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    Baabaas always were a playoff team anywho..... Race 1...#6 , #7...BB Race 2...#3 , #10 Race 3...#1 , #3 Race 4...Dolly Parton...#9 and #5 Race 5...#4 , #8 Race 6...#2 , #3...BB Race 7...#2 , #15 Race 8...#1 , #10 Race 9...#2 , #4 Race 10...#3 , #5 Mrs Cubes helpfully has reminded Cubity to thank the scorer and wish our opponents "All the best" so Thanks PJ and Good Lunch Von Smallmeister... But Cubes has a feeling in the water about a resurgent Barbarian run deep into playoff territory !!!.
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    billy connolly

    Where will I punt tomorrow

    Most of those horses racing for that money in 1986 would've also been in sole ownership (no need for ripoff syndicators back then) and a winning stake in 1986 would've covered at least 18 months training fees! Why is it that after having gone so far backwards in terms of horse quality and returns to stakeholders and punters alike, the fat men have still gotten fatter....much fatter???
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    Where will I punt tomorrow

    Fook, unbelievable, downright disgusting isn't it and yet salaries at the head offices have gone through the roof. Fook again is about all I can say!
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    Willow Grove

    Another Abandonment

    Obvious from all of the above posts that not one of you have been in Southland in the past 24hrs to experience the absolute deluge of water that has fallen. There is a lot of surface water lying everywhere not just at the racecourse. Nothing could have been done differently by the course, rainfall in the past 3 days had been near non stop.
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    Is that one of the Kat's in the background ? Sharne, Pam ??? I like Graeme's hat !
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    R1-6x8(7)BB R2-2x9(6) R3-1x2(4) R4-7x11(5) R5-2x8(3) R6 2x5(6) R7-7x10(2) R8-1x6(10) R9-5x16(11) R10-9x11(2)BB Reserved seat Lawn Stand-check Gourmet Hamper-check Wallet full of money-check What could possibly go wrong?
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    Jim Cassidy Book

    Purchased Pumper the Jim Cassidy biography yesterday -hot off the press. Apart from a few spelling mistakes and the frequent use of the f word a ripper of a read! Also released yesterday but only in Australia was Prince of Penzance by Kristen Manning. Hoping to find a copy here shortly!
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    Goat beaten

    Showed leading 4 of his last 5 way? Haven't been following doggies but just commented through Steve Davis's disapointment of the loss,looked on paper the 30 plus kilo the main issue? No expert but I love Greyhounds
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    Brown Fox

    Another Abandonment

    Get your bets on before the first race. You know I'm right.
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    Hmm compelling stats Ted. I do think in NZ that urbanisation has been a major killer of racing in this country, the reduction in Mum & Dad farmers across NZ has seen individual horse ownership plummet & with it wider interest in racing in general as urban NZers get further and further away from connection with farm animals.
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    When the teams met earlier: ROUND 3 3 THE BLUES $806.60 2 points 2 THE KAURI KATS $1041.20 1 point 200.00 Gordy 175.00 Graeme 259.60 Howie 376.00 Jenlove 50.00 Pete 30.00 Pam 131.00 Brian 370.00 Sarah 166.00 Geoff 90.20 Sharne ROUND 7 1 CRUSADERS (4th) $725.20 0 points 4 TURBOS (6th) $847.00 3 points 347.20 Rob 96.00 Sir Gallivant 112.00 Alan 403.00 Moose 0.00 Mr Gee 142.00 Viceroy 52.00 Tom 401.00 Punter Pete 214.00 Richie 231.00 Porky 3 BARBARIANS (10th) $622.40 2 (x 2 Joker bonus) = 4 points 2 MAGPIES (9th) $751.80 1 (x 2 Joker bonus) = 2 points 189.00 Cubes 179.00 Steve 271.00 Steve P 224.80 Ray 48.00 Wrinkles 25.00 Vom Smallhausen 70.40 Kay 253.00 Damion 44.00 Sir Castleton 70.00 Sasha ROUND 9 2 CHIEFS (1st) $1583.00 2 points 3 HURRICANES (2nd) $1273.20 2 points 169.00 CataIano 197.40 The Crucible 163.40 Sylvia 226.80 Maria 109.80 Jack 503.40 Hesi 658.20 Ian 218.60 John 482.60 Casper 127.00 Cam
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    well the ones that are punting must be putting more through the chaff cutter because their stakes keep skyrocketing
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    modest mouse

    Spring Sam

    On one of my stand downs is says up to and including. Make of it what you want.
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    Derby Day Spring Comp Entries

    flemington rce 2 tiamo grace 6 rce 5 extreme choice 2 rce 6 danish twist 4 rce 7 beach life 13 bb rce 8 thunder fantasy 6 good luck everyone
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    Spring Sam

