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  1. Race dogs for sale White Not Wong Wong Answer Wong Box May The Fourth Unfounded $1000 each ONO Contact Andy 027 379 6647
  2. NZ Cup & Galaxy Thoughts

    1. Swimming Goat 2. Flibberty Jibberty 3. Talk Talk 4. Highland Laddie 5. Wheelchair Norm 6. Watta Gunn 7. Custom Paint 8. Amino Trouble
  3. R.I.P. Peter Knowles

    Well words fail me really as we come to terms with losing part of our extended family. Peter Knowles (Knowsley) as we all knew him was a truely unique character. Never short of a quick remark and we never really knew what to expect next. Friday became one of the hardest days to handle from the first text message that he was late (which never happens) to the dreaded phone call that he had been found passed away still tucked up in his bed. To all of his family, friends and aqaintances our sincere condolences. Pete we will always love you and hold you dear to our hearts. Janine (sniffy), Ann (marj), Adelaide (mother) Alby and Andy.