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    Grant R

    Affordable Racing thats fun

    I have interests in a number of horses that are racing and or getting prepared to race and i also breed a couple as well, however I am having a blast at the moment with a syndicate i only have 1% in and was the brainchild of Richardson racing Stables the His and Hers syndicates pitting the ladies versus the men . Its a affordable way of having ownership of a horse and attracting new people to the industry . About 2 1/2 years ago Richie and Rochelle purchased two yearlings from the Karaka sales with a budget of 15k each and syndicated them out for the cost they paid for them with a fixed monthly cost which included training , vet ,transport , nominations etc . It has been a blast with Eprouvez going beyond expectations and winning a couple and placing in others and to be honest could go on with it a bit as a 4 year old . the ladies horse Hashtagfabulous didn't fare as well and was retired however The Richardson's transferred the ladies to 2 other horses A Redwood Gelding and Darci brahma Gelding who are in work as we speak . There was no extra cost associated with this transfer . What it has done is generated approximately 160 people to racing, I'm not saying everyone is new to racing but a great percentage are and having a blast as you can see when the camera pans to stands and sees the many owners of these horses there . A big part of this is the interaction between the teams mainly on social media a bloody lot of borax thrown and given but in the end of it it comes down to a great idea by the Richardson's and there team .
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    WOW Wanganui

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    Counties Track

    Maybe they should have purchased the Paeroa track when it was available.
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    von Smallhaussen

    Counties Track

    with a new track having just been constructed/laid at Pukekohe - who in their right mind would schedule meetings for late May, June and August with the likelyhood of heavy rain preceding these dates? Chances are they would always be a heavy track and the new grass would get ripped out!
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    Boxing / racing

    Lonergan and Hosking together. Throw Auckland Mayor Len Brown into that mix along with Cameron Slater and you have four much loved and highly respected New Zealanders I would much rather pay $50 pay per view to watch those guys all in the ring together. Last man standing. The losers never allowed to be seen in public again. The winner gets a two year all expenses paid holiday to Syria.
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    Counties Track

    Synthetic Track in the North needed but I fear it would be Plan Z.
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    Counties Track

    Bradez - I am not disagreeing with this statement (although proof will be in the pudding next year whether it was a waste of money the track redevelopment) - however why was racing even scheduled at Counties during the winter if the grass was as you describe inadequate to race on after plenty of rain? The biggest joke is "Every attempt was made to find an alternative venue" - what, with 24 hours notice for another club to pick up the meeting.....or did NZTR know, for arguments sake, in the weekend, that it was looking 50/50 and did nothing about it?
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    Counties Track

    There have been two successful meetings at Pukekohe Park since the rebirth, not one. You would think with 66mls of rain in the last 7 days, it would be best to preserve a new track and young grass. It would absolutely fucking stupid to race on it tomorrow with the amount of rain Pukekohe has had. The right decision has been made. Next winter with another 12 months of the roots growing down into the ground, you'll find the surface will handle this much rain, but its to new/young to contemplate racing after so much rain.
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    Yes. It was remarkable in so many ways. A small puff of smoke to begin with, then a gradual increase in smoke and f then fire. Almost in slow motion as I recall. No panic. People made their way down the stairs and went down to the rail. We (a few mates) helped a number of people over the fence on to the track. Then we turned around and watched it all burn down! Next race please. Quite remarkable. The Cup of '61 was won by ... Invicta. For some, that was almost as remarkable - and memorable!
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    Klitschko v Fury

    Agree with you Globe. Joshua looks a beast. Admired Joe's heart in coming back every time Takam clocked him, but it was a pedestrian fight for the most part until the final rounds. But fighting a younger, faster, stronger man will be much different. Great interview with Bob Jones on radio today. He was scathing about the whole set up and has already told them this next fight will do absolutely nothing for his credibility...UK boxing people weren't that impressed either apparently. I doubt Joshua is losing too much sleep over it either....
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    Counties Track

    Dont despair Mooseman, there's a Premier meeting at Trentham this Saturday. Lots of money up for grabs and you get to run in heavy conditions.
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    king canute

    Otaki Track

    "Believe it or Not" Gone up one point to 8 after over 20 mls overnight!
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    Boxing / racing

