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    these must be the odds for last place finisher
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    Springvale Harry

    Well if this dog doesn't get put out today for failing to chase the game is corrupt.....surely today must be the day, he pulled up about 3 times
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    This family goes back to the 'blue hen' mare Malva, and what an amazing mare she was. Only 15 hands high, but the dam of derby winners Blenheim and King Salmon, and also of His Grace. Blenheim of course is the sire of Mumtaz Begum, the dam of Nasrullah. Breeders in New Zealand will also be familiar with this family, as Malva is the 3rd dam of champion sire Summertime, the fourth dam of NZ half brother sires Crest of the Wave and Palm Beach, and now the 9th dam of both Jakkalberry and Power. This family has been extremely successful 'down under' and it would be no surprize if both Jakkalberry and Power continued this success with this great thoroughbred line.
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    Breach of privacy .....agreed!!! Should have been shredded.....agreed! But seriously...who goes through rubbish bins unfolding paper to have a read. Must have been a different sort of person who found!
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    Captain Dolmio...WTF

    or 3. The chance to pick up a relatively easy $6k on the way to the paddock was worth grabbing. Shame on those Brinsdon's for not keeping Racecafe's experts fully informed!
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    GRNZ Board Member To Face Charges

    Because the judicial procedures are not complete. Fairly obvious, I would have thought.
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    Eagle Eye

    Group1 NZ Oaks

    thanks so much for all the crap box draws you give my dogs in group1 races lol talk about sh.t luck always who does them are they recorded for evidence ? This is something that should be addressed in NZGRA either they are drawn out of a hat by connections at the end of heats or semi night or shown or recorded when drawn for public viewing ! Well I hope she jumps lol good luck to all cheers
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    Kiwi fillies

    Article published 12/4 says Capella able to return to stables while other 2 had remained at vet clinic, Waikato Times 16/4 says Danica Guy rushed back to Sydney to be with her filly who has not improved as quickly as the 2 other fillies and appears burnt all over. Thoughts with all connections of the 3 horses concerned and hoping horses now improving. Shocking !!!!!!
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    Heaven Rocks

    Yes, she is a very good horse but the winning factor was that the filly was driven like the she was the best horse in the race. Probably the most impressive winners of the day were Nek Time, Heaven Rocks and Costa Del Magnifico. These drives had something in common: they were all driven aggressively and put into the race early and it paid off. These days you cannot sit back in the field admiring the scenery and hope to sprint home from the back to win. Only the very best horses, Have Faith In Me, Lazarus, Christian Cullen etc, can do that, the rest have to be handy or they are only running for place money.
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    Stuffed TAB Terminals

    Nothing to do with the Gov. All to do with mismanaged TAB.
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    Captain Dolmio...WTF

    Started today at Invercargill and won so either theres not much communication in the Brinsdon household or their definition of a well deserved break is a week. Maybe it grew very quickly.
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    The Big Boss

    And free legged. Love seeing those horses race. Big long stride and not restricted....well as long as they dont break. Two of my favorite horses Robalan and Final Decision.
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    I personally think that Puha has, in a very timely manner, dropped a clanger on us. Thank you Puha. I missed that these submissions needed to be made and before the 29th May. Do all of you realise that they are considering changing the Racing Act, and that the proposed changes are within the content of the link provided by Puha? The approach is scary at the very least. So I propose the following. 1. I will create an entity known as the Horseman's Group; 2. I would like to receive nominations/ applications for appropriate and/ or interested parties to become part of the Horseman's Group; 3. The acceptance of the Horseman's Group members will be totally transparent but it would be good to get CV's; 4. The members need to be a mix of old and new, availability and cover most of the appropriate bases relating to the horse, the industry, technology and governance; 5. The first thing the Horseman's Group will do is review the current governmental proposition in respect of the proposed changes to the Act. My email address is [email protected] Time something was done properly and with a common voice.
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    TOTAL AFTER WEEK 13 = $1679.20 ( $80.00 PER SHARE) well that was an interesting day of betting and Porky left it until the last race to pull out his winner and also lucky that Southern Icon lengthened slightly so not to become off course sub and lowering out treble dividend. Tom was looking good on one of his place multis but unfortunately the last leg not doing its part but that is racing. Collects for the week were $166.40 ($65.70 off win bet and $100.70 off treble) now onto TigerTiger and Sir G to pull some magic out of their top hats and put some more cash in the till. have an awesome week all and we will yak later in the week.
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    It is entirely possible if you have MySky and have live paused at some stage in the day. Has happened to us all!
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    Bring back Jess. She had something worth looking at. In fact two.
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    Cassie Fahey

