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    Hi All, I've been in touch with Kingshill. He said he is going to donate his winnings to the Catwalk Trust, so just another example of how great and generous the people of Racing and RaceCafe are. Thank You Kingshill….
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    Baz (NZ)


    Almost brought a tear to my eye! A great result.... sold to Brendon & Jo Lindsay of Cambridge Stud for $200,000. All money donated to The Catwalk Trust. What a wonderful couple Brendon & Jo Lindsay are! Absolute champions who deserve every success they get in the racing industry! Not forgetting the Hickmans from Valachi Downs who donated this filly! Gee there are some beaut people in this game! All the best to all involved!
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    The racing industry has provided stakes funding (of varying types and levels), meeting funding, venue funding, infrastructure grants, race meeting compliance funding and club compliance funding to clubs to enable them to hold race meetings and meet compliance obligations. Clubs have, therefore, benefitted significantly from the financial support provided to them by the racing industry over many years. In addition, Clubs have relied on the support of the industry for their meetings (i.e. the industry has “come to town”). Without the Codes’ financial support and the industry’s support, their meetings could not have proceeded. It really pisses me off when Nztr continue with this garbage.. FFS. They are talking of supporting Clubs like Woodville 4 or 5 racedays a year Stratford 1 raceday a year (used to) .and other clubs .due for the axe. The truth is that in reality Woodville Stratford and many of the other clubs support the code with horses they train for 365 days they share their hard work with all the clubs so are entitled to the so called funding listed above. Nztr’s 4 or 5 days work against 365 days work. Not hard to see the anomaly.
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    tasman man 11

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    Not long back to the rest home after a fantastic Karaka raceday as part of the Boys Get Paid day out. BGP certainly is a Bloody Great Promotion , which morphs into a Bloody Good Party. And its kinda special to be a tiny part of a a massive $100 k bet....that will be a great yarn for the 'show and tell' session at morning tea at the home. The group[BGP] put a real positive vibe into a great day with groups from Invercargill and Christchurch among others. All the bets were thereabouts , top effort by the selectors Father Ted and Bertie Germ who along with me were probably the oldest 3 there.....much Kudos to Luke the brains of the outfit who has been successful IMO at giving hope to the Industry by reconnecting a lost generation. The setting was brilliant ,the organisation slick and a real credit to all concerned. My advice to the rest of you......subscribe and get amongst it ! Elsewhere , the Birdcage party was as huge as ever and roared on after dark ,the NZBloodstock area was glowing in anticipation of sales, TAB party hosted some big hitters and the Birdcage bar was packed ! Private areas hosted visiting Aussie and Asian groups. Leo 's boutique was sparkling as usual , with the Host himself at the hem. And most importantly the Public areas were top - notch , and many amazed with the buzz and enthusiasm created from the BGP group...my 'new' young mates,incl ladies ! A great day out , deserved results and great to see Hanger Lindsay sharing the limelight with his family.Well done OP and Jamie and Te Akau. I guess you had to be there !
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    Red Rum

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    One news site reports Allaalune owner was first owner in 94 year history of Karaka Million and Classic to have runners in both races . Impressive stuff after all those years . It must have happened before in all those 94 years . Does anyone know the winner of the 1927 Karaka Million as a mate asked me and I don't know .
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    CWJ & Kiwi Ida

    And Chris is driving the float home......what a champ
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    We're Doomed

    Stakes Allocation

    I do wonder sometimes (alright, often) about the way we allocate stakes money in NZ. I see this weekend the Herbie Dyke is worth $400,000 and the group 1 sprint only $200,000. In all honesty the sprint noms are miles better than the Dyke, and virtually always are. This year the sprint has two high class Southern horses and some handy Northern types. The Dyke doesn't have anything too flash, and only 10 noms. One does wonder why both races aren't worth $300,000. I see the club contributes $150,000 to the Dyke and NZTR kindly tosses in an extra $50,000. I imagine there is some sort of bequest from Herbie, but really, that extra $200,000 is totally wasted money. Probably the same field would have lined up for $200,000. And remember last year the sprint was won by Melody Belle with Bostonian second. Are they perhaps concerned the Dyke might be downgraded? I see it is under a warning. Interesting that the NZPC "would be reluctant to see the race downgraded", largely because of its stake of $400,000. Surely group status is dependant on field quality, not the stake. And should NZTR be pouring money into a race to help it retain its group rating? Even the idea of having the group 2 guineas and the group 2 fillies race on the same day, both over 2,000m for $100,000, is a strange one, with 9 noms in the guineas, topped by two fillies, and only 7 in the fillies race. The fillies race has even attracted a last start maiden winner from Sale, otherwise there would have been only six. Even the 2yo race on the day has only 5 noms and a rating 72, 7 noms. Tauranga this thursday has fields of 6 in a maiden, 6 in a $25,000 rating 72, 7 in a $30,000 rating 82, 7 in a $22,500 rating 65, 8 in a $25,000 rating 72. And these all before any scratchings. We really are wasting a lot of money in the way we allocate stakes. Races with good stakes, at all levels, are not attracting fields to justify those stakes, while at the same time elsewhere in the country horses are routinely being eliminated. We really do need to be a lot more careful in the ways we use our "extremely" limited resources.
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    tasman man 11

