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  1. Novak Djokovic

    A great Wimbledon win by Djokovic ,on his day the best player in the World. Now in the running to become the best player ever.....the one to take the GOAT mantle off the beautiful Roger Federer. Some may say that the Wimbledon conditions....this year more of a bog like ,slower clay court grass surface....suited him but he did have to beat the King of Clay in a long zzzzzzzz behind the baseline slug fest...not pure tennis. He does have the all round record ,he's had to win all his titles when RF and RN at their best also he's had to come back from injury and with 2 x kids now has balance in his life. A true champion ....yes has thrown the odd racket etc.... The next GOAT !!!
  2. Sociable Queensland Oaks

    Yes congratulations to Hamish ,Kim and the other connections. The horse has an interesting background ,I think one of just a couple of the 'sire' ,so it goes to show that the lesser knowns can produce them. A nice story !
  3. Billy Slater Q

    Who won ? Did Billy bow out as an unbeaten captain ? Who won man of match ? Who won man of series ? Was it the best game ever , an amazing game ? Were the players out of gas ,fatigued ,out on their feet ?
  4. Go Roger Go !

    Too old now. Father time has caught up.........he can play a few more tourneys and justify his $450 mill contract ! Your prediction made 8 to 10 years ago has come true.......finnish indeed ! His game is still a thing of beauty but his forehand power .....long gone ! Fancy bowing out on the same day as another great, Billy Slater !
  5. Billy Slater Q

    Hundreds of us Kiwis meeting here tonight in honour of RL's greatest ever fullback Billy Slater.....ever since he carved up Cronulla in his first NRL game he's been a star. For every bad pass /error he's made he's provided 10 x the excitement and until he started 'diving' this year he's avoided the trappings of most of Australia's top players.....feral, drunken,wife-beating drug-taking lunatics and kegs on legs. After 15 x Origin wins in a row numerous Medals ,world cups ,series wins I hope Billy enjoys his retirement. It will be great to watch Billy the champion lead his team on to the field tonight.......sorry Billy I won't be tempted to watch the game , its a shame the NSW replaced their ageing ,brainless kegs on legs usual team with some young ,enthusiastic blokes otherwise it would be 16 in a row. The other hard part is listening to the blokes on the mics assuming they have replaced their females with the usual gas bags........Gus ,' only I know anything about RL tactics ,the players are out on their feet ,the players are fatigued ,this game will change lives "FFS ,and Gallen ' I think they should just punch them'. What a joke ! But not Billy Slater...a champion ! Shame Cam the GOAT not out there too !
  6. Kiwi story on TV1 July 8...

    Improve your recall Memphis ,and become a racing genius by going into NZ Racing website ,click on Racing ,on Horses ,then top right Search for Horse......then click on Retired add name and BINGO !
  7. Kiwi story on TV1 July 8...

    Enjoyed it.....gotta remember it wasn't a Hollywood budget ! And it was early 80's....a farm horse from a small country town going on to win the Melbourne Cup. 5 years day to day drama /farm life put into 80 minutes ! Not as historical as Phar Lap or National Velvet but kinda similar !.....or Richie McCaw or Billie Elliot ! Well done on a low budget !!!
  8. Pogo Gets Ridden By A Kiwi!

    That old Aussie gelding couldn't beat home the Ambulance. The next 3 x races would be delayed. No will to win.....ask Black Caviar !
  9. Roger world number 1

    Haha zelda...tell diago he is quoting a Fantasy Basketball writer.......trying his first article on tennis ! First ever article ! About as loopy as tho forehands on the clay court. RF ,one of the worlds most influential people [Forbes]. Amazing !
  10. Roger world number 1

    But Zelda , Wasn't it you who said in 2008 that Roger was FINNISH ! Who in NZ cares ,but he now seems to have to win the next two titles to retain #1 spot ,seems silly ! I bet Cronulla fans wish Paul Gallen would FINNISH instead of being first receiver on the 4th and 5th tackle...why do these old fools keep on playing ! Especially v the great coach /master tactician, father of year WBennett ! Gallen and the great RF were born in the same week ...August 1981. Bad weekend for Aussie sport......Rugby loss to Ireland , Soccer loss to France ,Golfers well astray ,Kiwi trainers and jockeys excel at gallops and the Warriors and their twinkle toes captain dominate as usual showing how weak all those Aussie teams of Imports really are. The only win was the banning of yellow sandpaper from the Cricket in England !
  11. RIP A.N. Didham

    Young Arthur or Mickey Didham passed away yesterday ! Son of old Arthur [AE] ,brother of Jim , Lesley[Jumbo] and Ernie [EJ] , Mickey was a top Otago trainer for many years. One of his best horses was Golden Sam ,and I also remember Royal Estate and Shewetta as good performers. As a young chap I sometimes led his horses into the birdcage and remember Underwood Lass winning a couple of times for me ! He was 86.....RIP
  12. When They Raced On Really Heavy Tracks

    I seem to remember MC winner Baghdad Note winning at a July meeting. Another Wingatui grey Kumai enjoyed the mud too...Ive never seen a horse with such big hooves !
  13. Super Straddy Saturday Comp

    Picks R3 6 Seaway R4 9 Naval Warfare R5 16 Champagne Cuddles R6 5 The Autumn Sun R7 1 Dark Dream R8 5 Pedrena Best Bet Thanks
  14. TrotTech HRNZ

    Wow rangi looks like you found a new friend in AF....so very helpful too and respectful. I guess things/people are often not what they may appear at first and there is wisdom in taking a deep breathe before letting loose on the keyboard !
  15. Cambridge Stats

    I've watched the draws from the first Jewels and they have never been the influence that most on here predict. My theory is that the best horses have an edge and the speed the races run at generally result in the cream rising to the top. The start usually sees a real burn , then easing off in the straight which is when the top horses get handy and ready to control things and they can run home fast enough that its physically impossible for those back in the field to make up ground especially out wide ! All this after a long hard season ,and often those that get the soft run on the fence get sucked into 3rd or 4th but can't quicken at that speed enough to beat the top horses ! The Group 1 horses have an edge when the big money is up....a couple of times an upset looked possible on Saturday ,a young trotter broke while the other just came to the end of its run. Interesting that the Aussie [Tritton] who said he'd lead at all costs had a change of heart once the heat went on ...twice !