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  1. Reefton

    Imagine thinking one could slip over to Gisborne tomorrow to pick up a soft win and then open the computer and see the Noms/Acceptances!
  2. BS from AS?

    Grunt, Kiwi bred, Trelawney actually. Grunt like a V8?

    Agree, that’s exactly as I see the ‘Belle’ family too. So should one only breed a mare from the ‘Belle’ family to that sort of stallion or is there a lot more to it than that? Are there other family strengths?

    I have often seen the above quote and don’t understand what it really means. Let’s take the “Belle” family for example. It’s strengths seem to me, to be speed oriented and dark in colour. (Dark in colour is an advantage when selling.) Therefore to ‘breed to it’s strengths’ should I be mating it to Showcasing (in this country) which offers both. Marie Leister obviously did that when using Commands to get Melody Belle! Is it as simple as that, or am I too simple?
  5. Karaka Millions Meeting.

    The Three Year Old Mile (1 Million) is a step forward. Personally I think that they should drop the two year old race and increase the Three Year Old one to 2 Million then watch the Aussies come over! The reason I would like the 2 Year Old one gone is that it is encouraging the inclusion of too many Australian Breed 2 Year Olds in the Sale and it’s not doing anything for the development of NZ breds trying to participate competitively.
  6. Without thinking

    Eiffel Tower, Showgate & Drum
  7. Michael Pitman

    There is enough racing at Riccarton to to keep his team occupied, most of the time. They need to sort out the starting gate people though as that was a debacle in the last race yesterday. Read the Stipendary Report to see the carnage, and probably career ending of up to five horses.
  8. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Not to my knowledge.
  9. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    I am NOT saying that I am the expert, I am simply telling you and others what I have been told. However I will say that in my opinion, once upon a time the Otaki surface was the best in the North Island when it was grazed by the sheep and to the best of my knowledge, Otaki hasn't been hit by an earthquake causing any topographical changes so your reference to water flowing uphill has me confused. Liz
  10. Sales

    I saw a News Release from NZB yesterday that said that it was the "final" so as from today there will not be an update although there might be some changes. One lot that was passed [Lot 611] has since sold for the passed in price, so I learnt today. Tony Pike loved her so much that he has since purchased her without any owners, so if you want 10 or 20% give him a call. I only know this, as I already have shares in horses in the Pike Barn and was offered the opportunity to be part of her today. I can assure you that there will be no extras whatsoever, anywhere along the line, based on my experience.
  11. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    I have told you all I know. I know nothing about them plundering the NZTR capital fund. Please give some details. Yes the trots have been OK other years BUT this year as you and all of us know, the track has been beset with problems and running the trots with full fields over two days and then trying to rectify the damage plus other things that they tried DIDN'T work out. That's what I know of as the facts, or as reported to me by SOMEONE in the know. It is not my opinion or my guess, and I have told you all I know.
  12. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    That's my business.
  13. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Over the last few years things haven't gone their way. Whatever they have done/tried hasn't worked in their favour. Allowing two days of trots so close to the Group one Day didn't work and their remedial work on the track has only made matters worse. [Sadly so I am informed] Furthermore, pulling out of [or were they pushed] out of RACE means that they are now alone, maybe that's why they weren't in a position to race at Trentham [best choice] or Awapuni. Anyway, once they are completely clear of RACE, watch the resurgence of the Otaki Racing Club when a couple of the cash rich Tribes come to their rescue. After all a couple of million is all they need to put things right and that's a drop in the bucket with the cash they have available after some lucrative payouts and wise investments. You heard it here first!
  14. Otaki transferred to Hastings....

    Or trying to make the best of a bad situation, interesting enough self created after what I have learnt today.
  15. 100k maiden Naki challenge

    Agree P for P. Stupid time of the year to be running it. In the Summer yes. Given the odds and my association to one of the best stables in NZ, I would say it was worth the chance. Better still why don't you and I wait until Auckland see the light, they run it on Boxing day for say 300 to 500k and with your judgement [?] and my association we should be in as a joint venture. [Come in Craig Baker] What do you say?