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  2. 100 1

    Trump written off

    Moves and countermoves? Think it's impossible to know what's gone on behind the scenes. However I think the main deep state players were neutralised well before Q appeared in Oct 2017. Events have panned out pretty much to plan since then so I think they were confident to expose Q knowing they were in control before releasing the truth to the public. They let the crime continue ....the rest is a show to red pill the public.
  3. and a ciggie? Oh no, forget that was the previous owners who didn't give a toss about miners' safety
  4. crustyngrizzly

    Game of Thrones.

    Already a prequel called ''BLOODMOON'' is filming. Will be interesting to see how many of the actors go on to bigger and better things.
  5. Jockey Samantha Spratt was suspended for seven national riding days after admitting a charge of careless riding aboard second placed Yatima in the Kerr & Ladbrook Caterers 1600 at last Saturday’s Waikato meeting at Te Rapa. Spratt directed her mount outwards, when not sufficiently clear of Don’t Doubt Me, which was checked near the 300 […]View the full article
  6. Jockeys Troy Harris and Ryan Elliot were both suspended following separate charges of careless riding in the Dunstan Feeds 2100 at last Saturday’s Waikato meeting at Te Rapa. Harris admitted a charge of careless riding in that he permitted his mount, Giovanni Canaletto, to shift inwards when not sufficiently clear of Gabriel which was checked […]View the full article
  7. Jockey Darryl Bradley has been suspended for three weeks for failing to ride his mount Spondulix right out to the finish in the AB Equipment/PTS Logistics 1600 at Awapuni last Saturday. Bradley admitted that he relaxed his ride over the final stages when in at least equal second placing, finally finishing in third place. Bradley […]View the full article
  8. Ohokaman

    Game of Thrones.

    Yes, quite how they knew Jon had killed her, given the lack of evidence, was never explained. Should have got a medal, saved the lot of them from that demented tart...! Don't belittle Brann too much, he knew/saw a lot and I always suspected he would be there at the end. Vision always a positive... The splitting of the North gave Sansa the Queen title she always wanted but never deserved, while little Arya decides to swan off into the sunset to find out " what is West of Westeros".....anyone feel a sequel brewing there..... ???
  9. Co-trainer Roger James has issued a positive bulletin on Sydney Cup fourth placegetter Rondinella as the four-year-old has resumed canter exercise at the Cambridge stable he and training partner Robert Wellwood operate from. “We’ve already got Rondinella back in and she’s looking good,” James said. “She had four weeks off after the Sydney Cup and […]View the full article
  10. New South Wales trainer Ben Smith has been found guilty of all charges against him relating to elevated cobalt levels, race day treatments and giving false evidence to stewards. Stewards raided his Newcastle stable on September 11, 2018, after swab results from two horses showed higher than allowed levels of cobalt. During their investigation, stewards […]View the full article
  11. Injured jockey Michael Hackett is continuing his slow recovery after suffering a head injury in a fall at the Tomingley Cup picnic race meeting. Hackett was one of three riders to fall in a race at the central western NSW track on April 27 with Ricky Blewitt and Michael Gray suffering fractures. Hackett was flown […]View the full article
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  13. Catalano

    Game of Thrones.

    A little disappointing - I wrote this earlier... On this day in history, 2019, millions of Game of Thrones fans awoke and their first thought was ‘what the hell was that all about?’ A talk-fest finale, with a sugary ending, a decade in the making? I cooked some gourmet chicken sausages (chicken, feta, and pumpkin) on the BBQ, I had my potato chips (diet starts tomorrow), and we settled down to watch the television event of the year. The destination was acceptable enough, but the means of transportation was like flying economy to London via Vladivostok with no drinks service. I mean, Jon ‘I cannot tell a lie’ Snow pulls off the perfect crime, the left-over dragon gives him a bit of a char just to let him know he’s not very happy, melts the Iron Throne, collects Dany and fly’s off. No body, no witnesses… I’d be like ‘yeah, she just decided to go, says her work is finished and all that’. Or, take Aria aside ‘we have a bit of a problem, and I was hoping you could do that face-changing thing and send the Unsullied on a bit of a mission… a long mission’ But no, next scene, Jon’s in the slammer facing execution having obviously confessed to the whole thing – who would do that!? Oh yeah, Jon Snow. And Grey Worm, the Unsullied Commander, who is all ‘he must be executed, nothing else is acceptable!’ is then convinced that letting Jon go and live with his mates up north is commensurate with a head lopping – what a push-over! And then Bran, who let’s face it, actually didn’t do anything in the entire series except fall (fell, pushed – potato, potarto) out of a tower, and be human bait for the King of the Dead – hardly qualifications to rule. And while we’re on rulers, the King of the Dead seemed like quite an even-tempered guy. Sure he had quite a flat management structure, but I didn’t see any despotic behaviour, and it looked like he welcomed diversity in his team – giants, wildlings, humans, dragons. He also seemed to run quite a tight economy, what with everyone being dead and not actually requiring food, shelter, infrastructure etc – the Army of the Dead would have had quite a high ESG (environmental, social, governance) score, so yeah, a discussion about pros and cons prior to resorting to swords and dragons might have been a bit more constructive.
  14. Victorian jockey Jordan Childs hopes to ride at the Andrew Ramsden Stakes meeting at Flemington this Saturday after being discharged from hospital. Childs had an MRI scan at Melbourne’s Epworth Hospital after suffering a post-race back injury at Bendigo on Sunday when he dismounted awkwardly. After being discharged from Bendigo Hospital, Childs was still in […]View the full article
  15. Toowoomba trainer Ben Currie has been found guilty of a further 12 charges relating to race day administration and has been asked to make submissions on sentence. Currie had already been disqualified for four years after being found guilty of two charges involving texts which were alleged to indicate jigger use, two weeks ago. In […]View the full article
  16. Ohokaman

