and sole to the foot was fitted while a support structure was applied to the other foot to aid his recovery. After observation, it was decided to perform another operation yesterday which was deemed a success. In a statement, Cambridge Stud said Tavistock’s recovery could take up to 12 months." All the best to Tavistock and the Cambridge Stud team. They are obviously pulling out all stops, by getting in a vet from the US.
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    '' Winston Peters will take time off his day job next week as his high-stakes court action begins against the head of the public service, a top mandarin, a government agency and two former National ministers. The Deputy PM wants $450,000 in damages from each of the named defendants, meaning a total of $1.8 million if he pursues all of those monetary claims listed in early court documents. Any damages awarded would be covered by the taxpayer under an arrangement authorised by the Cabinet. Taxpayers are also paying for the two Queens Counsel and legal team . "" No wonder he has very little time for his racing portfolio , this will be a nice bonus for him if he wins , a sort of retirement kiwi saver , the problem is it's us kiwis that need saving from this sort of rubbish . Anyone still think he was ever going with National .
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    Losers Get Laid - Week 9 entries

    Its kind of boring if the selections are in secret...and it takes away from the spirit of the comp.The comp is for everyone in RC not just the competitors...Cheers.
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    Horses slaughtered in NZ

    Anyone want to talk about fishing ? Or any other animal production system from pigs to chickens ...... I’m certainly not excusing the abuse of retired horses, but maybe a bit of rational balance is required in this debate
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    This is grim reading

    You’re missing the point RR. This article is about many facets including the lack of youth engagement, but the real issue is the “price of gambling” and how the consumption tax is killing the top end gambler, markets set at 120% at the off just to factor in the extra tax....it’s stifling the game, killing it off...good punters aren’t stupid and you’re likely to see the same events unfold here in NZ with our new legislation.
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    Dexter Dunn update

    His drives have won $us 9.2mil. So far this season. He won 6 at woodbine racetrack in Canada on Saturday their time. 5 of those wins were in breeders crown heats. The finals will be this Sunday our time so he could win a truckload more this weekend. Ustrotting.com is the site where you can get all the stats and fields for the US. The breeders crown finals fields & results will be on standardbred Canada website.