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    Best performance of Cup Week

    Habibi Inta.
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    After a period of recovery following a big week I felt I needed to post something positive about the CJC and Cup Week. Pretty much all I have read on here is an aggrieved owner who didn't get enough pampering for turning up with a horse (newsflash that happens at just about every racetrack), and complaints about facilities etc. So some balance - Saturday was an enormous day. Great crowd, music, fashion, car boot parties, great corporate boxes, good racing ..... Yes the facilities are stretched - that is what happens when you lose your main stand due to EQ damage and are fighting an ongoing insurance claim. Very difficult for the club - but as thousands of householders and building owners here in ChCh will tell you - not that unusual. I say well done to the CJC - you do annoy me on some things (just so no-one accuses me of being a fanboy) - but I had a great week. So did many out of my friends I got along and out of towners I know.
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    Best performance of Cup Week

    Me, not having a bet!!
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    Kentucky Derby Coverage

    For those who still have an interest: https://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/west-to-appeal-dismissal-of-derby-dq-lawsuit/?fbclid=IwAR0C2qE5N1gOO3FsqDFdmhoO6vneJAnyoFL_TT7xqBQZ8MFfP_JCk_EdFzU#.XdLipPFHIK4.twitter
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    Pam Robson

    Can anyone tell me...

    It was. Don't you get that ?
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    Best performance of Cup Week

    Cruz Bromac... surely. To win the cup and then put in the run he did in the free for all after his gallop at the start, pretty good performances.
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    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    Winston always a move ahead of the Media!!! He's been in the game so long, Winston shows the journalists their ineptitude typical novice journalists trying to take him for a ride LOL The worst part about it... is given the long running Feud between the dishonest media..... ... is the dumdum's who believe the dishonesty of the Media!! HELLO!!
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    Best performance of Cup Week

    Amazing Dream
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    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    i looked back on your first post P4P... and ive highlighted and underlined something thats incorrect.. anyway... i was looking back for the comment you made about the so-called insiders information you had on some dirt to be dropped on Winston!! i was curious to know if it was this .. https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/new-zealand/yes-am-calling-you-psycho-winston-peters-lashes-journalists-after-grilling-over-nz-first-linked-company
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    Matt Cross

    Each to their own mate. Even Jesus had his haters. I love T Lee. He is waaaaaaay too good.
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    trot races show day

    I agree John. I prefer pacing races myself, but I suppose it was Dominion Handicap day so fair enough to give the trotter more prominence
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    Matt Cross

    By the end of today, Matt Cross will have called about 72 races in 8 days. He is an exceptional talent. Every caller makes mistakes, I don't think Matt has fluffed anything important this week - and even if he does, we should all recognise that race calling is an art, a demanding one done under pressure of immediacy and public expectation. Not many people are prepared to try it, let alone make a career of it. Best wishes to him, he will become one pf the best, and probably go on to a international career.
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    Matt Cross

    Long term I think Tom will land a big go in Aussie I hope he does he is very good
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    Matt Cross

    Also you must remember that these days commentators cover on course, radio, and television, so it is hard to cater for all audiences - what doesn't need too detailed explanation on tv can require just that on radio. Exactly same as rugby etc. Matt I think has settled into his role admirably and really we very lucky he was "there" when McNamara returned to his homeland.
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    Tavistock injured.

    From ANZ Bloodstock News this morning. "Second surgery for Tavistock Cambridge Stud stallion Tavistock (Montjeu) has undergone a second round of surgery after suffering a serious injury to his near fore foot last week. The injury saw his immediate withdrawal from service. Cambridge Stud yesterday said that Tavistock had been operated on by Dr Ric Redden from Kentucky in the US on Friday with assistance from staff at the Cambridge Equine Hospital. An artificial shoe and sole to the foot was fitted while a support structure was applied to the other foot to aid his recovery. After observation, it was decided to perform another operation yesterday which was deemed a success. In a statement, Cambridge Stud said Tavistock’s recovery could take up to 12 months." All the best to Tavistock and the Cambridge Stud team. They are obviously pulling out all stops, by getting in a vet from the US.