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  1. The Rocks Rocked Em!

    Good to see he is successful in the U.S., not that there was any doubt he would be. Awesome horse. I am still sad that he has left NZ especially now that open class ranks are so poor.
  2. All Stars Simply The Best !!!!!!!

    All know-all loudmouths like Brodie are like that... they can hand it out but can't take it.
  3. Matt Anderson

    I doubt it... slow horses, so-so track. Watch a replay of the rugby instead
  4. Matt Anderson

    The horse looked to be lost for gate speed and was going pretty rough just after the start. Anderson tried to position him midfield but was pushed three wide by the M. Gill runner so he had no choice then but to pull back. The Gill runners are not fit so when Fast and Furious made a run Anderson tried to follow but as usual with the Gill horses the horse was beaten before the turn. Anderson had to go round the Gill runner and was at least five wide turning for home... from there zero chance. I don't know anything about the Dunn horse but didn't look much good to me, spreaders, rough pacer, not much of a future I would say.
  5. Crown Jewels Competition Leaderboard...Results.

    Well done ocker75
  6. Race 1: 9 Race 2: 12 Race 3: 12 Race 4: 2, 10 (quinella) Race 5: 1 Race 6: 9 Race 7: 10 Race 8: 9 Race 9: 6, 2, 12 (trifecta) Good punting everyone...

    I am sad to hear about the death of Jack Carmichael. He was one of our best horsemen and it is another blow to our industry losing a gentleman like him. Jack drove a number of horses I owned and he always gave them every chance. My best memory of him was with the trotter Yankee Loch. The horse was talented but very headstrong, I backed it most starts when Jack trained him. Jack lined him up in the Rowe Cup but Yankee Loch was very fractious and caused a long delay. Finally, Jack got the horse to settle and when the tapes went Yankee Loch made a flier and bolted in. Spry Joker was another good horse I remember. RIP Jack. Passing of Jack Carmichael 29 May 2018 NZ HARNESS NEWS Popular and highly respected former Templeton horseman Jack Carmichael passed away last Wednesday aged 94. Carmichael only handed in his training licence six years ago and trained his last winner when Flaming Freida scored at Washdyke in May, 2011. Carmichael had 346 training wins in a career which spanned six decades, while he won 21 races in his last season of driving in 1988, for a career tally of 614. Carmichael started out as a right-hand man to Wes Butt at Mankind Lodge, but soon established himself as a top Canterbury trainer in his own right after branching out in the mid-60s. He had 19 winners in his third season of training, when the top Johnny Globe pacers Gay Robin and Chequer Board quickly brought him to the fore. Chequer Board won 23 races, most of them for Carmichael after starting out with Dave Jessop. By the early 70s, Carmichael had already won a New Zealand Cup with another Johnny Globe horse in Globe Bay, and a Dominion Handicap with the Johnny Globe mare Precocious. The latter went on to win the Inter-Dominion Trotting Grand Final in Sydney in 1973, the year she became a grandmother after an early accidental mating. The resulting foal was the All Gallant filly Over Fence, whose first foal was a very good trotter in Precocious Lad, a winner of over $500,000 in North America. Kaikoura Cup winner Micron was another top pacer for Carmichael in the 70s, while in the 80s he won a Rowe Cup with Yankee Loch, a Trotting Championship with Game Pointer and Jenner, and two Kaikoura Cups with Spry Joker. Game Paul and White Horse Pride were top trotters for Carmichael in the early 90s. Carmichael was also a gifted reinsman and won numerous features for other stables, notably New Zealand Oaks with Ar Miss and her daughter Armalight. Other Group 1 wins came with Chequer Board (Easter Cup), Berkleigh (NZ Derby), Hilarious Guest (NZ Standardbred Breeders Stakes) and Megatrend (NZ Sires Stakes), the latter in 1986 and not long before Carmichael was forced to retire from driving. Carmichael was the stable driver for Des Grice when he was in his hay day in the 70s and won numerous races with the likes of Don Lopez and Smokey Lopez, while Jascoe, El Guago, Glen Moria, Young Pride and Nardins Hall were other good performers he trained. Carmichael, husband of Dorothy and father of Wayne, was farewelled on Monday.
  8. Racing Integrity Unit Release 30 May 2018

