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    Scotch Thistle

    Credit where it is due

    It was great to see good sized fields in the Great Northern Hurdles (13) and Steeples (14) yesterday. It looks like the new pattern of jumping racing is bearing fruit, hopefully sustainably. Another highlight was having Emily Farr doing the comments on Trackside TV before the jumps races. A pity for her that she was out injured, but a bonus for the viewers as her close familiarity with the horses, stables and jockeys involved stood out. She seemed a TV natural, being eloquent and easy on the eye as well as knowledgeable.
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    TOTAL AFTER WEEK 8= $2215.90 ($123.10 PER SHARE) well another steady week getting $310.50 and it seems slow and steady has been the theme of this round as most of the winnings have been off each way or win bets. Cat was very unlucky getting the roughies in the multi but some of the short priced shots let us down. So onto the last week of round 1 ( has that gone fast or is it just me??) and the powerhouse team of Porky and Brownfox to bring home the bacon. Little update on Izzy she is feeling much better now and we are all glad to be in our own beds. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE.
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    Platinum command enq

    Looks to be another very dubious decision, and inconsistent. Firstly the grey horse was travelling far better than PC when it ran past it about the 350 mark, PC was already under a ride and had been for some time, secondly the kid on PC bottled it, he bailed out, if he'd have been travelling well enough or had a bit of ticker he'd have kicked up and held his position no problem. He needs a bit of friendly advice that kid, it's a crook look when a youngster waves the white flag like that. When he did bail out he over exaggerated the process and cost himself a couple of lengths, then for some inexplicable reason he decided to ease another couple of horse widths wider and get rebalanced to make another run. Clearly the race was run at a very fast tempo ( first three home were last three all the way ) and what made PC look better was that the grey horse eased up the last 50. As for Zorrali, well given that he was a significant contributor to the initial squeeze he's had a great day, gifted the race and no accountability !! Mind you he's a great old horse that Zorrali, goes to the races more times than George Simon and thoroughly deserved a win, but not in that manner. The way to resolve this inconsistency is to have video standards available to those involved, incidents that show historical precedents and examples of previous decisions, then that travesty would've been avoided because I can think of half a dozen similar cases that don't reconcile with that decision yesterday.
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    Wood & Edge

    Big credit to the job you have done Chris and big ups for coming on here and being honest and not taking offense when someone asks a question.
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    The " Dress" code

    So now even the handlers are getting criticised by you... you really are such a sad individual...if you hate everything about all of the codes why bother... can you tell me that???
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    Why OZ leaves us for dead!

    This morn after stables I find myself watching ''On The Lounge' a great chat show about Aussie racing on Trackside 1. This show hosted by 20 somethings, is bright, breezy and informative. They know their stuff, the producers are going to the next level to attract the younger gen to 'tune in'.........this is what is needed, plaudits to them, they are streets ahead of us, their marketing is targeted and well thought out. Do yourselves a favour, have a bo peep when you can, it's bloody marvellous, the only way this industry will survive is by seducing the younger brigade with the romance of racing, I love seeing them enjoying themselves raceday, pissheads aside, when you go racing at Newmarket/Ascot/Windsor et al in the UK there is something about the crowds, they embrace the horse first, partying after the last....... I hope to hell Mr Purcell, and those at the racing board have a look at how to do this, get youngies through the gate, by introducing a racing show via visible media at an attractive time and using our better younger presenters and inviting younger interviewees, making the content relevant to younger people and in general being positive, then and only then will racing in this country have a future, cos, no matter how much we at the coal face whinge, without people going through the gates and getting to a keyboard to invest through the totes, and this has to be driven by excitement and interest, will racing not only survive but grow, and surely that's the end game.
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    The " Dress" code

    If ever there was an instance of troubles we have running our industry surely the bloody dress code would stand head and shoulders above all else. When I first got involved anything was OK , you could wear shorts and jandals Shortly after that a white doctors coat was mandatory. Obviously with the advent of Tote racing that had to be administered a bit better so a tidy standard was expected. At this same time by the way if you raced at the Auckland club you went through gate (a) kennelled your dog and left the track and entered again through gate (b) where you had to pay to get on the track just like members of the public did in those days. The doctors coat was still the preferred option I remember a race meeting at Auckland where a number of us stayed back and had few free drinks for the making of a Thayne Green arranged TV clip that was about the first of it's kind to represent the dog code to the racing public. Following that there was a call for neater appearances and many clubs started to insist on certain levels of appearance such as ties that Chch seem unwilling to abandon many years after the rest saw the light. All sorts of styles followed with some clubs trialling the appropriate box colour of the dog to the handlers coat. and a common one was for the clubs to wear the corresponding colours of their rugby franchise, but eventually it was decided to have uniform colour of black and white as standard dress for all clubs, this is not the norm in the other racing codes but they don't get the chance to parade for three hundred meters in a straight line following the orders of an official with a bucket of shit yelling to them when they step out of line, have the dog on the wrong side or halt while the bucket of shit is added to. OF course different levels of dress were called for in different conditions. Auckland thought they would just about always just need whIte shirts but in Chch The three options all worn at once barely kept you from hypothermia. This seemed to always cause consternation amongst the handlers as the young and foolish were adept at strutting their stuff and to show either their physical attributes or how tough they were and us old fogeys had our teeth chattering trying to his out physical demise. Eventually as evolution had it's way and after 3000 meetings , emails , official statements and amendments an official dress code was decided upon ion 2015. One year later I am at a race meeting when a fine lady is asked to take her black jacket off because everyone else was either wearing vests or shirts. My immediate reaction was hold on we spent three years getting this sorted so she should be OK. The day although fine was cool and it appeared quite reasonable to me to be wearing a jacket. However on going to the NZGRA site I see that there many variations to the original decision. I am bewildered as to what most of them mean. After all the talk, the meetings, the rule passing, the amendments to those and the money spent we have come full circle to the same position we had before we started. If this is the best we can do trying to make a workable dress code heaven help us if we try for a national selection policy or anything else of importance
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    Leading First Season Sire