    Another one? Remember when he got knocked into a different galaxy in a head clash against the Kangaroos in 91. Just watched the clip again. Some big names in both sides. The game just carried on as if nothing had happened while Lonergan was out cold,arms outstretched like a victim of Pompeii and legs shaking like the Christchurch earthquake. In this user pays society it's unfair to have some paying while others don't but it's well over the top calling those who watched it via Facebook as cowards. Boxing is responsible for some of the biggest rorts in sport so it's a bit rich to point fingers at cowards who almost certainly wouldn't have paid to watch the fight anyway. Most of us have listened to music or watched movies that others have paid a premium to watch. Turn the page. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-NQq611x8k
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    von Smallhaussen


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    If and when they slash and burn it will be very interesting to see who picks the players up and at what cost. As for all the stuff about shopping Manu- who would really want him, scores one try but usually concedes 2 plus
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    The RIU is rapidly becoming a Secret Society. They are VERY selective in posting reports. No mention of this Yogi case in their Weekly Report. Frankly this is not good enough. Transparency seems to be an alien concept to them. Nothing will change until Mike Godber disappears into the ether.
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    Ummmm.... Here is a good one for the NZTR to be transparent etc about and show we can all live in harmony with no secrets or hidden agenda . Cubes has two questions for the External Communications Department of NZTR / NRB / TAB in Petone or Parnell or wherever .... 1. Why was Yogi disqualified 3 months after a horror start / horror ride / horror trip resulting in a 6 length victory at the home of NZ Racing ( Riccarton ) on Feb 19th 2016 ? (Watch the video 'Cafers forsure) 2 . Cubemeister , who backed the runner-up , has not noticed any up-in-valueness of the wasteland that is Cubes' TAB account .Why not ? 3 . As we move bravely forward as an industry into the bleakness that is winter 2016 , why not shine a light of illumination on those of us that never really seem to know what is going on ?
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    Steve Davis

    Listened to Trackside Radio to hear what Mike Dillon had to say in his slot following last weeks embarrassing balls up piece all about the Rotorua Cup being a set weight and penalty race hence the weights of the runners etc when it wasn't at SWP race at all. However Dillo was a no show this week. Probably still getting a huge ribbing about it, so after one week must still be a bit too sensitive to front today. Come on Mike, it wasn't your first big cock up and it probably won't be your last.
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    R1 : 2x4 (3) R2 : 1x4 (3) R3 : 1x2 (6) R4 : 2x4 (8) Best Bet NZ R5 : 1x10 (9) R6 : 2x13 (7) R7 : 4x6 (10) Best Bet Aus R8 : 5x11 (6) R9 : 2x5 (9) R10: 2x20 (3) Good luck to my team-mates Betty, Nekky, Gordy, Rob, and Geoff. Big day for us today, we're playing the Goliath Joker (Joker 2) today against a higher-placed team. Hope we make the most of the opportunity. Let's do it, Broncos !
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    it's a ballroom

    North Island champs

    Wife's dog won the Manawatu cup there last year , no trophy or rug just a ribbon. Surely if the winner doesn't get a cup it should just be called " The Manawatu " ? To those at Palmy it's all about the money , sod the owners .
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    Sarah Moody cops it now

    Getting back to the head post, this Sarah Moody case has a similar reek to that of the Midget (Snr) case here. Let's use our maximum bullying power to shut down any dissent or critique. The right to express an opinion, least of all a satirical one, was surely clearly established in that case. WTF do they think they are doing over there? Setting themselves up to end with more egg on their faces than they likely will from the cobalt cases? Don't they have more important things to do, like maybe establish and report some findings from the shoot up at OK corral?
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    2016 Stud Fees

    So what you are saying bazach is leave the breeding to the stallion owners and buy to race as opposed to breed to race, let the stallion owners absorb the risk while the buyer may pay more for a good product but he is more or less in control of what his investment will cost him, at least for the first 18 months. Would that make the breeding landscape stronger or would it leave it open to price fixing and inflated values?
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    2016 Stud Fees

    Civics at $2,000 would have to be the best priced sire in N.Z. Two runners today. Irish Call easily won the first at Riccarton and stablemate Call Me Royal ran a very close second in the Great Autumn at the same venue.
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    2016 Stud Fees

    Any Australian Group One form in Sydney or Melbourne at a mile is good form. El Roca by Fastnet Rock second in the Group One Randwick Guineas 7,500 Proisir by Choisir second in the Group One Randwick Guineas 7,000 Sweynesse by Lonhro second in the Group One Randwick Guineas $6,000 Any of the above depending on the bloodlines of your mare are good chances at stud. They are all good value.
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    I really like the bloodstockauctions site. Some realistic vendors so ended buying a horse at each of the first two auctions. Problem it's abit addictive and almost secured two more last night without the better half knowing ! There's something for everyone I think such a welcome addition.