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    Steve Davis

    Just watching Karaka and huge ups for Steve's auctioneering skills. Best around by a long way.
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    Whats Rogie smoking?

    Great call Jefferson He talked us into a horse we never in a million of years would've got involved in. Best sales pitch I've ever had - and the most fun. We've since won races (including a group 3), raced at Ellerslie/Riccarton and Trentham in the Cup carnivals, and most importantly had a lot of fun and met some great people.And Rogie will always take a phone call and have a chat and organise tickets for us, get beers etc etc - and I am a tiny owner compared to most of his. Genuine champion bloke
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    Whats Rogie smoking?

    Rogie could go head to head with all on this site and would come out streets ahead of most and for the few that could logically debate with him, would at least come out even. He has achieved just about everything possible within this industry, has huge respect, wears his heart on his sleeve, has got more new participants into racing than almost anyone else. He is flamboyant, expressive, fun, maybe at times a little extravagant, but a dumb man he is most definitely not. We could do with a few more Rogie's, well done that man.
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    Steve Davis

    Steve Davis is an auctioneering genius, if I am selling he is the only one I want and if I am buying I want him locked in the toilet!! The man can extract money out of wallets easier than a beautiful naked 20+ year old young lady holding a cold six pack!!
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    Steve Davis

    Aidan Rodley tripped over the main electrical cord hurridly changing into his shorts getting ready for happy hour!!
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    Whats Rogie smoking?

    Well said Jefferson couldn't agree more.Has put a huge amount in to racing and hasn't finihed yet. Not many of his generation left and we need plenty more like him to keep the industry going. I dear any of his detractors to achieve what he has done.
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    Yearling Sales

    I will definitely be buying at least one of each at the Select Sale, what type yet to be considered. Will leave that final decision to the day.
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    LGL Results

    Geoff collected $170 from his $50 investment - top effort. With returns like that, the Blues might want to recruit him - oh wait ....... As well as recycling the $50, Geoff has kindly offered to put $45 of his profit into the prize pool for LGL III. That gives us a total prize pool of $250 - watch this space.
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    Impressive data

    No accident and not engineered, it is all about what letter the catalogue starts it and I am sure they and NZB would not have wanted him there but that is how it worked out because of where the catalogue was due to automatically start this year. There was no way to move it.
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    Cubity for the mighty , mighty Baabaas Just a little bit of good old-fashioned come from behind luck to you Brian (we only have 1 same pick out of six) But seriously... Race 8...#3 , #14 Race 9...#4 , #6 BB Race 10...#2 , #11 Thanks to scorer and organiser......
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    Welcome to the Canes Maria! Wow, three from three today and a $28 best bet. Team aggregate over $2,000 and we still lost. Well done Magpies. Suspect we might have beaten most other teams
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    THANKS to the Magpies for the excellent crayfish lunch and excellent beers - !! Good luck in the last...
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    Super Comp Round 1 - unofficial results

    thanks Maria - yes Peter is right - I have to work to fuel my betting habits. Time for a quick look on here but not time for updates. Will update after last match but bit stuck for now.
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    8. 2-14 9. 14-17 10. 2-3 BB Thanks to John and PJ An even bigger thanks to the denver broncos for knocking Tom Brady and the patriots out of the nfl playoffs.
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    Yearling Sales

