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  1. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    He might just do it this year as the All Stars don't appear to have many runners at the moment while they concentrate on Australia, and they don't normally get many winners during the winter months.
  2. Bugga!

    Thanks for that harewood. I am not disappointed at all, in fact glad that is the system used as it is fair to all.
  3. Bugga!

    I don't know if the barrier draws are done by computer or not, but if they are then the computer can be set to give them the result they want. eg a horse beginning with an L to draw between 7 & 9. I have been told this can be done.
  4. Bugga!

    I doubt it. NZ horses seldom get a good draw in the big money races in Australia. Hope I am wrong though.
  5. Fail To Score Up.

    Race 6 yesterday at Addington Alta Orlando wouldn't budge when asked to score up behind the mobile and was not scratched. At the gallops if a horse fails to enter the starting stalls it is late scratched which is fair to the punter. I can understand if a horse breaks in the score up it is still deemed a starter as it seems the actual race starts before the starting point is reached. However to not even start to score up is surely a non starter and should be late scratched to be fair to the punter. Am I wrong?
  6. Coolers

    Don't bother going back until you know they have brought their standards up to the required level. While people keep attending they will do nothing.
  7. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    There seems to be a standard 30 minutes for all enquiries, most of which are fairly obvious. The strange thing is a more complicated enquiry seems to take 30 minutes also. Perhaps they get paid on a time basis.
  8. "Early Doors" ???

    I must admit I do not mind the more "flowery" statements and words most of the time, but what does annoy me is when they are not used correctly. eg "Early Doors" is being used after a race starts which is incorrect. The origin of the saying was when people queued up for a show or event BEFORE the doors were open. Therefore to comment on a horse's chances or behaviour before the start would be the correct use of early doors.
  9. Oh gawd choices

    Brodie does bring up a lot of what needs improving on in the industry, which may appear to be a negative attitude, but he has the right to express those opinions, just as we all have the right to express the opposite view if that is what we think. There is a lot to get excited about as Iraklis states, and plenty of room on here for both sides to discuss this amazing sport.
  10. TAB Apprentice Competition

    Thanks for the replies. This is staggering and just seems ridiculous. Another thing I noticed is that all of mine hit the lead in the straight only to get run down late. You can skip the race and go straight to "sorry your horse didn't win" which does save time I suppose. It certainly doesn't make me have a bet just to take part which is I guess the aim of the TAB.
  11. TAB Apprentice Competition

    Every time I have a bet and get to draw a horse in this competition it ALWAYS runs second. The same thing happened the last time this competition was run. Why not just go in the draw for a $5 win without making it look like more than it is? You would think if it was a genuine draw then my horse would run third or last some times. Perhaps I am missing something here.
  12. Who employs English Emily from Trackside?

    I don't think that is very fair Cunnamulla without knowing whether she was told to do that game or not. Seeing Sky TV is the only TV channel we can see the races on they may have some say in who does what, and told her to go there. She might well have hated the job.
  13. Weekend Winner

    I like George in race 3 tonight and Martin John in race 10 tomorrow night at Addington.
  14. monte racing

    Don't know where the name "Monte" comes from but in the fifties and early sixties in Southland they were known as "Saddle Trots" even though they were for pacers and were very popular in that area. Cardigan Bay early in his career was second to Flag Four trained by Ces Donald in a saddle trot and I am almost sure the late great Maurice Holmes won his first race in a saddle trot at Addington probably in the nineteen thirties.