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  1. NZTR service awards !!

    What’s the bet that Murray Ackland isn’t one of the first to receive one of them?
  2. Super Straddy Saturday Comp

    R3 - Peaceful State 1 R4 - Ambitious 1 BB R5 - Champagne Cuddles 16 R6 - The Autumn Sun 5 R7 - Lucky For All 11 R8 - Moss Trip 9 Thanks all.
  3. Ellerslie Track Progress

    Nerula, weekly updates would be greatly appreciated, especially after heavy rain to see if the drains are working, at this very early stage. Also on the new stabling/tie up rebuild.
  4. R1 - 1 R2 - 4 R3 - 5 R4 - 13, 2 R5 - 1 R6 - 6 R7 - 2 R8 - 3, 2, 12 Thanks sponsors, much appreciated.
  5. Ellerslie Track Progress

    Looking good. Hopefully though, the main drain is on the inner, because if it is around the perimeter [outside] then that is still were the jockeys will still all be heading, as that will be the driest! Surely they haven't been that stupid Nerula, or have they been?
  6. What a load of crap! I will say that I might have more in the bank though!
  7. Winners R Grinners Take Three FINAL 26th May

    Grand Prix - Dark Dream - 2 Premier’s Cup - Sedanza - 7 Sires’ Produce Stakes - Zousain - 3 Kingsford Smith Cup - Le Romain - 2 Thanks Scooby.
  8. You want some Fun tomorrow at Hastings Race 5 ?

    The best pacer I have seen or my favourite anyway; Lordship.
  9. Trentham Gold Cup

    Blue, they have earnt it, that’s the trouble. As army says, they keep dropping back multiple winners thus cluttering up everything. Now Bruce Sherwin is a very intelligent guy, very experienced in all facets of thoughbred racing, especially Hong Kong and Macau. Come in Big Dog.
  10. Trentham Gold Cup

    The idiots need to move some horses through the grades. It wont effect those horses chances as they will still racing against each other! Or have I got it wrong
  11. Agree 100% Both superstars, but neither could live with the other over their preferred distance.
  12. Winners R Grinners Comp this weekend

    Moet & Chandon Champagne Classic - Dynamited 4 Suez Queensland Day Stakes - Marsupial 4 Kirin Doomben 10,000 - Redzel 1 Mitty's Rough Habit Plate - Higher Ground 2 Thanks a million.
  13. BGP

    Boys Get Paid should take over the marketing at the Racing Board. At least the understand the game and the people involved.
  14. Stables staff

    What you see is the result of the previous Government, surely!
  15. Big 4 Weekend Comp Entries/Results here...

    Scooby, I have amended my posting. Obviously I didn’t read the rules carefully enough, as did not a percentage of others.!