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    George is no loss to racing. God help the Warriors.
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    As the CEO of Ellerslie in this day and age he can be liable for what happens at a venue that he is ultimately responsible for. You can be the judge or your own risk areas at your own property. I am just trying to point out the world we live in.
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    Box draws

    I know box 6 well. Irinka Darcy, Sunday I've got her in box 6 for the 4th time running. Last 8 starts: 577376666 15 starts, 10 outside box 5 & she likes to drop to the rail.
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    Typical of Auckland. Don't give a stuff about the rest of NZ.
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    4 Races gone at Marlborough today and no preliminaries have been shown. Wake Up and lift your game to deliver just the basics to the funders of this industry..the Punters.
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    Just look at how successful the Warrnambool Carnival is - 3 days in a row !!! Also, the Melb Cup Carnival - Sat/Tues/Thurs/Sat, 4 days over one week!!!! Why doesn't Wellington race Sat/Mon and leave it at that? Market the event as a long weekend in Wellington and link up with a Sunday event for visitors ( a racing lunch in the city? Guest speakers from Trainers and Jockey ranks etc). That way, you can ask people from HBay/CD/Waikato etc to come for an "Event" over 3 days. If u have it over 2 or 3 weeks, people aren't going to stay on. That's what makes Warrnambool and MC carnivals so inviting. A 3 days in a row event or a MC week - a great holiday enticement.
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    It's my sport so why can't I do what I want to, so long as I do it sensibly. People are not stopped from climbing Mt Cook and dying, skiing and breaking legs, playing rugby and becoming paraplegic, so why shouldn't I be able to go in and pat my horse and whisper in his ear before he races? I will tell you why, it's because Boy George thought it was a good idea. Well stuff him! I now hope that he doesn't stuff my team. I live in hope. P.S. Yes there are too many work place accidents, especially in forestry and farming so toughen up on them, but sport is different isn't it? If not stop everything!!!!!
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    waGGA Wagga cup carnival

    Has Boris gone all grandiose too Zelda? I would toss him outside in the lane, but don't dream it's over, he will probably come back with his mates making it a crowded house in number 8.
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    Box draws

    Oh no it's not - it happens all the time with the current Selection Criteria in place. A weighted pointscore would be a step in the right direction not just locally but it should be implemented nationally.
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    Hayden Sefonte

    Warmanbool carnival

    I enjoy McIntosh as a race caller. He is something different and his calls are genuinely passionate.
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    zelda kratchanova 2

    Warmanbool carnival

    WOW did u idoits see Z M ?? what a race, n0? (nz) does it again at the bool, I had to stop Boris jumping off the lounge chair screaming all up its gunna be a long day.
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    what a post

    Peter Hunter

    It would add insult to injury if you owned louie and read the reports in the media that your horse caused the serious fall . You would be rather upset the correct information was not disclosed. It seems the stipes report may inadvertently be partly responsible for this due to its initial failure to detail what happened .. Maybe they did not anticipate that being a consequence, but probably they should have.
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    Peter Hunter

    Apparently the stipes are going to interview drivers and review race tapes to try and work out what caused the smash. As What a Post said, Blind Freddy could see who caused in as it happened in real time, and Stevie Wonder could tell from the replay! Why they still even interview drivers is beyond me, The stipes already have videos from every angle possible, and I've yet to see a driver that tells the truth in the room anyway!
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    modest mouse

    Box draws

    And when you finally get a start, they give you box 6 again. He seems to have a mortgage on it.
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    Repeat names of horses

    I think you should be allowed an undo with naming. There is nothing worse than finding you have a great name to give to your trial winner and find the name never leaves maiden class :-)
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    what a post

    Peter Hunter

    Lets hope he is ok. One of those things that happens which most of the time just results in a bit of interference..Interesting media reports state the fall was a result of the horse louie faltering. Even blind freddy could see that was not the case and what the cause was. Very sad and unfortunate for everyone involved including the connections of the horse who started the chain reaction.
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    Its not just NZ that has that problem. Part of the reason is young TV smarties who get into racing and believe studying the form and prices is all thats required. It takes a number of years till they finally turn the corner and realize just how important viewing the horse is. Some years ago whilst talking to a very successful Hong Kong operator I queried why the betting syndicate wasn't taking enough notice of paddock reports. Well this syndicate only does things that are proven so they employed several paddock spotters and then analysed the results. Well the outcome was they employed them permanently. I like Jenny's Hong Kong reports but still can't figure out her "walkers". Other commentators just pick paddock standouts just for the sake of picking them. THey aren't reliable. The context i.e. freshup, backup etc goes alongside paddock tips so its not just picking the one with the flashy mane. Myself I look for demenour realizing that the application of "the needle" can be a giveaway with appearance.
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    Taylor Mile Farce

    At least if Waikiki Beach was trained by someone else we might actually get to see a race, instead of the choreographed workouts that we've beem presented with of late. Yes it's wonderful to see great horses in action, but that's nothing compared to seeing them in great races. Two laps of warm up for a 700-800m sprint isn't even a race, let alone a great race. When our best go out and run repeated mid race quarters around 33 seconds - which would get you fined on many Australian tracks for not meeting the minimim sectional speed in a maiden race - you're not doing the industry any favours. To put things in perspective, there were two other 2700m races run on the night - one for 3yo trotters, and the other an intermediate grade stand - and they both went considerably faster! We need great horses, but more importantly we need those great horses to do great thing. I'm afraid for most people the Taylor Mile and the Messenger were both borefests that would have done nothing to bring a single person back to the track.
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    Rowe cup Poll

    Was always at least a top place bet for me. Never further back than fourth in fourteen starts and rarely done a thing wrong. You can't say that about many trotters. Someone criticised him for getting a cosy run but that's the luck of the draw. I'll predict now though that he can't win the Jewels if he starts. Would be running on like he did last year (though most the field flew apart) but can't go hard early.
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    TAB takes 10k bet @ $3.50!!!!

    I don't believe a lot of these bets actually are real, what idiot would risk 10k on a maiden trotter who had 2 starts and pulled up both times? Yes, it just got beaten but its manners let it down the last bit again, they deserve to lose it if it was an actual bet.
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    Double R

    best jumpers of the past..

    Kumai was mentioned in the very first post by Final Luca and also by Belinda. Will never forget him, as came from my area down south, and won many open class flat races, including at Trentham. Another couple to throw in the mix, Terex and Nearco Note (who I think was gifted to either the Queen or the Queen Mother).
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    Fred Dagg

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    final luca

    Fred Dagg

    john was one of the best, if it weren't for your gumboots were would you be, was always a great pleasure to watch. sadly missed R.I.P
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    Stallion One Hit Wonders

    Wasn't Barrellan by High Rank ? Trained by Bill Sanders. Won heaps.