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      Winter getaway to Fiji....Hotel and airfares.....Comp to start in July.... details soon.....


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  1. Kiwi story on TV1 July 8...

    Yeh I was fishing a bit Ted. New I saw Kiwi win at Wangvegas but didn't know when. He was a solid customer and the rest is history. May have been able to win two cups if the vets didn't intervene
  2. Kiwi story on TV1 July 8...

    I was at Whanganui when he won over a mile in 1982.Not sure what time of the year it was . Or was it 1983
  3. Nature Strip

    They might give it to Kerry Parker
  4. Canadian Racing

    Maybe the gherkin
  5. great racecallers

    Joe Brown used to get me going. Had to pick him up on a few pronunciations at one stage tho Bert Bryant was a dagg
  6. Tatts Tiara Comp Results here...

    Thanks. Zim and Scooby. Couldnt let the team down. Maybe Ohakaman might be able to organise a comp for next week using my funds. Or Scooby. Just a bit of fun
  7. Tatts Tiara Comp Results here...

    Hi Scooby I will go $50 a win on Jamaican Rain R9 #18 Sunshine Coast. Thanks a lot and good punting.a
  8. Memories

  9. Purple Comet

    My old man came home from the club back in the early 80s and told me some one had tipped him a horse. Of course he couldn't remember it's name. Finally I got out of him that it was a colour Turns out it was PurpleComet . It won but didn't pay $72 that day
  10. Tatts Tiara Comp Results here...

    Cheers Scoob Good man. I can feel a winner coming on now
  11. Tatts Tiara Comp Results here...

    Hi Ohak not sure what happened to PJs score. Suspect he might have out scored me on looking back at entries. Happy days
  12. Tatts Tiara Comp Results here...

    Thanks for the comp
  13. Tatts Tiara Comp Results here...

    Some sort of win by the first winner.
  14. Tatts Tiara Double BB Comp Entries here.

    R2-Granny Red Shoes -4 R3-Just Call Me Louie-5 BB R4-No Annamossity -4 R5-The Bostonian-1 R6-Tradesman-2 R7-Ulmann-2 R8-Champagne Cuddles-15 R9- Spright -5 BB thanks for a great comp Scoob
  15. Pogo Gets Ridden By A Kiwi!

    Yes Pogo was quickly back in the rear end. The ambo driver desparately swerving to avoid it Do they have hurdle races for two year olds?