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    Thank you all for taking part today - it's been fun and a fantastic way to see out Autumn racing. Well done to our winners ivanthegreat and Sir Castleton and a beaut effort, Thepaw and Kundalini. I will of course do a check of the points but if you think I've duped you out of a few please msg me and I'll remedy it asap That's it from me for a couple of weeks as I get some stuff done around the place before the colder months set in I'll catch you all again in the Winter season I hope!
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    For fooks sake Leo, just became the “Nikki’s of this world hang around the Viaduct, it doesn’t mean that the real people of the rest of NZ don’t know what they are talking about. Again for fooks sake, your mob had 9 years to fook everything up, and what a bloody good job they did. Lets see who gets more likes, your post above or mine!
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    Te Rapa track

    Meantime if a trainer makes a small mistake and gives a vitamin dose raceday he gets years penalty......or David Walker has an illegal bet worth $500 to him, he gets 8 years disqualification......the gypsies cop it from Plod, with the RIU support, over some banal discussions re race tactics, Kevin William Morton gets harassed by the RIU for telling the truth about a lying failure, and meantime Foskett gets an industry award for doing nothing useful....... Such is racing.....the useless suits who’ve fucked the game are accountable to no one but the hard working toilers get abused at every opportunity.
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    Chestnut , what a fantastic Tipping Competition. Thank you and all the Sponsor's for your massive effort's in running this most enjoyable Tipping Competition. Sincere , congratulation's to all the Weekly Winner's. Well done to you all. I wish all you Racing Industry Participates a massive and prosperous remainder of the 2019 Thoroughbred Racing Season and pray it is a wonderful remainder of the year for you all . Cheer's.
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    TAB website down for maintenance

    From what I know and from joining a few dots together: Some time ago the 'bright sparks' decided that the new site format should give punters only what they perceived to be the critical information needed to make a decision of which horse to bet on. They wanted to streamline the information provided so chose to implement a style more akin to the KISS style which works in some situations, but IMO, not on a TAB site. Punters, even the Joe Average's, tend to have their own 'systems' & they religiously stick to them, be they based on recent form, breeding, horses for courses, barrier draws, speed maps, gear changes, a combination of factors, etc. etc.. Many also want to know the prize-money, ownership etc. too. The 'picture' needs to be a complete one. The site also needs to react quickly once the punter decides how their precious dollars are going to be invested. To many clicks and lagging are a certain way to send punters to the overseas opposition, or to make them keep their money in their wallets in protest. Making it difficult to find & use any of the above (and a few more I've probably missed), all of which were easily viewed or used on the old site, was pure folly. To put a label on it one could call it "How to alienate your current customer base 101'. If it was working in a way that encouraged a new generation of punters into the game, then I would be willing to forgive some of the things that frustrate the hell out of me, but it fails here too. Then, the industry leaders have the gall to deny there are major issues, preferring to promote ' fairy tales' instead! Wow, they are seemingly intent to just keep on insulting Kiwi punters, spending to fix the stuff that should have been available & working at the launch, and to spin the line that the obscenely huge initial spend on the site is good value is truly beyond belief. Some fixes have been made since the inception, but at what extra cost? I am no expert in the IT field but I suspect that getting the base platform right from day one is critical to the success or otherwise of a site. A few tweaks will always be needed, but the scale of changes needed here are signs of a disaster being covered up. Unfortunately, what we have is a 'dog', cosmetically applying fixes might make it a 'prettier, marginally more user-friendly dog' over time, but it will never fix the underlying deficiencies. Rome's burning fiercely!
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    Marvellous season for you Maria and Race Cafe: Enjoy your time away. You have Revamped the Race Cafe site competition Factor...... Administration and running these weekly competitions must be a huge time commitment.From you. I will continue to support RCafe. Congratulations to todays winning pair IVAN and CASTLETON . ( Their previous form suggested a win would be next season). The Second placed combination The Paw / Kundalini will be shattered in running second.
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    Useless TAB

