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    John Allen

    I'll just reiterate this one more time...and that is that for thelast 20yrs...we've been run by Globalists through the corporate channels..the last 10 yrs has been rampant management by Crisis..and Allen is working To those ends.,...posing as a leader with all his buffoonery and bluster on a series of promises that he still chooses to enact. NZ Racing has been given a death sentence all the while we are expected to 'stomach' what we're told is best for us..including the smashing of the T.A.B. interfces for betting..and the withdrawl of free to air TRACKSIDE. RITA will be the final hurrah as they impliment there closure agenda
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    Dear Chestnut , You're a superstar ! scooby3051 must be feeling over the Moon at the amazing new Tipping Competition's you have recently brought to Race Cafe and produced for all of us to enjoy . The hard work you must put in is truly appreciated by all of us player's. My favourite Race Cafe Tipping Competition was the old Group (1) One Tipping Competition . You are a true Tipping Legend and inspiration to us all. Chestnut , you are the best ! Young lady , keep up your good work .
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    tim vince

    Chris Dell is

    A star.rode in the Monte at Auckland late last night goes to rotorua and wins a race.great bloke who deserves more goid rides.goes to new Caledonia, fought terrible injuries and always a smile on his face.
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    It's a New Season

    Yes, 1st August. First day of the 19/20 racing season. Whoever won the most races, the most money, rode the most winners, ran the fastest times etc, etc is all gone now. All back to square #1. Ain’t it funny that it’s a psychological barrier too. How the old season finished is not necessarily how the new one will start. Who will star this year? Who will disappoint? Who will come from obscurity and sweep all before them? What babies plodding around now will play a major part in the $1million races after Christmas. What sadness and heartbreak will befall some of our stars, equine and human ?– because there will be that too. In the end we accept all these things because we are realistic, are married to this sport for better or worse and are eternal optimists whatever fate befalls us, so lets just get on and back an outsider, put our faith in a cheap sales purchase, back our own judgement, play the odds and enjoy not only the Sport of Kings but the King of Sports. Good luck y’all.
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    Not a good look

    AWT’s will drive punters away, especially the big ones. That’s proven behaviour in Australia. The Toowoomba AWT was not wanted by trainers and RQ ignored them. They were advised that horses will suffer from more injuries. After a short term and $m’s spent, the Toowoomba AWT was ripped out! Poor fields and no betting. Why don’t people learn from others?
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    tim vince


    In the last race tonight when u had a 40 to 42 race obviously close in ability did the handicapper allow a 49 that clearly had 2 other options. like with like ignored..the 49 won easy..a condition was put in to allow a one won mare on 49 eligibility.this is not a rating system.the other horses shafted .
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    We're Doomed


    Back onto my pet subject. Despite Ashburton racing today, Timaru on Friday, 70 kilometres and less than an hour down the road, currently has 80 nominations that will miss a start unless fields are split. NZTR has indicated they will split the two maidens, but still 56 horses will miss a start. One maiden race alone has enough noms to run three full races. Contrast this with Otaki on Saturday, which has a grand total of 67 noms for the entire meeting. One maiden has been dumped and the other has four noms. So 67 noms for Otaki and 56 horses that will miss a start altogether at Timaru, even if fields are split to run ten races. My point is that this is incompetence, on quite a grand scale. There is betting product available in vast numbers in one part of the country and numerous people wanting to take part in the industry, but they are being treated like shit to be blunt. If an all weather track is intended to keep horses going through the winter it would be a disaster for the SI, which can't cope with the numbers of horses it has already; horses that are more than happy to race on the tracks that already exist. In all of the radical plans to revitalise the industry I have yet to see any discussion about how this problem will be resolved. I just can't get my head around how closing Waimate, and potentially Timaru for god's sake, will somehow solve this problem of heaps of horses but no opportunities in one part of the country and heaps of race meetings but no horses elsewhere.
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    What happened Waterlea....we just kept slogging away...thanks to everyone it was a super fun comp..Maria this is a great concept...well done and thanks for everything as always.
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    We're Doomed

