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  1. 3 scratched

    What a load of crock this man and his family made this his business and whatever he did he did it to survive get over yourselves lol go and train a winner no one is being ripped off get over yourselves. Brendon breed with our bitch and we were very happy with him and always able to talk to him.
  2. 3 scratched

    So all you people who are Cole haters know the rules if they where not there who the hell would you race against. This guy and his family have made this there career good on them I congratulate them. So the rest of you get out there and try and beat them instead of grizzling you are pathetic .
  3. Ellerslie R1 No 3 Merlin $100 win R2 No 3 Ferrando $100 win R4 No 2 Ever Loyal $100 win R5 No 1 Lizzie L'Amour $100 win R6 NO 4 Nirvana Fire $100 place Trentham R1 No 2 Beam of light $100 win R6 NO 7 Shared Secrets $100 win R7 No 3 Dream Dancer $100 win R8 No Ticket Clipper $100 win R9 No 3 Hand it to Jonesy $100 win Good luck everyone thank you John
  4. Good morning R4 No 11 Princess Sapphire $100 win R5 No 3 Shadow Castle $100 win R6 NO 14 Hinerangi $100 win R8 No 13 Rondinella $100 win R9 No 11 Model Aye $100 win Good luck all and thank you
  5. Good morning R1 7/14 R2 10/12 R3 5/6 R4 1/4 R5 2/3BB R6 3/15BB R7 5/12 R8 3/8 R9 2/9 R10 4/6 Good luck team let's Sleigh'em and thank you PJ for all you work in running this comp have really enjoyed and a Happy 2018 to everyone
  6. Just watched the Secretaliation. Movie and bought back memories of my visit to Claireborne Stud and patted this horse and didn't know how fantastic this horse was and such a beautiful old home loved it and meet the lady of the house for Mint Julep Tea absolutely fabulous go Sleigh'em tomorrow top and tail this advcnt
  7. Well done Maria and PJ and I am feeling pretty good at keeping Mr Gee at Zilch so Sleigh'em let's finish as we began HAPPY NEW YEAR
  8. Early post big day tomorrow so Happy 2018 to everyone and may you have lots of winners in breeding training and punting. R1 1/2 R2 11/13 BB R3 3/7 R4 4/14 R5 1/3 R6 7/9 BBB R7 2/12 R8 3/7 All best Mr Gee and do and Sleigh'em team
  9. Good morning R1 7/8 R2 3/10 R3 3/10 R4 3/9BB R5 3/4 R6 1/10 R7 4/5BB R8 2/8 Best of Luck Sir Gallivant and go and Sleigh'em Team
  10. Good morning R1 10/11 R2 4/6 R3 2/16 BB R4 4/5 R5 2/6 R6 3/9 R7 9/14 R8 11/12 BB Good luck Rosina and go and Sleigh'em team
  11. Good morning all and hello Timaru R1 2/8 R2 5/10 R3 4/6 R4 5/7BB R5 8/10 R6 2/11 R7 2/9 R8 2/3BB Good luck Jill and go Sleigh'em
  12. Well done team Sleighers sorry not on form today need to pick it up tomorrow we'll done the rest of you. Now Timaru Racing don't know much about them lol.
  13. Good morning R1 1/3 R2 3/10 R3 1/5 R4 1/6BB R5 2/10 BB R6 7/8 R7 2/10 R8 5/6 Go Sleigh team
  14. R1 1/3 R2 1/9BB R3 3/5 R4 1/3 R5 8/10 R6 1/2 R7 3/5BB R8 1/3 R9 1/3 R10 5/6 I think I am the Team Sleigh Em for my team my name is Janet