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  1. Horse ambulances for NZ.

    Jeepers Scotch Thistle, there's some negativity right there
  2. Horse ambulances for NZ.

    Five specially modified horse floats will be available by December this year for NZ Racing. Not before time.
  3. RIP Miss Vista.

    Sad news today. She certainly was a showy mare with plenty of ability.
  4. Blast from My Past

    Kumeu was a very busy training centre in those days.
  5. Melody Belle rort ?

    Absolutely agree with Poundforpound on the theory that winning is about mental attitude as much as physical ability and I have believed this for a long time. Its about finding races your horse can be really competitive in and feel confident about itself..
  6. Blast from My Past

    irvin had some really good horses when he was there, Tricky Dick, White Devon, Markovina (who won an Interdom Final in Perth), just to name a few..
  7. Blast from My Past

    Irvin Behrns was another "big" trainer who was at Kumeu.
  8. Blast from My Past

    Single Cash was one of only 2 horses sired by Cashier, I believe Cashier used to kill any sheep that got into his paddock.
  9. Blast from My Past

    We always thought that Double Cash had breeding that could lead to a brilliant name Bachelor Hanover-Brief Encounter. Somehow Double Cash as a name seemed a bit mundane
  10. Melody Belle rort ?

    And I see PE is off to Chris Waller's stable
  11. Blast from My Past

    Single Cash was owned by Roy Landon and Bruce File.
  12. Blast from My Past

    Single Cash won 2 Rowe Cups. Parks Delight was trained by PTW.
  13. Melody Belle rort ?

    Patrick Erin, must be the worst handicapped horse in NZ!
  14. Passing of Danny B, son of Albatross

    RIP Danny, thank goodness you had such a happy last few years. It was disgusting for you to have raced so well then travelled so far to be treated so badly.
  15. Blast from My Past

    Bruce was at Howick I think, then brought a property at Ararimu. Which was where Transmitter Sound spent his retirement days.