    https://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/104344720/harness-jewels-markets-suspended-as-nine-runners-face-potential-scratching Harness Jewels markets suspended as nine runners to undergo drug testing Betting on six races on Harness Jewels day at Cambridge on Saturday has been suspended by the TAB pending drug tests on nine leading contenders trained by Mark Purdon and Natalie Rasmussen. The Jewels is one of harness racing's showcase events. The leading trainers advised stewards on Wednesday afternoon the horses may have been exposed to drug contamination during a float trip from Auckland to Cambridge. Stewards have ordered the nine horses be swabbed, but the results will not be known until Friday afternoon, the eve of harness racing's biggest event. It is believed the driver of the truck transporting the horses became concerned about activities of two workers travelling with the horses and reported their possible drug smoking. Rasmussen contacted head harness steward Nick Ydgren on Wednesday. "Natalie has phoned me concerned that some of their horses may have come in to contact with a contaminant which is prohibited under the rules," Ydgren told The Informant. "We have decided our best course of action, on what she's advised us is to swab all nine horses for that substance." The statement confirmed there was a remote possibility that contamination on the float trip could lead to irregular results in testing procedures during the Harness Jewels, so stewards were notified. "We have advised the appropriate bodies of the possibility and all our horses will be urine tested on Thursday. We are not expecting any adverse outcome from those but we just want to be sure and keep everything out in the open," Rasmussen said. "The incident goes back several days but we want to be absolutely sure there is no possibility of our horses being compromised as a result. We are not expecting withdrawals from any of the races. We are just taking every precaution," she said. The horses affected include some of the hottest favourites on Jewels day, including Princess Tiffany, Winterfell, Sicario, Kayla Marie, Funatthebeach, Stress Factor, Cheerful, War Dan Delight and Bubbled Up. The Informant has reported that Dibaba, from Terry and Glenys Chmiel's stable, will also be tested because she travelled with the nine Purdon-Rasmussen trained horses. If the runners return positive swabs when the lab results are returned on Friday, the nine horses will be scratched from their Group I races at Cambridge. Ydgren told The Informant closing the betting markets on five races was a tough decision but the only one that could be made. "It's not a decision we took lightly; we discussed it at length and felt it was the best course of action." The Purdon-Rasmussen stable has dominated harness racing in New Zealand for the last five seasons, winning nearly $20 million in stakes.
  9. Lazarus sold...

