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  1. Live Betting on Races

    Some time early last year the TAB said that we were going to be able to bet during a race the same as some live betting on sports. This was to start late in 2018 and I am wondering if anyone has heard anything further as to whether it is going ahead or not.
  2. Junior Drivers Championship This Week

    It depends of course on the calibre of horse they draw, but my pick would be Matt Anderson. There is a lot of talent there though, and the competition should be interesting.
  3. Rugby Hooker

    Then if that is the case there is no such thing as a hooker in the historical position, which now should be renamed I would have thought. The centre position of the front row doesn't do any hooking anymore.
  4. Rugby Hooker

    Why is the term hooker still used in rugby when the ball is invariably hooked by the prop?
  5. New Zealand Netball

    The problem lies at the top with the coach selection and even more so with the coach who didn't give her best seven enough game time to work up their knowledge of each others play, and were played out of position far too many times. That mentally must have wrecked havoc on the players confidence which is something the coach obviously doesn't understand. The girls gave it everything in very trying circumstances and I for one are very proud of their efforts.
  6. Aaron White

    Comes from "in the vanguard" meaning a group of people leading from the front, eg attacking the enemy in war, or putting forward a new idea etc.
  7. Aaron White

    Really?? Matthew Cross has never come across as a know it all, and certainly has less to learn than A. White.
  8. Robert Dunn Vs All Stars.

    He might just do it this year as the All Stars don't appear to have many runners at the moment while they concentrate on Australia, and they don't normally get many winners during the winter months.
  9. Bugga!

    Thanks for that harewood. I am not disappointed at all, in fact glad that is the system used as it is fair to all.
  10. Bugga!

    I don't know if the barrier draws are done by computer or not, but if they are then the computer can be set to give them the result they want. eg a horse beginning with an L to draw between 7 & 9. I have been told this can be done.
  11. Bugga!

    I doubt it. NZ horses seldom get a good draw in the big money races in Australia. Hope I am wrong though.
  12. Fail To Score Up.

    Race 6 yesterday at Addington Alta Orlando wouldn't budge when asked to score up behind the mobile and was not scratched. At the gallops if a horse fails to enter the starting stalls it is late scratched which is fair to the punter. I can understand if a horse breaks in the score up it is still deemed a starter as it seems the actual race starts before the starting point is reached. However to not even start to score up is surely a non starter and should be late scratched to be fair to the punter. Am I wrong?
  13. Coolers

    Don't bother going back until you know they have brought their standards up to the required level. While people keep attending they will do nothing.
  14. Mekong Princess protest contested???

    There seems to be a standard 30 minutes for all enquiries, most of which are fairly obvious. The strange thing is a more complicated enquiry seems to take 30 minutes also. Perhaps they get paid on a time basis.