    I am so dissapointed and put off by the new tab website I have largely stopped betting now, and in turn watch bugger all racing. It just seems so much harder, more time consuming, and disjointed to read form and get information, i just cant be bothered anymore. I would hands down prefer the old site to this. there is still no stake info on the meeting info, i get you can go to extended form and pdf etc, but it shouldnt be that hard. So fair play to you Amy, the TAB is shit. its pretty much lost this punter. over n out
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    Thanks again to everyone who took part today and throughout the past few months...a huge thanks to Chestnut for the tireless work she has put in for months...hope you enjoy the freshen up Maria...the comps are so good as you run them so well. Congrats to the winners Sir Castleton and Ivanthegreat... good tipping today.
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    TAB website down for maintenance

    Logged into the TAB website this morning and was greeted with the following notice: Sorry for the inconvenience but we are currently running some scheduled system maintenance .We will do our very best to complete this work and have you back in the game by 8:00am Thanks, The TAB Team To be fair these happen at every website but given the amount of $ these clowns spent on this new platform you would expect it to be purring like a Rolls-Royce, making you coffee and asking how you would like your eggs. I still would love to see a breakdown of where/how the TAB spent this $40-50 million. i.e. which firms were paid and for exactly which services. Maybe one of the hundreds of the Petone leeches who clog up Racecafe's bandwidth could provide this information. Because, as someone who has worked in the industry for more than 20 years, I find it hard to believe the costs of a new platform could be anywhere near the figures being bandied around, let alone this one which is basically a piece of shit. There is plenty of evidence to suggest far from the rosy forecast of turnover and income increase Allen predicted would happen, that in fact both are down in both racing and sports, I suspect drastically in the latter. When they first launched the new platform., they did so with massive limits and very competitive percentages. Both have now been cut back to such crippling levels that far from being competitive, the TAB's offering is actually embarrassing. They have cut back percentages to obscene levels. Yesterday I saw some corner markets on football matches where the TAB was offering 1.80 and 1.83 for two way options. Before the new platform those prices would have been 1.87/1.87 at worst, and once it was launched 1.90/1.90. Now these have been cut back so dramatically it's basically hardly worth offering. Have the NZRB released any new figures regarding turnover/hold since the new platform was launched? If so what is the over/under of how long Allen will last? This new platform, like RFL, was his baby, and thus far his tenure has made Bonking Bayliss look like a superstar. At least he got something for the $$$ he wasted, and didn't borrow a shit ton of money to build the worst website on the planet.
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    Peter R S


    As a “bean counter” by profession I would really be interested in what $ savings the racing industry will achieve by closing courses that are largely run by enthusiastic locals. I’m sure the industry can come up with other benefits of rationalising tracks, eg health and animal welfare, but what cost will be avoided by this action? in Australia they seem to have an operational track in nearly every town, sure they run non-tab racemeetings, but they keep the tracks going. Such as Tabulam, in NSW, one meeting per year as I understand it.. Rough as guts but cleaned up b6 the locals for their annual go. I know there has been plenty of discussion on this part of the Messara recommendations, but what is the real financial or operational benefit of rubbing these tracks and people out?
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    Can't believe how well Maija has done in such a short time. Inspirational ! https://loveracing.nz/News/27781/ComebackKid-MaijaVance.aspx
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    High Sparrow

    Useless TAB

    Can I suggest Barryb as a third party observer of this conversation that your words come across as a bit on the condescending side and might not win friends and influence people on this site when you are effectively taking a blaming and bagging tone with those that raise legitimate concerns about a site you acknowledge has been found wanting time and time again over several months now. This new level of ineptness from the TAB really takes the cake in my opinion. You.are of course absolutely entitled to your opinion as are others here but perhaps it could be couched in less inflammatory tones in future because what’s the point in getting people’s backs up by trying to shoot the messenger. We may disagree with each other and that’s fine but let’s keep the good manners intact eh.
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    I cant see any positive advantage at all , You have to wonder how many Passionate Club Members, supporters, committee people , locals etc. that have some sort of ownership in racehorses and will feel aggrieved about this situation and finish their association with NZ Racing? The Messarra Report : I'm not exactly comfortably taking business advice from an Australian whose own business in Aus. is based around selling his produce to the same clients NZers are selling to and need to sell to to survive , Surely We are competing for the same market! To Me that like DOMINO'S PIZZA having PIZZA HUT as their business Mentors or consultants!
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    I will put my hand up as a lifelong National voter and someone who dislikes Winston for his usually self serving hypocrisy. He has done more for racing in a year than Nationals Guy and Bennett did over a decade. I think based on recent events he should be given the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise.
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    hopefully among the first three steps will be the removal of Glenda Hughes and John Allen from their positions
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    Pam Robson


