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    • According to this it was considered defunct a decade ago. Corporate jargon is one thing. Antique corporate jargon another. Amusing to listen to though. Mind your jargon-laden language Local Government Association lists 250 words of jargon that public sector workers should stop using Ian Tucker Thu 11 Mar 2010 15.13 GMT First published on Thu 11 Mar 2010 15.13 GMT The folks down at the Local Government Association have today published a list of some 250 words that "should not be used by the public sector when providing information to the public". The argot has been drawn from central, regional and local government, quangos, business management speak and, not unexpectedly, the EU. The LGA's chairman Dame Margaret Eaton, says: One assumes the longer and more incomprehensible the words, the higher the consultancy fees you can charge. After all as an "advocate" for "blue sky thinking" and "customer insight" you are very "cashable". Some of the terms on the LGA danger list reflect the times we live in. For instance New Labour terms like social exclusion, cohesiveness, third sector and step change are history. There are words that leave you wondering in what context they were used in the first place, terms such as 'brain dump', 'low hanging fruit' and 'thought shower'. There are others that would make Ron Atkinson proud like "early win". Personally I'm sad to see the end of "holistic governance" – I wouldn't mind being a subject of that regime. But jargon addicts (who may recall Tony Wright MP's report on "bad language" last year) will be relieved to note that we're only talking about communication with the public here. If in the privacy of your own "goldfish bowl facilitated conversation" (has anyone heard that said out loud?) you wish to continue "thinking outside the box", making "headroom for change" or having a "gateway review" you're fine, as long as what is said in meeting stays in meeting. But if you must have an "ideas shower" please remember your flip flops.
    • Step-change has replaced best practice as the latest mantra. What will be the next one?!
    • Been on the go since April in the Sagaro Stakes , followed the backside of the worlds best stayer all summer in top line distance   gutbusters , moved stables to top trainer from a top trainer but only got two months to work his magic. No not for me under top weight in Cup  this year. He will be back for another top season next year whatever happens in November , he's a class horse. Bog ground last night, when stalls cannot get on course and whole field goes wide the circuit you got to this kind it was worse than the soft going described .
    • How many times did he say "step-change" in that interview? Hilarious! Guffipedia Lucy Kellaway’s dictionary of business jargon and corporate nonsense     Step change Translation into plain English Change Perpetrator Lord Green, Church of England Usage example "We are proposing a radical step change in our development of leaders who can shape and articulate a compelling vision and who are skilled and robust enough to create spaces of safe uncertainty in which the Kingdom grows." Lucy’s commentary Our Lord, looking down on a sentence in which His Kingdom was obliterated by a dozen dreary management clichés, must have found his genius for forgiveness sorely tested. Winner of inaugural Fallen Angel Award, 2014.
    • FarTooMuch mate I am so jealous you lucky bugga yeh I was thinkin just that after I read the above, what time is he likely to be capable of when fully match fit whoarrrr.......what sorta track is it big? small? tight corners etc etc etc   Cheers Iraklis
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