    It's in the wording, the dog is stood down UNTIL the 31st not to the 1st hence the reason it can race on the 31st. A stand down doesn't say up to and including it just says when to. Which is exactly how it happened in the example I gave you earlier
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    Kay Hollis (well my selections can only improve ) 1 - 6, 7 BB (3, 2) 2 - 2, 3 (1, 7) 3 - 1, 2 (4, 7) 4 - 4, 7 (11, 3) 5 - 2, 5 (1, 11) 6 - 2, 8 (3, 7) 7 - 2, 13 (10, 12) 8 - 1, 12 (10, 9) 9 - 2, 10 (1, 7) 10 - 5, 8 (9, 3) BB (get out chance) Sylvia 1 - 2, 6 (7, 3) 2 - 2, 7 (1, 3) 3 - 1, 7 (2, 4) BB 4 - 3, 7 (4, 11) 5 - 1, 7 (5, 2) 6 - 2, 3 (8, 7) 7 - 2, 10 (12, 13) 8 - 1, 10 (12, 9) 9 - 1, 2 (10, 7) BB 10 - 5, 9 (8, 3) church fair tomorrow so early entry - and it's going to be wet Kay
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    It's not the bookies fault that the handicapping system is fu$&@:d and that there are too many soft kills out there. Its not the bookies fault that Mark and Nat kill everyone on a weekly basis. It is partly the bookies fault that they set 140% markets and that they are driving punters who win AND who lose away and destroying a once great industry. It is partly their fault that punting owners are waking away from the game and big punters are walking up to the smiling friendly faces at their respective casinos who welcome their big gambles. And the fact is we still can't just blame the bookies. They are working within parameters. Who sets them? And who hired that suit? This is part of a bigger issue. Racing is going down the drain because no one is thinking long term. And the higher it goes the worse it gets. This industry isn't about bankers, accountants and insurance men. But keep bringing them in, overpaying them and setting them the wrong kinds of goals and this is what you'll get. Someone tell me I'm not 140% right.
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    Where will I punt tomorrow

    Bet where NZs premier jock is riding - support you local unsung champion CW Johnson
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    I was really surprised when i read months ago that they were going to hold a 2 day meeting...and then after seeing the fields for Monday..i was feeling a tad flat initially..as i started thinking that surely if it was still a 1 day meeting,then would Monday's fields be bigger..they more than likely would be.But now good on the KTC for trying to do something different...yes i do support the *if it aint broke,dont fix it' rule...but the fact that it's an iconic track in New Zealand,why not show case it for 2 days.I've been to most Kaikoura Cup Days,since i moved to Marlborough many years ago....and i am going to this meeting on the Monday...not going on the Sunday.Will be heading into the township on Sunday night,so i'll be interested to see if there are more bodies about than previous Cup Eves.I seriously hope that the club has a great 2 days...and rain,hail or shine..it's going to be a great 2 days of racing.
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    Oamaru barrier staff

    What was that....Race 7 Tickets on Me refuses to go into the stalls....where were the people getting in behind the filly to push it in? Where was the hood? Why don't we use one in NZ? A poor showing and totally unprofessional.
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    Hi, folks. In a big match (knockout) I'm gonna revert to a 'tried-and-true' method that has served me well in the past, pick early before I give myself the chance to talk myself out of four or five winners (the overthinking syndrome) ! So here goes, first out first home, Howie for the Mighty Blues :- R1 = 6x8 (5) R2 = 2x10 (9) R3 = 2x3 (1) R4 = 5x11 (6) R5 = 3x8 (2) BB NZ R6 = 3x5 (6) BB Aus R7 = 4x10 (11) R8 = 1x10 (3) R9 = 1x2 (7) R10 = 1x5 (8) Good luck to Sarah of the Kauri Kats, I hope you enjoy a bit of success as well, Sarah, and of course the very best of luck to my Mighty Blues Brothers Geoff, Gordy, Brian & Pete. Let's get the job done this Saturday fellas, so we can move on and take out this Major Championship. It's Geoff's birthday on Saturday so the birthday boy will be looking to celebrate in style with another impressive win. Thanks, PJ.
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    billy connolly

    Oamaru barrier staff

    And why don't those vets and farriers lend a hand at the start? The vet and farrier at Ellerslie sometimes lends a hand, but the majority do nothing except drive around the course in their V8 Range Rovers! Regarding the head post, horses are 10 times easier to load without jockeys, but for some reason the stewards don't permit them to dismount now. The smart jockeys of yesteryear always dismounted around at the start to keep weight off their mounts back.
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    Pam Robson

    Oamaru barrier staff

    Didn't see the race to which you refer...but we do use hoods/blindfolds. No idea why not in this case.....and yes, you do see a fair bit of standing around at times when a concerted shove could work. Just as an aside...it never fails to amuse me when you see various people, barrier staff and others, waving their arms around pointlessly behind a blinkered horse. What is that supposed to achieve?
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    Willow Grove

    First Broodmare

    Fantastic choice, we bred to Dalghar last year and the Mare has gone back to him this year. The King's are lovely and have taken really good care of our Mare and always keep us up to date. He really stamps his foals and is leaving strong bold foals. Dalghar's female line is fantastic, we were happy to get a Filly by him.
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    she will be safe if nick hall gets suspended and craig williams gets legged up...