    Star Galleria, Titan Banner and there's Chase Auckland and Ultimate Machete if they return to racing. Don't know what has happened to the The Fixer but he also looked handy, not sure if he will race again?
  10. https://theinformant.co.nz/website/News/single_news/Staffing-issues-cost-Ashburton-the-Jewels/SX9287 Staffing issues cost Ashburton the Jewels Sun, 29 Apr 2018 Garrick Knight Concerns around personnel and the ability of an under-manned Ashburton Trotting Club to run the event have seen it lose next year’s Harness Jewels to Addington. Ken Spicer, Chairman of the Harness Racing New Zealand Board that made the decision yesterday, said the staffing issues at Ashburton was the biggest of a number of concerns that became apparent when weighing the two proposals. “Our biggest concern was not just around the venue itself, but the ability of the Ashburton club, through their management and committee, to plan and execute the event,” he said. Longtime employees Fiona Stuart and Gareth Murfitt, Manager and Secretary respectively, have both recently departed the club, taking a wealth of Jewels Day planning experience with them. “The club is going through a real transition at the moment and they’ve lost two key people; they’ve actually shut their office during the week. “As well as that, the Club President and Vice President have both resigned from their roles, too. “They’re in a bit of a no-man’s land and they didn’t really install confidence in us that they would be able to run the event to a high standard. “The last Jewels day they ran had a number of issues and that has prompted us to consider an alternative option. “Addington have come to the party and are pretty keen to run it.” Spicer noted that the TAB, too, had raised concerns about certain aspects of their ability to function appropriately on the day given the location of the course. Protracted discussions between the members of the Executive led up to the anonymous vote, which was done on ballot forms. Spicer confirmed, too, that Barry Dent, a board member of both Addington and HRNZ, participated in the vote. “The whole board voted and the exact result will be kept confidential but it was reasonably clear cut, it is safe to say. “This wasn’t done on a whim; we spent two or three hours pouring over data and information and discussing how any potential decision could affect things.” Spicer sympathised with those who were disappointed with the decision and said that there were going to be upset industry participants whatever way they went. “Already we’ve had calls and correspondence in support and against the decision, which was always going to happen. “We understand it is a big deal, but it is only a venue. “The money will stay the same and the best horses will still race for it. “It’s Harness Racing New Zealand’s event at the end of the day, not the club’s. “They originally chose Ashburton as a point of difference but that was then and this is now. “People’s expectations of race days have changed and perhaps sitting on damp ground in a marquee with a gas heater going isn’t for everybody. “If you don’t change, you’ll never know if it could be better. “This may work, this may not, but at least we will know.” Spicer said the accepted view of the Trainers and Drivers Association was that Addington was probably preferable. “There is no problem there; Rob Lawson is on the board and is the Chairman of the horsemen’s group and the says the feedback has certainly been that Addington would be better. “A covered barn and beautiful track are advantageous and they aren’t too hung up on the distance changing from a mile.” Spicer said the decision was contingent on Addington agreeing to maintain the festival atmosphere of the Jewels and not to operate it under the same somewhat elitist structure that it does on New Zealand Cup and other days. “That was one concern around the table; we don’t want it to be just another day at ‘the Met’, at a bit of a concrete jungle. “But they have assured us they will make it work well.” Cambridge will host the Jewels this year and Spicer says the 2020 running will be open to a submission from the Auckland Trotting Club, as has always been the case. “There seems to be a conspiracy that the big clubs are trying to steal the Jewels but it has nothing to do with that at all. “This decision is in no way linked to Cambridge’s hosting of the Jewels moving forward. “They are making a real go of it this year and I will hazard a guess that they’re going to pull off a good edition. “But, at the end of the day, they will get reviewed the same as Ashburton.”
  11. Jewels to Addington 2019

    Addington wins Harness Jewels for 2019 Sat, 28 Apr 2018 Garrick Knight After 12 years alternating between Ashburton and Cambridge, the Harness Jewels will undergo a location change for the first time in 2019. Harness Racing New Zealand’s board voted in favour of a shift to Addington Raceway in Christchurch for next year’s edition at an executive meeting in Invercargill today (Saturday). The Ashburton Trotting Club, which hosted the first Harness Jewels in 2007 and has done so every second year since, did lodge a submission to retain the rights. It is understood the decision is only for 2019’s edition and is not a permanent move. Harness Racing New Zealand Chairman Ken Spicer, nor Chief Executive Edward Renell were available for comment late afternoon. NZ Harness News
  12. christen me n

    Would the trainer have got a cut of the purchase price for Christen Me?
  13. Tim Williams

    Perhaps, but he still wins more often than the others you mentioned. The only driver close is Matt Anderson. Tim Williams also gets plenty of outside drives and doesn't just win with Purdon/Rasmussen runners. You're not Brodies' sister by any chance?
  14. Tim Williams

    Yeap!! UDRs are interesting too. S Tomlinson 0.1214 B Williamson 0.1954 M Anderson 0.2039 K Butt 0.1575 T Williams 0.2264

    I agree. Guerin has lost the plot lately. I decided to stop listening to him a couple of weeks ago when he said on the Boxseat that Sheriff could be the next Lazarus. Give me a break!! Sheriff won the NZ Derby, yes it was a good time, but he is no Lazarus and never will be.