    I'm going on nothing more than what I have seen at the sales , but I like the look of the Super Easy stock as 2yo types , they have that get up and go look about them. So if their temperament is right could be interesting.
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    No Time Taken

    The dreaded NTT struck in Race 3 at Ellerslie yesterday. It was over 1200m and I wanted the time of the race to assess if the track was drying out. Surely the club should have a timing back up if the normal mechanism fails. Simply not good enough!
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    Fiery Falcon

    Who Is The TABs Harness Bookie?

    Brodie To make one point clear I have nothing to do with the TAB but if I have an issue with them or anyone else I deal with it .I have had enough of your consistent moaning with them they hold the power nothing will change.
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    Naughty boy. Go to the corner Globey
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    New Comp

    Yeah, PBA is in, for Scoobys money ... and I never use other ids for competitions.
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    I did notice you never wished your opposition good luck
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    Bullbars as a sire - thoughts

    biff massive striders and massive eaters could be the key to getting a good 'un!
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    Nice work team - well earned 3 points and heading in the right direction. Never thought I'd see Steve P win with $119, after his luck (or lack of) in the Winter Comp.
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    SMD is rife

    Who Is The TABs Harness Bookie?

    Because they wont know its you and not every punter in the NI is on a limit...very few are in fact....gee its like pulling teeth with you...
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    RIP Gentle Lee

    Sadly we had to have Anna (Gentle Lee) put to sleep last week, she was just a few weeks short of 14. She has been a wonderful dog and a fantastic brood bitch. Her first litter of 8 to Zac Attack all raced in C5 and between them won 178 races and $322,830 in prize money. Her other two litters won 67 races with $126,305, so totalling 247 wins & $458,235 in total We could not have asked for a better kennel dog, clean and quiet. She was a very good mum to all her pups, looked after them really well. She certainly was named well, Gentle by name and gentle by nature. She still lives on here, as out of 6 retired dogs 5 of them are her offspring. She will be sadly missed. RIP Anna
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    Slim Shady


    I will give you the tip on how to make a small fortune from greyhound racing.......start with a big fortune!!! (It will soon be small!)
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    The " Dress" code

    I think we have got that hung up on the image prior to the start that it would not surprise me if they wanted the Mamaku marching team leading them out. I keep checking the minor infringement fines table to see if they have introduced a fine if your dog stops for a pee on the way, or the maximum table if it stops for number two's
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    Chris Wood

    Lotus Laud

    I rode one for Jenny Scott, Clerk Of The Course for many years in the late 70's, Silamond at Paeroa. $234 and $51 for a place!
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    bus stop

    The " Dress" code

    Yes i understand the Waikato Club requiries you to supply a doctors note if you wish to wear a jacket if the rest of the handlers dont wish to, come on Waikato get your act together and take in the consideration the welfare ,of the people who surpport your club.
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    Industry Blood Test

    And while we are at it let's ban Phil Williamson and Paul Niarn from all trotting events, Chris Waller from Australia and Joel Moreira from Hong Kong. Probably should ban the All Blacks too - tiresome seeing them winning all the time. Be careful Greg and Nina Hope too as you are winning far too many races recently. Why can't people just enjoy wonderful horseman/womanship and stop living negatively everyday. Don't you think Brodie we are sick of you whinging everyday about your unproven restrictions and how wonderfully your life is, and your snide comments re successful trainers must be using something? It gets tiresome.
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    Industry Blood Test

    Well, you know I for one was bloody proud of our Kiwi efforts (horses n Trainers/Drivers) in oz recently, albeit most of the results an efforts were from that Purdon & Rasmussen stable gawd love em, great to see Sir Iceman over there given it a shake as well......I love it when our horses tear over the ditch and deal it up to the ozzies and if that means cheerin for the Blue n Silver, or the Black with white Star, or whatever colours and or horses flying the Kiwi flag while racing over there, then so be it..... Geez it would've been great to see someone posting Woohoo!!!! Kiwis rule in oz, Go Kiwi Go Kiwi!!! or Guys! Did yuh see our Kiwis go in Oz on the weekend but no! If you lot can't be proud of our efforts, small wonder the bloody industry is in the proverbial doo doo house! Tiz the start of new season, how bout focusin on the great racin we have ahead of us, the awesome horseflesh about to step back on the tracks, I can't wait for Monbet, Sunny Ruby, Marcoola, Have Faith In Me, Lazarus, Dream About Me, Golden Goddess sorry if I left someone out, and the upcomin battles theyre about to wage, geezuz don't yuh reckon we should be focussed on makin sure WE (Kiwis) win our fricken NZ Cup back? if my memory recalls AINT IT SITTIN IN OZZIE! (albeit won with a Kiwibred) hehehehe had to put that in there, so come on now! bit too early in season for this sh!te...... Cheers Iraklis
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    Breeders Crown

    A fantastic days racing showcased by some first class driving David Butt and Paul Nairn showed why they are the most feared combination with squaregaiters Mark Purdon's aggressive and brilliant driving accompanies his world class training Anthony Butt {still a kiwi driver} shows his class and combined with ex kiwi trainer Brent Lilley to cause an upset The cream rose to the top on an exciting days racing
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    Chris Wood

    Wood & Edge

    Well Pluck me, I thought this thread was about Edgey and me!