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      Hi Everyone,           we are in the process of upgrading the site as you know and there may be some short interruptions over the coming weeks while this process happens, I will try to advise before these happen but apologies ahead of time for any inconvenience this may cause. What you all will end up with is a much better place for everyone to enjoy.


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  1. Well Done Michael Pitman

    Well done! You must have also had a lot of 2nds and 3rds!
  2. Well Done Michael Pitman

    Good work! By the way, was the $1.9m earned from the 66 winners this season? That’s about $28500 per race average. That wouldn’t be right would it?
  3. great racecallers

    “Kingston Town can’t win!”, from one of the best, The Accurate One. Always picked a close finish and never sat on the fence in those close ones.
  4. great racecallers

    How bad was that guy calling the Irish Derby! ?
  5. This POC Tax was/is put in place to ensure that Corporate Betting Operators (Ladbrokes etc) pay their dues. This is on top of GST, Company Tax, PAYE etc. The Qld Govt are going to Tax at “15%”!! and return ZERO to the racing industry. Idiots.
  6. There are a number of countries (incl NZ) whose political system has let them down. Australia have people in the Senate, some who got “less than 150 votes in total”, holding Govt Legislation up and demanding deals before they will vote for legislation. Less than 150 f#%king votes! In NZ you have A Foreign Minister/Deputy PM (acting PM) who was voted out of Office!! In the Phillipines, you have a Leader who shoots and kills his opponents and crims - I think he’s up to 20,000 by now. The world is a strange place. The Queensland Govt is hitting betting operators with a 15% POC tax and is not returning any of it back to the Racing Industry - despite the fact that a similar tax in SOuth Aust has killed their Industry and in Victoria (4.3%) and NSW (going progressively down to 4.3% by 2022) racing is thriving. Why? Because Vic/NSW are returning the tax to the Industry. Then there’s NZ Racing. The world’s gone mad. Ladbrokes will sack 300 Qld workers and move its operations and focus on NSW/Vic. The result? Less tax for Qld Govt and a loss for Qld Racing. Idiots.
  7. Racing Stalwart passes.

    A Larger than life character. When Sir Avion deadheated with Smart Hunter in the 2001 Mercedes Great Northern Steeplechase, he was like a dog with two bones! Also, that race will always be remembered for Keith Haub’s great call. He actually called the deadheat. Mr O’Connor was pretty chuffed!
  8. Memories

    He trains on the Gold Coast. The Sunshine Coast ( Caloundra) is 160klm (roughly) further north of the Goldie by road.
  9. Would be a great story if he won.....

    Ryan Moore’s ride on Merchant Navy should be shown at all apprentice training sessions and also send a copy video to all current jockeys! The importance/significance of riding your mount “THROUGH THE LINE”, meant the difference between winning and losing. Send 10 copies to Douglas Whyte and a few others! (Luke Nolan?)
  10. Tatts Tiara Double BB Comp Entries here.

    R2 LIGHT UP THE ROOM 6 R3 BUSH CAVIAR 17 R4 INSPIRED ESTELLE 13 R5 I AM IMPINGE 4 R6 ANTON EN AVANT 4 R7 GRANDE ROSSO 3 R8 PROMPT RESPONSE 4 (BEST BET) R9 MALVERN ESTATE 11 (BEST BET) No clouds, bright and sunny, good4 track, rail out 3.5m entire circuit, a big crowd - a great Tiara day coming up!
  11. Tatts Tiara Double BB Comp Entries here.

    In Race 7 I believe Jamaican Rain will be scr tomorrow morning - unless it rains. It won’t rain. Just in case some may want to select something else rather than the alternative
  12. Barrier Draw for the Tiara, Cup and Bush Battle was “Live” on Sky Racing throughout Australia, from the Stage in the Queen St Mall. John Bary was there and “very happy” in the sunshine and with a G4 or better likely(most likely) on Sat.
  13. Australian TAB

    Not at all Baz - you just need to get that chip off your shoulder!
  14. Tatts Tiara Double BB Comp Entries here.

    Track will be a Good4.
  15. Australian TAB

    Here he goes again! They’re sending a few home to you Baz - 2 per day. Most are gang members, rapists, thieves, assault artists etc, so they should fit in quite well back home huh?