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  1. Mark Mcnamara

    U most be joking n0? Only 20 miles from molong. Orange its the home of the internationals wine maker of the year Phillip Shaw whose idoit Shiraz is amazing, get yourself a carton of the idoit Shiraz it’s amazing luv the name and blood wood is amazing too. Fast becoming a wine and food paradise .
  2. Mark Mcnamara

    Very clever jape banjo would be chuffed n0.? unless you meaned brute Bernard
  3. Ooh ahh mackgrath ?

    16 million n0? That’s a big hill to climb. little lord fontelroy will be chuffed if that’s correct . And I got shirty when boris lost the milk money in 1969 its a different world n0? zenophonobia 1 credit bookies 0 I can see the legalisation being draftered now and so it should n0?
  4. Late Loaders getting an advantage

    Yes last in first home racing adage n0?
  5. Who controls the pace in a race ?

    The one sitting on there girth surely you idoits no that amazing n0.?
  6. Gobstopper

    I miss gobstoppa , where did he go.?
  7. La doisa (nz)

    Lmoa randwick the Kembla of the provincials n0? fair dinkum Boris I thought Tasmanians and Tasmans were thick
  8. La doisa (nz)

    No sense my arse , going back it had a chance, they idoit way it was ridden it had none you have as much branes as Tasman man, faaark all
  9. La doisa (nz)

    You are a gold medal half wit stucj to ping pong you dope
  10. La doisa (nz)

    He was only caughted 3 wide because he pumped it out if the gates , then, got pasted and cooldnt get in its never raced in that manner or ridden like that before, n0? shite est ride ever, no doubt.
  11. La doisa (nz)

  12. La doisa (nz)

    Boris sayed Zero out of ten ride and thats conservative n0? next time change racing colors to blue with white vetrical strips.
  13. Cheese scones

    $5 n0?
  14. Should they run the Melbourne Cup in Dublin?

    borises friend sayedmost of the field is owned by the elton jon lookalike n0?
  15. Should they run the Melbourne Cup in Dublin?

    Boris sayed run it anywhere in Europe but not bleak city, n0? and what is he screem ing about pacemakers for, is his tickers dodgy or is it he knows which horse is a sacrificial lamb this year how can pearl s brother let this happen, n0? its more obvious than Mariah s assets the race that stops 2 nations is now a bad joke.