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  1. Couldn't be.could it.

    I'd like to think that all trainers are aware of what races are coming up ,and on acceptance day they are alert to both Accepting and then if fields are short ,accepting on the second chance ! Ive always thought that if a current register was kept on-line of all horses ready and keen to race then clubs could make sensible adjustments to their program. It would be obvious as to what classes / rating bands need an extra race and what groups extremely short. Also better co-ordination between ATC and Cambridge.
  2. Couldn't be.could it.

    OK....I said it was only a guess.....I am in on a couple of slow horses who really have little show of winning a race let alone paying their way and the trainer and synd. manager say we will try our luck at Cambridge [where it's considered easier] or go to CD ,where easier again ! So far no one has said we will continue racing at Auckland in 40-49 race. With horses who have won a few races but obviously reached their mark ,and can't even place now its...." we will wait for winter when its easier !" I can't understand why we can't race at ATC against horses with similar issues.....like v like. I believe this is why owner confidence has plummeted. If a horse earns say $10k a season ,work out the deficit and add any residual value in selling to Aussie and as long as horse hasn't won a M0 race I believe buyers still there and the total sum allows owners to go again or go forever !
  3. Couldn't be.could it.

    Yes Auckland stakes are higher than elsewhere but costs also higher and confidence in racing horses up here is dropping rapidly. Even though fields are generally small ,its not a great deal easier to win as the bands tend to be very wide so its not like v like. But the rot has set in and the ATC's attempts at racing lower rated horses ......rating 40 - 49 .....has received a poor response ,which is disappointing. My guess is people think that a couple of smart young maidens will swoop in and run 2.41 or better. Hence connections prefer to venture down to Otaki or Manawatu. Auckland stakes need to be even higher and the bands need to be narrower so its like v like with maybe conditions put on the race for lower rated horses so stakes spread around a bit. Horses cost the same to train and feed and transport !
  4. Sobering Figures

    Further to the above......recently I was discussing the future of our young horses and a very experienced horseman said he approved the pasture ,soil etc at Rich Hill for the early growth of young horses. Conversely he mentioned a couple of other farms where he thought conditions too dry etc for optimal development. Again ,this just one mans opinion.
  5. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    Agreed , of course there are Aussie owners as part of the stable and Mark being the master horseman will look to place the horses to the benefit of the Owners. Last night Messini and Motu Meteor finished 1 and 2 in the A$30k Terang Cup ! I remember being in the Met Club synd about 10 years ago when MP trained a good horse called Texas Hold Em who had paid his way in 3 and 4 yr old season ,winning about 7 races and $90 k in stakes ,running in Group races and running places behind Auckland Reactor and co.I thought him a good horse. I remember Mark telling the manager during 4 yr old season........" I think you should sell THE ,I have 6 better 4 yr olds in my stable ! " And this was the time when S.Reid , G.Small , Tim Butt etc had some very good horses as well. We ignored his advice , the horse did have a setback but 2 x seasons later he won, i think only one minor race and about $14k and no resale from memory. He assesses horses ability and if a horse is limited it gives up its stable /box to one who may earn ,no matter who the owner.It's a business there is only so much room so fair enough. Some lesser trainers naturally enough string the owners along with positive reports even though the horse has little hope at winning a race let alone to pay its way !
  6. Without thinking

    Showgate ,Xcellent and Pasta Post.
  7. Auckland tonight

    I bet you will be there !
  8. Sales Time

    Tim has been buying at the sales for quite some time......probably even before you were a Foetus !
  9. Sales Time

    Quite correct......and its not as if the horses start racing next week. The costs start on the fall of the hammer ,GST is added and they never stop.Many horses don't race at two so its close to two years before they race. Do the numbers on any sale price...add em up....then deduct the winnings ,maybe $4k net if you win at Cambridge type meeting. Its kind of demoralising. Even at Alex Park ,where the stakes are much better it takes several wins to break even[ every season and thats unlikely] and even with smaller fields its still dash hard to win there cos its not racing like with like. Its an expensive hobby .
  10. Sales Time

    Apparently some Australian buyers did not arrive because of flight problems. A glance back at last years sale would confirm that several Aussie buyers missing !
  11. Nz tab

    Good question.....I took that figure direct from Jan 20 Listener article....thought it way too much ! The NZRB Annual Report said it was between $650-660k ,probably more like it. But still obscene IMO ! John does seem a likeable fella but !!!!!
  12. Nz tab

    Having a few bets after 4pm yesterday ,when a lot of races closing early was confusing indeed and reminded me of a business friend who was quoted....."I was making so much money I didn't know how much I was losing !". Thought I'd better cool it so I reread the article on NZ Racing in January 20 Listener which noted the NZRB has 835 employees....136 of whom are on salaries of $100,000 , a dozen on more than $200,000 and 5 on more than $300,000. How anyone can think that the top man deserves over $960,000 pa is beyond me. I guess we are helping to keep some from poverty !!!
  13. Nz tab

    No they will give $5 ,as they often do ,to people who haven't tried to bet for a few weeks so they will meet one of their top KPI's........That they will increase the number of ACTIVE accounts. Those receiving this 'hand out" have a limited time to invest this gift ,hence the numbers look good and achieve the target ! But its a sham !
  14. TE RAPA

    Arrhhhh Chevy86 I'd kill for some good chips....broccoli and baby spinach are my daily fare ! Re Start Wondering the trainer gave him no chance on wet track at Ellerslie recently even tho those stats suggested otherwise plus he gave a great sight that day !
  15. Nz tab

    They keep taking my bets since I burst into action about 4pm ,but no divs back . And for some time no results so I'm all confused ! Geeez !