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    Im away for a few weeks ,please can someone ask Ivan to post his picks /selections on behalf of his cat each Thursday so I can compare them with my alter-ego.

    Well Ivan , not content with a vexatious crack at MG you now turn your attention to me. As I hadn't seen the fields prior to Friday I read MG's write up and took the Herald page to the trots...a wise move. His write up was very astute.....and he was very bullish on Lemond. I was particularly interested on how he rated the South Island raiders ,both horses and drivers plus the Butts from Aussie ! He got it pretty much bang on so to pick 7 of the 9 winners in two picks was a great result....on a Group 1 /Premier night ! After the excellent performance of Billy At Salsa in the first ,the commentator was pushing the BONUS quaddie in R2 , ,my first quaddie attempt in yonks. One of the 3 x selectors in the Herald was well behind MG's efforts as I'd expect as MG is paid to talk and write about Racing and sport. I doubt your cat could match him ,particularly having to do the selections on a Thursday. As for your other dribble ,his mistake on credit betting must have been 7-8 years ago and most people in the sport/industry have made the odd slip up.! I don't agree with a lot that our top rugby and cricket comments folk say but its just my opinion so don't see the need to cut loose anonymously on race cafe ,where misery loves company. I certainly don't listen to much of what MG says on the screen each week.Its not compulsory. Give yourself an uppercut Ivan. We all put on our trousers the same way ! It will really piss you off that MG had a share in a nice filly who won a black type race on Saturday.
  3. cadueceus (nz)

    Well Zalda ,if you are trying to distract us from the current chaos in Aussie sport by recalling a 1960 event you can at least spell the Kiwi horse correctly......it's CADUCEUS ! The local Caduceus Club sponsored a Group 1 Fillies race at Auckland last night and the race was won by Princess Tiffany owned by the Whitelocks who are parents of the possible next All Black captain. ,along with 3 x other top rugby players. Earlier in the night Caduceus's colours were worn to victory by a trotter Habibi Inta. Meanwhile in Aussie sports , following on from the Ball tampering disgrace ,the NRL plunging into disarray ,and its not the usual wife bashing ,drugs stuff its the endless offsides ,the endless penalties the borefest of 6- 0 results ,the in fighting of Cherry Daily in Heavens etc ,the in-fighting around the greatest ever coach ,father of the Year, the Diving ! Thank the lord for Benji and the other Kiwi role models and the Kiwi horses ,trainers and jockeys....and the Burgess boys trying to toughen up the soft Aussies. The offer for JD Litten to pull Caduceus up in the 1960 Final very pertinent to be reminded of on the day we learn of the corrupt aussie banking and financial system. Can any over there lie straight in bed !
  4. Pick For Place entries here

    Picks Riccarton Race7- #15 Wee Gilly Randwick Race 5 - #13 Sweet Deal Randwick Race 6 - #13 Seabrook Randwick Race 7 -#13 Muraaqeb Randwick Race 8 -#16 Nettoyer Thanks

    Have a bad nights sleep Ivan or does your day turn out great when you start out by blasting someone on the Internet ? Thanks to Mick's advice thru his Selections Box and his write up I had a great night.......very succe$$ful !!! Started brilliantly with Micks selection Billy At Salsa in the first ,led to 4x4x1x2 = 32 units in Quaddie paid $80. And it got better... Micks' article concentrated on Rick May's drives in the features and he also steered me into Lemond as well. With the Herald race page in my pocket I had a great night ,as did many around me. A good nights racing ,thanks in a big way to Mick. Plus he did well in the presentations , giving a nice bouquet to Charlie Hunter. As usual he looked good too....very smart. Mick 1 Ivan 0.....very poor post Ivan......bad taste !
  6. Running scared Roger the dodger