    Where's the racing

    Too much racing available for people to bet on........the digital and global scene means there are dozens of meetings every day across the 3 x codes.Folk can bet 364 days a year in most parts of the world at any time of day. Ditto on sports which is more 'universal' and more 'popular' than horse racing which is limited by many factors and harder to 'learn'. Horse racing used to 'rule' in NZ where gambling was strictly regulated....in 1987 LOTTO arrived then Casinos ! Lotto has the 'life changing' purses , racing is small fry as too many 'pools' has slaughtered divis. NZ population is too small ......racing DNA has dwindled ! 95% of gamblers lose.....now this happens quicker than previous ! Racing relies on money gambled to fund itself. NZ still breeds great horses because of the climate etc ,but even that is dropping as money leaking off the merry-go-round. Racing is going well in Australia ,Hong Kong and areas with greater population and more racing/gambling in their DNA. Our best racing people can go elsewhere ,ditto our best horses. We left here with our memories of Phar Lap, Sunline , Show Gate and Grey Way ,and collects off a $1 double which almost bought a house ! Those were the days my friend...........
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    What a super effort by Team Te Akau 4 Karaka Millions in a row and the first horse to win the 2yo and 3yo version with Probabeel..which they bought and sold to the Lindsays. One things for sure NZ racing would be much the poorer without their involvement .... I think Probabeel will hold her own in the Autumn in OZ... top class filly.
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    We're Doomed

    Hawkes Bay fields

    One nine horse field, the biggest field of the day. Four races with less than 8 starters. They continue to run North Island meetings with tiny fields, often for big stakes, while South Island horses can't get a start and are balloted and eliminated every week, even in $10,000 races.. We saw a desperate maiden start in an open race at Riccarton last week as there is only one maiden race in Canterbury for seven weeks. As racing these days is almost exclusively an off course betting option, why are the races not run where the horses are? And it is cheaper to provide product in the South. And has anyone noticed that the small fields are almost invariably at the favoured tracks. The better fields are usually at those "unnecessary" tracks earmarked for closure as quickly as possible. And this is all managed by NZTR who expect people to take notice of their rita submission listed elsewhere.
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    Another Balls Up by Andy Kydd

    So tonight we are having an industry and community day of racing,,,the Karaka Millions. We have 2 racing channels, 62 and 63 and instead of having on channel totally dedicated to the Karaka Millions night with a specialised presentation of a great event, we have the same normal dross with races from everywhere in Australia with parades. Then we also have channel 263, the Karaka Sales pop up. That channel is not being used as it only has a holding screen. And we also have nothing on conventional free to air channels for the normal mob. A chimpanzee could be more creative and forward thinking in respect of the Karaka Millions. Even though this sort of thing has been discussed adinfinitum, nothing happens. Why will this change with a new board? How will we have any options to improve this when under the proposed Section 81 (1) and (2) the new board, with unknown members, own all the data, even though the owners pay all the bills and take all the risks? Who is going to be accountable? Where do all the compplaints go? What happens?....nothing Get onto submissions....giving away control of the owner's data is short sighted and smacks of complacency IF you don't do anything about it.
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    do some bloody prep work

    Well how the hell do you post on Race Cafe if you don’t have a computer or a smart phone? You have got me beat that’s for sure. Enlighten me!!!!
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    Pam Robson

    Hawkes Bay fields

    Agree. A while ago an 'open entry' type of system was in use at Blenheim, distances available were listed and horses entered for those distance categories. Fields were then made up according to the grades/ratings of those horses entered. I thought it was a great idea, but there were complaints about the process....meant that fields couldn't be manipulated with multiple entries....but oh, how shortsighted. A perfect example about how self-interest holds sway in this industry over the bigger picture.
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    Is anyone else starting to think he might be a superstar, our best horse in many years ? His sectionals yesterday were staggering ( presuming what’s on the NZTR site is correct ), he’d have won the open sprint by five lengths, and he ran his last 600 a full five lengths quicker than the same open sprint. All that after being slow away, without a hood, and hardly getting out of second gear. I don’t want to get too excited too early but Australia looks to be at his mercy
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    Hawkes Bay fields

    Exactly WD , what a waste of a meeting today, no reason why it couldn't have been held at a venue that has had racing taken off it. It defies belief the appalling decision making, but no one listens to any common sense as they have their own version of it. As an aside how boring is racing becoming with these poorly supported meetings at favoured tracks , it isn't good for turnover or general interest in the sport.
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    I bloody near choked on my gin when I read the bit about wanting to make sure local communities had easy access to race meetings. And then I read the bit about not wanting a dates calendar imposed on them because they know best. Is this the outfit that conceded Sundays to the trots?
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    Baz (NZ)

