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      Winter getaway to Fiji....Hotel and airfares.....Comp to start in July.... details soon.....
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Trentham carnival - top punter comp

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Apologies for late notice, but a simple comp over the next three Saturdays.

You have $500 to invest at Trentham tomorrow on any race or races (up to a maximum of five races).  You must bet Win, Place or Each Way  (no all-ups, exotics, .......)

You can bet it all on one horse if you like, or two horses, or 3 or 4 or 5 horses.  You can bet on more than one horse in a single race but a maximum of 5 horses in total across the day.  

For example you could do something like this:

Race 1:  $200 win on xxxxx,  and $50 to place on yyyyy

Race 4:  $70/80 on zzzzz

Race 6:  $35 to place on fffff

Race 9:  $20/$45 on jjjjj

(this example has 5 different bets - you could do less bets if you wish - eg, put your entire $500 on one horse or .......)

All bets must be posted before the start of race 1 (1.08pm).  If your runners are late scratched (or races abandoned) you'll get your money back - no posting replacements after 1.08pm.

We'll do another $500 next week at Trentham and on the following week we'll do $500 at Trentham and a further $500 at Ellerslie.  $2,000 invested over the three days - highest return wins the comp.  No jokers, no mulligans, no twists, ...... 

For a token prize I'll take a $20 multi tomorrow - Felaar to win in Race 5 and the Phoenix to win or draw against Western Sydney.  Any proceeds from this multi will be used by the winner to place one bet (win, place or each way) on an NZ galloping meeting of their choice in the week following that Karaka millions weekend.  If the multi misses then we're doing it for fun (and bragging rights).

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Greeting's for a lovely  and wonderful  2018  from the snow in Lenawee  County ,  Michigan.  We have visited  local Town's called Chatham , Hamilton :) and London in our travels.


All $50.00  Each  Way


R1 - 4 - Island  Bay

R2 - 2 - Boy  Next  Door

R3 - 4 - Barabas

R4 - 11 - Awesome

R5 - 8 - Dream  Dancer


Good Luck all.

N1MUE , thanks.

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Race 3: No.3. Thien Ly. $50 Each Way

Race 4: No.4. Turncoat. $50 Each Way.

Race 5: No.6. Makdanife. $50 Each Way.

Race 6: No.5. Benzini. $50 Each Way.

Race 9: No.6. Eagle Bay. $50 Each Way.



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2-1    150 win
4-9    150 win
7-1    200 win
1-2    100 win
3-9    100 win
8-13    300 win
5-12    100 win
8-13    300 win
9-11    100 win
Thanks John    

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Trentham !!     

i try a few, put toe in water as long as it not turn into a grave!!?

aka Trentham 'The Punters' Graveyard!!   ;):ph34r:


r1- 5 Silver Cloud-$50 win -$70 place!

r3- 6 Akoya- $40 Each Way

r5- 2 Fellaar- $75 Each Way

r6-15 Devise- $75 Each Way!      thanks John


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R1: #2 Merlini - $100 Win
R3: #3 Thien Ly - $100 Place
R5: #2 Felaar - $100 Place
R6: #3 Chance to Dance - $100 Win
R7: #1 Age of Fire - $100 Win

thanks John
The hardest part of this comp is to get the Phoenix to win :)


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Hi there 

Trentham :wub:

Race 1:  $40 win/$60 place   9  Pownce

Race 3:  $100 win  3  Thien Ly  /  $50 place 13 Sacred Desire

Race 4:  $50 win/$100 place   10  Ruby Love

Race 5:  $20 win/$80 place   10  Cottoneva

Have a beaut day all.

Cheers John :)


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