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    Wheelchair Norm WOW!!!

    Start 196 today...Track record ... win number 97... over 5 years old. What a beauty!!!
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    $1,000,000 Race for Sydney.

    World’s first $1 million greyhound race announced for Sydney Wentworth Park will host the world's richest greyhound race in October. A newly created greyhound race worth $1.2 million, making it the richest race in the world, will be run at WentworthPark on October 20. The GRNSW and Ladbrokes Million Dollar Chase (520m) eclipses Victoria’s $630,000 Melbourne Cup (515m) which is run at Sandown on November 23. The Million Dollar Chase series will start in September, consisting of 11 NSW-based regional races, for dogs domiciled in districts across NSW, plus another 14 metropolitan qualifiers, open to greyhounds throughout Australia. Sixty four dogs from the regional and metropolitan qualifiers will compete in eight semi finals on October 13 with the final run a week later. The series will offer $1.7 million in prizemoney with the final worth $1.2 million, carrying a $1 million purse for the winner. More information will come to hand in the coming hours.
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    Dark Horse - The story of Dream Alliance

    For some bloody reason this great story is on Maori TV tonight. Worth a watch.
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    La Zip

    NZRB statement of intent released

    Or the year before, or the year before that Hedley.
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    100 1

    Trump written off

    Directed Energy Weapons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slg8p0zWJa8&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79dxcjuzP6k&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNOw8k_Uyx0 https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/935fos/q_1762/
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    Betting man

    $1,000,000 Race for Sydney.

    Fantastic! Nothing brings hopeful new participants into any sport/industry than the dream of winning “the big one” well done nsw, makes me want to dash out and buy a few more pups!!
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    Open Class Races

    I don"t get your reference of Oamaru. Full fields sure but the average horse here is worth perhaps 5k. If there is a market for them at all. The things is once you get one good enough for the group races then you strike the AS team. The money your horse is now worth and your chances of winning one of these races, it makes it an easy decision to sell. That are the simple facts. The only thing that may save it is owners like Pat Kubala who wants to win a good race. And you say he won't sell! He must be a Bit of a Legend then.
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    Glorious Goodwood

    I with you about G G. Red Rum. Its hard to describe the course unless you have actually been to a day or of racing. And the less said about the society ladies the better
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    Saundry on AW tracks

    Maybe they should install a synthetic cannabis track? Would be more apt considering theirs a few dopeheads running the joint .
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    La Zip

    NZRB statement of intent released

    Looks great this white paper, same as the 2011 paper, Mr Purcell was so proud when he delivered that paper. We, [my husband and I] were excited by the 2011 plans and projections, as we all know now, NZ Racing is almost decimated, a laughing stock, only an elect few benefited, and whilst some of you may mock the breeders, I know I speak for at least many small breeders, there is now absolutely no incentive to keep going, in NZ that is. Across the pond we are doing OK, it is sad to see our NZ cousins treading water, with drowning an almost inevitable finale, our investments would be better placed here in OZ, we only stay with our Kiwi trainers in NZ as we respect and admire their skill sets, their tenacity and their passion, it costs us many thousands of dollars each month, however, until Mr Messara's suggestions and proposals are released and the statement of intent is released we cannot make a commitment further than a few months. The failure of the 2011 report, that was a Grimms fairy tale, this new release from NZRB, what confidence do we have, and I speak for my family and friends here, none whatsoever, until there are massive retrenchments at NZRB/NZTR and those left need to re-apply for their positions, and of course the panel that selects and places the key executives are policed and governed openly and with complete transparency we will not place any credence on NZ Racing whatsoever. May I add, one area that needs a complete overhaul is the day to day "policing" of the races. When reading the daily stewards reports, I'm actually wondering if they, indeed, are watching the same races as me...there is absolutely no policing...no questions asked...no transparency...and you want the punter to invest? If stewards did half their job, then perhaps the standard of riding might improve...the general comments from people here watching NZ racing is the standard of riding is questionable. like any sportsman, the more practice you get, the better you get at your sport...and if there aren't the meetings, then how can they improve their skills.
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    Thanks for that P....well worth watching, some real characters in that.
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    Beaut story Aaron, just a shame it was buried on Maori TV. The thrill of racing eh..A bunch of battlers from an anonymous Welsh Valley bred their own horse and took it to the top. Broke down in a jumps race with serious tendon trouble, they wouldn't put him down, had stem cell treatment and was nursed back to health to come back to win the Welsh Grand National. Not sure I would have tempted fate in the Grand National as they did, where the earlier problem surfaced again and he was retired. Won I think £170,000 in his career so they had a great run. Fantastic.....
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    Dark Horse - The story of Dream Alliance

    Thanks for the heads up, missed it tonight, but see its available on demand so will try watch it soon. https://www.maoritelevision.com/tv/shows/feature-documentaries/S01E001/dark-horse-incredible-true-story-dream-alliance
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    Well done Matt

