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  1. Blast from My Past

    Interesting that Miranda Bay dam of Miranda Girl is also the dam of Disco Girl (Berry Hanover - Miranda Star) the dam of Christopher Vance. Good breed!
  2. Drivers not trying!!!!

    Dodgy stable? The right money on this week... probably cleaned up on Aussie bookmakers....
  3. LAZ again. Wow!!

    Stent Saloon and Lazarus Lounge!
  4. Drivers not trying!!!!

    I am not bagging J. Cox I think he is a good horseman. However, I guarantee owners at the stable are paying Timothy Butt _ Premier Stables rates when J. Cox, with no disrespect, is not and does not have the experience or success of Mr Butt. Jonathon William Cox has trained 38 winners, while Timothy Grant Butt has trained 648 pacing winners and 199 trotting winners. The stable had four runners last night, three were driven by Cox and were unplaced and the only placegetter Bushido (R10 second) was driven by D. Dunn! I believe owners at this stable are being short-changed.
  5. Drivers not trying!!!!

    If I was an owner of Denstown I would be more unhappy with the fact that the main partner and most successful trainer, Timothy Butt, is now residing in Australia. Cox is a reasonable trainer and competent driver but he is not as good as Butt.
  6. NZ Trotting Cup

    I think this was the last time the Cup was run under handicap conditions. Flashing Red, November 13, 2007 won the cup from a 15m handicap.
  7. Ben Hope Rulz

    From the Stewards report: Race 8 GOLDEN EDGE NELSON HANDICAP PACE Video SAYING GRACE - broke at the start. Driver R May advised that the removeable deafeners on this gelding failed to activate due to the cord breaking. BLACK ART - hampered at the start. Again hampered leaving the final bend. Junior Driver A Fitzgerald was fined the sum of $100 for failing to activate this gelding's hopple shorteners. SUMMER WEALTH - broke at the start losing considerable ground. Placed on the unruly for its future standing starts at the request of trainer R Dunn. THE DIRECTOR - broke at the start and again nearing the 1600 metres. JOEY MAGUIRE - broke at the start. LAYTONS LASS - broke when placed in restricted room to the inside of BENHOPE RULZ leaving the final bend losing its chance. BENHOPE RULZ - placed LAYTONS LASS in restricted room exiting the final bend resulting in the mare breaking and losing its chance. Junior Driver B Hope(assisted by senior horseman D Dunn) admitted driving carelessly at this stage of the race. After hearing submissions on penalty the JCA imposed a fine of $450.
  8. Saveapatrol

    It's a weak field so he may have a chance, Rachmaninov last start third only form horse. Five on unruly could be false start or two....

    Tim Williams gets a lot of flax over his drives from time to time. I have been critical of some of his drives. But last night at Cambridge he won both feature races with superb drives. His drive on Kyvalley Blur was outstanding and while Vincent is a class above most horses in NZ Williams' showed great tactical nous to win Futurity Stakes with the horse. Well done Tim Williams.
  10. Justin Evans

    I thought he was mediocre... lot of improvement required
  11. Heaven Rocks, Tim Williams, Standing Start.

    Williams is overdue to drive a good race...
  12. nat rasmusson

    The horse went huge, lost ground at start, shot around the field at lightning speed, kept up a strong pace... only to be beaten by a horse that had done nothing the whole trip.
  13. Oh Ho It's on!

    Have Faith In Me went rough and almost broke and veered wide on the track for a few strides when Lewis made his run. After that the horse lost momentum and the driver had little choice but to pull him back to rear. That's the way I saw it anyway. I don't know anything about Gloucester Park but it looked difficult for horses parked three wide, Lenny was trapped out there at the start of the race and the driver seemed unsure what to do pull back or go for it, then he rushed around but the horse wasn't happy, pacing roughly, throwing head around. After that he had a good run so the horse had his chance but not good enough?
  14. Oh Ho It's on!

    Never fear Brodie the Akaroa Trotting Club is in action tomorrow. Perhaps that is something for you to get excited about? Slow horses, most of them will still be in the same grade next season, rough grass track with a ridiculous crossing that always causes problem, back straight that is so far away from the grandstand you need a telescope to see the horses but there will be some good prices on offer. Enjoy!
  15. Oh Ho It's on!

    Lazarus slays them http://www.harness.org.au/racing/fields/race-fields/?mc=GP081217#GPM08121715 The Machete dominates.... http://www.harness.org.au/racing/fields/race-fields/?mc=GP081217#GPM08121715