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    It’s back! After four years in purgatory, Racecafe’s most revered comp is back for another round. Welcome to Losers Get Laid 14, kindly sponsored by HQ and Poundforpound. Most will be familiar with the general rules which of course reward tipsters for picking favoured horses to get beaten. You can read the full and updated rules below and might I suggest it is best to re-familiarise yourself with them as there have been a few adaptions. Competition starts this Saturday (Great Northern Day, September 7) and finishes New Zealand Cup at Riccarton (November 16). That gives us a total of 11 Saturdays plus three extra dates – Melbourne Cup Day, New Zealand Trotting Cup Day and Coupland’s Mile Day. Importantly this year it is ONLY on Group, Listed and Prestige Jumping Races. It has been decreed that if you fall 250 points behind the tour leader, you will be eliminated. YOU MUST ENTER THIS WEEK NO LATE ENTRIES ACCEPTED. 1/ The skinny. Each selector will post one "lay" each Saturday. This can be on any New Zealand, Victoria or New South Wales BLACK TYPE race thoroughbred race run that day. I will post a selection thread each week. The only exception to this will be NZ Trotting Cup Day when a harness selection must be made. 2/ Selection semantics. Selections must be posted by the declared cut off time each day, which will be half an hour before the jump of the first eligible race. Those who fail to post will be allocated the favourite in the day’s richest race on either side of the Tasman. Scratchings can be replaced up until close-off time. If your selection is late-scratched after close-off time, you get a pass for that week. Note you can only post a replacement pick if your original selection is scratched. 3/ Scoring. To formulate how many points your selection will earn, we simply divide $100 by it’s closing tote price with the NZ TAB. Ie a $2 will earn 50 points. You will be strongly incentized to go for the most prestigious races of the day as below. Group 1 – triple points Group 2 – double points Group 3, Listed and Prestige Jumping Races – single points 4/ Lifelines. Now, you get a life in this competition, but it will cost you 50 points. If and when you pick a second winner, you are goooone. 5/ Prizes are as follows. 1st - $500 Bar TAB at HQ (expires Jan 31, 2020) 2nd - $250 Bar TAB at HQ (expires Jan 31, 2020) 3rd – A warm fuzzy feeling and a hearty ‘well done’.
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    WEEK 1 This week’s eligible races are below. CUT OFF TIME is 1.34pm. Please post picks in the following format: MEETING, RACE, HORSE NUMBER, HORSE NAME Ellerslie R6 $125,000 Great Northern Hurdle (Prestige Jumping) R8 $125,000 Great Northern Steeplechase (Prestige Jumping) Wanganui R4 $50,000 The O’Leary’s Fillies Stakes (Listed) R8 $50,000 HS Dyke Whanganui Guineas (Listed) Randwick R5 A$200,000 Furious Stakes (G2) R6 A$160,000 Concord Stakes (G3) R7 A$250,000 Chelmsford Stakes (G2) R8 A$200,000 Tramway Stakes (G2) The Valley R5 A$152,000 Atlantic Jewel Stakes (Listed) R6 A$152,000 Bendigo Bank Stakes (Listed) R7 A$217,000 McEwen Stakes (G2) R8 A$272,000 Feehan Stakes (G2)
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    RIP Freddy

    Rest in peace Fred my friend. A true gentleman, kind and compassionate to his dogs and everyone he met. Commiserations to the whanau. We will all miss him.
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    One to remember

    Palace Pier by Kingman. Won a maiden race with a serious turn of foot.
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Mike Greer homes is doing o.k. The fact remains the Natz have no intention of addressing a housing crisis they denied existed...they fueled it.
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    Ok, leave that to me, I’ll post it each Saturday
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    Best of luck, love his pedigree.
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    Randwick, Race 8, Horse 2, Te Akau Shark Thank you for competition
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    We went and had a look at Wrote a few weeks ago and may i say what a lovely type of horse with a kind attitude. That impress we brought 2 shares, so I hope our judgement is correct.
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    To have a large number of foals unregistered suggests that he has served a number of owner horses
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    R8 $125,000 Great Northern Steeplechase (Prestige Jumping) Number (2) Max Leo , scooby3051 , Toblerone , thank you all for the Competition. Good luck everyone.
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    Randwick R6 A$160,000 Concord Stakes (G3) 4 Sunlight Thanks for the comp!
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    Jacinda Ardern

    Simple answer to the housing "problem" - halt all immigration until the country has housed those already here and have upgraded the infrastructure to cope with that lot.
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    Ellerslie R8 $125,000 Great Northern Steeplechase (Prestige Jumping) Race 8 #4 Crash Bandicoot . Mr Toblerone , i hope and trust i have entered correctly. Cheer's.
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    Viewing Trackside from outside of NZ

    So as it turns out I'm actually allowed to have a TAB account, I just can't place a bet while I'm physically outside of NZ... cough, VPN, cough. So I'm all up and running, thanks guys! Just a question though, Trackside seems to be super delayed. A few times now I've gone to put a bet on and the race has closed well before they jump on the stream. If anyone who also has access to SKY would check to see if that is any quicker I would be forever in your debt!
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    JJ Flash

    UMC still at it

    Lets all hope he holds together as the deep south need a new superstar Cup class horse. Greg
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    Murray Baker tells it like it is....

    "Trainers have been told no stakes increases for at least two years, and they might go down in 2020 ".....??? Thought we were making progress.....??? https://www.racing.com/news/2019-09-05/rsn-baker-bemoans-nzs-bleak-future
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    Hard to argue with Murray Baker

    This is a bit depressing but sadly it’s true... Baker bemoans NZ's bleak future | RACING.COMhttps://www.racing.com/news/2019-09-05/rsn-baker-bemoans-nzs-bleak-future