    Maybe Murphy Blinds.
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    What a neat story.
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    Open Class Races

    Take your blinkers off fartoomuch. All stars while they have every right to do what they please. They are killing New Zealand age group and open class racing by 1000 cuts. There's no answer to it but sell our better horses. The costs of training it is unafordable to race a horse unless there is a return. I know it's defeatist but surely they realise it as well.
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    Open Class Races

    They will programme some, and these will race with 3 or 4 acceptors. The TAB will come up with some "kooky" betting options and then they will all wonder why their turnover is plummeting. Unfortunately these days only options appear to be : 1) If in NI - send them from mid August to the SI 2) If in the SI - send them to Mark/Nat - this includes NI's that have just gone down there 3) Sit back and wait for Mark/Nat to sort them all out programmes in Aussie then watch them get exported. 4) If the above remedy not to your liking then just help an agent get fat and sell them off the sooner the better. In other words open class racing in NZ is next to extinct!
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    I wonder if Jamie Thomsen is worried about his horse not getting a clear run :-)
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    Saundry on AW tracks

    Things will simply be done badly again unless those at the top actually listen to those that know. Tapeta is average, poly track is average, Kentucky dirt is average. Horses break down, its not right and that doesn't even get to the point where is it interesting to watch and good to bet on. In all of these conversations very little is said about Strathyr. Why not? Looks like the goods to me when comparing the others IF you want all weather racing. Then comes the overall design....not the surface or technology but the actual course architecture. Do you do something half arsed or something for the future generations. No doubt the fuck wits running racing who think they know everything but actually know very little (and this isn't everyone in the industry....just those who pretend to know everything and have convinced themselves that they do), will sell the others who know very little that the best track configuration can be seen in Australia because that's all they think they know. I'll say it 1000 times, look to the future. Don't look to mediocre. These tracks should have the potential to have 30 horses racing against each other. That gives the betting a chance to be better than good, but be great. Heaven forbid the day that our breeding numbers get up again and we start breeding top class horses again in numbers. Having a 16m wide track is soooo short sighted that that notion comes from people who don't understand betting fully. That's like saying a two lane road out of Auckland will be fine in 10 years time. And what about these courses? Shouldn't they be multiple entertainment centers so that the clubs and the industry can exploit entertainment, tourism, leveraged use events and the like? I know they'll fuck it up because there is not enough wide spread consultation with people who just might come up with cracking ideas that make the system work to its fullest potential. It'll be the same old morons bullshitting the same old rhetoric in an attempt to prove their worth. This isn't everyone in the industry, just the same ones that have continuity in their own malformed, mis-informed, delusional opinions that have proven to be incorrect in the past. The welfare of the horse should come first. They can't object to the rubbish that they are dished up with by the pricks that are lazy, complacent and mediocre.
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    It is probably Matt Markham.............. simply because his 4 selections in each race at Oamaru are the same as the shark's. Well on past performances good luck following this crap , he regularly goes into Friday night with 1 or 2 winners. Having said this there are a couple of obvious ones there today so a basic pass today would be 3 winners. On the whole the entire lineup at trackside need to take a good look at their records as every one other than the Whale would qualify for a rates rebate.
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    Ray Huntley Memorial

    And nice of you to acknowledge them well done.
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    Ray Huntley Memorial

    I would like to thank the Huntley family for giving coats as a prize,for getting in the final for the Ray Huntley Memorial . As we had 3 dogs in, we got 3 coats, which is very good for cold winter nights. And for them to give away a coat to all dogs that made the final. Again thank you, Bev Duganzich
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    Book on great nz broodmares

    Thank you would love them. No have not read his books.would nztba library have them?
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    La Zip

    Power To Queensland

    Absolutely yes on both accounts. There are no better role models in the international arena of breeding and racing than HH The Aga Khan or Prince Khalid Abdullah, so they are a great place to start. I did mention a Juddmonte horse to a NZ stud master 3 years ago - Time Test, who now stands at the National Stud in Newmarket. He would have been a perfect horse .... But as NZ is so heavily dependent on the export market it’s going to be difficult to come up with a well performed, reasonably priced fashionable son of whatever the flavour of the month is...so I guess a bit of the out of the box, a la Aga Khan thinking, needs to happen. Rich Hill are thinking outside the square and have have taken a couple punts with Vadamos and their new Japanese stallion...I wish them all the luck with these two... and yes, in a typical NZ scenario, what stud (and partners) can afford the silly prices for new stallions. 20m+ Each for the 2 latest over hyped, over rated colts.
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    First Season Sire Predictions

    Ferlax only ended up with 51 live foals so similar to Shamexpress and obviously a few have went overseas. These first season stallions working off small books. Then again Power was first season champion sire in NZ by individual winners and prize money last season and he only had 52 live foals.