    We'll probably buy a weanling from the May sale, or from a sale in Oz, we need a colt as we only have one colt here, he needs a mate, a fight club buddy, our paddocks are full of sheilas.......young and old!
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    Once upon a time is an Indian village, there lived three squaws. Two squaws had young sons who were very overweight. The first squaw, whose son weighed 150lbs, always placed her son on a bear hide near a pine grove; the second squaw, whose son also weighed 150lbs, put her son on a moose hide in the shade of a large oak tree; but the third squaw, who was expecting the birth of her first son, always rested on a hippopotamus hide beside a babbling brook. Her weight? 300lbs To this day, mathematicians give credit to these women and their children for proving the Pythagorean Theorem, because you see: The squaw of the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws of the other two hides. Midget, you can quote Pyhtagoras, Alchimedes, Newton, Thales or Bigollo it doesn't matter, Raghu did not move out, meander, shepherd or even cartwheel to dictate It's Ben Again's line. Raghu followed IBA out as described in my initial post yesterday at 8:45am and as Leggy rightly stated simply moved into space that IBA had already left. I will repeat again, there was no protest from any of the connections of IBA, nor one lodged by the stewards relating to any interference by Raghu into IBA. Nor was there by No More Tears connections regarding Raghu and importantly only protesting against IBA. Normally if a decision is controversial there is plenty written on social media. It has been very quiet in this case, the Consensus here on this thread has exonerated Raghu from any blame. You have your view, which you are entitled to and put your case forward supporting that view but it has not been strong enough to dissuade me from mine, nor it appears others advocating the opposite to you. I believe I am correct, you believe you are. As I stated above, we will have to agree to disagree on this particular case.
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    zelda kratchanova 2

    Karaka Questions

    some really HIDE0us bidding n0? some peoples have less cents than moneyin my H0 irish you forgot borises $ 4000 multiple city winner, the great, well great for boris HOOF HEARTED maybe if the japs want to save monies the actioneers can throw in some clorine .
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    Whats Rogie smoking?

    Roughly 40% of the horses traded at Karaka yesterday are going offshore, probably more once the pass in's are paid for, great export dollars, but the domestic market will pay the price. Of course the domestic horses will also be contenders to be traded later in the year at the ready to run, plus the 'performers' from this sale will also disappear.....today will be no exception. Perhaps if we rivalled Oz stakes wise or even got close, if we provided the conditions like, incentives and starters bonus's to encourage owners, new owners, to race here, our good horses would remain, our outstanding young yearlings could grow into great Kiwi athletes, what a great world [racing] we would have.......when I look at the smug dial on Mr Guy at Karaka, what a hide to even turn up there, I feel sick in the pit of my belly, I bet a lot of you do too.
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    Whats Rogie smoking?

    because we have an Australian at the helm who thinks initiative is copying what they do in Australia!
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    ponderosa miss next start.

    Its their horse they can do with as they please... when you are paying the bills for one you can too...cheers.
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    TOM(the other Molloy)

    Congrats Haunui!

    It would be amusing if it didn't make you want to puke............
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    By Crickey, I got some stick...and deserved it! The mates I went with, were all over Kawi, and expected a 2 horse war! and I ended up in the stolen dance camp sunday morning (saving face) We have been exchanging banter for a long time now, since I took a shine to Addictive Habit, hoping he could emulate Roughy,s deeds... As soon as Kawi swept on by roundind the turn and into the straight, I was left to admire and acknowledge the fact, they may well, be right (We have a last bet, who between the two horses will have the most prize money, come Christmas (hoping for paddock spell and maybe Straddie win) Thats about my only chance,but have to admit, I thought Kawi was vulnerable at distance and in that field (but the mates just kept laughing at me and saying it would have won the Hastings triple crown, face it, its a champ...now they,ve just about got me ...1 race away! Alan Sharrock a top bloke and trainer...that was a master plan and ride from leith, (and/or the pair) and stolen dance given a tough run, couldn,t make up the lee-way,...Leith still had a bit of horse up his sleeve at the post (I was right there at ground level) in Georgies words, Herbie Dyke...lets bring it on!
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    Unless someone has something to hide..........Shaun's on the button, transparency for all.
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    The readings were 380 and 410, about double the limit. Also Trump, charges were issued July last year in that case with the investigation complete about 9 months after the race concerned. The NZ cases have now gone well beyond that.
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    Favourable Treatment. Why?

    I don't think you will find many thoroughbred purists that were upset at the coverage of the main meeting along with Gore yesterday? they seemed to have covered everything without being cut off to go to the next race? i think you will find if you look at the turnover for the dogs yesterday you will see it wasn't that much more than a normal midweek or Sunday meeting. like I said earlier if you didn't want to watch them then you didn't have to, just stick to TS1, most people did and a lot wouldn't have even known there was a dog meeting on. the dog meeting took nothing away from the 2 galloping meetings so I don't really see the problem.