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  1. Not sure how a trade me purchase relates to Pokie deception. The Bluegrass Trust was set up to distribute monies primarily to Racing as well as community...this was its purpose.. Prior to the website being taken down all the grants were there to see e.g. the Nelson Trot Club received $620 k in 5 years and Southland /Otago Harness clubs received big bucks even though there were no machines in those areas. MOBrien had been 'banned' from pokie trusts after the Metro fiasco a few years earlier and must have thought he could stay one step ahead of the authorities but they were chasing hard and closing in......and they have nailed him for deception and roped in his dad and a couple of others who he used as a cover ! The $1 mill plus a year he apparently got out of it for himself in 'commissions' is probably not out of line with the level of expenses that some trusts and charitable outfits incur as expenses ......there has been much publicity about some very well respected ones in recent times having high operating expenses compared with grants. Just last week there were 3 in the paper mentioned where rorts were disclosed. As an Auditor in past life Ive looked into a few and currently I'm aware of one involving property where various authorities look at it and because of back log of work and unless it is an obvious Police case they aren't particularly interested fobbing our query off with .....we will consider our jurisdiction to consider this matter and whether its meet the threshold for investigation. Pokie grants is a bit different from a Trade me parcel being stolen from a letterbox or a IRD fraud where false invoices were used for tax evasion and folk perverted the course of justice. If MOBrien had not been involved its possible Bluegrass would still be going and distributing funds to the racing industry.
  2. Too true........sadly if you sell those 3 x horses to Aussie they will make another significant dent in numbers in the North. I'm in a few syndicates and in recent weeks 3 x horses sold to Aussie plus probably my two most talented horses may well end up racing there as well next season. Dash hard to earn stakes when your horse is not racing opposition of similar quality ,or starting from behind them or from a difficult barrier !
  3. A battler with an impressive UDR is still a battler. Oh , and it was Tim himself who described himself as a battler.
  4. Is Pick 6 such a big deal..... At the Harness Jewels recently the pick 6 was dismissed as likely to return a lowly dividend....what happened ? The 7 horse field is main race of night so unlikely that it would not be in pick 6......looks an open race. But the club really needs to do something about the small fields.....the nominations were pathetically small for the pacing races.
  5. Possibly melodramatic to focus on the total sum involved in this case when the majority of it went to the various Racing / Harness clubs around the country.Sure he took a healthy commission but it seems the clubs were aware of the deal and agreed to it. The more O'Brien got the less the clubs got.....this is the point being made. Its very common in NZ business for people to act in other peoples names ,for people to be silent partners in businesses and horses ,for bankrupt people to continue trading /running businesses etc.Crooks who put their assets in other's names etc.Horses sold or onsold at inflated prices.Racing is riddled with examples. SFO obviously had difficulty nailing their man hence they took so long to prove he was breaking the law.....eventually they got him for 'Deception' not the healthy deal or monies he cut for himself.There are dozens of others who have been practising deception for years !
  6. ATC 's dwindling pacing race numbers would be so much more dire if Tim Vince wasn't racing his 'hobby' team . For the second time in a few weeks Tim has 4 x runners in one race at the Park...this week it is 4 horses in a race of only 7 starters[ the nights main race] Quite an effort and it calls into question the recent decision to exclude his horse Monnay from the Group 1 Rowe Cup when the horse clearly had the points and recent form to be included. With small pacing fields now the norm , maybe the club should revisit the decision not to include Amateur Drivers races as well. Tim ,a battling hobby trainer maybe needs a bit more attention especially when he appears to support the club better than a lot of higher profile trainers.
