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  1. Warriors

    Are u all idoits ? boris and I waited 50 years , no? For the best captain since James Arthur Cook to lead cronulla to victorious delight PAul Galen and it will be a day of rejoicing for Kiwiis all over New Zealand and at the Astra when you win, Imagineif the unthinkable happens this year boris bought a warriors jumper too

    ice creams or fairies floss? in russia and china theres no choice for idoits here there is, n0?

    everyone loves a coogar rick wellington, funny n0?
  4. Billy Salter

    Little billy salter was brilliant last nite in a loosing team , n0.? even great captains like cook, Gallen and fifita could not have got the storm Up but lump on queens land in the state of Oregon because little billy salter is not re tired. i love Little billy salter, except when he passes to the touch judge
  5. James MacDonald

    beaten on preesed box @ odds on, BUT borsis sayed iswas the horses fault n0?
  6. Cock (tail ) shaker

    Boris remembered the great Geoff Mahoney race cours commentator at Royal Randwick after The Greatest EVER ken Howard stuffed up the Doncaster and derby anh he took over the job with a voice like a ecolution teacher when he called the 1972 ? AJC derby the horses left the straight 4 the first time and he called Gold Deck...... Gold Dick, the laughter was louder than Boris’s a o tee oh rower shirt, n0?
  7. Big Mac Record GONE

    RF did NOT loose to thiem roger frederer NEVER looses to idoits like that.
  8. Japan Races

    Boris loves betting on the Korean races he says there jockeys don’t have problems with there weight , ecspec ially the ones from North corea
  9. Dommben tom

    Boris sayed Brisbane is a beautiful place in the autumn sun n0? nonwonder kiwis love it
  10. Big Mac Record GONE

    Who is silence nownyou gold meddle idoit disappeared have you. roger will win 51 in a row , n0? spainish Nancy boy , ha ha
  11. Big Mac Record GONE

    How many of the sugary buns and salt filled dead cow brugers did he ate ? fifty n0? whose an Idoit now n0? you

    Boris sayed why does he stop and start in that out of breathed soft loud stop start Idoit voice Berty Bryant would be rolling in his grave at the thought some people’s think this bloke has talent , n0.? Each budrerigar to there own though.
  13. Routeburn track

    Anyone walked this , boris and I did one hours and turned back when it got dark and he thought he saw Ivan milate in the bushes whats the cabins like and any tips, how fit do I need to get , n0?

    every step off the way

    the bool ric mackintosh if i want to hear an idoit screeching i wait for boris to come home from sharks park n0?