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  1. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1st - Pentathlon 2nd - Sampson Last - Gobstopper Cheers!
  2. There is honour in defeat. While the connections of one of these ‘stayers’ will collect the cup and squeak an awkward apology over the Riccarton PA there will be 11 others who manage to skulk away in silence. One of the jockeys will sit and smile broadly to himself in the weighing room after having to give up at the 1200 when his charge snorted, wheezed and shortened stride at the first ask for any effort. Never a hope the jockey smirks, so bad I didn’t even have to ride out for 8th place prizemoney. For most races my formbook-grinding winner-picker machine works on merit. For this average rating 83 lot though the settings were reversed so that it spat out the worst horses first. Here are the results Last - Gobstopper. Preferred racing style is to be a pacemaker for the other runners and then drop out to finish last. This has worked on 4 out of his 20 starts and can continue here. 11th - Bee Tee Junior. Will pull out and whack away in front of the grandstand first time around. 10th - Villa Elba. Earned the comment "too good" on trip to Southland. Something of a prerequisite I would have thought. Followed that win up with a "strong finish" to get within 8 lengths of a r68-er, whose form since reads 6-2-8-6-10. Carries the Zabeel line with shame. 9th - Kaharau. As ridiculous as it is that a horse with the Banks Peninsular Cup as its greatest achievement is topweight in the NZ Cup, he won't be finishing last, even with an extra 4.5kg on top of an average effort in last year's renewal. 8th - Zentangle. This one knows the game. Avoids effort by shaping to want a trip but when sent a yard over 2000m disappears in a puff of smoke. 7th - Sureasyouwereborn. Another jaded journeyman. Plods around in anything over 2000m with occasional success. Consistently mediocre. When your sire is named Lucky Unicorn you can only ever be a disappointment, and this one does not disappoint. 6th - Nothing Trivial. A trolling late entry. Well played by connections who rightly think that their sprinter-sired snowflake has a chance off his $10k Waikato hurdles win 9 seasons ago. 5th - Locally Sauced. This beast racked up over $40k in stakes after only 37 starts. What's more, it's only 6. Will be conserving energy for 10 further racedays before Christmas. 4th - Imperium. "Never a hope" in the Avondale Cup is encouragingly bad. Out of Ethereal and while there is only so far an apple can fall from a tree this one found a hill to roll down. 3rd - She's Poppy. No wins or placings from 5 starts on good gives the only hope of a poor run. 2nd - Sampson. Rarely puts in a stinker, wins good races. No interest here. Which leaves us with... 1st - Pentathlon. Could be pulled up at the 1200 and still beat half this field home.
  3. TAB stores - opening hours

    Best joke in the thread Anything over $300 and they look around all confused like you'd asked to be paid in fried angel toes
  4. 2000 Guineas interference

    Not at all. "What does OP have to do to avoid the stipes' ire?" was my question.
  5. 2000 Guineas interference

    Maybe you shouldn't assume I haven't??
  6. 2000 Guineas interference

    I can't see anything of interest about Embellish until he shifts to the inside as part of the concertina effect from Ever Loyal. Waddell cuts them all off. Genuine question, what does OP have to do to avoid the stipes' ire here? There are two horses on his heels so he can't pull up, and the only way he holds his line is by crashing his mount back into Star Treasure when he comes barging over, no?
  7. Hats Off To Opie

    Someone new to racing watching that race might think OP was the only professional in the field! So much carnage in behind. OP seems to know every blade of grass at Riccarton.
  8. A somewhat sparse looking lot this year. I imagine the weather has scuppered a few chances along the way and we will see this year's crop through the 2000 and 1000 Guineas not necessarily being the best 4yos running around next year. Having not tracked these lads closely through the year I am coming into this a touch cold. There appears to be one decent overlay (Bostonian). Sensei - Rating bumped up through weak wins and hasn’t crossed paths with any of these yet. Can't entertain at a ridiculous $5.50. Bostonian - Proper fucking tough effort in HB Guineas. Wins Sarten but for being bowled. Going no concern. Wants strong tempo. I put this lad in as a $4 shot. Not surprised at all to discover after the fact that he's a half brother to Mufhasa. Star Treasure - Doesn’t strike as 1600 type. Will improve on good going tho and can sprint. Ever Loyal - Has a motor alright just lacks a sprint. May cross and lead Te Akau Shark - Maiden win over 1100 franked well with Sarten winner and Ever Loyal behind. Went on to win over 1400 last time out in a 3yo race - form unfranked but easy win. Not raced on better than S7, though no reason he won’t handle it. $7s is fair. Scott Base - Leaves it all too late all the time which is a poor profile for a NZ Guineas winner. Embellish - Only 3 starts so comes in with big scope to improve. First time out this prep won, 2nd and 3rd easy winners next time out and one of them twice (Ever Loyal). Won an average r65 last time out with ease. Travels well, learning. Finishes well. OP up and chooses over TAS. Winkers on. Age Of Fire - Skipped maiden company to win a winners race then failed last time out. Lincoln Hills - Possible big improver on better going Irish Flame - Always been highly tried. Only achieved a 2yo weak G3 win though Upperhand - Ashburton maiden winner only Finbarr - Optimistic entry Upperhand and Ever Loyal should ensure a reasonable tempo. My reading is that Bostonian deserves some more respect in the market for what he has achieved to date. Embellish does have more scope to improve however Bostonian has only 2 more starts to his own name and has potential to improve on better going. With the good news story of OP choosing Embellish over Ever Loyal and Gingernuts there could continue to be downward pressure on the current $3.20. If I'm wrong about that I will cover on Embellish, otherwise it is Bostonian all day at $6+.
  9. TAB - Disgrace

    I was going to reply in line with Berri yesterday then remembered Spark are in the server game too. Fundamentally, despite this likely being a complex issue - at least in terms of some serious expertise required to properly test a solution - there are no excuses when there has been the opportunity (12 months? 2 years? 3!?) to resolve this and I would imagine no unreasonable requests for resources denied. Any self respecting CEO would fire the whole ICT management team.
  10. Melbourne Cup thoughts

    For sure. Rails bias all day similar but not as bad as 2015. Decent advantage to anything on the rail and then with the slow tempo too... The first two home make the top 4 from any gate imo. The rest, who knows. I was surprised there was not a second or third wave pushing on at the start to find the rail.
  11. Melbourne Cup thoughts

    Not getting the same confidence this year about any runners like I had with Almandin and Protectionist in the years they won. Marmelo profiles closest just have a nagging suspicion he'll run out of racetrack after they muddle around up front for some of the race. Haven't been able to make a strong case for anything outside the top end of the market on form. Will banker Johannes Vermeer in the obligatory shot at a first four.
  12. Melbourne Cup to have emergencies from 2018

    Yes I thought so too. Major changes required to support it. Still, nothing like a deadline to focus the mind!
  13. http://www.theage.com.au/sport/horseracing/melbourne-cup-will-have-emergencies-from-2018-onwards-ending-150-year-tradition-20171106-gzfv8h.html
  14. Melbourne Cup Comp Entries Here.

    First - Johannes Vermeer (7) Second - Almandin (2) Last - Max Dynamite (9)