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  1. B De Lore on the Messara appointment

    You may be right. But I think that given his past experience with NSW and Aust Racing and what has been done, his Report on his take on NZ Racing will make interesting reading. It won't be a hard job for him. A bit like someone like Sir Colin Giltrap advising a Used Car Dealer in Tokoroa how to run a successful Used Car Lot - shouldnt be hard However, it's the response to the Report that will be interesting. Q. Why doesn't the Minister just come out and say he has commissioned JM to do this Report, due to his complete lack of confidence in The NZRB and it's Executive to do it?
  2. B De Lore on the Messara appointment

    I think that the key paragraph to be read from BdL's article is the following quote: < "Any questions will have to be answered by Winston Peters and not by me. I can’t say anything about the project – my report has to be to him and nobody else.”>. So really, he is only going to "REVIEW" then "Recommend a Strategy" to WP. The first thing I thought when reading this was that the Minister for Racing in NZ has No Confidence in NZRB. The second thing was that he's asking for an opinion from a very experienced Racing person in Oz - because of his lack of confidence in Petone. The question is, "When he gets the report from JM, what will he do with it and what will the govt allow him to do - especially if it involves changes to the Racing Act, taxes, betting etc ?" Plenty of reports are written these days but how many are acted upon? JM won't be the problem.....
  3. Pick For Place entries here

    I'm on a yacht and my phone only allows me to list the selections the way you see them. All the correct info re selections are there but I can't list them any other way. Sorry.
  4. Pick For Place entries here

    Hi Scoobs, I've listed my picks with the Meeting/Race number/ horse name and number. Where did I go wrong ? (other than my selections of course!).
  5. Pick For Place entries here

    Riccarton R7 No 10 Podravina:Randwick R5 No 3 One More Honey:Randwick R6 No 12 El Dorado Dreaming:Randwick R7 No 2 Brave Smash:Randwick R8 No 14 Rising Red
  6. B De Lore on the Messara appointment

    Interestingly, myself and many others who regularly contribute to the Racecafe banter, have regularly hammered home the point that "COSTS" have to be cut. I've mentioned it many many times. There's been no attempt at all to rein in the ludicrous cost of running racing in NZ.
  7. "A Long Way From Wyandra" Peter Moody

    If you sent a copy to Pete and asked him to autograph it, I'm sure he would oblige. That's Pete.
  8. John Allen's latest "conversations"....

    A typically measured response.
  9. The QE2 field rated ( brutally ).

    Golf is always on bring your sticks.
  10. The Barman

    I wished he had run 2nd. I had the F4 if Zacada wins!! It paid $180k with the Barman winning! I'm still filthy....
  11. The QE2 field rated ( brutally ).

    P4P, I thought that the QE2 field was a pretty hot one. Humidor (Aust Cup and "nearly" defeated Winx in Cox), Happy Clapper is right up there and a genuine G1 performer, Gailo Chop (I'd love to own him) and so on. So really, Consenus was in top company - then there's Winx. Fancy being on track and having a horse racing in such great company. One of Winx's best wins IMO. Well done for having a go.
  12. John Allen's latest "conversations"....

    Jeez! What's BarryB going to say? A wretched Aussie being asked to rescue racing in NZ ! I can't wait to read your comment B.
  13. Smerdon Walks Away

    Doesn't matter if he decides not to appear and "clear his good name". The hearing can proceed without him and he offers no defence.
  14. Easter Monday Rotorua

    You are a worry BB...
  15. Smerdon Walks Away

    Moody = one horse/one charge. Smerdon? Over 100 charges, correct? Big difference.