    None that I can see, and a real negative in that racing is removed from the community concerned.
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    I completely concur with all those who have thanked Chestnut for her tireless work with the comps and thanks to Scooby and others too who have contributed along the way. Good punting people. Congrats to Ivan and Sir Castleton. Imagine being cleaned up by a harness horse in the process. We may never live it down...mind you he was a good one in his day,
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    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    So I take it that all the people that are pro it will have no problem if hrnz makes it compulsory for the lab to notify every horse that they spin blood from. Let the punter know what horses are using this treatment. Will this tell a story. Who knows but if there is nothing to hide then why not tell everyone which horses are receiving the treatment. It's pretty simple isn't it?
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    We're Doomed

    Great Western this Sunday

    Sadly, a subject that is of interest to only a small minority. I wonder if the SI trainers and owners ever complain about the incompetence inherent in SI Racing. Take today at Wingatui for instance. 20 balloted horses and probably another 15-20 eliminated. Not a single balloted horse got a start. Only one horse that was in a field scratched. All the ballots and eliminated horses in rating 65 and maiden races. In contrast, not a single ballot at Trentham. And four open races at Ellerslie and Trentham this weekend with 6, 11, 6 and 7 starters. This is surely a sign that the structure of racing in the South is all wrong. The pattern of feature race-meetings and industry days isn't appropriate to the South. It only works if there is a choice of one of each, each week. Why run only 8 races at Wingatui when there are clearly enough horses to run 10 races? The only 2yo race in the SI this month was a listed race at Riccarton on the 4th. And yet there are dozens of 2yos going around at the trials. Why would anyone race a 2yo in the South? How do trainers organise syndicates to race horses when new "investors" want a quick return and yet there are few opportunities for 2yos. And very few opportunities for 3yos at this time of year, at a time when 3yos are winning maiden races all over and owners would aspire to try their budding champs against their own age group. It is easy for everyone to focus on the waste involved in a $50m computer system, but what about the wasted opportunities through not investing more effort and common sense into running SI Racing. I sadly can't see a committee of "change" experts suddenly turning all of this around. I think more could be achieved by one person with a vision and a passion for the game..
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    Ellerslie grog

    There are so few people that go on course these days, that they could do away with 90% of the security. Most restaurants don’t need security, ( HQ’s excluded) neither do Business Men’s Clubs, Cosie Clubs, Working Men’s Clubs etc so why do Racing Clubs? Do away with them on the majority of days and we will be able to drink Moët for $75 and that’s a reasonable profit margin. LOL (If only)
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    We're Doomed


    Unless clubs drop out through natural attrition or general lack of interest I tend to favour letting them continue. We can't really afford to lose enthusiastic contributors. No other clubs appear to have benefited from the demise of Westport and Nelson many years ago. Businesses in those towns don't sponsor races at Blenheim and Greymouth. I don't even really think Canterbury has benefited from the demise of the Christchurch Hunt Club. No Homeby Steeplechase any more; no Haldon Plate. I quite like some of the traditional races. I think we tend to under-value their worth in NZ. We don't have the respect for tradition that Australia has. It may be a pathetic shadow of its former self, but at least the Auckland RC has retained the Cornwall this weekend. It will probably still give the winning owner a bit of a thrill.
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    TAB website down for maintenance

    Likewise, I used to have up to 50 bets at the weekend, it was my hobby, now I go and place 2 or 3 bets at the TAB on a Saturday morning like I did in the early 80's. The few that say the TAB website is great need their bloody heads read. It's a disgrace.
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    Baz (NZ)

    Useless TAB

    Agree with you 100% Varro...time consuming piece of The old site was so much more user friendly with less clicks and more info!
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    Have been unable to partake in the Autumn comps due to work commitments but have followed the results and just want to say what a fantastic job Chestnut has done.....amazing quick updates and comments and spot on points scoring - well done Chestnut......
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    May 20 and Hastings still irrigating

    The best climate in NZ by far. They should build a brand new decent sized track and transfer all the Classics there. Almost a perfect track will be available 9 months of the year. Not far for the Waikato horses to travel or the CD for that matter Don’t worry about on course crowds as few turn up to Auckland or Te Rapa these days, plus it’s all about off track betting isn’t it?