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    Blood on the floor at Trackside

    If this is the best Dean McKenzie can come up with then he clearly is the wrong man for the job. The Trackside coalface people at Radio and TV are knowledgeable with a genuine passion for the industry doing their best to promote and attract people to racing and create turnover. Barry Lichter makes mention of Mark Claydon losing his job. There would be very few with more knowledge and passion for than industry than Mark. It is people such as Mark that are asset to racing yet now surplus to requirements according to Rita. The elephant in the room is the wasteful extravagance and f*#kups at the top over the last decade from those on huge salaries and with very little knowledge of racing and wagering. Multi millions of racing funds sent down the toilet on the Typhoon Betting System that never got off the ground including the other useless overpriced betting system put in place under John Allen which continues at an annual cost of $17 million per year are just a couple of examples of very poor management decisions. There are plenty of others. These are the people that are causing good people on the front line to lose their jobs at Trackside. People without any knowledge and departing leaving a ton of horse manure behind, they should be hanging their heads in shame. They won't be though as they will be at another trough without a single thought of their previous incompetent actions. If you want to prune Dean, start with the rotten fruit close in instead of stretching the shears at arms length and leaning out to lop the best fruit at the edges of the tree.
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    Barry Lichter

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

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    Nobody wants the AW tracks its another dinosaur...you wait till horses start breaking down left right and centre...and they will I have seen first hand what happens on these BS tracks....They should have gone with Strathayr and had world class tracks that punters love...but no they went the dumb way as normal.
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    It makes me bloody wild. It’s all back to front. They are destroying what’s good about the TAB, Trackside, Radio Trackside and the little people and keeping the Fat Cats, who made the mistakes, their ridiculous salaries, the crap platform, rebates, bonus bets etc. If ever there was a time to get back to basics, this is it. Wall to wall racing! Get lost to that idea, is my opinion Sorry Dean and the Board, Vella etc you have failed me let alone all the good hard working staff, who created none of this.
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    No Radio Trackside, ridiculous, they have made a right royal job this mob of fucking NZ Racing.....
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    Symptoms & causes

    I can’t help thinking this bailout is focused on the problematic symptoms ....shouldn’t we be trying to fix the cause of our problems ? Otherwise, in a few years time, we’ll just end up back in the same situation again. I fear we’re wasting this crisis ...it should’ve been a time for significant change shouldn’t it ?
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    Blood on the floor at Trackside

    Madness. The clean out should start at the top and work out from there not the other way around. A further retrenching of racing away from the public. Instead of promoting racing and trying to attract people this action will only lead to further alienation of the customers that are left and further erosion of turnover (the opposite of what is needed).
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    Baz (NZ)

    Blood on the floor at Trackside

    What a bunch of FUCKIN MORONS! Run by suits on hundreds of thousands of dollars who keep their jobs the useless greedy C##TS! Wall To Wall Racing is the last thing the Industry needs! LESS IS MORE YOU MUPPET'S ! They obviously don't regard us as a sport but believe we all have gambling addictions instead. Two flies up a wall anyone??? I am pissed off at this approach to say the least! NZ RACING run by Non racing Suits with no idea! F###WITS!
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    Ponderosa - you do a great job with not only the collating and then the scoring, you also give up your Saturday afternoon... that aspect alone should be, and is appreciated greatly, by many. Thank you!
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    $15K all races in July

