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  1. Where's Winnie???

    The Bill in its current format has too many flaws in it to pass at the moment. Be patient or we will end up with a dog like the current Racing Act.
  2. Entry fees

    Pam, not really true. Most of them or their sons made it to the committee of the CJC. And (not grammatically correct) haven’t they continued to keep the CJC at the forefront of NZ racing, notwithstanding the continuous “demand” that your “Guineas Races” should be moved north. Unfortunately they allowed the NZ Derby & NZ Oaks to move north thus weakening the bred by allowing the the onset of slow maturing stayers, instead of 3 year olds that can quickly get up to a distance such as in England. Liz
  3. How does this work?

    For all the arm chair critics out there, what will happen to the ratings of Kawi and Consensus who both ran right up to their respective ratings of 110 & 100 respectively? Does Kawa stay where he is, while Consensus moves up a point or so? Sofia Rosa with her first show of form this season deserves to go up a couple of points to represent something like here true ability. What do others think?
  4. What’s got you so stirred up tonight? When you were riding out for the Major (all those years back) and the Queen Mum called in, were you banished to barracks as if you were an ex-convict from Australian? It’s time to get over it and welcome one of the most beautiful people (in every way) into your world. Liz
  5. Swynford's Challenge PremierSelections

    My new saying for yearling purchasing: FUCK IT"S LUCK! Liz
  6. Ashoka, where have you got to?

    hope that the bastards haven't beaten you down.

    We need your postings.


  7. How does this work?

    I was going to tell you to look it up, but instead here it is: Dijon Bleu. Tom, it’s simple really. Each horse is re-rated (after the event) to what the handicapper thinks is a fair rating. Dijon Blenheim was already highly rated because of her excellent record in the NI. Because those around her (in the finish) ran well above where they were previously rated they all had to move up accordingly. Tom, I like you, but that was one of the more silly questions asked, as was some of the responses to you, or at least their comments.
  8. Trackside Ellerslie coverage today

    Next it will be Jockeys!
  9. Insider going for it with the winnings.

    Ted, I heard the race on radio when out buying the groceries and wine. At the time I didn’t take any notice of the dividend. I have just looked it up now. Bugger!!!!!! (Sorry that’s not very lady like!)
  10. Insider going for it with the winnings.

    Ted he didn’t!!!!!!!!! You will have to give me another one, preferably for the Champagne Turf next Saturday. Thank you for your contribution to the prize pool
  11. Just Reminiscing

    What about the Stradbroke, known as the Elders or something back then?
  12. Big day for big news

    Enlighten me. What is your point?
  13. Big day for big news

    Believe it or not I have had a little bit to do with Meghan M over the years....she is a wonderful human being.
  14. Grapevine tells me that the official announcement will be tomorrow. How much of the land are they buying? If Plumtree is involved will that be an advantage or disadvantage in the new Stud getting top class stallions to stand from Darley, given his past association/history? Where does that leave the grandiose idea of relocating all of the Waikato Clubs (Gallops including training, Harness and Greyhounds) to a super site at Cambridge Stud?