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john legend

sire selection

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hhThis site bit lonely but a lot of breeders will be interested in how sires esp. new ones went in 2017 in usa. The bloodlines are becoming closer together NZ/Aus/USA so success with mares in one country can logically roll to the other much more than the past when we had our own bloodlines. The 2 year old sires in USA with only a few days left are top 10 earnings  =


American Ideal

A rocknroll dance

Shadow Play

Well Said


Bettors Delight

Rockn image

Rockn roll Heaven

Pet Rock.

Surprisingly most of top ten are available in one form or another in NZ. The no.1 sire SomeBeach is absolutely dominant and has surpassed even Bettors this year. A rocknroll dance has been great with a much smaller crop and gets to 2nd on earnings per reg. foal (around 23000 dollars) Sires to consider Shadow Play, Sportswriter,Rockn roll heaven.well said. I find now we have access to the world best pacing lines (and fast getting there with trotters) the task of selection is a little easier than in past. rules are; see what crosses are working with certain sire lines,go for outcrosses as much as possible (hybrid vigour)  economically get in early to sires that are looking like future stars in nz .I feel horses that have big earnings and great performances on the track still need to prove themselves in the breeding barn. There are 3 or 4 top horse available such as always b mickey,hes watching etc. with staggering stats as performers and should make it but with a range of sire lines as above already proven it reduces the risk somewhat. 

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Very interesting points about it being a bit easier to pick with the tables showing of what sires are doing in the US. Its always a risk going to great horses that are unproven as they are new sires.  I have noticed some of the newer sires don't last long at the larger studs, they don't make it as sire.The other table I think is good to use is the average stake money earnt. It can show what sires are doing that maybe aren't getting the larger number of mares (as yet). A good example is Betterthancheddar which is ranked 7th on the two year old averages, but didn't get a large number of mares.

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I see Bettors Delight served just under 200 mares (down around 100 - been around 300 last 8 years in general ) this season and A Rocknroll Dance served 232 (up around 100, third season).  Figures are NZ stats.

Probably good Bettor Delight mares coming through to breeding barns. 3 pages of progeny on website. Remember they used to have a total near top of  page - looks it has be done away with.


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