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  1. Kawi at $8 until 5pm

    you might be right guys ... Kawi deservers to win in my book... just because...all the doubters I bet me mates Addictive habit would beat him on a trip away to Te Rapa once...learnt me lesson. I like Alan Sharrock...hope he goes well...missed the 8s
  2. Commentators - genuinely good blokes

    I respect all the commentators and track side staff...@ school I wanted to be a commentator, may well have had the memory required then for the runners/ colours / jocks aboard etc I" m blown away at the instant recall of previous race details they posses.
  3. Country Clubs - is it worth it?

    Gate entry @ Hastings ($15 on New years day)...shit fields...iconic family BYO summer raceday...Large crowd...everyone happy (reasonably priced packages and Gate during spring Carnival (no BYO piss , Livermol day)...no complaints from anyone...Quality fields other lesser meetings charging $10 entry are sometimes given the wide birth by locals refusing to pay "to get in" when you can watch in comfort at home or club ! mid-week and winter meetings generally free and BYO....get the odd die hard punter attending ! I have no complaints...But that is the product...I do believe, big room for improvement (especially mid-week and winter) to entice on course punters with warm entertainment options. .
  4. remember cubes...its the punters graveyard...good even fields chuck in anything ya fancy in multi,s
  5. 2018 Punting advice ?

    Had a couple of goes Cat, but as ya say...not as easy as it looks ! (Baz,s suggestion) For punters who invest less than $50 per selection, the best and safest way to bet is win betting level stakes to a % of your bank. ie bank size $1000 x 2% (per bet) $20, get a few winners and bank is $1500 x 2% $30 per bet & so on. ( I have trouble with discipline) (Your suggestion Cat) Dutching...(hows it going?)...seem to be sensible betting approaches. HEY WHATS YOUR OPINION ON ROVING BANKER TRI,S ?...something outside the favourite anchored for 1st/2nd and 3rd with the fav and a cpl or 3 others to fill the other placings (% Bet)...Doggies seem a good option , 1st out 1st home...LOL. Hav"nt put it to the test yet...But they pay well !
  6. Hokitika Gone

    I,m no jockey...far from it...But I reckon it should be their call as to the safety of the track. if they decide as a group it is unsafe...meeting off , I suppose...But if one or two don,t wish to risk their necks ...hopefully willing replacements available. Bloody Health and Safety,s gone mad in this country...sure it creates plenty of work for all those paper pushers involved. But shit wheres our minister and others on big incomes to sort things?
  7. 2018 Punting advice ?

    your lucky Tauhei , $20 well spent. it was,nt a pre-recorded human voice?, prompted on to the next question, by your answer?... like most Govt agencies in NZ?...Frustrating as **** I like the expected wait time to call back answer-phones, as opposed to the put you on hold version....the music and requirement for speaker Phone (so you don"t burn yourself or spill your drink) and the deliberately annoying game of (will you give up 1st) Hard case Ted... The customer behind you was probably an Indian, (both National party voters and NZ residents) with cold hard cash to deposit, from the corner dairy, fast food outlet, Petrol station and bottle store takings from yesterday. Yet we see few on racetracks in NZ...that's the problem.. ANYWAY BRING ON BIG DAY AT TRENTHAM...NEED A PUNT
  8. Avondale Cup

    Why don't the marketing Gurus hit up some of the Indian owned companies for sponsorship... good advertising !...or has that been put in the "too hard" basket...LOL
  9. 2018 Punting advice ?

    Thanks Cat...Yeah Cheers, ...does ring a bell...might have a go myself for a change. Confuses me if profits would have been much different in pj's comp, using "Dutching" as opposed to fixed $10 win bets...Some mathematician will enlighten us. I do enjoy % trebles...simply due to the fact you can throw in all "chances" for any amount...(sure...% reduces according to number of horses selected)... But it gives you an interest over more races, assuming you stay live...and the payout is always over all-up odds ! HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL
  10. 2018 Punting advice ?

    ???... just joking PFP....But whats that? a new ice block?...just want to know how to post a decent profit long term. can pick my own winners (have systems purchased previously but can't stick to them)...get bored...Thanks though mate...have a good New year ! WHAT DOES RIPPLE ENTAIL?...you could snare me yet.
  11. 2018 Punting advice ?

    I have no problem sorting out value winners and generally stick to a punting budget...so have good days and bad. in the recent 12 days of Christmas punting comp, run by P.J, I was above the profit line until the business end.(went looking for a roughy) Are win bets on your selection , a staking plan or % trebles/quaddies a better option? WHAT IS THE BEST VALUE PUNTING ADVICE FOR 2018?...PLEASE OTHER CAFERS ! (would appreciate a message from anyone below in P.J,s comp that obviously do their homework) Dollars Table 3091.20 Steve P 2982.80 Ray 2904.20 Skelly 2817.20 Casper 2783.00 Roland 2773.40 Catalano 2769.20 Betty ----------------break even $2728.00--------------------------- 2724.00 PJ
  12. Oh Bevin. Do your homework

    Look but dont touch Baz...LOL. Yeah the Mrs dragged me round Napier yesterday, Boxing day sales. Never seen so many young hotties. (thought there was a cruise ship in Dock)... But Nah...they just like to spend and party. Looking forward to New Years Day at Hastings !
  13. Win a $100 voucher at HQ

    done nothing in particular and maintained their salaries
  14. 1-8/9 2-3/4 3-4/9 4-5/7 5-9/11 B/B 6-4/12 B/B 7-7/9 8-6/8... Here is hoping.... Cheers for the comp PJ
  15. 1-1/9 2-3/4 3-4/5 4-3/7 5-3/7 BB 6-7/9BB 7-3/5 good luck all...thanks PJ