    Prior to covid winner of a 10k race received , $6250 . Winner of a 15k race will receive , $8100 . All first 5 horses home will receive more than previously run 10k races . Now 5th to 14th receive $300 , less 15% for trainer/jockey , leaving $255 for the owner . Iv'e raced enough horses to know that after paying trainer and jockey costs then a float trip that even getting $255 for running unplaced would have been gratefully received , had a lot more run unplaced than in the money . That small amount every time a horse goes to the races will keep a lot more horses racing that otherwise would have been retired . I know that getting something for providing the product with an average horse i would have kept some going a little bit longer . All the major racing jurisdictions pay back . I think Australia , Hong Kong have a fair idea what works . Red Rums thread on Bryce Stanaways horses is a classic example how paying what is basically an appearance fee can help prolong horses careers and show owners that they are respected for what they provide . It will also keep more owners especially newer ones in racing . They will see they aren't always just forking out . They say every extra horse in a race provides extra turnover , which in turn provides extra income to the racing industry , then more power to anything that keeps owners racing their horses is applauded by me . NZTR doesn't get a lot right in my book but in this the have .
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    Free to air racing on TV , you could ring up and put a $1 bet on , you would speak to a person when you rang to put a bet on . Then it changed to pay to view thru Sky TV , You then had to have a minimum spend when you rang up and talked to an operator , then they got rid of operators and you had to use touch tone . All these killed off a huge percentage of older and lower socio ecomomic spenders .It didn't matter they couldn't afford sky they could at least listen on the radio , but raising minimum spend and then forcing people onto touch tone was all to much . Killed the $1/$2 bettor and then the ones that couldn't get to a TAB couldn't get to grips with touch tone . All these decisions were made apparently to help build their market . How do you think their market reacted ? . I know many elderly people who have stopped betting over the last 10 or so years as these strategies were implimented .
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    The fact TAB charged The Informant for fields etc shows how out of touch their sales/marketing team were. They should have given as much info as Informant wanted for free. Someone wants to promote the industry you should fall over backwards to support them. It's clear the TAB have no understanding of generating sales.
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    Same old tripe, closing venues , where is the facts and analysis supporting this? All we hear is it's the right thing to do, but we keep waiting for facts as to why it's the right thing to do , where are the $ figures to support this? Or is it just in the theft of the land?
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    Never waste a good crisis

    You mention those Metropolitan courses like their success occurs in isolation. It doesn't, they are ably assisted by smaller training centres and racecourses. They have a system for bringing horses through from the Picnic,country to the Metro tracks and back again if needed and it works very well one doesn't happen without the other. Are you trying to say that you can close down all the tracks outside of the Metro tracks in Aus. and think you'll get the same outcomes they currently are? Try that statement on with some of the trainers at those Provincial venues and even Metro tracks and see how you get on. NZracing isn't stuffed because we have 48 tracks or whatever number, most cost the industry nothing to operate (probably most of the tracks they'll try and sell) and provide product, this nonsense is being rammed down your throat as an excuse for poor leadership and shocking performance in NZracing for years. No different to Covid being used as an excuse for why RITA/TAB is stuffed.
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    When we started to read of 30% job cuts I don't think many of us thought it would be the front line staff: race commentators, camera crew, and now tote operators. I think we were all hoping it would be the parasites that no one would even notice missing. Getting rid of 30% of the lower paid staff will only reduce the wage bill by about 15%, or less. I suppose next it will be the jockeys and trainers shown the door. Surely they aren't all that important or relevant any more. We have yet to read of a single overpaid no-hoper given the boot. When most organisations seriously restructure the first thing they do is get rid of a whole tier of overpaid senior management. The level below can almost always step up to do their jobs for considerably less money.
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    Honestly, how can anyone who was a part of the new FOB platform still have a job? $50mill + $17mill/year for what is the worst betting platform I have ever encountered. Not only should every person who was a part of the process be sacked, there should also be an investigation into the whole process?
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    Business 101 - Avoiding Bankruptcy 1 Slash management to minimum. Cap salaries at 60% of current. 2 Cease bonuses 3 Hire Contractors & Casual Staff - Higher rate is amply compensated for by no expenses such as ACC, PAYE, KiwiSaver, Sick Pay or Annual Leave. Rate is negotiable. Just a couple of things jump out reading the article - RITA plans to service South Island meetings from a team based in Christchurch, which will result in 11 of 13 positions in Dunedin being disestablished. Increased efficiencies will be gained through cross-skilling of roles. A reliable source tells me that the Christchurch manager has been touting this for some years. The last time he tried it they were flying in staff to southland meetings from all over the country and the travel and accommodation budgets blew out. RITA has confirmed it will not reinstate racing on its AM and FM radio frequencies which were suspended last month. - Just like when they ceased freeview TV they will lose a lot of punters. But then again did they even bother asking their punters ? So just who is advising Mr McKenzie ? The same managers whose previous decisions have brought us to the current position, therefore will get the same result. Is there anyone auditing their decisions so in another year when still in the same fix, these decision makers are finally held to account.
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    Chris Wood

