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      TAB 0800 Telephone Bet Number - IMPORTANT!!!!   05/16/2017

      The Telephone Bet Service ceased in July 2016.    For telephone betting via Touchtone call 0800 10 20 33. The old 0800 number now belongs to a different company who are being bombarded with calls. The TAB Helpline is  0800 102 106
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      Site Issues Forced Upgrade   08/01/2017

      Hi I was forced to do an emergency upgrade to RaceCafe as we were suffering extended outages.  Everything seems OK now.  You will see a few visual issues with colours etc but I we get round to fixing those over the next few days.  The main priority was to get things up and running again. Cheers Admin

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  1. Oamaru Gone

    Hopefully Chris , someone from the Trainers Association or from a sizable group of trainers will forward a submission to the Auckland Racing Club with their suggestions as to how they think the track should be remedied best for the future of racing . The club would be advised to take notice as both futures would seem to be interdependent. As a followup ,the group could also present at the ARC AGM again with a good argument of the best course of action. To me this seems obvious......hopefully trainers will not sit back while a half -arse fix is attempted .
  2. Hong Kong Season

    That was kinda my point........its well documented the Chinese culture has always promoted gambling, the desire to get rich etc and of course with Gambling basically illegal in China ,Macau and Hong Kong are where it all happens.Chinese also enjoy the social and recreation side of gambling and in HK the Lottery ,Horse racing and Football gambling is all under the control of HK Jockey Club a well respected institution and charity. And with these events happening only a couple of times a week ,little wonder that the middle aged ,bored or stressed HK local likes to have a decent fling. Nearby Macau of course is over 5 times the gambling size of Las Vegas . So when I contribute a comment to a thread on Racecafe I find it childish when the response is 'have you lived there ,I have' or thats a naive comment etc .....its a fucken chat room ! Ive been to Hk,Singapore ,India , Spain ,Italy ,Aussie ,Argentina ,Chile ,Uruguay etc enough in the past 3 years and looked at racing there to make a comment in a fucken chat room...for gods sake ! My belief ,and it won't be disproved is that if HK racing was run similar to NZ betting would still be significant . Hey this could be wrong but who cares.We all put our trousers on the same way ! Oh ,and no one has told me what other exciting things the middle aged male locals do there in the 'heat'.Too busy playing the man !
  3. Songlike.......

    I doubt if CT has a nasty bone in his body. He is built like a racing greyhound , runs a bit too to keep fit and has a bit of adventureous spirit about him. Being a bit younger ,he will wind up any detractors on here ! Don't forget he generously sponsored a popular Melbourne Cup comp ,more than once from memory ,and gave a decent Cash prize. Yeah ,I met him ...on the tram and we went to Moonee Valley races to watch Black Caviar. Yes he had a decent bet on BC , knowing he would win enough for a taxi home and a couple of takeaway meals. All good !!
  4. Top 10 best ever tennis players

    To celebrate a RECORD 250 'negative' and 'denigrating' posts against the great Roger Federer the archives have brought up this May 2012 posting from Aussie battler POGO. Recently a widely sourced 'vote' for greatest male player had Roger at 74% top choice ,Sampras at 6% and Nadal at 4%. Roger must be favoured to yet again feature in the Laureus Awards as the years best sportsman and or for the greatest comeback. Of course he won the 2017 Australian Open from 21 seed beating 4 of top ten on the way before toppling Nadal in the Final ! Then last week he won 2017 Wimbledon for a record 8th time.....Wimbledon is widely considered the cream de la creme of Tournaments ,the World Championship. Some claim Rogers wins are only because his main opponents are always injured OR he was born with lines on his hands which gives him a lot of luck. In summary it appears that the 35 yr old ,who possibly could be considered the greatest sportsman ever has just been LUCKY !
  5. A me$$age for tennis punters

    Haha....10 in Paris is amazing but 8 at Wimbledon......amazing plus ,without dropping a set ...extraordinary and the oldest for a zillion years ....phenomenal. The golf digest bloggers and those that wrote 'Why RF will never win another GS ' , they get paid for dribble !...they are spewing . Wimbledon ,the creme de la creme its all over the news ,CNN ,Fox the lot ...its even relegated the dismal NSW origin teams pre-game booze up to the back pages ! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!
  6. Roger frederer for wimbledon