    Cassie Fahey was poor when she started. Would routinely get the race callers in W.A mixed up with the callers in Queensland. I heard her give a pointless cue card preview for the wrong race. Two of the numbers she tipped for the upcoming race were actually scratched. Yes,she has improved since then but certainly needed to. I wish someone would pull her aside and tell her that rolling up her sleeves and flicking her pen does not equate to a woman who really knows her stuff despite what another female presenter believes. If she is a good horse racing and gambling presenter then we have set the bar very low. I don't understand the high praise Elizabeth receives. Yes,she is easy on the eye and does a great job with the dogs which is obviously her passion. The rest is awful in my opinion. She is another who believes non stop monotone monologue where you don't ever come up for air is going to encourage me to listen and or bet. It has the obvious effect and only hurts my ears. I can't believe that on a NZ television channel, horse racing or otherwise it is acceptable to butcher the English language the way she constantly does. Nowhere in the world have I ever heard a presenter so strongly emphasis the second syllable of a word. It's cringe-worthy but apparently now totally acceptable to the point other presenters are actually copying her. Listen to her use the word "today". It is now "to-DAY" First to acknowledge it's not easy to know chapter and verse about every runner in every race you present but surely that is what you're paid for? Stating the obvious that punters would already know anyway helps nobody. I'm also not a big fan of Marc Cookson but he can at least add some info to the picture albeit perfunctory.
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    Cassie Fahey

    Yes you are probably right Chelseacol. We should not be so judgemental. Hopefully she can adopt her on style. At the end of the day, its the pictures that count.
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    Cassie Fahey

    Tough crowd guys - it's easy to fall into the trap of adopting a pet phrase or two - we all do it even in daily speech or what we write. Even harder when you spend 4 or 5 hours continually speaking between races which are going off every few minutes. And they can't be experts across all codes - if you don't know much about any one of the codes it is probably best to limit your opinions - rather than say silly things. Of course you need to continue to try and learn as well. I reckon Cassie is a good presenter - young and still improving of course. Greyhounds probably not her favourite code - but then harness or gallops probably not Liz's eh?
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    over raced dogs

    Obviously " I Know " doesn't know anything,,so we should feel sorry for him! The so called Welfare officer should be looking into this.
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    over raced dogs

    I'm not going to get into a personal attack with you, you are obviously linked to the kennel. I would go into detail the dangers of racing such a young dog so often, but I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain it to you.
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    over raced dogs

    Well as you can see by the number of people who agree with my view on these dogs being flogged, you are very much in the minority with your view that this is OK. And yes, in terms of wins he is the leading trainer in NZ, his strike-rate however is abysmal, and that is what you go by when looking at who the better trainers are, they line their dogs up when they are fit and well and not tired from racing the day before. And no, I am not 'obsessed' with anybody, I just don't like seeing pups going around the track 3 times in 5 days, you think there's anything wrong with that? I urge you to maybe change your name to 'don't know'.
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    Open Invitation to All Racing Clubs

    Ces Devine could get Lord Module back down and trotting and win from a hopeless position...I think Key and Guy have broken up and have no chance of recovery. Must say John Key looked shattered on the News last night!...May have run his race...needs a spell.
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    over raced dogs

    Hey, the fact is dogs are run into the ground in this country, race till they drop. And no, they are not wrong. You do not see dogs running 3 times in a week in Aus such as happens here. Just pure greed. Then when these so called trainers break them down, they are the first to blame the track.