    Game of Thrones.

    Fantastic series though Crusty, and people have really got involved with it, hence the variation in comment. George R Martin did not write an ending, so these two guys have had to manufacture one and it was never going to please everyone. Turned out a bit "Happy Families" in the end with the Starks doing the best. Sansa got to be Queen after doing bugger all. Poor old Jon Snow, after doing everyone a favour by knocking off the mad bitch Denaerys, gets banished to be a wildling somewhere..
  17. Catalano

    J Allen - 13 Days- Appealling

    I was on Savvy Coup, but I thought the white flag was already being run up when the interference occurred. What I can't understand, is that when you know there's going to be real pace in the race, why fly the gates from a wide barrier and race handy? I think she needs to come home, she's obviously not a happy horse over there.
  18. JJ Flash

    J Allen - 13 Days- Appealling

    You were not on Savy Coup then
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  20. john legend

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    did miss ya a.Iraklis ! look I agree not a big deal then why not let the Doctor answer a simple question. !?re the benefits iin total. It is done to repair horses quicker than normal and it is natural but is banned in some countries ? why? Just a tip on new TAB site a good clear concise 2 or 3 page informative sheet (save ink)on any race meeting is to get race up then go across top to pdf form and click on easy form. you get drivers/comments/ selections etc.
  21. The celebrations for trainer Mark Casse's barn continued May 20 when Live Oak Plantation's homebred Souper Tapit returned to Woodbine, the site of his first graded score, and came out on top of a photo finish in the $175,000 Eclipse Stakes (G2). View the full article
  22. john legend

    Oscar Bonavena

    Hope the aussie does turn up.def chance if he makes it a 1.59 mr horse over 1980 mtres so is at least equal to the 3 year old ruby.Every year many aussies are booked to come but for variety of reasons cancel.
  23. crustyngrizzly

    Game of Thrones.

    This morning all i have heard on various radio shows,including USA,is people moaning and groaning about the ending of Game of Thrones. People giving it a D minus and worse. It was a show about tits and dragons what sort of ending did they want. Maybe they wanted an American drama ending where the ending is known before the show even begins or even better maybe they wanted an ending like The Sopranos and Seinfield. I just hope that no Shortland Street fans are disappointed because they put up with disapointment every episode.
  24. Howdy all, this post is purely to provide you with some information for this Saturday's Pairs Comp. I will put up a selection thread on Wednesday evening and as you post your selections I will draw out a number between 1 and 60 and I will post that on the selections thread so you can follow the numbers drawn as we go. I may post these in groups so don't expect a number to suddenly appear as soon as you post The number I draw out will be your slot on my results sheet. For example if you post your selections and I draw out 33 then that's your position, and when I draw out 34 for someone, then that someone will be your partner in crime for the pairs comp. If we get more than 60 I will add on as we go and if we get less than 60 as at comp close, then I will couple up those without a pairing ie. an 11 without a 12 and a 41 without a 42 - then I will move 41 to become a 12 to make up the 11/12 pair. The selections thread will close 30 minutes before first race start time and following that I will post the results thread with the full draw. Reminder, don't post your intention to enter on this thread, just post your selections on the Selections thread from Wednesday evening on See you later in the week!
  25. (By John Jenkins) Talented winter galloper Dez, who could make a return to the racetrack at Trentham this Saturday, hit out strongly in a solo gallop at this morning’s Hastings track session. Fast work was confined to the plough, which provided good footing. Dez had trainer Simon Wilson aboard when he worked […]View the full article
  26. Murray Mackenzie

    Damn TAB app.

    Yes, i have on two losing bets, but voila my 5/5 each way on bostonian was doubled up, not a bad outcome.
  27. eljay

    Rating 40 to 55

    Short answer (probably) is they never thought of that!
  28. Hope he’s taking a hip flask on his adventure
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