    NZTR board candidates

    I think Luke Radich would bring a lot of skills to the role and the industry would be bloody lucky to have him. I don't know the other Luke. It would just be great to have someone in a position like that who actually has some knowledge of racing and a passion for the industry. The 30 year trial bringing in total outsiders doesn't really seem to have worked.
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    Thanks all for playing today Lovely to have the company. I will do a check of the results and if needed, will restore any damaged totals to their deserved glory Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and a warm and safe week ahead - Catch you next Saturday!
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    Red Rum

    Thatz David

    Salt and pepper , are you named after condiments or the old rap band . As mentioned in previous threads they don't have enough highweights for me to ride .They would need to be highhigh weights . OK spent a bit on racing in past , punted for decades , been to races all over the world , accept when Iam in the wrong, but cannot have an opinion according to you . Right to make you happy , every horse is a champion , every jockey good and never makes mistakes , every trainer good and never makes mistakes , all breeders make right mating , all tracks are the best and iam not luckily but if I was hard up and can only afford to have a dollar ew once a day but love the game I SHOULD NOT have an opinion on racing . Hope unless your premier league footballer or All Black you don't have opinion on football or rugby.
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    We're Doomed

    0amaru Abandoned

    I get the impression the half-witted idea to have an all weather track in the South has been quietly forgotten. There is absolutely no need for it, with several tracks down there providing good going for most of the winter. We couldn't afford to race on one anyhow. If we can't afford to race at Waimate, which costs nothing for the industry to run, we could hardly afford to race on a multi million dollar all weather track. Dozens of horses are eliminated in the South every week in $10,000 races. I can't see much point spending millions of dollars on an all weather track and then running $10,000 races, which would probably only start 12 horses, and then continuing to eliminate heaps of horses. The industry would be no further ahead; in fact millions of dollars down.
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    Yes Wrinkles..you are 100% correct Maria is a superstar and the comps are really good fun for everyone. And thanks to all of you for supporting them so well.
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    What an outstanding high-scoring match between Trentham (City) and Waterlea (Provincials). I make it that Trentham edge Waterlea 280 to 275 …..Trentham hitting the front for the first time today in the very last bound. Top stuff Trentham ….Maria, Leigh, Swoopa, Von Smallhausen & Memphis. It took a great team to beat us, because we were 'on fire.' And you were a great team. Hard luck us Waterleas …..we did the Provinces proud. Close ….but no cigar. Great comp, Maria & Leigh. A fun-filled Saturday afternoon/early evening. Thank you both.
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    What it shows Maria is that you are human.Theres not many humans left with your commitment and generosity.Your a true princess and Leigh is a true prince for Race Cafe.
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    Red Rum

    Spring Carnival horses ?

    Not sure who gets job of pricing the ante post markets for Melb Cup , TAB had Belgravia at 301 and Ladbrokes AU had Sir John Lavery at big odds last night . Both poor horses dead for quite a while so probably a bit skinny at those odds .
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    Subbie Update July 28, 2019 by Thoroughbred Racing 0 comments Nikki Salisbury Hi everyone, A little about today’s visit. Once again Subbie lit up when we went in to see him before we even got to his stable. He was again his bright, perky self and was very content. Soon after we arrived a truly lovely couple arrived to pick their pony up and they brought Subbie a bag of treats which was so kind of them and Subbie was very grateful. They gave him a cuddle and a pat and then went to get their pony sorted. Earlier in the morning Dr Sarah opened up the feed bin door for him as she knows that (like at home) he loves to have a full view of everything going on. So this lovely couple had sorted their pony out and had to walk past Subbie’s stable to get him out. Well all 8-9hh (at a guess) of this divine little pony had to meet and greet Subbie. Now, Subbie has never been a huge fan of ponies, we don’t know why, but he would either totally ignore them or get stirred up and very annoyed about them. So to our surprise as soon as he saw little “Neddie” his head was so far out his little “peep hole” and he was soo excited. They were even touching noses and giving kisses at one stage. This pony could have fit well under Subbie and Subbie just loved him. He had a snort/blow first (likely Subbie saying “hey buddy, I am the boss here”). You would not have guessed quite how unwell he has been/was. He had cuddles with Mum, Dad and I again. Tried to sit on dad’s lap nearly . He covered my head to toe in feed but preferred to eat it straight off the blanket on my lap than to eat it out of the bucket . But I got to have cuddles and kisses with him which always makes me feel better when I am not well and in pain. His bloods came in while we were there and some levels were the same as yesterday (which is still good) and one of the other markers that is a sign of the Peritonitis had actually improved. When they scanned him this morning, the infected fluid had not come back to anywhere near what it was the day before. We are so grateful to the whole team from the amazing vets to the vet nurses to the rest of the staff including the wonderful people in the office who have been taking the incredibly kind wishes from people who have dropped in with cards and treats and beautifully kind words and prayers. It’s amazing and we are so grateful to all of you for your support. Subbie loves you all as his extended family and he knows about all your beautiful words and prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have also added at the end two photos of me with Subbie when I was 6 months old. We had already owned him quite a while (just before I was born). I grew up with him in my life to this very day. He knows me better than I know myself in all honesty. He takes such good care of me, always has. Through my journey over the past 4-5+ years I have battled my own serious health issues, and when I became reliant on the Crutches and then the wheelchair, I was able to lead him from the wheelchair and the crutches and he would take tiny baby steps (just like when I was a toddler and learning to walk, he would take baby steps behind me with the front of his face straight down my back as though to support me, shattered we didn’t have the camera with us and sadly camera phones didn’t exist back then ). I have added a couple of other photos of him with me too, just to share. There were a couple of them that as you can see we’re taken back in summer. I am truly so blessed to have had him such a huge part of my life as his owner. Kind Regards, Nikki
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    von Smallhaussen

