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    Chris Wood

    Oamaru barrier staff

    Billy, for one, it's not their job, and with OSH breathing down their throats, and ACC Levies as they are, who can blame them. In the real world, we would have more attendants for every barrier crew in the country, but NZ racing can't afford it. I do take my hat off to each and everyone of these people involved in this job, it is a thankless task! Not many horses beat the Northern crew!
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    Bet Hughie was giggling when he heard that as he went past.....
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    Oamaru barrier staff

    I paid my way through Uni doing barriers two days a week when I was at Curtin in Perth. In two years we missed out on one horse, a pig by Beau Sovereign called Sturgeon. I made it my pet project never to lose him at the barriers and worked with his trainer to get him sorted. Also flew horses in planes to get to Uni so I learnt the game through fire. Also spent time in UK where they use the blind fold on a regular basis. It seriously works the oracle. So this "keyboard warrior" was appalled, shocked and frustrated at the absolute lack of barrier knowledge that I saw at Oamaru in Race 7. Totally unprofessional in this day and age
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    Box draws

    Definitely think the system needs looking at the last 2 auckland meetings I've had five races with more than 1 dog in and have drawn side by side in all of them.Random? I think not.
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    I wonder how many dogs were nommed for that COD 603 today? They really need to allow us to have 6 dog dis races again
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    cantab matt

    a t lowe

    Yes and the JCA thought the charge to be sufficient to determine guilt and therefore upheld the charge. The power is in the hands of the JCA they could of dismissed the charge of evidence was insufficient. Im my opinion the suspension was warranted and the term appropriate- what isn't appropriate though was the pathetic JCA imposed penalty on Robert Argue, he should of also got a couple of months..... This isn't the fault of the stipes though
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    Like your post. Ours are out because of kennel cough. Not having a problem getting starts. The only bugbear for us is the lack of distance races. Problem for us is (because of health problems) that we are confined to Auckland.
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    Hound Fan

    Box draws

    Wassa..congrats on your wedding..........There is no doubt there is a problem with box draws ....the biggest example of this is in the maiden at auckland sunday is Glenn hunts 2 dogs drawing 7 and 8 and then on thursday the same dogs get the same draw 7 and 8....after talking to a lady at internal affairs or whatever it is called now.....even she agreed the chances would be slim.....I have to write a formal complaint and she said if there was enough others that doubted the systym complained they would have a look into it....so here is every ones chance if they think it is not right put pen to paper...
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    Great effort at Ashburton.....shows the advantage / attraction of a decent track compared to the Northern bogs.
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    A challenge to the breeding theorists

    Makes sense, With the poor record of in-breeding Danehill you would hope that the majority of mares he served were from a non Danehill sire line. The one Frankel that you mentioned that is out of a Danehill line mare is Cunco, he has a very interesting pedigree as his sire (Frankel) is a grandson of Sadler's Wells out of a Danehill mare and his dam (Chrysanthemum) is a grandson of Danehill out of a Sadler's Wells mare. Your statement reminds me of a recent article (racing post I think) in regards to who Coolmore will be sending most of their top class race mares by Galileo to once at stud as many of these top Galileo racemares are out of Danehill sire line broodmares. So they don't want be wanting to further duplicate the Danehill and Sadler's Wells, stallions mentioned were Zoffany and War Front (who they have used in the past who stands in America), unfortunately the ideal stallion to use is Dubawi but Coolmore won't use Darley stallions! The search for different outcross options remains
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    Oamaru Jockey Club

    It was great to be the owner of a winning horse yesterday at your meeting. I would like to mention to the commitee members that after driving 250 km to get there it would have been nice to have a hand shake and a drink of congratulations. Bloody poor show when you have to go to the bar and shout yourself. While a nice young lady gave us a bottle of wine just remember who pays the bills for these horses. Suggest to commitee that become more active looking after people and you will get more horses in your fields.
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    bus stop