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    I know Phar Lap was a freak but to win the 1927 Karaka Millions as a 3 month old foal must have been an extraordinary effort!
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    Aaron Bidlake

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    The group certainly bring something to the industry I have not seen anything like before. I was playing cricket yesterday and half the team were in the syndicate, many who barely follow racing but we were all huddled around a phone at drinks watching the 2nd race, my best mate who has a passing interest in racing took his phone out on the field to watch the races ffs. The talk and hype around it amongst everyone was really cool, my mate even now making noises about getting a share in a horse.
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    Personally I thought there was great buying in K1 and K2. Having purchased 2 Tavistock's, colt and filly. A half bro to stable favourite First Serve A half bro to Champion NZ 3 yr old Savvy Coup A grouse Swiss Ace colt from good Aussie family ( We have a lot of success with Swiss Ace) A Burgundy filly ex 3 time winning Savabeel mare If you want to be a partner 021701205
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    tripple alliance

    The beginning of the end

    Nothing wrong with nationals shadow minister for racing , that's if you want hands on experience , he's got plenty . Rangitīkei MP Ian McKelvie is the only parliamentarian to have been president of a racing club, to have owned and trained racehorses and who still has trotters in work. He knows how to make a few dollars as well , Ian McKelvie – $68.4Million ,
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    tasman man 11

    Hawkes Bay fields

    You ,We're Doomed seem to have a very keen interest and good understanding of the various Calendar and programming issues which seems to dog the Industry. You should document your concerns and ideas ,get some support from folk with a bit of weight/influence and make suggestions to this lot that makes the decisions. You seem to have a grasp of the numbers ,%'s and glaring gaps where there is room for improvement. Years ago some genius or person similar to yourself must have come up with the idea of the dual code meeting on Jan 2 at Tauherenikau....I guess they thought horses of either code could be short cos of holiday racing [probably gallopers] plus there are XX harness in the area , so lets have a dual meeting. Its a true holiday meeting ,very popular and seems successful. It has always amazed me why there isn't more flexibility in the Calendar and programming and I wonder if there is a regular stocktake or inventory done of horses getting ready ,or already willing to race.....in their categories. e.g. if a region gas 40 horses in r65 hoping to race over 1800m to 2400 and 30 sprinters ,then programs should reflect that. Too often it seems horses are missing out on starts and or some races going ahead e.g. 72 or r82 with 4 to 6 starters. It seems too obvious. One probable roadblock to change or flexibility could be in the make-up of the "Committee"......my experience tells me that personal or conflict of interests comes into any decision making. Its rare to strike a committee without that being a big factor.Decisions made are often done to best suit those making them. Human nature ! For starters a trainers rep and a club rep would definitely be looking after own back yard !
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    Here is a free tip for fellow 'Cafers Do not think that giving her royalness a fascinator for a pressie in January is a good idea 'cause you got it cheap ( 'cause they are last seasons )'cause apparently you only buy the new season fascinators in the Spring (That is Spring 2020 not Spring 2019) The Cubemeister thought he was being mildly romantic and frugal at the same time but apparently is just a cheap b@#%*&d
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    Pam Robson

    Hawkes Bay fields

    I think that 3 months ahead gives little time to map out a horse's programme options - personally - and I don't think I'd be the only one. WRT to the recent situation mentioned by others, there are four meetings at Ricc in little more than a month, some only industry days, but then there is Champions Day at Dunedin and Southland Guineas day to work in around it all...not an easy fix IMO....and, as well, summer in Canterbury is typically fiercely dry, many are looking to get their horses off concrete so travelling has to be factored in - or don't run anywhere. Costs with public transport companies are huge for anyone trekking up and down the island as well. Economics aside, knowledge of local conditions used to be a factor in race dates, up north of course too, not just down here. The two West Coast circuits [ Nov and Jan ] were a great opportunity to get your horses away from the heat and dust in Canterbury over that period, Otago/Southland had its own circuits too, that seems to have been forgotten with people complaining that 'there should be racing here over the holiday period'....well, it happened like that for a reason. Once autumn conditions kicked in, then racing returned to local tracks. Same thing re.climate happened down south, racing shut down in Southland after the Riverton Easter meeting, too close to Antarctica to be going racing..! Some trainers moved to Oamaru, or Waimate [ Rex Cochrane] with the teams they wished to keep going. Dunedin Queen's Birthday was the last Otago meeting until the spring other than at Oamaru's excellent winter track...but the timing and general organisation worked. Populations, economics, etc. all change and you can't go back in time - but we have definitely lost the connection to the pastoral reality that made it all work. And I don't really have the answer going forward.
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    Great competition Ponderosa8. Thanks for your generosity. Cheers Tony
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    We're Doomed

    CWJ & Kiwi Ida

    How good was that ride and how good is that horse? My only bet of the day. What a price. Win and a place from only two rides today; both in group races. An underused talent sometimes.