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  1. Matamata abandoned

    The track condition and maintenance in too many areas of NZ are a disgrace !
  2. Art Union

    Given a great race by the TV team.....exciting race....gotta love these amateur races !
  3. Sanreco Bay - Tim have you put the Xmas $ on ?

    Astutely placed and another superb drive........Oh thats right ,we don't comment on anything positive on here ,or give credit where it is due unless there's an apparent error or miscalculation !
  4. Haha...I'll take a bit of stick , don't often get a free feed and drinks in the Viaduct....a world class location. Of course I ordered steak and like a flash the waiter asked....What about the vegetables ?....Well I looked at Leo for some time and replied...."oh he will have steak as well ! Up since 5am ,young Leo had eyes like reject oysters ,piss holes in the snow but became very animated when I suggested Kevin Morton was a better jockey ! Another record of his ...only unbeaten jockey on Showgate....not quite ,as he forgot Nick Harnett at Timaru[ 1600m] ,the day after 2400m of Dunedin Cup. Never one to allow the facts to get in the way of a good story ,why does the Viaduct need the America's Cup when it has Leo ? One record he does hold ,possibly from me was being the oldest school kid in NZ........but there is no truth in story he had 3 years in the fifth form it was actually 5 years in the 3rd form ! As for the host Cubes...what a gentleman , a deserving winner and Chevy 86 also, turns out we all played in the same Rugby club ......young Leo furtively sat there on his booster seat hoping that crumbs of our knowledge would blow his way.....CT would have really capped the evening off nicely. Be nice to Leo, his doctor has just told him to give up half of his love life..........what half will he give up ,thinking about it or talking about it. And its getting worse ,he's searching for his excuse book as his horse is about to clash with Kawi ....this week. A great night @ Head Quarters ,the quotes in the dunnies worth a visit. Pencil us all in for Karaka week ! Be there or be square...best night out since I went to Moonee Valley with CT.
  5. Bizarre Race 3 at Ellerslie

    Watching it on course ,I was not surprised that Magic Chai a late scratching as George clearly said 'I think we my have a false start here' and the clerk of course charged toward the horses. As a result , Leith took hold for a few strides ,losing valuable ground and by that time he was seriously enough detached from field to create doubt. Of more surprise was the other scratching unless the barrier attendants contributed to the bridle problem. A few years ago at the same start my horse dipped as gates opened and jockey came off [Boots Sweeney].......tough ! If your horse jumps a few strides and the saddle slips ,shold the horse be scratched ?
  6. Scratched

    Then there is a scratch golfer....one who can play to pay to par without a handicap !
  7. Tasman Man can't afford the parking in DT Auckland close to Viaduct plus he doesn't have the wardrobe for the area ...the leather loafers, trousers with tears in the knees and big brand shirts !
  8. Scratched

    The second racing sense 'scratched' out above could refer to a harness race start where in stand starts horses lined up on the start line were known as starting from scratch or SCR in the book. Also known as on the limit i.e. Lt. Those on handicaps were on 12 yd plus 6 yard distances.....12, 18, 24 etc. Now 10 m , 15 , 20 etc. Possibly this was at a time when many of you still in womb or a glint in Dad's eye !
  9. NZRB 2017 report Brian de Lore

    I note there is now a green area[ grass ] down at the Viaduct but wonder if those sexy Moet loungers will handle us big units! Odd place to put a children's playground ! And not to mention H & S....very close to water after a few Moets.
  10. NZRB 2017 report Brian de Lore

    Just had a quick look at the Report/Accounts. Pokies/Gaming had a $436m turnover and $398m worth of kaching kaching payouts with flashing lights. That left them $37.8 mil from which Duty ,GST and PG Levy of $13mil [total] deducted. This leaves $24.835 mil surplus. Then they deduct$12.3 mil for racing stuff like RIU [$6mil] ,Racing Lab , JCA ,Racing publications PLUS $3.2 to Sporting Community groups like Gymnastics ,Table Tennis and tiddlywinks. After that $15 mil comes out this leaves $8.639 mil as the Distribution from Gaming. You are very welcome ,but I'll pass your invite to become one of your impeccable sources...my friends a few enough already !
  11. M T Pockets

    I notice the lady kicked their arse by 8 lengths today !! I also note that several horses driven by professional drivers broke or went rough at all stages of races over Friday and the weekend , so it can happen. The lady has an incredible strike rate . Don't you hate that !
  12. M T Pockets

    Well,well,well.....another Amateur drive on MT Pockets last night ,maybe proving the amateurs know a bit more about harness than what some on here give them credit for. MT obviously likes to be out and rolling ,out wide and going hard ,maybe can't do a 27 quarter even if cuddled up with a pretty drive ! But give him 29,29,29 and he keeps going....ideal for amateurs! One for the Amateurs last night.....well done Team Vince !
  13. R.I.P Pentire

    Yes , a well performed sire and one I certainly chased when trying to buy a share in a horse to win the Melbourne Cup ! But sired some very good sprinter/milers too.
  14. Tim Vince on holiday

    I think this is an indication that there is a distinct lack of opportunity for Tim's horses in the area he trains in.. Because of the rating system and an apparent lack of catering for horses with limited ability e.g. older types or claimers his horses will be forced elsewhere. Therefore owners and their horses are not catered for ,the viewing and the betting public are not catered for either.Little point being happy with a 10 horse average field when 3 x trotting fields may have 13 horses while 3 pacing races have 7 horses giving an average of 10 and the rating bands get wider and the slower types not catered for.....no like v like . A slower horse has little to no show earning its keep....some head to Palmy North like yesterday where most of the winners were from Puke or Cambridge but thats not ideal. A few years ago I was reluctant to sell horses I had a share in cos I knew that they had a chance to earn a bit of their keep but not now with the wide bands ....no chance.....I think in recent months Ive been pleased to see some 12 horses sold or retired , other shareholders getting frustrated too and some lost to sport. So little is done to stop this exit of participants.....add 8 or 9 Tim is looking to shift elsewhere and Northern trots has suddenly lost 20 horses that could have been racing regularly .A couple of that number injured ! A sad state of affairs ,but does anyone care ?
  15. NZ Cup entries Here.

    1....Penthathlon 2.....Sampson Last.....Nothing Trivial Thanks