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  1. I see there is no ....

    No doubt his second in the Cup was an outstanding effort, but for a horse known for his speed rather than his strength, his effort to sit 3 wide without cover for the entire trip in a 1.50 mile was a whole new level of performance. If he'd had that same run at any other stage of his career he'd have been beaten a long way from home and probably have run last! In this case, I think the Aussie is pretty much on the mark!
  2. Allstars 10 wins in a row

    And probably their biggest effort of the night produced their worst result. Zion Bromac sits 3 wide without cover for the trip, from barrier 9, in the fastest run race of the night, and runs 4th beaten a length. Whatever their advantage is, they appear to have improved it! Belief defied!
  3. Couldn't be.could it.

    Well it is called the Auckland "Trotting" Club after all! Might have to be a rethink of the business plan in a few major stables .... considering you could probably count on one hand the number of trotters they have in work between them! I wonder if it's dawned on the Auckland Property Development , oops sorry, Auckland Trotting Club board yet that simply throwing endless money at their vanity project - stake money - isn't the answer to the industries woes in the north after all?
  4. Sales Time

    I wonder where all the good 2yo's will come from next year? At Karaka today All Stars splashed out 30% of all the money spent on 16 colts and 1 filly. They certainly got the cream of the crop, outspending Barry Purdon, Cran Dalgety, Robert Dunn, Mark Jones, Ken Barron, Lincoln Farms, Tony Herlihy and our own illustrious Tim Vince combined! Only one filly though, so there may be a window of opportunity there!
  5. k smith j green

    I may be a little slow on the uptake - it has been claimed in the past - but why does the club need a "handicapper" at all? Surely the "ratings system" does the handicapping, and all that is required is some intelligent race programming. For a rating "system" to be effective it should automatically adjust a horses ratings according to a pre-progammed formula, so that the process is known in advance, and no interpretation is needed. If the system isn't working, you tweak the formula, in this case the ratings system, as opposed to relying on an individual to make a personal judgement of what needs changing. No disrespect to Kevin Smith, as he seems to me to be doing a fine job .... albeit in a position that shouldn't exist.
  6. Heaven's He Rocked Em!

    Heaven Rocks was awesome alright in the Ballarat Cup ... he even tried to predict the sprint for home at the 400m mark a lap early, and then his big goofy brain switched off half way up the home straight. If they happen to catch him in the right frame of mind on Miracle Mile night, absolutely anything is possible. As for Have Faith In Me, he's probably going as well as he has for ages. and should thrive on the big US tracks and the flat out racing style. He was simply the wrong horse to take to Gloucester Park. It's a track where gait. manners, and gate speed are crucial .... the three things he doesn't have. The All Stars team don't pull the wrong rein very often, but this was a plan that was doomed from the start.
  7. Steve Telfer

    That was a D Butcher special! He was never interested in the inside run, for reasons known only to himself .... because the stipes didn't bother to ask him why not!
  8. Lazarus. Wow

    An admirable theory Harewood, except that he doesn't really have much of a "Gate speed button" to push! There would appear to be much more speed both inside and outside him, including a number who would be of no mood to hand up the death cheaply should he come looking, so I can't see his last appearance downunder being much fun for him. Given that the big chances have drawn horribly, there should be action aplenty right from the start!
  9. Ben Hope Rulz

    Sharing the prizemoney with the effected runner has been tossed around as a possible solution in the past, but then you start getting into the area of rewarding victims, not unlike the soccer players who are more than happy to throw themselves to the ground in search of a free kick. There's also the knock on effect. What happens if the victim of the interference then interferes with 3 or 4 others? Who gets what? The only real deterrent is relegation. Being allowed to retain a placing after causing interference is simply laying the groundwork for desperate drivers to "do whatever it takes" to win knowing that the prizemoney, the punting proceeds, and the sling are all safe! There will always be an element of luck in racing, and being the fortunate beneficiary of someone elses foul driving relegation is just another way to get lucky. In my view any rule that contributes to cleaner racing is a good rule, and you can't get a much stronger deterrent than being relegated to behind your victim, as the punishment will always fit the crime - the worse the interference you cause, the further back you go!
  10. Ben Hope Rulz

    To use your example, It isn't about "promoting the second horse", it's about "relegating the offender". We shouldn't have horses being able to completely eliminate the chances of another runner - irrespective of whether that runner was a winning chance at the time or not - and still being able to go on and retain their position at the end of the race. That actually provides an incentive for drivers to take desperate measures and cop the fine or a brief suspension, whilst retaining the spoils of victory. The old system of being automatically relegated to the position behind the horse you interfered with was a much stronger deterrent against foul or careless driving, removing the financial reward, not to mention knowing that a fine and/or suspension was also coming your way if it was your neglect that caused the incident. Fair enough that connections can't lodge a protest if they get flattened and finish 100m last, but the stipes should be required to do so. All protests in fact, should be lodged by the stipes to eliminate the "mates not wanting to protest against mates" thing that happens all to often.
  11. Lazarus. Wow

    That was more like what I thought the aussies would throw at him in the Interdominion final.
  12. Saveapatrol

    He's still very much a work-in-progress from what I seen so far. No doubt he has the potential to make the grade as a trotter, but he's a bit "fragile" looking at the moment to be taking any crazy short odds about him just yet. It'll be interesting to see him develop as a trotter, but I think I'll just be watching his first few starts. Hopefully he stays sound and starts winning them in a row again one day!
  13. Team Driving?

    Are there enough Butchers to go around?

    The propaganda article takes a pot shot at the ratings system, so maybe they've got wind that further changes are afoot. Mere speculation on my part.

    Nobody writes a "rebuttal article" unless they feel there's something they need to refute! Obviously the All Stars stable is "feeling the heat"from their unprecedented domination of the industry, and feel the need to "defend" their position. Why else would they get their PR machine to swing into action immediately after one of their most dominant Premier days ever, with the message that "this is not a bad thing'? Maybe a pre-emptive strike ahead of potential moves to "spread the money" more equitably?