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  1. Or more likely Australia. Dad's already got a successful stable over there too!
  2. I am sure that you will get stallion owners paying for mares to visit their horse if you let THEM keep the foal! Otherwise why would they do it?
  3. The Lads are thinking about it, said Aidan O'Brien. How exciting would that be? This is a serious 3 year old colt rated 128+ by Timeform already.
  4. The Gold Cup....that was a proper race for sure. Pure excitement the whole way, especially if you backed the winner.
  5. Brian has long history in the game. Two positions that I know that he formerly had was editor of the Racetrack Magazine - Australia and General manager of Ra Ora Stud -Auckland. He was also a long time contributor to the Bloodhorse magazine - NZ. Whist he has not made his income from the NZ Racing or Breeding industry for a long time he has continued to follow it intently. Once the blood of the game is in your veins it never leaves! I would venture to say that in the past he was very highly thought of as a journalist, and with his current articles one can see why. For the record the Informant is a privately owned publication doing a great job in a very tough market. I doubt that there is any industry, harder to be profitable in, than print media. Just ask anyone!
  6. The English scene is very different from ours. Firstly they don't have public trials like we do. Secondly they aren't trying to sell 80% of their two years olds in training to another market without exposing them to a race Consider this, no trials so you take your two year old to the races somewhere and you win, so off you go to Ascot. Let me tell you that three quarters of that field cannot win as they are not good enough even though they have won a race or make be two. P. S. This is not a knock on Royal Ascot, it is simply an explanation of the difference between them and our hopeless situation. Isn't Ascot fantastic?
  7. Well they had better make up their minds quickly. This is a great opportunity for them as I believe that there is a great group out there waiting to get in behind Nick and Annemarie.
  8. Yes, I wasted two very nice mares on Entrepreneur a number of times. That's the way the ball bounces sometimes. I thought that he would be a superstar given his race record and breeding.
  9. Closer to home I would also recommend Highden Park - Libby Bleakley, 89 Highden Park Road, RD 6 Palmerston North Phone 027 612 9610. Question [and I am not trying to be rude]! Is your filly well enough bred and correct enough to warrant a sales preparation? If not it will only end in tears irrespective of who prepares her. Talk to some some sales preparation people [of which there are plenty of good ones], listen to what they say and then act. Good luck with your endeavours in this current environment.
  10. Imagine if they were a team!
  11. Is there someone out there clever enough to put up Loaders Railway and Telegraph wins so that everyone can see the brilliance of the man?
  12. Berri, I agree with you 100%. Thank you for typing it all out, that which most of us already knew, but which some obviously didn't or had forgotten. Why cant he be as good as Savabeel? Both early maturing Zabeel's who excelled over 2000 m.
  13. 12,500 + GST. I like him. Hopefully he's just the horse to take them to the next level, NZ too.
  14. Trump, thinking about it even more, maybe those saucer tracks over there gave them the balance that the Aranui Sppedway gave to Ronnie Moore, Barry Briggs and Ivan Major before they took on the World. Amazing isn't it?
  15. Trump, the one thing they all have in common is that they are all South Islanders who honed their skills on the West Coast!