    Mike and Linda Martin

    Congratulations to Mike and Linda on their quinella yesterday at Auckland it was great to see these long serving participants back with a couple of dogs that I am sure will give them quite a few wins between them. I have always held Mike and Linda in high regard as trainers their dogs are always well presented and look the part their strike isnt to bad either.The word round the traps is that this litter is their swansong sad if true. But I am sure Mike will keep tote turn over ticking over
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    Lincoln blue

    R.I.P Randall Judd

    I would like to pass on my condolences to the Family/Friends/Co-workers of Randall. Still transporting horses till the end,He was a Top bloke who loved a laugh. Fly high my friend. Simpson Racing
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    "JESUS CHRIST" Love it. Will quote it for years.
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    billy connolly

    Oamaru barrier staff

    And why don't those vets and farriers lend a hand at the start? The vet and farrier at Ellerslie sometimes lends a hand, but the majority do nothing except drive around the course in their V8 Range Rovers! Regarding the head post, horses are 10 times easier to load without jockeys, but for some reason the stewards don't permit them to dismount now. The smart jockeys of yesteryear always dismounted around at the start to keep weight off their mounts back.
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    Mate don't worry about the other site... Kakama and PBA are a match made in heaven, and I should have taken your advice from the start as to letting him have anything to do with the comp. I am sorry if I upset anyone over the comp amendments but some of them were done as PBA had trouble keeping up and getting results out.... I am sure we can have some good humored banter from here on in.... and the leaders in the comp better look out I have got the shillelagh out and am going to come home with a finish faster than Kiwi....
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    Race videos

    Also, they are so PC you don't get to see them finish on the rabbit, and depending on whether there is a fall or not, is the deciding factor whether you get to see the full front on. Just useless sanitised crap that leaves the important parts out. How else are we supposed to learn what went wrong, and what caused it.
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    a t lowe

    Totally unfair to suspend him. It wasnt as if he was in a proper speed dual and chasing the horse up. The gaps didn't open up in the field so the other drivers weren't to concerned at the tempo they were running. More of a case on the hose being in a feild too strong for it and then ending up keen while in the worst postion. The rui should have a lot to answer for the stipes consistency and countless obvious mistakes lately Especailly in the north .it's turning into a joke. Friday night at Cambridge was one of the worse causes of incompetences and the chair stipe decided to go for a lessor charge because the initial charge could have a heavy penalty. Surely that's not teaching anyone and is a complete turnoff for punters.
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    Happy Sunrise

    a t lowe

    just to clarify one of my points. both horse and driver were out of their class but so what! most of the horses were in the same category today.. outclassed. if they werent there, harness would be finished! give me a great days racing at methven, oamaru or the west coast over the likes of ashburton today anytime
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    Will do sorry I missed it Memphis....
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    Thuggish Rugby Players

    Where on earth has this guy materialised from. Did someone leave a door unlocked somewhere, there has to be an APB out for him from some institution surely.
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    Berri You know as well as anyone that there is no "silver bullet" in selecting horses whether it is based on a pedigree or on type. If there was, then Coolmore, Darley and everyone else would be onto it. Most people who look at pedigrees have their own ideas ( or share with others) on what they think are important and similarly those who look at types and temperament have their ideas. The fact that Winx did not sell for millions as a yearling shows that she didn't fill the criteria of those with deep pockets ( and presumably those with the best advice money can buy). Those who look at pedigrees are just trying improve the odds of selecting a good horse in exactly the same way those who look for a particular type of horse . I think Swynford , for example, has said a few times he would always look at the horses he has selected "off paper" with the help of an experienced horseman. Similarly I doubt anyone would buy a horse of any value just on type and not at least look at the page in the catalogue. It would be very boring if we all agreed with each other on the issue.
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    The racing story of the year

    Most of the best horses cost under $100k....given the success of Bruce Perry, maybe TeAkau should employ him to buy their horses