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

    Good factual article on the demise of NZ racing.... The costs have just spiraled out of control, and it has taken Covid 19 to bring these problems to a head? We all know about blind Freddy, and these people being paid the huge dollars didn’t want to act earlier? What a bloody joke, sadly at our expense!
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    TAB to cut 30% of its staff

    Let me give you a clue Anyone left in charge of other people’s money ( read Labour or lefties ) will invariably keep spending the other people’s money until it runs out ..... there’s a life lesson right there .....if the TAB was listed on the NZX and accountable to shareholders, or if it had competition, this would almost certainly never have happened, but it wasn’t, and it has. You're seeing the exact same thing happen with our country Liz ... inefficiencies and left wing loonies on a drunken narcissistic spending spree that those of us who are productive tax generators will spend the next twenty years paying for
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    Don't use Baker and Castles as examples of persons who should/could stand up and speak out , iv'e had plenty to do with both in regards racing matters , neither are forward thinkers of the industry , just another couple of sausage roll eaters in my opinion .
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    tasman man 11

    Symptoms & causes

    I took this as merely the bandaid , to get current bills paid by 20th month......I guess too some [a lot hopefully] redundancies. Then there is the needed cash to get the current seasons races underway......stakes and other expenses. I believe the synthetic tracks were already budgeted in the NZ First Regional fund plan. Winston appeared to be on top of this crisis...confident relaxed and fully aware that the racing industry and TAB should be able to bounce back.....I felt he inferred changes. A dig at the 'old men ' , the internal squabbling , the Avondale situation and the old saying.....he who has the money ,plucks the duck !! Loathe Winston or love him ,I think NZ racing can be thankful that he is where he is currently ! RITA should be working overtime at cutting excess costs out of their wages and other operating costs and looking to put some Equity into the outfit ! I hope they ruthless...sadly some clubs and tracks should be running equalisator or picnic races . Paying out funds before they earned and/or paying out more than the TAB surplus must NEVER ever happen again. The codes and clubs will need to do more to help themselves. Shape up or ship out. Those on here who have the ear of important folk or impeccable sources should use them to get the message across. This bail out is just the beginning !
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    Blood on the floor at Trackside

    The Trackside coalface people at Radio and TV are knowledgeable with a genuine passion for the industry doing their best to promote and attract people to racing and create turnover. Barry Lichter makes mention of Mark Claydon losing his job. There would be very few with more knowledge and passion for than industry than Mark. It is people such as Mark that are asset to racing yet now surplus to requirements according to Rita. Exactly Ted...and thats why the industry has been totally fucked inside and out...they don't care one iota about the industry...nor the quality industry people they just get rid of....all they care about is protecting their own...nothing more and keeping their big fat pay checks so they can keep their snouts in the trough.
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    Barry Lichter's News Stories

    i must congratulate Barry Lichter for keeping us all up to date with what's happening. No information is forthcoming from any other source. Where are the staff at NZTR, HRNZ, RITA and the TAB, is no one employed to provide information, are none of the managers of these organisations capable of putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards
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    Randwick comp this Saturday

    That'll be moi.... trusty old Excel spreadsheet comes in handy.!!
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    So 100's of horses have arrived back at stables today & the blacksmiths are flat out shoeing them all. Send those bills to the owners. Then we hear from RITA tomorrow or whenever they choose to share their information with us, that we are racing for $5000. There will doubtless be a long & loud outcry from the trainers but .... I can already hear them saying "the horses are here now & we've got all the staff back so we might as well just carry on." RITA has nicely called the bluff of all of them. Had the horses stayed in their paddocks this week it would have made little difference to the trainers bottom line for the week but saved the owners a few hundy per horse & there was some ammo on the side of owners & trainers. But na. The trainers all want the advantage of returning to work earliest to get racing soonest. Bad move. Pike has copped plenty at times as the President of the Trainers Assoc. but when he has a strategy in place, any support out there? No. Not even from the trainers that have been so out spoken previously that we need to strike. Was now not the perfect time to withhold the product? Stake levels might not have been able to be challenged right now because the income dried up due to Coronavirus but the very least we might have got some traction on holding RITA & other racing administrations to account over their excessive staff numbers & salaries & various other expenditure. Well played RITA.