  7. Pokies in NZ have always been the subject of shonky deals and back handers. In about 2006 a Metro Trust had MO'Brien as their CEO and basically the NZ Met club was owning and operating Pokies with the money going back to Harness. The authorities put a stop to this cos of conflict of interest and deemed MO'Brien as an unsuitable person to involved with trusts/pokies. They took a dislike to O'Brien. Around this time a lot of pokies money went to Pro or semi pro-rugby...some $150 mil from memory. Then the Bluegrass Trust was set up in Blenheim mainly to benefit Racing as its purpose ,in particular Harness.In fact many of the machines were in the North Island with the money going to mainly South Island clubs.....kinda obvious that MO'Brien was involved but he must have thought that by using his dad and others as a front he could keep the DIA/SFO at bay. The Nelson Trotting Club received $620k over 5 years ,much of which went to stakes so many racing people have benefitted from this rort.And probably all harness and many gallops clubs received Bluegrass monies. After years of running around in circles the Authorites obviously found some charges to stick to Mike O'Brien so they have got their man ...he wasn't so clever after all. Paul Max was bankrupted a few years ago by the IRD and was living for some time in a small Motel while still working in his pubs .....he is obviously a 'fall-guy' in all this ,but also must have thought that O'Brien could stay one step of the Authorities.He has run pokies etc for a long time.So he's collateral damage in all this. O'Briens commission seems obscene but there are many who have also benefitted greatly from these pokies rorts....all around NZ and in racing and other sports. Events such the Harness Jewels were largely funded by pokies and few if any were screaming then 'Lock away the crooks who have funded the Stakes '.
  8. I the "good old days" which many refer to on here with admiration racing ceased from early/ mid June to early August...certainly in Otago and South. Do this again and there would be less meetings so stakes ,in theory ,could be higher for the remaining races. The NZRB could then just rely on the Aussie racing for their betting commission etc...the way its heading now anyway . Those $6000 stakes are pathetic and a disgrace....even $10k not good enough when you consider that costs rising daily. In past 2 weeks , 3 x syndicate horses I have a small share in have been sold ,probably to Aussie ,so thats 3 x less horses. Few people go to the races now on most nights ,less in the winter so it does surprise me some club hasn't at least trialled getting rid of the 30min gap between races and tried the warm up time as the gap between races.Get the races over before the rugby starts !
  9. I see a Kiwi won the Mens Doubles.......geez , NZ success at the top level in a sport we normally can't compete in ! Maybe this surface is not the real thing ,n0 ?
  10. One of the big challenges for some of these tracks would be things yet to be discussed.....distance to a horse population as well as people population. Some of the tracks suggested barely suitable......up to this year many argued that draws were crucial yet the results suggested otherwise as from Day 1 the best horses have generally come thru....sure the odd #1 draw has hugely given a horse an advantage especially at cambridge. Some tracks are flat and have no camber so racing not so good e.g. Kaikoura who race on a public holiday in a province where little on plus quite close to Chch [pre quakes] But facilities the biggest issue.......many are antiquated / unacceptable. Totally for a showcase event ,even tho tents etc possible Horse facilities another issue as unlike current two venues ,other places would require travel before the big day. The big one is catering ,many would not handle the requirements. Forbury may have hosted the Intercoms but that was 1965 , no chance of a repeat today ! I originally pushed for Nelson but they would struggle .Originally it was intended the event would be taken around the country but why would clubs upgrade for a one-off ? One day Ashburton could be ruined by adverse weather...as could any venue....the first year the track was covered in snow on the prior Tuesday.
  11. Haha pogo.....you take this tennis and the rivalry between two great players ,two of the BE, far too seriously. I took your bait ....no other Kiwi did cos most Kiwis don't give a shit about Tennis. We are rugby ,rowing ,yachting ,canoeing, racing ,equestrian and sometimes cricket ,netball and league and car racing [top 10] Tennis is not in the top 20.Sheep shearing and aussie bashing rate higher ! But most Kiwis read the sports news and recognise RF as the best ever and RN as the clay court king.....I suspect there are no clay courts in NZ hence we don't give a shit !
  12. IMO Mr Archer and Fast Track should be thanked and encouraged for this initiative...should be a win/win for all concerned. Good on him ,I say . Giving the Industry a chance for some funds ,while at the same time promoting his insurance company.
  13. Well Memphis it was Royalty...a class affair. Meanwhile what went down at the Italian Open...I s'pose another benefit for the dung-heap slugger ?
  14. Well spotted Zelda...I guess when you you know the main rivals will be running 3min 10secs up the front and not stopping, you need to get handy ASAP. MC went wide at the school...and by not protesting forfeited more $ than the winning purse of that Harness race...plus $A when the $A was worth more than a few bob !
  15. Haha..if he was scared of failure he would have quit years ago. Some doubters on here said he was finnish in 2008! Balanced life ,healthy family , and still capable of winning grand-slams ,the sponsors love him. And tennis back in the news ,even when he just thinking of playing ! A beautiful player .....always was !