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  1. Training costs AU

    Porky, most of the trainers are passionate about the game and horses. That's why they hang in there hoping for a miracle
  2. Underrated Broodmares

    And these lovely mares have mostly left winners by less than "desirable" (certainly in the sale ring) sires.
  3. NZB May Sale today

    I do think that most of those cheaper ones weren't commercially bred. Fine if you are breeding one to race yourself but no point in trying to get good money for a foal with little breeding on the dam's side.
  4. Staffing issues cost Ashburton the Jewels

    Globederby12, just to have a look
  5. Staffing issues cost Ashburton the Jewels

    I am going.
  6. christen me n

    Ah yes, But Cardigan Bay was returned to NZ to live out his retirement. Going by a post further up, no such provision has been made for Christian Me?
  7. pronunciation guide

    And Rikki Tikki Tavi doesn't rhyme with Tavistock.
  8. christen me n

    Iraklis, I get frequent notifications on my facebook page from a group that tries to save standardbreds from being slaughtered. NZ horses often pop among the ones they are trying to raise funds for. In fact it was nice to read recently that a horse from NZ's original owner paid the money to save him.
  9. christen me n

    And you know what happens to most ex racing standardbreds in the USA when they finish racing?They either end up being a buggy horse for the Amish and are worked hard and then go as live meat export to japan or they go straight to Japan :(.
  10. Parfore is another mare with relatively unfashionable breeding who left wonderful foals
  11. He's Remarkable

    French Flute was a lovely mare, great temperament.
  12. Positives at Nelson

    Yes my first thought was to assume a feed contamination. I didn't know anyone had been accused of anything underhand
  13. Positives at Nelson

    I can't see why anyone would voluntarily give their horses anything with caffeine in it. It is the first thing tested for and has been for at least 40 years..
  14. Gailo Chop Winx Cliffs Edge Written By. Thank you.
  15. What Happened to Bowman?

    A pig root is a much younger brother to a buck