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  1. R4-4 Yemanya $50 Win R5-5 Savile Row $60 Win R6-15 Koko Belle $90 Win R9-10 High Spirits $50 Win R10-6 Eagle Bay $250 Win cheers R
  2. M4 R3-2 Rock My Soul $40 win M4 R5-4 Go To Man $60 win M4 R6-4 Von Tunzelman $200 win M4 R8-9 Stratocaster $70 win M4 R9-4 King's Cross $130 win cheers R
  3. Can't see Hesi's picks? If he hasn't shown can we go R1-7,14 Rest to follow... cheers R
  4. R1-3,7 R2-5,14 R3-5,6 R4-1,10 R5-7,9 R6-11,16 BB R7-5,6 R8-3,6 R9-9,14 R10-5,17 BB Good luck Robert. Go Kings. cheers R
  5. There'll be some juicy odds on offer tomorrow so we may not need to look too wide. Have spotted a couple already. Just need them to win that's all... Nice scoring & summary today John. cheers R
  6. Some late selections for Punter Pete. Good luck Catalano R2-1,11 R3-2,7 R4-1,11 R5-7,10 R6-4,9 R7-2,4 BB R8-3,12 BB Thanks John. cheers R
  7. R1-2,6 R2-1,2 BB R3-2,3 R4-1,11 R5-1,3 R6-4,7 BB R7-9,11 R8-7,12 Good luck Jack. Go Kings! cheers R
  8. R1-1,8 R2-7,10 R3-8,9 R4-1,3 R5-3,5 R6-1,10 BB R7-2,6 R8-1,7 BB Good luck Maureen. Go Kings! cheers R
  9. Scratching subs R1-scr 7 sub 2 R4 scr 11 sub 4 R8 scr 7,14 sub 3,6 cheers R
  10. R1-7,9 R2-4,6 R3-2,12 BB R4-8,11 BB R5-1,7 R6-4,9 R7-1,4 R8-7,14 Good luck Rubik's Cubes. Go Kings! cheers R
  11. Nice sportsmanship captain Hesi! Well done cheers R
  12. R1-2,9 R2-5,7 R3-2,6 R4-5,10 BB R5-8,10 R6-11,12 R7-2,4 BB R8-3,6 Good luck Betty. Go Kings! cheers R
  13. R1-1,3 R2-1,6 R3-1,6 R4-3,6 BB R5-2,3 R6-1,5 R7-2,10 R8-7,9 BB Good luck Maria. Go Kings! cheers R
  14. R1-3,4 R2-3,8 R3-3,4 R4-1,5 R5-6,7 R6-5,9 R7-3,11 BB R8-1,6 R9-1,7 R10-3,9 BB Good luck Steve P. cheers R