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  1. Ghibellines 2nd dam is by Danehill so just wondering how does this become an outcross...?
  2. Sales

    Tavistock didn't even make the top 100 sires in Australia last season and is currently 179 th on the list....?????
  3. Similar pedigree as above.
  4. Here is another option Tomjr. As you can see it involves both of the parents of your mare and both of the parents of the stallion. (all bases are covered ) It is in simple terms just a mirror image of line breeding patterns, ( using superior female families. ) Way better to try something like this rather than pulling a name out of a hat. Sounds like you may have to hunt the stallion down tho.
  5. Per Incanto & Zacinto

    Now a Stakes winner... impressive
  6. Power

    Power (ful) pedigree patterns
  7. Power

    Two year old winner today at Trenthem
  8. In the mating above its the positions of the patterns that is appealing to me. A huge plus also is that your mare's female line is the family that produced Graustark. If she was my mare I would want to bring that into play. In the family tree below, starting with the mare ask yourself where are the duplications in the mare ...? and then ask same question again with the stallion.
  9. Really like this mating.
  10. Per Incanto & Zacinto

    Another smart horse with the same cross Saracino, Don Carlo, Tennessee
  11. Bullbars

    First Stakes winner for Bullbars Contessa Vanessa wins the Eight Carat Stakes G2
  12. Huge for Haunui

    similar pattern to above...., the right mare... giving you more bang for your buck