    Very offensive post teddy.....zelda and pogo are experiencing some very hard times . They never ever bet on RF.....in fact the opposite ,plus NSW suffered a shocking loss in SOO plus Cronulla suffered a shock record thrashing. The last thing they needs is your stupid smile....they are homeless ,unable to feed their family and are working extra shifts in a pickle factory. RF just won his 19 th grand-slam , the real Nancy boys are the NSW league team who had a huge drinking session a few days before their game. You won't be hearing from pogo and zelda for a very long time. They are not swiss ,they are Finnish.
  7. Hong Kong Season

    A couple of times...have not lived there or worked there ! Did some dim sun ,temples ,museums [ some oddly close on odd days ] ,ferry rides ,trams and noted masses head to Macau to casinos. I sense you must like and know the place ! What your views on why the betting on horses so prolific racing twice a week.?
  8. Hong Kong Season

    For what it's worth AFL [ footy ] in Aussie averages 34,000 per game over approx 200 games per season in main cities. Our religion Rugby sees crowds dwindling apart from AB's tests. Racing popularity in NZ is dwindling and spending a day at races with 35-40 mins between races has very little appeal.Theres so much else to do. Throw in the changing face of our population ,the traffic /transport issues ,and its not easy to see the industry is doomed and NZ's population not big enough to turn things around. Hong Kong pop over 7 million !...with plenty of disposable income and little to do !
  9. SOO ..Queensland WOW

    Yet again.......Cam Smith ,Billy Slater ,Cronk etc .....Waaayyyyy too good ,while NSW ,as per usual diabolical and not beaten but thrashed. With the best team by a country mile pre-series ,an easy win in game 1 ,a big lead in Game 2 ,NSW simply collapsed .....22 -6. Cronulla a big influence ,Holmes a mighty contributor while NSW had Fifita and James Maloney the two biggest inconsistent infringers in the league with the latter giving the after-match interview [of sorts] as NSW had a Captain who could neither play or speak while most of the others were off to the dressing room mirror to check their tattoos ! Just waiting to see if the Man of Match goes to a NSW loser as happened in game 2. As usual the TV commentators were pro-NSW and as predicted started screeching Queensland are out on their feet ,they are walking haha...when you have Smith ,Slater and Cronk directing things they can afford to. 22 - 6 ....a beautiful game $$$$$$$$oooooo good !!!
  10. PUB TAB

    My only surprise with this is that anyone could be surprised with this type of service from a pub tab in particular. There are some TAB's with excellent service but few and far between , To be fair ,often frustrations in TAB's can be caused by other customers ! Also I think there is also a current promotion to anyone who opens a new TAB account.......involves getting a $20 or $25 free bet on a League match !
  11. congrats lions...Bring on Eden Park

    Great try...not too many PI or dark faces in team back them. I note GWilliams ,GKember ,Ian McEwan, Mick Williment among others !
  12. SBW

    He will give away his sox ,shorts and World Cup to the first cheeky little bugger who dare to ask and he will achieve hero/angel status. In todays NZ Herald Kris Shannon explained why SBW is our 'greatest sports star'.
  13. Why have paid line umpires?

    Interesting tonight ....when ball was held up from a kick...neither the ref nor our 'flawless kiwi commentators' knew the law. But it is getting farcical how so many players now are pleading to the assistant refs for apparent infringements . Before the debate starts SBW was very dangerous and deserved to go....the latter cleanout by the Lions prop is quite typical of what is the norm now...cleaning out players on side of ruck or players who aren't intending to be part of ruck.Its exactly what Jonathon Kaplan pointed out this week.. Its illegal but a big part of game.
  14. Pick6

    Bloody hell.....give the guy a break. He gives a selection which in his opinion covers it [and it does] ,knowing full well that most folk won't have that amount to spend but he narrows the field down to 4 or 5 per leg which is a great help to the small punter. Over the years I have had reasonable success in Pick 6's ,usually with the field in one race with only 2 selections in 2 or 3 races.Its worked well with tidy returns , as even the Auckland Reactors get beat the odd time.My spend usually modest. If there is 4 or 5 good winning chances then these should be mentioned IMO....trot races often have 5 x chances paying $10 or less with the others much rougher and less likely ! 5% of a winning Pick 6 is better than 100% of a losing one . Slamming people on this forum is often not justified ,and I may add ....a big turn off !
  15. A horse from McCormick stable called Charlie Wood used to race at Forbury as both a trotter and a pacer and he was a stallion who bred a number of horses. From memory a good trotting sire Tuft bred some pacers .He was the sire of Tussle who must have won over 30 races