    Bet from last weeks comp

    As this was the only collect for your $250 prize, I am happy for you to retain the $90 and put towards the next team comp. Thanks for the continued comps and prize offers.
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    Boss Hogg

    John Allen

    Its a Lights they should have taken the same stance as Boris and get rid of the people who have caused this shambles .The TAB web site should have been the final straw.Instead they keep them and even give them promotion.I dont follow Greyhounds but can imagine they would have top people who could take over running the Greyhounds .I bet some of them will be p### off with big Glenda taking over .How is that allowed to happen?A lot of you would have owned or managed business and Im sure when you need to get to change management because things are going bad you remove them even if there is a cost involved.RITA should have done that but some of them being from the old school have kept there buddies on or maybe they did not have the power to do that.Also the first thingthe should have done was bring back freeview [Aussie realised that years ago].But no they have come up with a you beaut deal with Spark we can see were thats going when they pull out of Sky they will tell us about how good this Spark deal is for us ,I must go Ive got a headache.
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    We're Doomed

    John Allen

    As I have mentioned before, it is quite strange how the TAB now seems to be running the whole industry. 30 odd years ago the TAB was purely a service organisation that basically did as it was told. Quite weird how things have turned out. Back in the day no one would have expected the CEO of the TAB to know much at all about actual racing.
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    Not a good look

    And we want these crap tracks here! There will be millions wasted once again. I was told on Sunday by a person close to the action that they are about to start on installing the Cambridge one, and that they intend to hold some races on it too, rather than just use it for training. My projections: 1) Cambridge track fees will go through the roof. (Because of servicing the loan and the maintenance costs.) 2) Proper races will never be held there. 3) Official trials will start with good numbers and slowly dwindle.
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    NZTR board candidates

    Thanks Chris I actually did throw my hat in the ring but unfortunately got the below..... "Thank you for your interest in serving as an NZTR Director. The NZTR Members Council has met to shortlist applicants and I regret to advise that you were not selected for an interview. We thank you for your time and wish you well for the future."
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    Taku Umanga

    Gavel house

    Unrealistic reserves are the killer (Tardina Stud had the right idea) and the same reason claiming races will never thrive here - people have unrealistic ideas about what their horses are worth.
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    Pam Robson


    The plan was [ I believe ] to run weekly or fortnightly races on the allweather to 'mop up ' races from those tracks that have been 'closed' . Whether that would actually work I can't say, but one thing is sure, nobody would be turning up to watch a borefest, no one comes now apart from Cup meeting. Oh, and National - but if jumping is dispensed with down here, that won't exist either. From what I can gather, only a handful of trainers are keen on an allweather....most don't want a bar of it. A part of that reasoning is the reality that to install an allweather, Riccarton would probably have to lose the plough training track. This is our lifesaver in the summer months, in the dry Canterbury climate training without the plough at Riccarton would be very difficult, the grass tracks are like concrete. Your points make good sense, why nothing is done about the programming astounds me.