    Haha...nothing to be proved by slogging thru the Clay season. Rafa clearly the King of Clay ,while some have wives ,families and other things to spend time on. The GOAT clearly the smartest as well. Will Rafa be back from his broken finger nail , no doubt some Spanish medicine sorted his back and knee issues . Good day for NZ at Randwick on Saturday and Benji doing OK.
  7. New Zealand Netball

    I didn't realise so many of you Harness/Racing guys cared about the Nitball ! It's always the coaches fault. Sacking coaches hasn't helped the Auckland Blues ! Aussie won't be too happy either re their result . It was obvious this coach was wrong from the outset ,just like it was with NZ Cricket coach Mike Hesson ...maybe he's been lucky with the cattle he has !
  8. Picks Hastings r7 #4 Deels in Heels Sydney r6 #2 Hiyaam Sydney r8 # 17 Patrick Erin Thanks
  9. Stop the Jewels moving

    I don't think the decline in the sport/industry can be attributed to the Harness Jewels day. Many connections look forward to being involved. It costs nothing to enter ,and horses get to register a good time which may assist their future value ,and age group racing opportunities continue on thru the winter for others. Many horses chase a spot in the Jewels so there are benefits too in the weeks leading up. When the Jewels started it was envisaged the provinces would host the day and it would be shared...that dream faded when it was obviously decided the success of the day meant many areas not suited to hosting and better to let Ashvegas and Cambridge have the certainty to improve facilities etc.
  10. Israel folau

    Does she tamper with Balls ? Good to see some Aussie female runners showing some sportsmanship at Games.
  11. Billy Salter

    Looks like i'm bang on......Eels ,zero from 5 ! And 500 people there to watch ! Meanwhile 26,000 watch the Warriors go 5 from 5. So much surprise and tears in Aussie sport ,home of Ball tampering !
  12. ROUND2/3 $500 VOUCHER Competition

    Picks Ricc 6.........Nowhere Man TeA 7..........Romancer TeA 8......Cote D'or Syd 7......Vin De Dance Thanks
  13. Auckland pubs full service tab

    Best TAB service at NZ's #1 TAB at Alexandra Park...3 meals a day and screens for Rugby ,League,Basketball ,CGames ,Cricket and Basketball ...all at once ! A no - brainer !
  14. Roger Federer.....the GOAT !

    Yeah a bit tough on the next Bradman ...SSmith......but one marvels at his stupidity ! The stories on the Internet make fascinating reading , I see his idols are Ponting and the great RF ! And all the stories at what happened to the ball in years gone by. Remember....In two day games teams took the ball home overnight...picking the seam broke nails ,a reason some use to retire from Tennis matches these days while a bottle top could spoil the shape of the ball ! Smith always looked like a naive kid and this proves it. Meanwhile the Warriors look good and the Party is still On , and penalties dominating League ! Cheersc , enjoy your Easter eggs !
  15. Roger Federer.....the GOAT !

    Haha......the past two days a great example of the difference between our two nations. NZ beats England playing some great cricket and winning the test played in a great sporting spirit ! Meanwhile the sledging Aussie cricketers ,who talk up how they don't cross the line blah ,blah get caught out launching a plan to try and win cheating so childish that a primary school kid in NZsc could do better ....and the whole country goes into meltdown. The Prime Minister expresses shock horror and there was talk of getting M Clarke back as captain.....the guy who threatened to break opposition arms , while motor mouth Warner and the boofhead coach ...the later who called the bowler a black **** and recently criticised the South African crowds !!!. go quiet ! What next......shock and horror bring in the Integrity squad.....where in Australia will they find an Integrity squad ????? Methinks they will lure the great coach from Brisbane Broncos to save cricket and get those 4 x women TV presenters trying to divert viewers away from the League women abusers and druggies actually playing the game, to move across to Cricket to rehab that game ! Then announce the latest Aussie Sport ambassadors , Roger Federer [ GOAT ], Chris Waller,Benji Marshall and Rolf Harris ! Oh no...turn on the TV and its all about Rikki Stewart and Luke Lewis !